☆ LOST WISHES ☆ (A TroubleMaker Novel) ☆ by Kelly Gendron



Title: Lost Wishes

Author: Kelly Gendron

Series: Standalone | A TroubleMaker Novel Book Five  

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Age: Mature Adult

Released: 7th April, 2015








Fallon O’Conner is ruthless…
Each day comes and goes without meaning
He eats, sleeps, and waits
The time is nearing to confront his wife’s killer
And nothing will stop Fallon from getting his revenge
Then, Katie Rustle comes crashing into his forsaken life…

Katie Rustle is relentless…
Her boss needs something
Fallon O’Conner has it
And Katie is just the person to get it
She’s no stranger to bad-tempered, cruel, heartless men
A man corrupted by the loss of a loved one raised her.





“What are you doing, stowaway?”

“Having a drink,” I say, lifting my cup, but for some reason, I don’t think that’s what he’s getting at. He knows what I want.

“You don’t want to do this,” he sighs, looks around, and then settles his eyes back on me. “Go back to my place and go to bed.”

“You might be able to tell Twigs what to do but don’t think that when it comes to me, you’re gonna get away with it.” I grin. “And I’m not tired. Besides, Twigs thought you might need some company.”

“Ah…” His eyebrow arches. “I have company,” he says, tilting his head in the direction of his entourage.

“Yeah.” I nibble my bottom lip, and he watches me. “Well, Twigs thought you’d want my company.”

He takes a deep breath, and with his long-winded exhale, his eyes slowly trail down me. “You do realize what they’re offering, don’t you?” He bends down, lowering his voice. “Are you willing to offer the same?”

“No.” I wrap my hand around his neck, and he lets me pull him close. “What I’m offering is a hell of a lot more than what you’re going to get from any of them,” I whisper into his ear.

“Oh yeah,” his husky chuckle echoes through me. “And how can you be so sure of that?”

“Because you don’t want them.” I tilt back to find his dark eyes waiting. “You want me.”

He rubs a finger across his lips as he gazes at me from out of the corner of his eye. His finger drifts to his chin. He strokes the stubble there. The longer he makes me wait, the more my confidence slips. His hand moves, heading straight for me. The finger he just ran over his mouth touches my bottom lip. It slopes my chin, slides slowly down my chest, and skims past my breast. My nipple hardens against the soft material of my dress. The edge of his finger runs up and down over my hard tip. My pussy clenches. “I do want you,” he finally says.

Oh yeah, I have him. He’s mine. I lean in to seal the deal, but he pulls back. “Sorry, stowaway. I’ll kiss you everywhere else and make you feel real good too, just not there.”

“Not where?” My forehead tightens. “My mouth?” Is that what he’s saying? He’s gotta be joking, right. The slow drop of his head tells me that he’s not. “Wait.” I blink. “You’re really not going to kiss me? You expect me to…to…just fuck you?”

“No.” He sways forward; the heat from his body cascades over my bare skin. “I expect the women I’m with to swallow when they give me head, do exactly as they’re told, and to handle a good ass spankin’.”

“You’re a bastard.” I push away from him.

“What?” The corner of his mouth lifts. “Were you expecting Prince Charming? Sorry to disappoint, but he exited this body a long time ago…














Reviewed by Dawn Vickers.

On her death bed, Fallon’s wife, Hope, asked her husband to grant her three wishes. To be happy, to move on and to find someone else. Heartbroken, Fallon doesn’t think he will ever be able to fulfil those wishes. Three years on, he’s still playing the waiting game. Waiting to come face to face with his wife’s killer, he’s out for revenge and he’s going to make sure he gets it.

Katie is sent by her boss, who’s married to Fallon’s cousin, to get some documents from him and that’s how they meet. He finds her knocked out aboard his boat. The attraction is instant; chemistry is there. She makes Fallon feel things he never thought he would again, but he’s trying not to feel. Even though Katie is determined to rescue him from himself, he fights every step of the way not to fall for her. She sees the man he is underneath the pain, grief and guilt. Then comes the twist — a secret revealed that could destroy Fallon all over again.

