Hornet’s Nest
AUTHOR: Jaycee
Bug Series – Book Three
GENRE:  Contemporary
RELEASE DATE:  February 3rd, 2014


Klein has been warned: Stay far away from Lance Walton. After one night in the
country, the quintessential city girl has the unwanted attention of the
infamous country boy. For months, she’s been dodging his advances, but a moment
of weakness changes everything.
Lance Walton
felt immediately drawn to Katherine from the moment she knocked on his best
friend’s door Christmas morning. Winning over this city girl is a mountain of a
task for any country boy, but Lance is up to the challenge. He never expected
the morning he left her naked at The Inn would be the last time he would see
In the
aftermath of her bad decisions, Katherine returns to the city. Haunted by what
they shared and all she lost, she vows to never return to the country. But the
country finds her unexpectedly when Lance shows up in the most unlikely place.
But does he have the country boy charm to break through the walls of her heart
and outshine the big city competition?


a refill?”
            Her eyes shot over to me. I smiled
holding out another glass for her. She didn’t appear to be drunk by any means.
Something told me that this girl could hold her liquor. Her hand reached out,
taking the glass from my grip. When our fingers touched, I knew. I knew she
couldn’t deny what was happening between us. There was something definitely
happening between us; something that had never happened before … except for
once. I turned my head and found my pregnant ex-girlfriend on the lap of my
best friend a few tables down. My heart hurt, I could admit that. But seeing
two people I truly loved being undeniably happy made it all worth it. I gave
them hell and I wished I hadn’t, but things were right with the world now. I
was happy enough for them.
            “Would you like to sit?”
            Yep. Things were right with the
world now.
            I sat down next to Katherine in a
wooden folding chair. The distance was too great, so I adjusted my chair,
becoming almost flush with hers. I draped my arm around her and rested it on
the back of the chair. I stared out over the dance floor and could feel her
eyes question my arm around her. She would just have to get used to it. I
planned on touching a lot more than just her shoulder.
            “So, what has you all mopey?” I
asked as I continued to watch Jordan and Tom’s first dance.
            “I’m not mopey,” she shot back,
proving that she was in fact mopey.
            “Says the girl who already downed a
bottle of champagne before the first dance is over.” I glanced at her, and her
eyes fell on me. In that moment, I knew why she was upset. I looked at Jordan
and Tom dancing and then back at Katherine. I squeezed her into a half-ass hug
and said, “Think of it this way, beautiful. You didn’t lose a friend. You
gained me.”
            She laughed while elbowing me in the
stomach, and said, “I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.”
            Katherine continued to laugh until
she caught my eye. I leaned in close to her, slowly brushing my nose against
her cheek until my lips reached her ear. The breath caught in her throat.
            “I’ll prove to you how good it can


Reviewed by Dawn Vickers.

Hornet’s Nest is book three in the Love Bug Series and is Lance and Katherine’s story. There is also a character crossover from books one and two.

Avoid Lance Walton! That’s the advice given to Katherine Klein. Lance is a country boy who loves women and is definitely a player. Katherine is a city girl through and through. As soon as they set eyes on each other, the air sizzled the attraction strongly. But Katherine is determined to fight her heart and Lance is determined to win her over. One night, everything changes after their best friend’s wedding. Large amounts of alcohol is consumed and Katherine can no longer resist Lance. They spend a hot sexy night together but the next morning Katherine has gone. She runs back to the city determined to put Lance and that night behind her.

One year later, Lance has moved to the city. Now an accountant, he’s changed, he’s sorted his life out and wants his girl!! He’s determined to prove to her he’s worthy of her. Katherine is shocked. The city is the last place she would have expected him to show up! Can Lance persuade her to give him a chance, to prove all her judgements she’d made about him were wrong?

Katherine is hiding a secret one which could send Lance running. Or maybe he’ll even surprise her and be there when he’s needed. After a lot of misjudging and misunderstandings, will Katherine and Lance find the happy ever after their best friends have?

I really enjoyed this book. I knew I would having read books one and two. Jaycee has created wonderful characters that are easy to fall in love with! The story pulls you in instantly and I read it in just one sitting loving every page. You could feel the angst and frustration each of them go through, and ultimately the joy of finding true love with each other. Or is it really? You’ll have to read it to find out!






Book #1
Watching Fireflies

& Noble:
Book #2
Dragonfly Awakening
Barnes &

Book #3 Hornet’s Nest


Jaycee Ford grew up chasing street cars around the
city of New Orleans. After doing a four year stint at Louisiana State
University, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and fled for the
foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. New Orleans beckoned her home again
where she put her love of the foothills into a series of romance novels. In
between writing, she’s found behind her desk at a top rated law firm … or still
chasing street cars.


