Release Day Blitz ~ ‘Thicker Than Blood’ by Madeline Sheehan & Claire C. Riley




A true friendship never dies.

Leisel and Evelyn lost everything. Husbands. Families. Friends. Lives that made sense. All they had left was each other, and a friendship that could withstand anything…

Even an apocalypse.

Until one fateful night, the marginal safety they’d come to rely on comes to a vicious and brutal end. With the help of Alex & Jami, both unlikely allies, Leisel and Evelyn are able to escape their shattered sanctuary only to find themselves face-to-face with a much altered, much crueler life where they have to find the way—and the will—to stay alive in a world they no longer recognize.

Traveling across a broken and infection-ridden country; the road-weary group are pitted against endless violence, improbable circumstances, and the ultimate loss.
Everything comes at a price—especially safety, the cost of which could very well strip them of the one thing they’ve tried so hard to cling to: their humanity.

Yet along with all the trials they’re forced to endure, there’s also hope in the form of love. Having loved Leisel from afar, Alex attempts to put the pieces of her fractured heart back together.

But in such a savage world, is there room for love?

In a place of nightmares-made-reality, where the living should be feared far more than the dead, an unbreakable friendship and a love amongst all odds can mean the difference between life and death.

There are friends…

And then there are Leisel and Evelyn.

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Cover Reveal ~ For Authentication Purposes by Amber L. Johnson

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A Cover Reveal


For Authentication Purposes

by Amber L. Johnson


Release Date: March 5 , 2015



Dawn Sims has made a name for herself writing romantic fiction online. When she’s pushed to try her hand at publishing, she thinks she has everything figured out. The only problem? She’s never been in a relationship, especially one that has led her to finding The Big O.

So much for writing what you know.

Warner Green has had Dawn in his sights since she walked into his class in seventh grade. She broke his teenage heart not once, but twice, so seeing her in his night class at the local community college was an unexpected surprise.

Accidentally reading her bad erotica on her laptop was a blessing from the Smut Gods themselves.

It’s clear she has no idea what she’s writing about, but Warner does. In fact, he knows so much that he’s willing to offer her his services. The deal is simple: teach the good girl from high school everything she needs to know to write from experience. If he gets to live out a fantasy or two that he’s been harboring for almost a decade, then there’s no harm in that either.

The lessons turn more heated, and Dawn begins to question where Warner has learned his skills, but he’s not ready to talk, until his past comes back to haunt him at the worst possible time.

It shouldn’t matter when it’s for authentication purposes only.


I reached across the table and ran my index finger across the soft skin of her wrist. “Let me feel you up a little like a sophomore who just got his license.”FAP-3D-Paperback-1

I loved it when she laughed because it wasn’t anything fake. Her entire body shook when she giggled, and when it was really funny there was no sound. Right now she was probably calling all the dogs in the alley.

“Yeah, okay. We can do that.” She smoothed out her hair when she’s collected herself, and I realized that I hadn’t noticed it before, but she didn’t wear ponytails anymore. It made me want to tug on the ends, fist it at the back of her neck.

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A true child of music, Amber’s parents surrounded her with the loudest beats they could find, molding her into a girl who found inspiration and meaning in lyrics and chords. Raised on John Hughes movies, Luck Dragons, and pirate ships, she dreamed of love and adventure. When Amber began to create her own world, she envisioned a place where Happy Ever Afters do exist. Since then, she has authored several romance novels, all of which focus on songs and the way they can touch people’s lives. Music may not be able to fix a broken heart, but it can provide one hell of a soundtrack for healing.

A full-time wife and mother with a full-time job, Amber finds her muse in everyday life and the people who bring her inspiration.


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BAD ROMEO (Starcrossed #1) by LEISA RAYVEN

bad romeo banern

Title: Bad Romeo

Authors: Leisa Rayven

Age group: Young Adult

Genre: Contemporary Erotica

Release date: 23rd December 2014





While performing the greatest love story of all time, they discovered one of their own . . .

Cassie Taylor was just another acting student with big dreams at her prestigious performing arts college . . . then she met Ethan Holt. She was the good girl actress. He was the bad boy on campus. But one fated casting choice for Romeo and Juliet changed it all. Like the characters they were playing on stage, Cassie and Ethan’s epic romance seemed destined. Until it ended in tragedy when he shattered her heart.

Now they’ve made it to Broadway where they’re reunited as romantic leads once again – and their passionate scenes force them they’re forced to confront the heartbreaking lows and pulse-pounding highs of their intense college affair. For Ethan, losing Cassie was his biggest regret – and he’s determined to redeem himself. But for Cassie, even though Ethan was her first and only great love, he hurt her too much to ever be trusted again.