I really enjoyed this book. The prologue will have you in tears before you even get to chapter one, so have plenty of tissues handy! I loved Katie’s character as she’s strong, independent and determined to make Fallon love, live and feel again. Fallon is a sexy, brooding, and grievingly closed off man who is hell-bent on making the culprit pay for shattering his life. Not feeling, living, and just surviving, Katie reawakens all those things in him. They were perfect together with some loving tender moments, as well as the sex scenes which were hot and steamy while not being too graphic. There’s also another character that stole the show. A twelve year old called Twig seems to be Fallon’s only friend! She added some humour amongst the drama, and I totally connected with the characters. I loved this story so much that I read the entire book in one go!!! I can’t wait for the next book in this fab series.











Kelly’s motto ~ “Bad boys, give ’em a little time and experience, and they will evolve into misbehaving men!” And what hot-blooded woman doesn’t want a naughty, all grown up bad boy?

Kelly Gendron is the author of the TroubleMaker series, the Breaking the Declan Brothers series, and she has a few other romantic suspense novels out there too.

When she’s not writing steamy, blush producing romances, she’s out meeting new people while representing a group of reputable nursing facilities. You can find Kelly in a quiet suburb, somewhere between Buffalo and Niagara Falls, and if you Google her, she’ll pop up there too. And, please do find her. Kelly loves to hear from her readers, and meeting new people.










💙 💙 💙 💙 BEAT by VI KEELAND 💙 💙 💙 💙




Title: Beat

Author: Vi Keeland

Cover design: Sommer Stein, Perfect Pear Creative  

Modal: Nicolas Simoes ~  Stalk him on Instagram

Photographer: Brice Hardelin  

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: 15th June, 2015





















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Vi Keeland

Vi Keeland is a native New Yorker with three children that occupy most of her free time, which she complains about often, but wouldn’t change for the world. She is a bookworm and has been known to read her kindle at stop lights, while styling her hair, cleaning, walking, during sporting events, and frequently while pretending to work.  She is a boring attorney by day, and an exciting smut author by night!







She loves to hear from readers so why not get in touch!


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💚 PRIVATE GETAWAY 💚 (The Private Serials Book 3) by Anie Micheals


Title: Private Getaway

Series: The Private Serials Book 3

Author: Anie Michaels

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Date of Publication: April 7, 2015



Lena never anticipated the man she fell in love with would betray her, but she found herself alone, in a hotel room, having walked away from her marriage with nothing but one hundred thousand dollars in debt and an affair that turned out to be a sham.

There was only one thing she could do.

Get away.

On the idyllic beaches of Hawaii she sought peace, reflection, and a new beginning.

But a new beginning meant new challenges and new relationships.

Would she ever grow to trust after everything she’d been through?

The only place she felt safe was her own Private Getaway.







Reviewed by Donna Elsegood.

I got a surprise when I was informed that the third instalment was awaiting for me to devour. After all, I was subjected to a jaw dropping cliffhanger at the end of book two! So I dropped my current read because I needed, no, I craved the next scene in this hot, suspenseful series.

Lena Bellows got the shock of her life when she discovered Preston Reid had not been quite as honest as he had led her to believe. The hot romance between these two that had developed following Lena hiring Preston as a private investigator to dig up dirt on her husband Derek, was thrown into complete doubt and confusion.

Quote: Lena ~ “I needed a new beginning. A fresh start.”

Lena finds her inner strength and runs away to stand on her own two feet, reflecting a brand new future with no man in it. First and foremost, she has only encountered betrayal and hurt from it. She finds herself in a motel in Hawaii, confined to her bed for the past four days, sleeping off the effects of vodka, and not wanting to deal with the catastrophe she has left behind. She pulls herself together, showers, and sets about looking for work to make a new life for herself as the money she has will not last forever.