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Sexy young etnic girl and man kissing each other



Title: Private Affairs

Author: Anie Michaels

Genre: Contemporary romance

Release Date: January 31st 2015

Age group: Mature readers


Boudoir photo of sexy girl wearing stylish black lingerie underwear, soft focus





When Lena Bellows suspects her husband of cheating it rocks her world, but also sends her life into a tailspin seven years in the making.  Decisions must be made, plans need to be set in place, but she can’t do it alone.
Private investigator Preston Reid was hired to prove Lena’s husband was being unfaithful, but she never expected the instantaneous and unrelenting attraction she felt upon meeting him.
She’ll need to rely on Preston to do his job without compromising her future, but they will both fight their constant and all-encompassing desire to be with each other.
Only one thing is clear:  No one’s affairs are private anymore.









Reviewed by Donna Elsegood on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.

I was asked to review this book under the instructions that it is a secret book with no synopsis. Nobody knew it was going to released or even that a copy existed. So I must say I was intrigued when given instructions that would not normally happen with reviewing. I love a bit of mystery and mystery certainly reflects in the story. I was on tenterhooks wanting to know the whys and wherefores to a lot of questions which clouded my mind while reading this story.

Lena Bellows has been married to her college sweetheart, Derrek, for seven years. Spending little time or no time at all together, it appears to be a failing marriage. The time spent together is when Derrek expects Lena to accompany him to functions and galas with a false togetherness. Lena decides she wants to fight and revive their marriage and sets about making a special meal for their anniversary. When Derrek arrives home, Lena tells him she wants their marriage to work and rebuild their relationship. Derrek is disinterested and says they haven’t behaved like a married couple for years; only in the public eye but in their home, it fell apart long ago.

Poor Lena wants to fix what’s broken, Derrek says it’s too late. And when the accusation of him having an affair is made, he denies it. Although Lena thinks she sees a hickey on his neck, he denies it. He leaves saying he is going back to work as he clearly will not be getting any work done at home.

Lena confides in her friend Sam and they set about following Derrek. A discovery is made which I won’t mention as I want to leave some air of mystery. Hasten to say, Lena decides to hire a Private Investigator to investigate her husband’s movements. In steps PI Preston Reid who is not only a very hot man, but also takes on the case. There is an attraction between these two and towards the end, I could feel some intensity building between them. There is a bit of a hot scene towards the end.

There is mystery surrounding Derrek and Preston Reid and I cannot wait to read part two for it to all unfold. I hope the author does not keep us waiting too long as the suspense is literally killing me. I must admit I have not encountered this author’s work and I will definitely be looking forward to reading more.













Release Day Blitz – The Diary of Bink Cummings Vol 2 by Bink Cummings

Title: MC Chronicles: The Diary of Bink Cummings Vol 2
Series: The Diary of Bink Cummings
Author: Bink Cummings
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: February 2, 2015
Note: Must Read The Diary of Bink Cummings Vol 1, previously.
When changing life’s course, you never consider what twisted curve-ball fate might dump in your lap. Growing up in the MC, then gaining my own personal Independence was not only a curse, it was a blessing. So when I decided to say fu*k my past and embraced my future, away from the only place I called home, I tried to re-invent myself, by becoming the woman I am today.
Until, one day, fate reared it’s ugly head, forcing me to return to the place I ran from. The place where I had no choice but to face HIM. And hide the biggest secret of my life, as I wallowed in silent fear, of the insurmountable repercussions it would evoke when anyone found out the truth.
Steamy Adult romance
Warning: Contains Mature scenarios, and mass quantities of profanity. For Ages 18+
-This is not a Standalone.
Author Bink Cummings was born and raised part of an MC family. Upon the incessant coercion from her sacred sisters, she has begun her newest journey in life–writing. When she’s not shacked up in her home, writing at all hours of the night, Bink enjoys riding motorcycles, taking care of her extensive roughneck family, and cooking huge meals. Especially her infamous chocolate chip cookies.
MC Chronicles Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/binkcummingsauthor

DESOLATE (An Empathy Novel) by KER DUKEY


CoverDesolate cover amazon-2
Book Info

Title: Desolate

Author: Ker Dukey

Genre: Dark Erotica

Cover Design: Ker Dukey

Photography Credit: Unbound By Words Photography

Model Credit: Dax McClannahan

Release Date: February 2nd 2015


Cover JacketDesolate pb
I was a son,
A friend,
A brother,
A psychopath.
Eighteen years of being in a psyche ward; I was released into the world. Things have changed, Blake is married to Melody and is a father to my new fixation, Cereus. My beautiful niece who knows nothing of my existence. When consequences of past sins begin playing tricks on me, old cravings demand to be satisfied.
There is no cure for my kind of sickness.
I am void of everything but obsession.
I can’t love,
I can’t feel,
I am Desolate.



