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Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall for Kindle Friends Forever.tagcov4

The last chapter in book 3 had me sitting on the edge of the chair. Not only were Stella and Gabe left aghast when they discovered just how far Arnie, Gabe’s villainous father, was prepared to carry out what he had been warning them all along, but I was also left itching to find out how they were going to get out of what appeared to be an impossible situation.

Book 4 is without a doubt, a masterpiece! In the other books, the author had really concentrated on the some scorching sex scenes. Gabe was teaching Stella the ropes of the Alphabet Game he’d ingeniously invented and she was more than game to learn. Albeit the other novellas in this series were undoubtedly well-written, full of humour and have a solid plot, number four is little jewel and a splendid finale to their story.

The continuation of the plot thickens at a heart-palpitating rate and I couldn’t turn the pages quick enough. Without letting on, I will say that Stella’s step-father isn’t the man I thought he was at all, and if he’d done things in the past, there was a very good reason why. The author describes all her characters’ personalities to perfection and Gabe’s father will have you hating him even more than you did in the other books. This obsessive man is so vengeful, it’s sickening! I liked Ronnie, Stella’s best friend from the beginning of this story and now I love her to bits. There’s a scene in Stella’s flat that had me in fits of laughter! I could never imagine my best friend saying, “This establishment sucks big, hairy balls.” But since they’re as thick as thieves, all Ronnie’s ribbing is taken in good faith. Even though witty cracks abound, a spanner is thrown into the works with serious issues like blackmail, abuse and murder. Which I might add, have been intricately woven into the plot. Stella and Gabe have a huge misunderstanding too and boy oh boy, does she make him pay for it! I felt quite sorry for the poor man. However, when he comes to terms with the news Stella wanted to tell him her way and without any interference from an undesirable, he’s over the moon. Yes, Gabe! He’s considerate, gorgeous and adores Stella. Mind you, the feeling is mutual and it’s easy to connect with them.

These two absolutely lovely protagonists have less sex, aw! No worries though. Their explicitly described bedroom antics is a plus which will make you sooo appreciative! It certainly did me. I’m absolutely sure the author didn’t want to distract the reader from the real nitty-gritty storyline and there wasn’t a moment when I thought anything was lacking. And of course we mustn’t forget the banter between them. In a nutshell, brilliant. I could carry on writing about the coffee shop where they meet up, their surrounding and trips back and forth between London and New York but I’m not going to. I’d really like you to read this series because it’s extremely entertaining.

A few words to Ms. Long. Thank you for writing such a fabulous ending. It was beyond my expectations. Bravo!


SHOOTING STAR A New Adult Contemporary Romance (Beautiful Chaos Book 1) by ARIANNE RICHMONDE


Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall for Kindle Friends Forever

This is a first for me! I have never, ever wanted to shout out loud to the author in the first paragraph of any review I have done, but this book is… OMG, how could you leave me hanging on the precipice like this is downright cruel!!! Even though KKF was kindly offered the ARC for an honest review, we’d be quite prepared to buy hundreds of copies and do a raffle, a giveaway, whatever needs to be done to spread the word! I turned the last page only to be find To Be Continued… #2, Falling Star (hopefully, the end of July)! Oh dear Lord, those three ellipses nearly made me throw my kindle out the window, but I didn’t because this little eBook and I have a very intimate relationship! What the heck; with her frickin’ teases, a totally original storyline and the characters she has described so well has left me with a harsh case of book hangover. Her knowledge of the movie world, addictive issues and psychology is without a doubt, a merit in itself. The author’s ability to be such a versatile writer is uncanny, too.

The two main characters in this series have hang-ups with a capital H! Jake, aka Jason Wild, is a young up and coming arrogant English film director who one assumes has had it easy, but has he? You will see! Apart from him being sex on legs with a tattoo and muscles in all the right places, what I liked most about him was his English lingo. A man totally in control of his life will be put to the test when Star Davis rushes into his life against all his wishes. This manipulating teenage American super star, very full of herself, horrendously beautiful and used to having her own way regardless, is going to make him question his own rules, his own weaknesses, and his own morals. The attraction between them palpitates from the very beginning of the story and reaches a crescendo towards the last paragraph. Re: my frustration folks!

What I enjoyed most about this novella was how the author has told their POV in first person by using each chapter to their advantage. Every little detail is relevant. It might be a little book you can read in a few hours, but it will leave you with your mouth wide open!!!

A word to Ms Richmond. Obviously I can’t sum up this story since there’s much more to come! You naughty lady, you! I love your protagonists, the secondary characters are brilliant and I how you were able to carry off Leo’s speech defect for want of a better word, was simply perfect. I really hope we’re going to see more of this gorgeous man with his wonderful sense of humour in the follow up of this incredibly written story which is faultless to a tee. My only complaint I have made clear while writing this review is that it’s far too short for my liking but I’m absolutely sure that the wait will be worth it! Bravo!!

To quote my favourite passage; “That having Star in my house was like having the Devil as your best mate, when you were training to take your vows as a priest?”