Lena encounters a lady called Becky in a coffee shop. Befriending each other, both find they have a lot in common regarding making a fresh start. Becky seems to really impose herself on Lena and I had a strange feeling about her as I think Lena did, but she still felt drawn to her. A keen jogger, she runs along the beach every morning where she comes across a fellow jogger called Ryan. Even though she has a feeling of déjà vu, they become jogging buddies. Lena settles into her new life but can’t help thinking the new people in her life have something to hide. Or is it just she finds it difficult to trust?

Quote: Lena ~ “I have to go to him? After all he’d put me through, I have to go to him?”

In spite of the fact that Preston has lot of explaining to do, he couldn’t stay away forever. The way Lena feels was never going to be easy after all the lies involved. I began to think I wasn’t going to get my Preston Reid throughout the book. But of course he makes a reappearance. Could there possibly be a reconciliation? You need to read the series to find out; however, rest assured there is lust and hot scenes that unfold with more revelations.

Quote: Preston ~ “Sweetheart, I’m going to love you forever, no matter what. The sooner you get that through your head, the better off we’ll be. “

I love this series and whilst we are not left with a cliff hanger, there is to be another instalment. Now Lena knows the reasons behind the events which have occurred, the way has been paved for her to fight back. I’m looking forward to seeing where Amie takes us on Lena and Preston’s journey, and I’ll be happy as long as I get my Mr Sexy personified, Preston Reid fix. Fantastic character development from an enjoyable story.








Anie Michaels is the author of the Never series, The Space Between Us, and the Private Serials. She started writing her first novel in June 2013. When she is not reading, writing, or spending time with her family, you can find her spending time with her close friends. Anie lives in Portland, Oregon, with her family.


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She loves to hear from readers so why not get in touch!


Private Affairs – Part One ($.99)

Private Encounters – Part Two ($.99)

Private Getaway #NEW – Part Three ($.99)

✦ ✦ ✦ COVER REVEAL ✦ ✦ ✦ MARKED (Shadows in the dark, #1) ✦ ✦ ✦ by CHARISSE SPIERS

Marked FB 02


Cover Reveal April 7, 2015

Title: Marked (Shadows in the dark, #1)

Author: Charisse Spiers

Illustrator: Clarise Tan, CT Cover Creations

Release Date: Summer 2015






Welcome to my fucking world. My name is Kaston Cox and I’m a criminal’s worst nightmare. Most people run from darkness, but I live in it, require it, and thrive in the night. Some call me a monster, some a lover of evil, and others, the devil himself, but they’re all wrong. I’m just a shadow in the dark. I speak for the innocent when no one else will. Once I have marked you, you better beg for forgiveness, because your time has run out…

Revenge is the ultimate wage for evil. Some just can’t stomach to do it themselves. That’s where I come in. I am the ultimate judge when called upon for justice. I will decide who lives and who dies. Blood may be on my hands, but it’s not the blood of the innocent. Remorse is nowhere to be found. I don’t give a shit if you understand. I can live with the man I look at every day in the mirror. My soul was tainted the day I was conceived. You think you know me? You have no fucking idea. I am who I am because of what they did to her, and to him. They were my family. This was the only form of restitution he believed in. I owed him everything. I took over the empire he built. This is how I repay him. There was only one rule: never allow emotions to form. Numb and heartless are the only two ways to live.

What I never included in the plan…was her.

My name is Lux Larsen. My life is as perfect as it can get. I’m a partier, a seductress when it comes to something that I want, and the ultimate sexual con artist. I use my body to get what I want and I’m not ashamed. Designer tags are what I’m after. I love sex. I’m good at it. Fuck double standards. Guys can do it, well guess what, so can I. I will never be caught back on the other side of the tracks for as long as I live. I left that hellhole years ago. I’ll do anything to stay away. You can call me a whore if you want, but I just look at it as I’ve decided to become a player in a man’s game, and I’m a fucking pro at it. Love is for the weak minded. Weak is something I’ll never be.