Book Trailer

TeasersDesolate HTML Teaser #3

Reviewed by Tracey Lou Parker for

Kindle Friends Forever.


I have read many a book but never quite like this one. Desolate comes hot on the heels of the first book Empathy, but eighteen years later with Blake, Melody and their daughter Cereus who are living harmoniously together. The years have been kind to them. They were living their everyday life as happily as they could. Happy in the knowledge that Ryan was locked away and could never hurt them again.

Cereus was of an age when she would be off to college soon, so Blake and Melody made the decision to add another member to their family. Ryan. What can I possibly say about him? Incarcerated for the last eighteen years in a facility for the criminally insane, even I, as an avid reader, never expected him to be released or to be let loose on the outside world. Can someone as dark and soulless as him ever be cured? I certainly didn’t think so but the doctors thought differently! In my opinion, you cannot fix something that is not broken. He wasn’t broken. This was just how he was. Empty, dark, soulless and above all, smart. A man who showed no remorse in anything he did. Everything he did was methodically thought out down to the very last detail.. The adjectives to describe him were never ending.

Quote: “I was born with a superior genetic pre- disposition” Oh, how I smiled when I read that sentence.

After his release, Ryan was sent to a hostel where others resided with mental illnesses as this was to ease him back into society until he found his feet. His thirst for control having never left him, he quickly made acquaintances with a couple of young ladies that were also staying there. Needless to say, this was never going to end happily. Now was the time to put his plan into action. His plans were to make friends with his niece, Cereus. A beautiful young woman who looked so much like her mother but reminded him of himself at that young age.

And this is where the story really starts. What is he going to do? Is he going to kill them? Remember; this is a man who is capable of anything. Blake and Melody have tried to protect their daughter from the past events that had inflicted their lives. But fate was against them. Things were going to come to a head in a way that no one could ever foresee. The twists and turns in this book kept you on the edge of your seat at all times. The only one true thing which you knew was going to come was that Ryan was going to kill again. Nothing had changed after eighteen years.

Did I see a glimmer of love? Ryan said no, but I wasn’t too sure. If he did have feelings for Cereus, he had no idea how to process them in his head or in his heart. I held out some hope for him although maybe I was fooling myself!

I’m not a lover of dark reads; however, I am a big fan of author Ker Dukey.
This book was written perfectly. To be able to put yourself inside the head of a man like Ryan was an amazing feat, and I applaud you for that. There were several times throughout the book where I would have gladly smacked him about the head. I wanted him to suffer a long and painful death just to make me feel better for the wrong doings he had done in the past and in his future. I love it that a book can bring out those feelings in me. To me, it means this is a book that has touched me in a way that maybe no other has. Thank you!!

Congratulations Ker Dukey on five worthy stars .



Meet Ker Dukey

Ker Dukey
I have always had a passion for storytelling, whether it be through lyrics or bed time stories with my sisters. I wanted to be an actress growing up so I could live many roles but I learned early on that my mind was too active… I would want to change the script.I would watch films and think of ways they could of improved the story if they took another direction so i thought it best that i tell my own.

My mum would always have a book in her hand when I was young and passed on her love for reading, inspiring me to venture into writing my own. I tend to have a darker edge to my writing. Not all love stories are made from light, some are created in darkness but are just as powerful and worth telling.

When I’m not lost in the world of characters I love spending time with my family. I’m a mum and that comes first in my life but when I do get down time I love attending music concerts or reading events with my younger sister.
You can find me on Facebook where i love interacting with my readers.

Stalk Ker DukeyFacebook | Twitter | TSU | Website | Amazon | Goodreads | Newsletter






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Title: Captured Miracle

Author: Alannah Carbonneau

Age group: Mature Adult

Genre: Dark Erotic

Release date: 29th May, 2014


Sometimes the darkest of hearts are the most blinding. Not because of their light, but because of their suffocating endlessness. The dark abyss of their possession claims you before you’re even aware of the capture.