The trouble is, working with him again reminds her that people who rub each other the wrong way often make the best sparks. And when it comes to love, sometimes it’s the things that aren’t good for us that are the most irresistible.

Don’t miss the intoxicating romance beloved by over two million fans online – a story that’ll captivate you and hold you breathless until the final page.




Holt sleeps fitfully, tossing and turning as the fever and drugs work their way through his system. He alternates between shoving me away as he spreadeagles on the bed, and clinging to me with desperate intensity.
After an hour, he starts mumbling and groaning. “Cassie … ”
His eyes are closed, but he’s reaching for me.
“I’m here,” I say as I touch his face. His forehead is hot and slick with sweat. “I’m just going to get a washcloth for your head, okay?”
His eyes snap open, heavy and full of panic. “You’re leaving?”
“I’ll be right back.”
“No … please.” He pulls my hand to his chest and presses his forehead against my arm. “Don’t leave. Please, not you.”
He looks so desperate as he grips me like his life depends on it, that I’m not entirely sure he’s awake.
He keeps mumbling “Please, Cassie,” over and over again, and it’s only when I pull him into my chest and run my fingers through his hair that he relaxes.
“It’s okay,” I say, “I won’t leave. I’ll stay with you.”
He sighs, and the air is still thick and wheezy in his lungs. “Thank you.”
He pushes his head into my neck, and I’m a little shocked when I feel his lips on my throat.
He moans and kisses me again as his arms tighten.







Sharon: There has been a lot of noise made about this novel around book circles so our expectations for Ms Rayven’s début was high. And let’s be honest! Not only is the book cover second to none, but the title is also perfect for a book which has more than a Shakespearian touch. However, the paragon of such a tragic irony between two would be lovers is not comparable. Why the title then? Quite simple, actually. Once accepted in the well-known Grove Institute of Creative Arts, Ethan Holt is chosen to play the part of Romeo by Erika Eden, the head of the acting department; and he’s not at all happy about her decision.

“Because even if it was possible for me to comprehend playing such a pussified dipshit, which I can’t, I highly doubt Taylor here would be thrilled about me doing it.”

Rachel: Oh Sharon! You knew how much I was looking forward to reading this one. I read you the blurb on Goodreads and like me, you were ‘Okay, I need to read this!’ You read it far quicker than me as I just couldn’t stop people from annoying me; oops I mean talking to me! Well, it was Christmas,  so when I finally picked up this book I got nervous; real nervous. Ok, let me explain. I must admit that I am a book cover snob. The cover is beyond amazing, one of the best I have even laid my snobby little eyes on, and then I read the blurb and I was hooked. So you can see why I was so hoping it wasn’t going to disappoint me. Well, I can honestly say I loved this book; no scratch that… I ADORED it!

‘’Like a book cover that begs you to flip it open and get lost in the story.’’

Sharon: Ethan! I. Fell. In. Love. With. Him! Saying that, I could have easily handed him Romeo’s dagger without the blink of an eye! He drove me up the wall! So indecisive. So unsure of his feeling for Cassie, the leading lady, Juliette. His hang ups are described to perfection, too. I felt like I was treading in deep waters with this drop-dead gorgeous man for many reasons.

“Yes. The seas will boil, the skies will darken, and every volcano in the world will erupt, thus bringing an end to civilization as we know it. So for the sake of humanity … in fact, for the sake of everything you hold dear … stay away from me.”

Sharon: Juliette’s character is to be played by Cassie Taylor. She tells us her story in first person throughout, and she’s determined to make this work whether or not her attraction for the leading man is a hindrance in her plans for grandeur. Now here is a gal who tries her hardest to please all and sundry. But there is one person that makes her open her eyes. Yeah! Him! Blinking heck; always him! Cassie has a diary. Her most intimate confessions are written down in it and take us backwards and forwards in time. If you read this book like we did; in one sitting, take care with all the details. Every one of them is of utmost importance.

Rachel: Cassie! Well, wasn’t she a brave young woman! She is away from home, doing her very best to achieve something, then meets Ethan and falls head over heels in love. I loved her honesty with how she feels about Ethan. You would think a young, sexually inexperienced woman would shy away from her feelings. Oooh no, not Cassie. She wastes no time going after him. Convincing, there is no doubt in my mind that she is. The possibilities these two opinionated souls have together are simply amazing. And I cheered her on all the way. At times, I could’ve wept for her. Gotta love a trier *sigh* because I think her motto should be ‘Go big or go home!’