I never anticipated the predator that would find me. I’m now his prey…but I’m not sure I can run.

The world likes to think that love is only pure, only for those that do good, but what no one considers is when bad has to be done to formulate a different type of good. Two of the most random people can be a perfect match, being placed together like pieces to a puzzle. Being in the wrong place at the right time can be terrifying and it can also be exactly what is supposed to happen, because sometimes…love is born in the dark.





Marked FB 01


“Here. Good play. I can’t say with that view it was the worse time I’ve ever lost money.” He turns and walks away as they announce last call over the speakers.

“Does that mean I get half? I’d say I earned it.”

I look at Makayla as she turns toward me and hangs her legs over the side. “You think so?”

“I didn’t see you pulling your dick out as bait. My pussy was the one on display so you could win.”

I move in front of her and grab her chin, closing in toward her. She starts to close her eyes until I speak. “Let’s get one thing straight, baby. I would have won whether your pussy was present or not, but since you helped by sending him to the bathroom to take care of the hard-on you just created, I’ll repay you in orgasms here in a few minutes. How does that sound?”

She grabs a handful of my shirt in her fist, pulling me closer. “Damn, just take me already. I’ve never been so turned on in my life.” She presses her lips to mine and the alcohol takes over, directing all of my muscle movement. I grab her hips and pull her toward me as I roughly kiss her back. She instantly wraps her legs around my waist. I grind her against my now hardening cock. She grabs the waistband of my pants, no longer concerned with where we are.

“Starting without me?”

I release her lips and look at Danyel standing next to the pool table. It’s just now that I realize the bar is completely empty. “Where is the rest of staff?”

“I sent them home and locked the doors. Since I’m the manager I can do that. No one ever complains when being sent home early at closing. No work for them and a good time for me after a long night. It’s a win/ win situation.”

Makayla groans out, clearly frustrated and not wanting to share. I nod for Danyel to come closer and look at Makayla, locking my eyes with hers. “I’m your partner. You trust me in the field, right?” She nods, her eyes flitting from my eyes to my mouth and back again. “Trust me now. Be open-minded. Just because you try something new doesn’t mean you have a label. We’re all straight. Danyel probably likes dick more than you do. Got me?”

She breathes deeply, clearly nervous, but nods lightly. “Yeah, okay. I’ll try…for you.” I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear longing in her voice and hope like hell I don’t regret this at work Monday.

I reach out and hook my index finger over Danyel’s waistband, pulling her closer. I kiss her, starting things slow. She slides her tongue inside my mouth, allowing each of our taste’s to mix, creating one of its own. I stop and turn to Makayla, doing the same. She moans into my mouth before I release her lips. “See. You taste her. You taste me. It’s no different.” I continue to look at her. “Danyel. Come show her how gentle you can be. I want to watch.”

I step back, allowing Danyel to take my place. I can see the disappointment written all over her face, but she remains silent. Danyel touches her knee and skims her fingertips up Makayla’s thigh, tracing the side of her body until her hand is on the side of Makayla’s neck. “Relax, Makayla, and I’ll reward you later.” Her shoulders immediately drop.

Danyel lowers her face and kisses Makayla, slowly at first, but then you can tell the moment Danyel slides her tongue between Makayla’s lips, because she completely lets go, and places her hands in Danyel’s auburn hair, wanting more. My dick presses against my pants, wanting free, as I watch two beautiful women experiencing each other for the first time. The room is hazed from the alcohol, but that’s exactly where I need to be.

I walk up to Danyel’s backside, pressing my front against her. I press my lips next to her ear as they continue to kiss. “Do to her as I do to you. Are we clear?”

