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This novel has a recommendation for over 17+ due to language and sexual content, however, I recommend 18+ plus due to a scene which includes rape.

All I can say is WOW! What a fantastic MC book! It has everything I look for in these type of books, from bad-ass bikers to a strong willed woman whose world is turned upside down from being, and I quote: “IN THE WRONG PLACE AT THE WRONG TIME.’’ It had me gripped from the very first page as I felt I connected with the female protagonist; everything she felt I did too, ooh it made me swear out loud a few times too and at one point my husband thought I was calling him a d**k head. ! I couldn’t put this book down until I read every single word. I will try not to give too much away as I highly recommend you read this book. You will not be disappointed!

First we meet the very sassy Piper Jones with her beautiful auburn hair and olive skin who learnt from a very young age to survive on her own after very tragic circumstances. With no parents or family, going from foster home to foster home and living on the streets, she promised herself that she would never be poor or homeless again. With a successful career in marketing, you would think she would have everything in life, but you would be wrong. Piper wants to become queen of the marketing world, so she does everything in her power to achieve that and I mean everything !

Whilst working on the biggest deal of her career, she inadvertently ends up being in the wrong place at the wrong time and that is where she meets Grizz from the Iron Sinners MC. He is the ultimate bad-tempered, tall tattooed biker who lives and breathes his club. He owes his Prez and club after they took him in after his less than honourable past which lead him down a dark path. He spots Piper out of the corner of his eye when one of his ‘brothers’ takes matters into his own hands in an act of revenge. This situation leads Piper to be taken against her will to protect both herself and the Iron Sinners. As the story unfolds, Grizz’s emotions are playing havoc! He feels torn between loyalty to his beloved club and Piper, the woman he can’t help but love. Then one event makes Grizz see red and his life as he knows it, is about to change forever.

Throughout the novel you meet the other bikers. Some make you wince, some make you smile including Digger who is Grizz’s cousin, and I can honestly say I can’t wait to read his story. Although there is no mention of any more novels for the ‘Sinners Never Die’ series after Digger’s book, I really do hope the author decides to write more as she has now got herself a fan. For me personally, I loved the way the book was written and told by both points of view, so I rate this book FIVE STARS and look forward to the next book, ‘Sinners Never Die’.




Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall for Kindle Friends Forever

TEMPT MY HEART FIRST PICoThe prologue opened my appetite! But after reading the first few chapters, this book gave me the impression that it was focused on chick lit fiction causing slight confusion. How wrong I was though! There is no doubt whatsoever that the author’s method of writing this beautiful love story wasn’t by any means in her madness! She has managed to develop her protagonists’ lives with all their vicissitudes over a long period of time without boring the reader. In fact, I read Brittan, Cane and Jordon’s story in just one sitting and believe you me, it’s not a short read! However, I would have liked to have seen this book in a series because not only are there so many more interesting characters that play an important part, but there are also some details that could have been exploited more.

I really had no problem connecting with the author’s personae and instantly fell in love with Brittan. The story starts when she’s a teenager and hanging out on the beach with Roxie, a little crazy and with a bubbly personality who will calm down as she get older, but she’s always there to give Britten good advice. When the going gets tough, she’ll stand by Brittan regardless and that’s exactly what one would wish for in a best buddy. Do you believe in love at first sight? Well, you will after being introduced to Brittan and Cane! Theirs is a sweet romance and here the author has taken utmost care in describing a relationship with no boundaries.

They get older, swear their love has no end, and then the unthinkable happens! Under these circumstances, what does happen is certainly feared by most loved ones and their families when someone dear to them goes to war. The author describes all that they go through with extreme sensitivity. Brittan breaks down. Even though she knows her heart will never be owned by another, she struggles on, and the only thing which relieves her pain is her music which she puts her heart and soul into it. Before her talent really takes off in the music world, she is forced to do something her music label insists on. She eventually pulls through and the book picks up at an incredible speed when she has the opportunity to audition for the lead singer in Beyond Redemption.

Jordon is frigging gorgeous. He’s sex on legs and the women fall at his feet! Tattooed in all the right places, this lead guitarist plays in an up and coming indie band called Tempting Tomorrow and guess what, they’re going to tour with Beyond Redemption for six months! To say that he and Brittan are attracted to each other would be an understatement. She’s been whoring around since her personal tragedy and not the slightest bit interested in having a stable relationship with anyone. Now then, do you think Jordon is the right man to convince her otherwise with his reputation? Maybe what starts of as very hot meaningless sex could turn into something more solid. You’ll have to wait and see if you want to find out what is in store for this highly libidinous couple and what the future holds for them.

It’s an awful shame I had issues with the editing since the storyline is realistic, has a lot of flow, and had me in tears more than once! Nevertheless, I highly recommend this read and am looking forward to reading more from Ms Jamie. TEMPT MY HEART PIC





Reviewed by Claire Rose for Kindle Friends Forever

Ebook CoverThis is the first story in the Knights Rebel MC series and I loved it! I’m a big fan of MC novels so you can imagine how much I was looking forward to reviewing it. I’m not going to give any spoilers away as you should read it and I can assure you that this book won’t be a disappointment.