‘’Love cannot be found where it doesn’t exist, nor can it be hidden where is truly does.’’

Sharon: These two young protagonists who are going to be judged for their interpretation; get their act together. Excuse the pun as their relationship is like a ship without propellers. Their part in this tragic play is more than awesome; it’s spellbinding. A perfect connection in soul and body is horrendously sexy. So why on earth is this guy so concerned about popping her cherry when he has it on a silver plate? Cassie goes out of her way to entice, cajole and convince with her womanly ways. Regardless of being forewarned, she goes ahead causing a catacomb of emotions. Sobbing here… Kindle bashing, no broken windows; but broken hearts. Mine included. Now let’s talk about Romeo’s theoretical dagger, Ethan’s crux of this heart-breaking story which is obviously the backbone of this story.

Even though this young man tried to everything in his power not to fall in love. He did. His last decision was a huge mistake. He had no grounds to make this absolutely beautiful girl suffer so much. Because of him, she lost her course, her direction. I found that when I was 60 – 70 percent into the book, things slowed down a bit too much. It picks up after this hiccup I tried to ignore. Then we reach the end that left me a little confused. The author mentions that they broke up twice. For the life of me, and with all the notes that I took, I couldn’t find the second breakup!

‘’Don’t you see how f****d up this is? How bad I’d be for you?’’

Rachel: Throughout the book, you are totally entertained with the witty prose and dialogue. I don’t think I have ever highlighted as many parts of a book, and most of it was the dialogue between Ethan and Cassie. To say I loved this book would be an understatement. Every page left me wanting more and more! I was thoroughly immersed into their story and can’t wait for book 2 as the ending leaves you wanting to throw your Kindle out of the window in exasperation! You want so much for these two young people as they really deserve their happy ever after. This book also reminded me why I love the Young Adult genre. So much so that I salute and thank you from the bottom of my heart Ms Raven for an amazingly fabulous book.

‘’Did you not get the memo that no one’s allowed to have sex in my bed tonight? That Star Wars quilt cover is vintage!’’

Sharon & Rachel: This story’s flashbacks are of importance. They may make you dizzy, but we tried not to be since this story needs one hundred percent concentration. And believe us when we say that it’s certainly worth reading on. Six years! Pain and sufferance abound. Realm. We asked ourselves many times why it took so long for this testy man to have a change of heart. We wanted to know more. The ending was a tad rushed for our liking, but saying that, all the author has done is tangle a juicy carrot in front of our noses. Grrr… We can’t wait for the next book to discover how these two incredible not really lovers yet are going to find a happy medium. This book has definitely set for bar high for 2015, Congratulations Ms Rayven. As you can see from our review, we loved it!

The author titillated us with Ethan and Cassie’s sexy thoughts. D-day is so abso-frinkin’-lutely explicit that our Kindles turned into a make believe fans. The banter and humour flourish. Crisp passages and no nonsense dialogue were much appreciated. All we can say is Bravo to you! Really looking forward to Broken Juliet in April! The beginning of please!


BAD ROMEOnWriting has always been a passion for Leisa, and even though she originally intended to be an actress, it wasn’t long into her time at drama school that she began writing plays.

Those plays were bad. Very bad. Well, her friends thought they were good, but that’s because they were always cast in them and any opportunity to be on stage was met with an obnoxious amount of enthusiasm.

Since then, she’s honed her craft, and several of her plays have been produced and toured throughout Australia.

These days, playwriting has given way to fiction writing, and Leisa’s debut novel, BAD ROMEO, will be available in a worldwide release through Macmillan Publishing in December 2014.

Leisa lives in Australia with her husband, two little boys, three cats, and a kangaroo named Howard.

(Howard may or may not be her imaginary marsupial friend. Everyone should have one.)


















Title: Chasing Midnight

Authors: Shyloh and Alex Morgan

Age group: Adult

Genre: Contemporary Erotica

Release date: 1st September 2014


Quinn Mason is a young Southern gentleman. Perhaps, gentleman is a stretch for how he lived his earlier years. He was the kid whose life seemed charmed, a popular athlete in high school who won a full scholarship. Life was on track for him until the death of his parents. In one terrible moment, Quinn went from having everything being everything for his young siblings. He left college, and used the money from his parent’s life insurance policy to buy a bar. The bar supported him and the kids, affording him the ability to give for them the life was robbed of, even sending them to college.