Marked FB 03


I found books when I was going through a hard time in life. They became my means of escape when things got bad. I realized quickly how much I loved to take a backseat to someone else’s life and watch the journey unfold. That began my journey with books in November of 2012. I constantly had a book open on my Kindle app. Never in a million years would I have imagined myself as a writer, because I never thought I was creative enough. I’m living proof that things will fall into place when they’re meant to be. People will make their way into our lives when we don’t expect it, setting the path for what we are meant to do. Never give up on people. Never stop taking a chance on others. Someone took a chance on trusting me with her work when she didn’t know me from a stranger on the street and gave me the opportunity of a lifetime as our relationship progressed, which led me to editing and writing as well. This is my dream I never knew I had. As soon as I sat down and gave writing a shot, it was like the floodgates opened. Now, I am lost in a world of fiction in my head, new characters constantly screaming for their stories to be told. Continue to dream and to go for them. No one ever found happiness by sitting on the sidelines. Sometimes we have to take risks and put ourselves out there. Thank you for all of your support, and may there be many books to come. XOXO- C






Marked Full






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Fight For You 3D

Accepting Fate 3D

Twisting Fate 3D

Lasting Fate 3D

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** COVER REVEAL ~ Feeling White (The White Trilogy #2) by Charlotte E Hart **


Feeling WHITE (Book Two In The White Trilogy)
Mr. White is COMING SOON!




“How did you like not breathing?” I don’t even have words for that so I just stare back and wonder what else he’s got in his box of sexual tricks, who knew not breathing was one of them? “Quite debilitating isn’t it? Somewhat euphoric though in the right moment.” I’m still panting for air, and again, no fucking words at all, only some strange quivering that continues to ride itself all over my skin as I try to bring some semblance of order back to my frazzled brain. “I think I’ll have a pole installed in the bedroom,” Oh Christ he was watching me! My eyes widen, “Quite the performance,” he says as he slowly pulls out of me and reaches to straighten my jeans. I shuffle them back up and do my belt up as he sorts himself out. Why I’m suddenly embarrassed of my dancing is beyond me so I drop my head a little and watch him running his hands through his literally just fucked dark hair with a permanent smile on his handsome face. He slants his eyes toward me, “Are you looking at the floor Miss Scott?” he says with that rising brow of his, “because we both know how I feel about that,” my head shoots up again. “Yes, I just…. I didn’t know you were watching,” I reply as I sink back to the wall for balance and chew my thumbnail, mortified is not the word, but at least he’s not angry or some other ferocious emotional response. “How could I not?” he says as he moves towards me, “You were hot as hell and completely immoral, I don’t think I’ve ever seen something so lust worthy.” Okay well I can feel better about myself then, clearly I’m not bad at that pole thing, and Christ he looks good, I so want him…… again. My core clenches fiercely as I look at his shoulders moving off then glance at his hands, all I want is for him to bend me over and do his worst, show me everything he’s got. I can’t even process my thoughts as to why but I know I want it, anyway he chooses. “I think I need fucking again,” I blurt out without thinking as he extends his hand for mine. Even I can’t believe I’ve said it, and as I watch his eyes swing back to me sharply I groan at the snarl that meets me. He’s immediate in his glare of darkness, everything disappears apart from his eyes and the sudden proximity of his hand at my throat.

One-Click Book One Today!


Seeing WHITE (Book One In The White Trilogy)





Alexander White, the wealthy business man with looks to die for. Just like the other colours you’d think…….but no. He came from a very different place and made some of his money a very different way.

And he keeps it well hidden because the truth would destroy everything he has. All that he’s worked for would be gone in an instant if they ever found out what he’s capable of, or what he really did and who he did it for. So he keeps people far away with metaphorical games and walls to deceive and confuse.

He doesn’t do relationships, he doesn’t do emotions and he certainly doesn’t do love….. whatever the hell that might be.