Firstly, we meet Kandence. She has been through hell in her past, but she’s survived and this has helped her to become a stronger woman who gives as much as she gets. Nevertheless, she doesn’t trust men, so she guards her heart with everything she has. That is until she meets Nix and the real fight begins to stop all these feelings she has towards him.

Nix. Well, what can say about him! Messy brown hair, dazzling green eyes and tattoos in the all right places! Yeah, he’s my kind of man. Dominant, possessive and president of The Knights Rebel MC and pure alpha male, too. When he meets Kandence for the first time, he is instantly attracted to her. But one look into her blazing eyes is enough for him to know that she’s sassy, stubborn and she’ll fight him every step of the way. And ooh boy, is he looking forward to the chase!

As things start to happen for Kandence and Nix, events take place that make Kandence push Nix away. He tries to fight for her and in the process, loses his temper. Words that were spoken had little or no effect and she turns cold. In frustration, he realises that there’s nothing to do and leaves.

I have to say this book gripped me from chapter 1 with its duo points of view and one hot alpha male. I’ve awarded this brilliantly written novel five stars and looking forward to reading more from this author in this series.

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THE LOVER’S SECRET (No Exceptions #1) by JC REED


Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall for Kindle Friends Forever

Uncertainty rules in this book which keeps you on edge throughout this brilliantly written novel. And I’m still not sure whether or not the author intended this book to be a follow up to the Surrender, Conquer Your Love and Treasure Your Love, but if you haven’t read them, don’t worry! J C Reed has used her magic.

Brooke Stewart walks into one of the most luxurious hotel foyers in New York City dressed up to the nines, but she’s at sixes and sevens with her nerves! This is it. A rendezvous with Mr. Sex-on-Legs. She wants more from this enigmatic man with his sexy voice and horrendously good looks. Nevertheless, she’s yet to find out what his game is and even though it appears that he going out of his way to make her happy, he alludes to her wishes well knowing her condition.

Brooke and Jetts’ relationship is solid, passionate and for the first time in her life full of complications, she has learnt to trust someone, or at least that’s what she thought. When she starts to discover tell-tail signs of things that don’t exactly add up, she realises that apart from her best friend, Sylvie, the only one person who can help her, is herself! An inheritance which is causing problems and penniless won’t dampen her spirits. Now she has the opportunity to do something about her affairs. Perhaps she’ll make that phone call that could get her out of a situation she’d never dreamed of being in, perhaps she won’t. The end of a book left me hanging on the precipice of which I can only say caused consternation.

There was no point in the story that gave me a clue as to what Jett’s intentions are; however, I do get the impression that he’s up to no good. I sincerely hope I’m wrong. Will this absolutely gorgeous man play his cards right, or will he let me down again? Yes, he’s not a saint! Therefore I’ll just have to wait for The Lover’s Game in the No Exceptions series coming in September.

In spite of leaving the quintessential sexy details to the last, the amorous scenes must be mentioned as they are hotter than a Vindaloo curry! To say descriptive would be an understatement and you’ll definitely be fanning yourselves. And this is what I’m leading up to; the storyline is so well-plotted and so full of mystery that for me, the hot scenes were an added bonus. Two words to Ms Reed‒simply bravo!




Reviewed by Claire Rose for Kindle Friends Forever

Wow! What can I say about this novel because it certainly had my emotions on a roller coaster? One minute I was crying! The next, laughing out loud and getting some strange looks from my family while reading on my kindle! Then came the anger which made me want to shake someone and shout why. At times I got so frustrated with the main character and had to stop reading. What I will say to you is if you are looking for a romance novel that involves a young woman who needs saving, a bad boy who is the hero, or you want a quick holiday read, this recommended read is for you.

Breakdown is a romance novel that describes a young woman suffering from a deep depression who struggles with day to day tasks and life itself. Until one late evening she meets her future. Let me explain! Charlotte is a beautiful young Italian woman studying business as her major. She lives with her parents who don’t take an interest in each other, and go out of their way to avoid each other as much as possible, too. Although her mother’s only interest is in her education, she still manages to dampen any dreams and hopes Charlotte has. For the past three years she has been struggling with a deep depression and believes the only way out is death.

The story starts with Charlotte leaving her parents’ home to travel to Elizabeth Port Street Bridge where she intends to do the unthinkable. Say no more but this is where she’ll meet our bad Irish boy, William O’ Riley. Twentyish, gorgeous eyes with messy blonde hair and of course, tattoos, spots Charlotte on the bridge and it reminds him of an event that happened in his past. So he decides to talk to her, but when he looks into her cold and lifeless eyes, he realises something is dreadfully wrong and wants to help. So what does this bad-ass do? He invites her to hang out with him and his friends in his world.

Unbeknown to Charlotte, William doesn’t live by the law. In fact, he’s very good at breaking it! Well knowing that the life he leads is no good for her doesn’t stop him from having strong feeling for her either. The more they hang out together, the more she refuses to talk about her life and continues to talk about the unspeakable. Will he be able to bring life back into Charlotte’s eyes? He’ll most certainly try. And what big issue is behind them too? Throughout this novel, you’ll learn to understand why William lives the life he does and if you want to find out more, One-Click!