Mhisery Bellamy has returned to Midnight, reluctantly. Her mother died, and she is left to take care of her drunken father, and the family cafe´. She had escaped the small town’s clutches as soon as she was of age, and swore never to return. Now, her siblings have turned to her, leaning heavily on her for help. The woman who got out of town and made a life she loves is now forced, by the bonds of family, and the weight of obligation, to return and give up what she had worked to build for herself.

These two are unlikely to cross paths, but chance throws them into the right place at the right time. Quinn’s brother is the catalyst that brings Mhisery into Quinn’s line of sight. And that’s all it took, one look and he knows he has to have her. The golden boy athlete is now drawn to the tall, tattooed woman stepping off the last bus into town.

Will Quinn ever have the woman he desires, and make her his own, or will she return to the life she loves far away from the small town of Midnight, and Quinn, or will she stay and make a life with the man she loves?











Reviewed by Dawn Vickers on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.

Quinn Mason has everything. He’s popular at school, he has a good life and wants for nothing. But then tragedy stuck. His parents were killed and life changed for him. He had to leave college, use the money left by his parents to buy a bar to support his younger sisters and brother and give them the life they had been used to. Mhisery Bellamy returns to the town of Midnight after her mother’s death. Now forced to take care of her drunken father and the family business, she never wanted to return here. However, her family needs her. Mhisery has no intentions of staying longer than necessary as her life is now in New York. Once their paths cross, Quinn is determined to have Mhisery, and even though she’s harboured feelings for him for years, she won’t allow anything to happen. After all, she’s going to leave … but fall for each other, they do. And hard!

Will Quinn be able to convince her they were meant to be together? Or will Mhisery stick to her plans and leave for New York as soon as she can, leaving the man she’s fallen in love with behind?

This book isn’t just about Mhisery and Quinn as I had thought it would be. It’s also about the town of Midnight, the people that live there; the other brothers and sisters, too. It’s an interesting read which holds your attention, but I particularly found the opening part of the book a bit long and drawn out. Sometimes it was difficult to follow with all the secondary characters that were introduced. There was also too much repetition. The reader was repeatedly told about the father being a drunk and how Quinn’s parents dying left him having to look after his younger siblings. Overall, an emotional story about family life and love, well described hot passion with its twists and turns thrown in for good measure.


Shyloh and Alex Morgan are a duet of authors who have written together for years. Both come from large families steeped in alpha males. Growing up in this environment allows them to truly grasp varying personalities and create a world of seduction that will completely consume a reader once they find them in a world the two have created.

Shyloh was born and raised in the south, and is a published author in her own right, with multiple titles to her credit. She comes from a large family in which she was the only female among all her brothers and cousins. She has a background in medicine working as a registered nurse before turning her attention to writing. She has several awards to her credit before she started embarking on this journey with Alex where have started showing readers that there is more than steamy weather in the south.

Alex was raised in a similar family and was surrounded by alpha males, giving them a unique understanding of various male personalities. Alex’s ability to turn a phrase and make, not only the reader, but the leading female in the novel swoon, has given readers a true glimpse into southern charm, as well as, southern seduction.

Both reside in the rural south currently, and enjoy spending time with their family and friends while they each participate in the running of their individual family farms. They each love horse riding, quiet nights beneath the stars with a cold drink, and general country life. But when the two authors collide and collaborate they create a world in which demons, humans, shifters, and vampires alike take the reader on the emotional ride of a life time.

Their characters show various strong personalities, while demonstrating the inner turmoil that is faced within the plot. They are skilled at creating characters that are multifaceted, making the reader explore the range of emotion that each character feels. Welcome to the worlds of their creation where the men are strong, powerful, charming, funny, and perfectly imperfect. Where the women are strong of will and heart, with a determination to rival any the reader has ever read.

Welcome to the worlds of Shyloh and Alex Morgan.




















Book Title: An Enrapturing Attraction(Book 3 in the Attraction Series)

Author: A J Walters

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release date: 30th January 2015


A hot and suspenseful story of a bad boy who is wanting to make good with a chance meeting between him and one strong, independent woman.

Christian Wilson reformed bad boy is released early from the Boston correctional facility, due to flaws in the original court case. Re-entering the big, wide world is not only a shock to the system, but he also realises he isn’t the man he was. Tough decisions need to be made and temptations to revert back to how he was need to be resisted. It’s not only he who is thinking this, so when his step-father Edward Sanders intervenes, Christian’s life is turned upside down. Being the ‘Black Sheep’ of the Sanders dynasty he has to prove to them and himself, he’s a changed man. Coming second best to his step-brother Marc Sanders, Professor of Medicine, gives him enough determination to want to succeed.