He does money. Making it, manipulating it and spending it whist he plays with women who know what they’re signing up for when they walk in the room.

Three people shaped who he is today. One damaged him beyond repair, another taught him to control the rage, and a decent one helps him to consider his options more appropriately than his own head might allow.

But be under no illusions ladies, Mr White has not been a nice man, and he will probably never be a decent man but as long as he keeps up his image, and nothing gets through his barriers, no one will ever see the truth.

Life’s good for Elizabeth Scott, successful business, happy kitchen and a great sister who deals with all the expensive people so she doesn’t have to. She just cooks, bakes and smiles her way through each day……well most of the time anyway, that is when her great sister isn’t pushing her to, “get out there a bit more,” or “sort her shit out.” Then the biggest contract of their lives comes up….. And the ever useless London tube, with her sister in it, catastrophically breaks down. Unfortunately that means only one thing, she’ll have to deal with some of that wealth herself and that means the devastating Mr Alexander White in all his glory. Life suddenly couldn’t get worse, regardless of his unfairly gorgeous backside. She has no idea what the hell she’s doing.




Charlotte is an erotic romance author living in the heart of the Shropshire countryside in Great Britain with her partner and daughter. She’s lived all across the United Kingdom due to her previous employment as an Event manager but finally settled in a small town that still reeks of old school England. She graduated from college with a degree in Business and her Horse Riding Instructors Qualification which eventually led her into the very bizarre world of outdoor pursuit’s event management where she trained to instruct all sorts of equipment. Some of which included crossbows, shotguns, quad bikes, 4×4 driving and archery, she’s not entirely sure how any of it happened but knows that she adored every minute. Her love of reading started in college but the call to writing came much later in life after the birth of her daughter when she finally had the chance to put pen to paper for the first time. Writing has become a revolution for the soul and she cherishes every second that she’s sitting at the laptop and tapping her way into a new character. When not writing she enjoys socializing with close friends and traveling to all the major cities across the globe, travel has always been a constant companion to reading throughout her life and only increases her thirst for stimulation. With the release of her novel Seeing White, the first part of the White Trilogy, she intends to spend the next year enjoying every element of being a published author and learning as much as she can. She also very much looks forward to hopefully meeting some fans at some point.




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✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ LUCA by GINA WHITNEY ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦



Title: Luca

Series: I love you the way you lie ~ Book One

Author: Gina Whitney

Genre: Dark Erotica

Released: Monday, 6th April 2015






“Anger is like a thorn in the heart…the roar of my courage and the cold sweat of my fear.” ~Luca


Pyromania is an impulse control disorder in which individuals repeatedly fail to resist impulses to deliberately start fires, in order to relieve tension or for instant gratification.


Damon Luca, or Luca as they called him. I thought of him more as Damien, the fucking devil within these walls that now is my life. Dark, broody, and deadly to any woman. Mind-blowing, soul-shaking, raw sex appeal. He was a tall statured boy with broad shoulders and a pair of green eyes that set my soul on fire. His inky black hair framed his hard, chiseled features. He had the type of body that had no business being on a seventeen-year-old. I knew that once he fully developed, he’d be nothing short of drop-dead gorgeous. As I said…deadly on the eyes…and dangerous for your heart.


My name is Allison. I met Luca through an unfortunate event when we were younger. I’m now twenty-four, and this is my story. My fucked up life. It’s not a pretty one. Then again, the most interesting ones aren’t…are they? This isn’t your usual love story. Anything but. There are no blue skies, rainbows, or unicorns. Only him…my own personal arsonist. He had the ability to set my panties on fire, leave my body smoldering, and turn my heart into burning embers. He scared the hell out of me, made me feel. He opened my eyes to the world of twisted love. But love no less. This scary, beautiful man stole my heart from a young, tender age and refused to give it back. Here’s our story…




What The Lightening Sees


Louise Bay


What The Lightening Sees | Part One in a three part novella series

Release Date:

31st March 2015


Contemporary Romance


Mature Adult
















“Harry stayed seated too, and I watched him as he leaned back, put his hands behind his head and observed people leaving. As if he knew I was watching, he turned his head toward me and looked me in the eye.