Love is not linear. There is no timeline in which the emotion blooms. Sometimes it is a slow succession of events where one soul learns another and sometimes it’s quick. Sometimes it’s like lightning. Possessive.

That’s what Calix was to me. He infused himself within my life – my mind – my body – and my heart. Until he possessed my soul. And then he shattered it all.

The worst part of it all was that he owned me. Completely. And it only took him four days.

What started out as an act of revenge quickly becomes so much more. After years of plotting and two years of watching Nova, Calix takes her. In the dead of the night, three strange men in her room, tugging her from her bed, wake Nova. Terrified of forcing the men to act on their threats to harm her mother and sisters, Nova agrees to allow them to cart her from the safety of her home.

She never expected they would lead her to Calix. A dark and captivating man determined to have her as his wife – and every other way. As Nova tries to keep Calix from pushing his way past her barriers, his determination to capture her heart in the same way he captured her body grows. In his quest for her heart, Calix pushes her past her barriers and tests her every limit.

When her heart softens, the reason for the game of revenge turns very real and Calix is forced to tell Nova just why he took her. Only, the truth will harden the heart that had softened against him.

But Calix still won’t let Nova go.

Until the end of time, she is his.


This is an erotic romance. Captured Miracle is the first novel in what will be a three book series. This novel does end in a cliffhanger.










3.75 STARS

Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.

If you’re familiar with this author’s style of writing and haven’t read the first book in the Captured Miracle Novel #1, you’re going to be in for one hell of surprise. At least I was! I went in completely ignorant to the fact that it’s a dark read. However, I’m not in any hurry to slip it into this genre because rhetorically speaking, it is just too tame for this category. One thing is for sure though, love story it is not.

Quote: “This is my life.” I whispered.
“It was your life, love.” He grinned, but there was no kindness in the action. “You belong to me now.”

Taking into consideration that ninety-nine percent of the dialogue is between the two main characters, and that the whole story revolves around them, made me wonder how on earth the author had managed to keep me stuck to the pages like a limpet. Of course, the reason is quite simple. A good storyline which wasn’t overly dark for my tastes and well written banter. I was a little concerned about the heroine’s persona. Nova is studious, a tad timid, and extremely virtuous. In the safety of her home, the unimaginable happens. She tries to put up a fight but is quickly reprimanded and told by her captor that she’ll put her family in danger if she doesn’t comply. Once they were theoretically out of the firing line, she gives it all she’s got regardless of the consequences. “Go for it gal, go for it!” I said to myself. I really liked her feistiness here and I never thought she’d back down so quickly. Thus, when she did, I was a fairly disappointed in her. Nevertheless, since she was forced into an uncertain existence against her will, I tried my best to put myself in her shoes. And believe you me, how could she not succumb to her abductor?

Quote: “Do your worst. Punish me. Hurt me. F**k me.” More silent tears streamed down my face. “Break me. I. Don’t. Care.”

Calix! My, oh my! How I wish you’d been more of a badass because it would most certainly have suited you. You could have been bossier and you never really showed me your cruel streak which you kept threatening Nova with. In fact, I think you’re a real pushover and Nova’s undeveloped submissiveness clouded her judgement. You had me thinking right up until the last moment what motivated you to do such a thing to this beautiful young girl, but once I learnt, I understood.

Quote: “What do you want with me, Calix?” I whispered shakily, burying my face deeper into his chest. “Why did you take me?”

It is easy to envisage this attractive man; especially with his clothes off! Yes, he does take them off but we have to be patient as it takes a while for Nova to cave in. Laughing out loud folks because it actually took four days, just four days of their time together for their passion to steam up my glass lenses. And the ending, wow! It left me hanging high up on a precipice wishing I had the follow-up at hand. If there was one or two teeny-weeny issues which bothered me in this read, it would have to be the repetitiveness in places and not having Calix’s point of view. Fortunately, the story with it’s fair share of intrigue, outweighs this setback. So Ms. Carbonneau, bravo to you for your not such a dark read!

Fav quote: “I’m seducing your body because I’m not worthy of your heart ~ but worthy or not ~ if you give me the chance, I’ll steal it.”






I live in Alberta, Canada, where the weather is forever changing (without warning). I am engaged to be married in August 2015 to my high school sweetheart and love of my life. There are no children in my life as of right now, but we do have a handful of rambunctious cats (four) and a testy, rescued Shepard/Husky, who take up a lot of my time.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve adored the written word. English was always my favorite class and that may be biased because I can’t count to save my life, so math was a horror! I remember the very first novel I ever read, Shocking Pink by Erica Spindler. It was the most interesting of the covers on my mom’s bookshelf (probably because it was pink) and I was way too young to be reading that novel. But I fell in love. From there, I read almost everything from V.C. Andrews.