Having moved to the US from the UK, Hannah Marshall has shown and proven what a strong, independent woman she is and she’s not had to rely on any man. However, family comes first and therefore Hannah takes the big decision to return home to Cambridge in England. Accepting a new job in The Met Police and leaving close friends behind, she begins what is a new life not without it’s ups, downs and surprises!

With Christian and Hannah not everything is as black and white as they seem, but when the two meet sparks fly!

Will secrets and lies come between them? Will the temptations in life become too strong? What the future holds for these two passionate and strong willed people, nobody knows.

From Amazon Number One Best Seller A J Walters, let An Enrapturing Attraction take you on an emotion filled journey of scintillating passion and mystery. A contemporary romance not without it’s laughs!





Raking my fingers through my close-cut brown hair, a melting pot of feelings starts to find its way to the top. Despite having gone through a pre-release programme, I don’t think anything can prepare you to take control of your life again. Suddenly being thrown out into the big bad world, with the roar of busy traffic ringing in my ears, the change in sights, smells and surroundings has become too much for me to take in. Where were the familiar sounds of inmates yelling abuse at one another, and the guards shouting at them to pipe down?

Me? I kept to myself, under the radar, not wanting any trouble. That didn’t mean to say I’d take any shit. I guess that attitude was passed on by my father, Edward Sanders, Attorney General for the state of Massachusetts. I’d heard he was recently re-elected, apparently very successful in the American political system. But to me, he was and still is a force to be reckoned with.

I suppose I should be grateful for having him for a father. Despite the shit hitting the fan when I was arrested, and everything that followed, he stuck around. I well and truly rubbed his face in it, yet he persevered, fought tooth and nail to keep what happened from being exposed to the entire country. Hell, for that matter, the whole world! I’m not crazy, I realise most of it was to cover his own ass; he had too much to lose if the truth came out.


AEA Teaser1

AEATeaser2 copy

KFF’s 5  ★ Review

Reviewed by Sarah Bookhooked


So after reading books one and two in the Attraction Series, I can definitely say I was looking forward to getting my hands on and reading book three. In An Enrapturing Attraction, we meet characters both old and new. This story begins in America where we meet Christian Wilson who is a bad boy turned good. He has been released from prison and is finding it hard re-entering the big wide world after being inside. His father, Edward Sanders, is trying to help him stay on the straight and narrow and wants him away from any temptations that could cause him to go back inside. Christian knows after all the problems he’s caused in the past, he needs to prove to himself, his father and his stepbrother Marc Sanders, that he is a changed man. His father helps by organising him somewhere to go for a fresh start and a new beginning.

Hannah Marshall is an independent woman. She’s worked in the US for a couple of years; however, she is offered and takes a new job as detective inspector back in her home town in the UK. She is more than happy to return and be closer to her friends and family.

After meeting Christian in a bar, they spend a hot and rather steamy night together. Unbeknown to each other, they would be leaving for the same destination a few days later.

“Look at me, Hannah! I want you to watch everything I do to you and then you’ll always remember.”

Upon arriving in the UK, there paths cross again and the feelings these two have for one another start to blossom and most definitely heat up! But of course, as every fantastic book should be, not everything is smooth sailing. What happens when pasts come back to haunt you? Can you always trust those around you? I’m not one to give anything away so you’ll have to read it for yourself to find out the answers to those questions and see if Christian and Hannah get the happily ever after they deserve.

What I can tell you is how much I enjoyed reading this book, and how much it made me smile and swoon with some hot and steamy scenes. Like I said, we do get to meet, see and catch up with characters from the previous books which was great to see where they are now in their lives. Overall, this has been a fab read and a great series. Thank you for giving me the chance to read An Enrapturing Attraction.



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Other books in the Attraction series:



An Acute Attraction (Book 1)


Meet… …Working single mother Isabel Chambers. She’s not a size 12 or as you’ve probably guessed, a virgin either. …Marc Sanders an attractive, successful Harvard Professor of Medicine visiting Cambridge. He has a secret past that has been well hidden until now. An Acute Attraction is a heart warming, exciting and compelling story of love and romance, full of seductive, sensual and tantalising emotions and images, sexual exploration and passion. Isabel Chambers is an ordinary, working, single mother of two, who needs some “me” time, so, kids sorted, she books herself into a hotel for a week of rest and relaxation. Marc Sanders is an American professor at Harvard University and is in England to present research results to Cambridge University. Two people, out for adventure and excitement, meet and begin a journey of fun, thrills, lust and desire. But, is Marc all he seems to be? What is he hiding?