I would like to say is that even though there are many forms of this illness which at one point or another, some of us have suffered; with good support and most importantly, love from your family and friends, one can accomplish anything. I have to applaud Amanda on how well she has described Charlotte’s depression and her extraordinarily detailed portrayal of the depressed mind. Will this beautiful woman be able to fight her dark unwanted feelings head on and not shatter her hopes and dreams?

The story line is fantastic! The two main characters even more so; however, I have rated this book FOUR STARS because I wanted to know more about secondary characters who Charlotte formed friendships with. I also found that in some parts of the story, I was adding, taking away or rearranging sentences to make sense. But l got past that and read a wonderful heart breaking all emotional story. I am looking forward to reading more from this author.



Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.

This is the perfect book to take on holiday with you! It’s not a long read but it’s certainly got enough ups and downs to keep you stuck to the pages and well entertained. The plot is well thought out and surprises, angst and passion are plentiful.

What horrified me was how such a young lass can come out unscathed after all she’s been through. A hard nut Micah definitely is! I found this extremely worrying but when you carry on reading the story, you will understand why she has so many trust issues, has problems making friends and has so much experience. No, this isn’t the gal that’s played with Barbie dolls and grew up in a loving surrounding. Quite the opposite. Since the age of fourteen, her life has been one huge con! However, her voice is what is going to take her places. The only thing she has to do is convince the musicians who are auditioning singers for their band that she’s the one they’re looking for.

Saxon is quite a bit older than her and in ignorant bliss of the truth. Just as well because anyone in their right mind wouldn’t even think about having any kind of relationship with a minor. Yes! Sax has morals! When he sees her singing in the band’s first private gig which he happens to be managing and is going to be the make or break for her, the first thing he feels for this sexy little thing is intrigue. He still has no idea where she’s come from but there is no doubt that curiosity will kill the cat! He’s made enough mistakes in his life to be wary of making more. But can this gorgeous guy who has had a rough deal in the past and doesn’t want mix business with pleasure stay away?

This is a really great story about two people in the music world that have had really complicated lives each in their own way. The storyline has a hell of a lot of flow and difficult to put down. Saying that; I would have loved to know more details about certain characters in this book. Sax’s cousin, Harry, who plays the bass guitar, is just horrendously attractive and even though he has his hang ups, I loved him! I would have loved to know more about Sax’s sister who will play an important part in Micah’s decisions, too. And since I’m a dog-lover and fell in love with Sax’s dog, I also wanted to know more about this adorable mut! This could be a fantastic series since the other musicians could possibly open up a brilliant follow up to this incredible read. Whether or not the author has this in mind remains to be seen!

This highly recommended read has a few of details that have swayed my decision as to whether or not I should have given this really hot and steamy read with exceptional grammar and explicit vocabulary which I might add, made me put the air-conditioning on, have five stars! You, Ms Johnson, are an exceptional storyteller. Bravo!!!! More please!

STRIP TEASER (Naked Night’s Book One) by AVA MANELLO


Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall for Kindle Friends Forever

Firstly, the title is deceiving! I imagined this short read was going to be about a female strip tease artist and certainly not a classy troupe of gorgeous men titillating an audience of women night in, night out to earn a living. This little book is huge! Even though it’s not my kind of read, I found it unputdownable, engrossing and it definitely opened my eyes regarding their profession. Yes, I say profession because what they do needs extremely fit and agile men that know how to work together, know how to choreograph to perfection and enjoy a camaraderie built up through hours and hours of training and living together in a tight-knit group.

Sally Evans is an investigative reporter for a newspaper that’s not exactly the Times and having financial problems, too! She’s ambitious, not very sociable, likes what she does but can’t stand working alongside one of her co-workers who she considers a jerk. Why didn’t her boss, Eric, give him or her other companions the assignment to tour with Naked Night’s when it’s not what she does? You will see. Caught between a rock and a hard place, she resignedly takes it on.

The next eight weeks touring around England with these five ravishing performers and their manager will change her way of thinking, help her open up and form a strong bond with Tiny and the rest of guys who become overly protective of her for a good reason. But more importantly, her relationship with Alex will flourish regardless of the confusion she has as to whether or not he is who his friends make him out to be. Alex is attracted to Sally but keeps arm’s length because they’ve all had strict orders that she’s off limits. However, that doesn’t stop him wishing there could be more.

There is no doubt that the author knows what she is talking about when describing the dance scenes. They are Hot with a capital H! And Alex, oh my God! Can this horrendously attractive man know how to move seductively around the stage and drive the ladies wild! Innuendos are rife throughout the book, humour abounds and the banter between all the characters is nothing less than outstanding. I especially liked the way they were always having a dig at Guido, the Italian stallion who has probably never set foot in Italy! This love story which doesn’t have a lot of sex, builds up to an incredible crescendo that’s worth waiting for.

A word to Ms Manello. You have written an impeccable story with a highly feasible and solid plot; all your characters’ personality traits are exquisitely described keep the reader glued to the pages and I, for one, can’t wait for the next instalment. Simply bravo!