His eyebrows lifted and his eyes widened like he was asking me if I was done looking at him. I got the feeling he was used to being looked at. I could imagine if I was one of those girls, I might be distracted by that strong jaw and those sparkling eyes. The difference was, I wasn’t ogling him as I imagined most people would be. I wasn’t interested in his long fingers that periodically swept through his dirty-blond hair or the way his shirt seemed to skim over his tight body. I simply wanted to figure him out.”






























U and ur Hand ~ P!nk

Through the Barricades ~ Spandau Ballet

Anticipation ~ Carly Simon

Magic ~ Coldplay

Beauty Has Her Way ~ Mummy Calls

You’ll think of me ~ Keith Urban

Into the Woods ~ Taylor Swift

Here comes the Rain Again ~ Eurythmics

I Miss You So ~ Diana Krall

I Won’t Give Up ~ Jason Mraz

Turn my World Around ~ Gloriana

There You’ll Be ~ Faith Hill





Reviewed By Donna Elsegood.

I would describe one of my favourite authors as a total machine. This lady just keeps those stories coming and it is always such a delight to read them. This is a brand new series from Louise and I had every hope it was going to be a fantastic read.

The story is about Haven Daniels and Jake “Harry” Harrison. She is a bit of a bitch that doesn’t seem to have a filter; uptight and smart with it. He is a very rich, good looking man who is overly confident. Haven likes to tell Jake what she thinks which to him is a bit of a challenge, but he finds her very attractive regardless of how she behaves around him. He is the type of man Haven feels she should steer well clear of.

Quote: Harry ~ “Wow, you’re a bitch.”
Haven ~ “So I’ve been told. You’re a spoiled, entitled rich boy. We all have our crosses to bear.”

These two are forced to work together. She works for a magazine which is run by a friend of Jake’s, and is asked as a favour, to do a piece on a pop star come movie star in the making. The reason Haven was chosen had me groaning as it comes across how jealously malicious people are about Haven who is an attractive and talented woman. So Haven and Jake’s chemistry slowly burns to a build-up eventually exploding.

Quote: Jake ~ “I want you to undress for me and lie on the bed, Leave those shoes on.”

What I love about this story is it wasn’t just about the two protagonists. There was some great supporting characters. Beth, who is Jake’s sister, and lives with him. Haven’s best friend, Ash, who was very funny, and Haven’s brother, Luke. The banter between them had me smiling every time they featured during the story.

Why I gave this book five stars is not just because Louise knows how to write a good story, but because it is totally different from previous works. As much as I like the passion and intensity that smacks into you as soon as you start reading, this story was different in a way that although there is chemistry and intensity, we get to see more of who they are first.

Of course, there is going to be two other parts after this first segment and of course, we have been left wanting to know what could happen next. There was a bit of a cliff-hanger leaving my gut feeling uneasy. I’m sure there’ll be lot of angst and I am hoping for more passion, too. As per usual, the author has offered us a playlist to this fantastic new story and in the words of Coldplay, I would call this read ‘Magic!’









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USA Today bestselling author, Louise Bay writes sexy, contemporary romance novels – the kind she likes to read. Her books Faithful and Hopeful are stand-alone novels although there are some overlapping characters. The Empire State Series of novellas starts with A Week in New York.  Her first book in the What the Lightning Sees Series was released on 31st March.

Ruined by romantic mini-series of the eighties, Louise loves all things romantic. There’s not enough of it in real life so she disappears into the fictional worlds in books and films.

Louise loves the rain, the West Wing, London, days when she doesn’t have to wear make-up, being on her own, being with friends, elephants and champagne.






She loves to hear from readers so get in touch!