THE ALPHABET GAME COVER AND TEASERS:  PART FOUR – S to X, Y, Z to be released 11th Julytagcov4

alphabet game full compilation cover TO USE





Reviewed by Traci Hyland for Kindle Friends Forever

I have to say that this was a fabulous first novel from this author. The characters are beyond lovable and even the annoying female, (and we all know I loathe the females) was a little annoying, but it wasn’t to the point where I needed to punch her in the face … it was a lovable annoyance if that makes any sense.

Tyler and Cassie’s story takes us on a journey of discovery, love and a little bit of hot sex to go with it. Their instant attraction is undeniable. Although Cassie tries, even she knows early on that he is the be all and end all and is the hot, sexy man of her dreams. Let’s be honest, I’d totally “do” Tyler in a heartbeat!!! Tyler’s life is a mess and he can’t get out of it, but he sees Cassie and he can’t deny what he feels, so he begrudgingly stays friends with her as long as he can. But he’s absolutely head over heels in love with her. The author makes their little friendship/romance a fun read with some sexy scenes and a whole lot of “smile on your face” moments. Well, for me at least… The side characters are fabulously described and lovable as well. Except for the bitch creature from hell who’s supposed to be like that and is written to perfection. One scene, I won’t give a spoiler, shocked the hell out of me because I expected it to be one thing and I was way off base … but in a good way because it made it a little more unpredictable. I immensely enjoyed the ending and I’m really hoping to hear from this author again with some side character action, and some word on how Cassie and Tyler are doing.

The writing is done well and the grammar and spelling is really good. My only issue which is very hard for me to explain, is when a character speaks and in the same line/sentence, it’s the opposite characters reaction to it and that confused me a little. But hey, that could be just me.

I would absolutely recommend this book and this new author… I’m hoping to see many wonderful things from her.

FALLEN (Blood and Roses book 4) by CALLIE HART

fallen-screen-coverFIVE AMAZEBALLS STARS

Reviewed by Sharon Thérése Nuttall for Kindle Friends Forever

I finished it, I tried to sleep! But the keyboard was begging me to get my backside out of bed and write this review which I did! Conclusion, this book will make you lose sleep! Fallen is exactly as the star rating says. AMAZEBALLS! What an incredible story teller this author is. I am literally lost for words…pun intended! Book #4 in the Blood & Rose series is without a doubt, a brilliant continuation of this saga that had my eyes not only burning the pages, but also had me biting my nails in a plot that’s fluid and fast moving.

This isn’t a standalone novel. If you haven’t read the series, you really must. The author’s two main characters are like chalk and cheese but that doesn’t stop them from trying to navigate a bumpy hairpin road full of complex twists and turns. Bad boy Zeth is just abso-freakin’-lutley gorgeous! God! This Alfa male has had a rough ride and it’s going to get even rougher. Even though he isn’t a saint and has little or no conscience regarding his wrong-doings, he had previously made a discovery which will scandalize him and force his hand regarding his loyalty to the man who had more or less brought him up. Charlie Holsan, you are a nasty piece of work! I wanted to get in there and lend Doctor Sloane Romera and Zeth a hand when they both had to fight against Charlie’s vengeful mission to bring them both down. Sloane’s path crossed with Zeth’s when she started looking for her missing sister. She finds herself in situations where she’ll be doing things totally contrary to her character, and Zeth will discover that for once in his life, nothing on earth is going to stop him protecting the only woman that has managed to worm her way into his feelings. I really connected to Sloan. She’s beautiful, intelligent and doesn’t hold anything back. However, her common sense is going to be put to the test in some scenes that made me really nervous.

The storyline is a huge intricate puzzle. Pieces start to fit in in what appears to be like watching an action movie! Yes, really! This book is extremely visual and you don’t need much imagination when events take a turn for the worst.

Now then folks, there’s nothing like explicitly described sex in a novel that’s got you glued to the pages. The scenes are quite hair-frizzling and to my way of thinking, a plus and a half. Zeth knows that Slone’s dormant sexual desires are there. All he needs to do is bring them out and oh my god, does he! Towards the end of the book, the suspense is so rife that I was doubting a good ending was in for the offering. What a fan-flipping-tastic finale it was! Nevertheless, there’s no closure as such so we’ll have to wait patiently for the next instalment. To say this book is epic would be an understatement and I couldn’t find fault! Bravisimo Ms Hart! Bravo!

Kindle Friends Forever were gifted the ARC for an honest review.FALLEN 2



We can’t wait for this new release to be announced by A J Walters! The third novel in the Attraction series is in the works. Haven’t you read the ACUTE ATTRACTION OR CONSTANT ATTRACTION yet!!



AJ Walters has something cooking!  An Enrapturing Attraction  is the third book in The Attraction Series and due to be released in January 2015.  Let me introduce you to Christian Wilson. This gorgeous hunk of a man is Marc’s step brother and he’s going to take us on a roller-coaster ride! Are you ready to get on this attraction? Well, hold on to your seats ladies!!!


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