My writing started out as poetry, which then evolved to songs, and later into novels. I was never one for the short stories as I found it too difficult to pack everything I imagined into something so small. I now have multiple novels published independently. I write both novels for young adults and novels for adults – all romance.

Despite my favorite younger reading material, I now adore writing and reading all things romance.







Sociopath: Legacy (Sociopath #2) by Lime Craven
Genre: Dark Romance


Reach for the scars… 

Remember me? Aeron Lore: happy and humble. A people person. All around nice guy.

Even I can’t say that with a straight face. 

But seriously, things are going great. Leo’s behaving herself; I’m enjoying making sure she behaves. We’re a great team. SilentWitn3ss, our live-streaming news project, has launched to my favorite things ever: controversy and profit. 

So when the FBI comes to me and wants to use SilentWitn3ss footage to trace a serial killer named Blood Honey, I’m only too happy to be superior—I mean, to help. And if Leo thinks the brutal Blood Honey and I have a few things in common, I guess that’s to be expected, given my rather unique preferences in the bedroom. My…condition.

But I’m not like him. I can’t stand that she would even think it. 

If his actions threaten my relationship with Leo, I’ll hunt that fucker down myself.

If he gets too close for comfort, I will make him bleed—and trust me, he’s closer than I ever anticipated. 

There’s a food chain, grasshoppers. The buck doesn’t stop with him. It stops with me. Blood Honey is a nasty son of a bitch, but I can be a lot worse. Question is…do I want to be?

Meet the Author 

I like dysfunction. Broken people who can’t fix each other, but fit together because they’re missing the same pieces. One of my favourite songs declares, “take the sinner down to feed desire,” and that’s my MO. I write dirty psychological thrillers with strong elements of dark romance.
I love antiheroes. Female characters who don’t just accept their faults, but downright exploit them. No nice boys. No shame. Mindfuckery for all.

Social Links:

Author Links – Website: www.limecravenauthor.com

Pre-order the Book

Sociopath (#1)

Buy Links:


The name’s Aeron Lore. And you are…? Such a pleasure to meet you, sweetheart. Is that a southern accent? Gorgeous.
You fucking bitch.
Why so surprised? I control a billion dollar fortune. I control the news. Give me five minutes and I’ll control you, too. If you could read my mind, you’d probably call me perverted. Unnatural. Manipulative. But I’ve learned to blend in, to be funny and charming. A predator in a designer suit.
I have no conscience. No shame in taking the things I want. And what I wanted was for Leontine Reeves to sell me her boutique tech firm so I could exploit the fuck out of it. Maybe exploit the fuck out of her, too, because desire haunts me in shades of scarlet, and I desire Leo most of all.
I never meant for this to be a love story. I fought it kicking and screaming, the same way Leo fought me. Now we’re bleeding into each other, making a mess. A chaos. There’s no control here. And what do monsters like me do when control leaves the building?
We attack.



Title: Less than Perfect, Part I
Author: Dylan Scott
Genre: New Adult, Romance
Release Date: February 5, 2015
Jack Grant knew exactly what he wanted. A successful businessman with little time or patience for dating, a membership to Perfect Events suited his lifestyle perfectly.
Thirty-two carefully selected criteria ensured his dates were a match for his very particular taste. Hair color, height, weight, education—every last detail—down to their considerable cup size, was meticulously selected. He’d bedded some of the most beautiful women in the world since becoming a member of the elite dating club.
All of his wants were met.
Yet none of his needs.
He’d been in love once, nine years ago. And once was enough. Sticking to arranged dating through the service was the perfect solution. And it worked. Until one day he opened a door he had never planned to. The one to his heart.
This novella is Part I of a three part series that will unfold over eight weeks.
Look for Part II on March 5, 2015
Dylan Scott is a New York trial attorney, wife and mother of four. She believes her job as a trial attorney is a subcategory to the field of entertainment more than it is law. With a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature she believed teaching English was a destined career choice until she realized her life long talent of “argument” actually could be her job. A recent, fairly boring, midlife crisis resulted in a brief stint as a middle school English teacher which confirmed that she wasn’t ready to give up the law. Dylan has also taught legal courses at the college level and worked with at-risk inner city youth in the roles of mentor and coach. She was inspired to write Less than Perfect after reading all the great works of her Left Behind co-author, Vi Keeland.