Purchase Links:

Amazon UK / Amazon US / KOBO / B&N / LuLu / iTunes / Smashwords


A Constant Attraction (Book 2)


Funny, thrilling, romantic and spellbinding. This sequel to An Acute Attraction, will have you hooked!

When the voluptuous and curvaceous, Isabel Chambers decided to take a child-free week away to Cambridge; never in a million years did she think she would meet the ‘God of a man’, Marc Chambers, Professor of Medicine.

Having been convinced by her best friend, Jackie Dowling to go for it, it was probably the best thing that could have happened…or was it?

Isabel and Marc have dark pasts, for which both are wanting to overcome. However, the jealous and conniving Dr Emelie Acerbi has different ideas and is determined to spoil what connection, relationship and possible future the two have together.

Can Marc and Isabel continue to share the passion and thrills they have for one another? Or will the demons from their pasts and present get the better of them?

Let A Constant Attraction take you on an emotional journey of compassion, anger, laughter, lust and love…


Purchase Links:

Amazon UK / Amazon US / KOBO / B&N / Lulu / Smashwords


Author BIO


A J Walters is a contemporary romance author and an Amazon #1 Bestseller in Women’s Fiction. Having interests in history, romance and elements of erotica, she has brought all of these together in her debut publications; The Attraction Series.

Wanting to break the trend of size 12 virgins in books, A J Walters has introduced a new real woman in Isabel Chambers. She’s a size 18-20, working single mother who now feels is it her time to start living her life again. At the ripe young age of 39 (at time of writing 1st book), A J Walters also wanted to show that you can experience everything that a twenty-something would.

“I saw that a 39 year old isn’t quite at retirement age for fun, sex and finding love again. There are so many women out there that can be represented in books as well as the slim, innocent and beautiful types. Don’t get me wrong I love reading books with them in, but there is so many of them around now I felt is was time for something different. I’d like to think I brought my sense of humour across in it as well. I am ditsy, I suffer from ‘foot in mouth’ syndrome, but I can also be serious and sentimental. From the feedback I’ve had, apparently it makes for a great writing voice.”

A J Walters has since gone on to publish 2 books in The Attraction Series; An Acute Attraction and A Constant Attraction. The 3rd book of the series, An Enrapturing Attraction is expected to be published in January 2015.

As well as writing this series of books, she has also written a short story for a summer anthology and is now an Amazon #1 Bestseller in Women’s Fiction for her publication of Lust, Love, Dreams and Heartache: A book of romantic and erotic poetry.

You can purchase An Acute Attraction from Amazon Worldwide, WHSmith, or other online book outlets around the World.. It is available in all formats.

Lust, Love, Dreams and Heartache is available on kindle from Amazon.

Connect with A J Walters:

Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Google+ / Website




Title: Bright Side

Author: Kim Holden

Age group: Young Adult

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release date: 4th July 2014



Everyone has one.
Some are bigger than others.
And when secrets are revealed,
Some will heal you …
And some will end you.

Kate Sedgwick’s life has been anything but typical. She’s endured hardship and tragedy, but throughout it all she remains happy and optimistic (there’s a reason her best friend Gus calls her Bright Side). Kate is strong-willed, funny, smart, and musically gifted. She’s also never believed in love. So when Kate leaves San Diego to attend college in the small town of Grant, Minnesota, the last thing she expects is to fall in love with Keller Banks.

They both feel it.
But they each have a reason to fight it.
They each have a secret.

And when secrets are revealed,
Some will heal you …
And some will end you.






Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall 

I didn’t want to review this book! Yet here I am reviewing it. The Xmas holidays meant KFF had no pressure and how on earth I could possibly not put pen to paper in the best sense of the word for such an outstanding read which is for me, a dilemma. It was highly recommended to me by two of our reviewers. And fortunately, I had time to choose my reading material. So I dived in without any expectations whatsoever; with an open mind. The first thing that sucked me in was the style the author has. She developed her characters with a crisp, no nonsense, let’s get down to all their hang ups in the first chapter or two. But, and the big gimormous but, is that she kept the reader wishing for more. We are given clues, very subtly described at that. Extremely clever penmanship, no doubt about it.

The author’s protagonist is breath-taking, heart-warming, and incredibly unselfish. This made me sit back and way up the pros and cons of such a person. Have you ever come across someone who always looks on the bright side of life, regardless of the hardships the one has to bear? I didn’t think so until I had the pleasure of meeting Kate Sedgewick. Little things in life for her are huge. She never takes anything or anyone for granted. Her life revolves around diplomacy. Right and wrong. The big things in life for her are understated. She can’t see her own persona, her beauty, or her generosity. However, she wants everyone she loves and cares for to be happy. Nothing less than an appreciative soul who most of us, myself included, could never imagine existed. Every minuscule detail in her life is of utmost importance. Her character has been moulded from a very young age, and the few people that know her well, standby her through thick and thin.

If Kate’s story left me with a broken heart, Gus’s shattered it into smithereens. Gus isn’t your usual best friend at all. A brilliant musician whose muse just happens to be Kate. They love each other on a level second to none. Without her by his side, he survives, he smokes, and she tells him to give it up every day they speak on the phone when they say their goodbyes. Kate has to progress in life after suffering a huge loss. Leaving behind her home town in sunny California, Gustave and his mother, she goes to uni in a small town in cold and dreary Minnesota. Okay, it’s winter and even though the weather is not to her liking, her illusion to teach children with special needs is foremost on her agenda. Quite impressionable under the circumstances that she is in! Well, what is wrong with that you may ask? Nothing and everything.

Keller. Ooh Lord! What a beautiful young man. He has a story which left me with my mouth wide open. An incredible flirt, charming and too good-looking without being overly big-headed, doesn’t need any more complications in his life. He has enough on his plate. My ooh my, the chemistry between him and Kate is like thick molasses. She tries to tone down, he doesn’t want to. She tries her utmost to hold back for reasons to be revealed in this love story which leaves one totally exhausted. But he keeps on pushing. And the black coffee he makes for her helps a little, too!

The outstanding banter had me in fits of laughter, at times on the verge of hysterics. Why? Simply because after wiping away my tears and a snotty nose, in would come a passage humorously refreshing. Cry! You will in this heart-rending read as Kate and Keller shouldn’t have fallen in love. They did. And the consequences are devastating. Ms. Holden; I am lost for words. The only thing I can say is what the heck; you made me suffer terribly. Nevertheless, this is the best book I have read in a long, long time. Descriptive, well-thought out, brilliant secondary characters and above all, perfectly written. I won’t forget this book, ever. Two words to sum up this book. Epic! Bravo!


“Coffee’s epic…!”

“Bright Side, you know I love you all happy and adorable in your little world of sunshine and rainbows, but you’re kinda hot when you’re angry.”

“My God, Keller, that was incredible. That’s it. It’s official. I’m going to hell.”

“Aw, damn you woman. You’re evil, you know that?”


BS5jpegI (Kim Holden) live in the greatest city in the world: Denver, Colorado. Some of my favorite things: reading, writing, the two coolest guys on the planet (my husband and son), my bicycle (my husband built it for me), Facebook (I’m fairly certain it’s an addiction at this point), iced coffee (hazelnut), and music (LOVE the 1975, Dredg, the xx, Haim, Teenage Bottlerocket, and 30 Seconds to Mars). I also love dreaming, which brings me to my next point. I have one bit of advice for anyone reading this … follow your dreams. It’s never too late. Get started today … heck get started RIGHT NOW! I wanted to write a book 20 years ago. Instead I waited. And waited. I should’ve been writing. But I didn’t. I don’t do regrets, because the past is just that, the past. But let me tell you there’s nothing in the world like achieving something you’ve dreamt about for years and years. So, get started. Make your dreams reality.  I love to hear from other readers. Send me a message or find me on Facebook.








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A Condo with Two Views
By Al Daltrey
Release Date:Tuesday January 6, 2015
Genre- BDSM Erotica


Men and women see the world differently, as do dominants and submissives. A Condo With Two Views is told from two perspectives: Jack’s and Chloe’s. Jack is a loving and protective husband, but with a kinky penchant for sharing his willing wife. Chloe is smart and strikingly beautiful, and obeys every command from her husband, no matter how perverse. Each gives their view of the story: one where Chloe must submit to a grungy caretaker, a sexy lesbian couple, an evil developer, an older sadist, and the list goes on. But, what happens when she’s pushed too far? Is the deep love of a husband and wife more powerful than the bond of a dominant and submissive? What will win out, love or bdsm?*This story contains STRONG BDSM. While fully consensual, it includes submission, dominance, sadism and masochism. Please do NOT buy or read this if you are offended by graphic sexual descriptions including sexual violence. All characters are aged 25+, and it is recommended for an adult audience ONLY (aged 21+). This story is pure fiction and the author does not condone any violent behavior.

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By day I work in Marketing, which involves a fair amount of writing. Therefore, I never really had an interest to write for pleasure. When you do it all day, the last thing you want to do when you get home, is more writing. All the while, as my career progressed, so did my involvement in the BDSM lifestyle.

 This interest in kinky sex started in my University years. Like most men, I loved meeting women, and especially the occasional one who didn’t mind being tied up, or blindfolded, or spanked. All sex was great, but kinky sex was more exciting, more exhilarating, and more fulfilling.

Over the years I was lucky enough to meet my fair share of submissive women. And don’t for a minute think these women were weak. Outside the bedroom they were confident, opinionated, gregarious and self-assured. However, inside the bedroom (so to speak) they wanted to feel the strong firm hand of a dominant man taking complete control.

 Eventually I found the perfect partner, and am happily in a relationship.

 One day, I flipped my laptop open, and to my surprise – I had an urge to write a BDSM story. Soon I had 20 pages, then 40, then 60. The novel that resulted was ‘Testing the Submissive’.  The response was overwhelmingly positive, and the reviews excellent – all of which motivated me to continue writing. ‘A Condo With Two Views’ is my second full length novel, with other projects in the works. If you decide to give any of my writing a try, I hope you enjoy it!







Reviewed by Tracey Lou Parker for Kindle Friends Forever.

I’ve given this book a five star rating. If I could have given it more, I surely would have.

A Condo With Two Views is my first encounter with the writings of Al Daltrey. And oh my goodness, what a pleasure it was. So how did this book get its title? Let me explain!

This book revolves around two protagonists, Chloe and Jack Gibbs. They have just married and have moved into their new home. A condo that has two spectacular views. The living room faces north with a view of the water and Alcatraz. The view that faces south was a busy area of shops and restaurants. I also had the feeling that the title includes the layout of this book which gives you two views. Jack’s POV and Chloe’s POV. I absolutely loved the idea of hearing both points of view as I’ve not read many that have done this. It certainly made for an interesting read.

Jack and Chloe have a Dom / Sub relationship and as a married couple, slipped in and out of their roles quite easily. A couple that genuinely loved each other and would do anything for each other. At the sound of Jack’s Dom voice Chloe would automatically go into sub mode. Head down, yes master. It was like he had flipped a switch that was so easily done. The trust she places in him has no boundaries or limits. Everything that was asked of her, she would do. Pleasing her husband is what she lived for. As a Dom, he seemed to set her quite a few challenges. These challenges excited them both. Each chapter of this book gave you a completely new scenario to follow. And a new challenge was always set.

With having both point of views, I was able to delve into the depths of Chloe’s mind and literally see and hear how she would go about the challenges set by her Dom. Her determination to succeed was second to none. If she was at all unable to fulfil the challenges set before her, Chloe would not be happy. And not succeeding was not an option. The challenges normally consisted of her serving others in a sexual manner.

Their sexual relationship was loving as a married couple. As a Master and his pet, the pain he inflicted on her was quite an eye-opener. I began to wonder just how much pain Chloe could endure, but a true submissive doesn’t appreciate softness in her dominant. And the pain was a complete turn on for Chloe. The use of a flogger, a riding crop and a cane held me in awe. What a trooper Chloe was. The pain must have been excruciating. She loved it!

For this couple, pain brings pleasure, pleasure brings pain. All I say is thank god for subspace! A spacey serene feeling which is less bothered by pain. Yes, I did some research on this subject! One of the last challenges set by Jack was a step too far for Chloe. As the perfect submissive, she was to serve a business associate of Jack’s that she disliked. For her master, she would do this. After the deed was done, Chloe found out that the reason she was to serve Jack’s associate was because Jack had lost a card game and Chloe was the prize. She was heartbroken and so was I.

I felt for her. This was a man she loved and served and as her Dom, it was his job to care for her… In her eyes and my eyes he had failed her!
How the story ends I will leave to you the reader to find out. I can’t give it all away. Whilst reading this book, my mind was full of questions. Would I enter into a contract with a Dom. Would I be able to be a sub? Would I be able to do everything that was asked of me like Chloe? I mean, she did everything! My answer…

Doms challenge their subs. Is it their way of seeing how far they can push them? How far they would go? It seems to me all the way. I have no qualms with the BDSM lifestyle. Whatever makes you happy. Chloe and Jack were very much in love and happy.

Al Daltrey. I bow to you sir. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed your book. You’re writing is impeccable. Grammar was perfect and the words just flowed fluently throughout. The safe word you used for Chloe did make me smile and giggle, ha ha. I feel Mrs D’s input was invaluable. Thank you Mrs D! More importantly, thank you Al for writing this book. The pleasure this time was all mine.



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