Title: Taylor

Author: KA Sands

Series: The Razer Series #0.5

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date: 29th September, 2017

Cover Design: KA Sands



After eight long years of running, Taylor Hamilton has had enough of looking over her shoulder.

Tired and emotionally spent, she comes face to face with her past. Walking away had never been her intention. But how can she come back to the man whose heart she broke, right along with her own?

Can Taylor find the home she so desperately craves, without putting those around her at risk?

Can she come home again to the man who promised her forever?



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KFF’s 5 ★ Review

Sharp and stylish. That is exactly how I would describe Sand’s writing. And to say I was impressed with her short debut story which whetted my appetite for more, would be putting it mildly. Before talking about the book, I really have to mention the gorgeous cover of Taylor. Everything about it is perfect. Not only are the hues kind on the eye, but it also inspires freedom. So once the book was opened, I soon realised that this is exactly what Taylor’s tale is about. Freedom from what you may ask! That is for you to discover.  

This reader was drawn into the life of the Taylor in such a way that my only thought was for her wellbeing, her peace of mind. Others close to home are involved and her compassion towards them has no boundaries. Past happenings are complicated and in all its seriousness, kept me stuck to the pages. Hers is not a lovey-dovey story, it didn’t bring out an oohing-aahing effect in me, either. Its blunt narrative made me think and that is exactly what I like. I don’t want to have the plot served to me on a silver plate. I want questions to be answered, I want the element of suspense to surprise me. Whether or not, in all its glorious and titillating circumstance, the author is going to be able to carry out what she’s put in motion, remains to be seen but I really can’t wait for her next offering.  

My inclination to talk about the secondary characters who are crucial to the foundation of what I can imagine is to come, might be letting on without reason. I might even be way off since I have no idea how the story will pan out. That being said, Ryder took me by storm! Personified gorgeousness aren’t even the right words to portray the kind of person he is! I want more of him. Will the author pretty please me?

Taylor’s father. I’d sign up on the bottom line to have one like him. Her sister with pin in hand forms a beginning that one can only imagine, has an end. Then again, the whys and wherefores remain to be divulged. One small observation. I would have like more banter but in my opinion, the pros outweigh the cons since I have no idea how Taylor’s story will develop. What I can say is this: ‘Keep up the good work you’ve done thus far Sands. Bravo!’


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“Stop!” I cried, grabbing my sister’s arm and dragging her to the living room. I pushed her in front of the fireplace, pointing at the map spread across the wall, “we do it this way, always,” I reminded her.

Laura tried to twist away from me, I held my grip on her wrist firmer as she shook her head at me. “I don’t care where, Taylor, I need away from here,” she griped irately, “I want to be on my own, be me. Don’t you get it?” I blinked at her, finally processing what she was saying to me.

I pushed her closer to the map. “Pick your pin.” We stood shoulder to shoulder yet couldn’t have been further apart, she didn’t move an inch. “Pick your fucking pin,” I spat out. With shaking fingers, she plucked the pink pin from the corner of the map. Pink was my colour. I took my hand from her wrist and entwined my fingers with hers as I picked the blue pin. “Together,” I breathed. Laura gulped and nodded at the same time, squeezing my fingers. “One, two, three…” I closed my eyes, having faith she would too, then pushed my pin into the wall. It was tradition, always the way we decided our next hiding place. Some had been pleasant, most not. She was right; it was time to leave and I trusted Laura’s pin to take us home. I forced down the hurt I experienced at having to cut those proverbial apron strings. Dubious as I was, Laura needed this and I couldn’t take it from her, she’d lost so much already. It was time to live again, time for us to take our lives back.

I let go of her hand, opening my eyes to see immediately my pin was a lost cause. An expanse of nothing surrounded it, the blue pin floated in the middle of nowhere, a little like us for the last eight years. I scanned for Laura’s pin and found it on top of a town. I looked at her, smiling, but she was staring at the floor, not an ounce of emotion coming from her.

Author Bio

K A Sands is an exciting new author who has a passion for reading and more often than not, can be found with her nose stuck in a book. She loves angsty, dark reads but is not averse to the fun, light hearted side either. Typically, a romance reader, of most genres/sub genres, she loves reading a debut herself. Her passion for the written words goes back to her childhood and she has always dreamed of writing and telling the world her stories.

Not quite a stay at home mum, K A Sands has a busy life which she shares with her husband of twenty-two years and her little monkey boy. Her adult children have flown the coop already, but still manage to come home for ‘mama’s lasagne.’

Avid eater of mayonnaise and chips, anti-get-fitter, lover of cheesy music and a fierce advocate of things close to her heart. She enjoys doing photoshop manipulations and would love to be a whiz using it… maybe one day. She has a bucket list as long as her arm, which includes sky diving and visiting Cambodia. And wants to travel the world.

Great believer in second chances, insta-love (because her love is a product of that), fairy tales and monsters… K A Sands just wants to write all the words for you.

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                                 RELEASE BLITZ                                        REDEMPTION ISLAND by L.B. DUNBAR

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Title : Redemption Island

Author: L.B. Dunbar

Release Date: September 15, 2017

Cover Design: Shanoff Formats


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The Island

Welcome to the island. 
This is no fantasy.
You’ll face fears. 
You’ll face travesty. 
You’ll face yourself.

One deserted island.
Two heinous crimes.
Two convicted hearts.

When decent people do bad things, 
there’s only one place for forgiveness:
Redemption Island.

The island knows what you’ve done.

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4.5 Stars ~ Reviewed by Klaire Sutherland on behalf of KFF

I’ve not read LB Dunbar’s work for a while, her last few releases were simply not for me, so it was with great excitement that we signed up for Redemption Island. I was needing my fix of this author. The blurb to this book is perfect; it’s enticing and beckons you easily. The cover needs mention too; for it’s simple, understated graphics again, draw you to the book. LB Dunbar has definitely got those two fundamental components absolutely right.

Whilst I love this authors writing, I often find it difficult to initially settle down into any book she writes. This is in no way a criticism, it just takes me time to become immersed in her style of writing. Redemption Island was no exception, it took a few chapters to become re-acquainted with the unique way she writes. Once I’m in though, it’s all good from there. I found it difficult to put this book down.

I had a little wobble with Tack. I guess the nature of his crime is an unforgivable one, no matter the circumstances. Any justification that was thrown at me just didn’t seem enough and the glimpses of the man he was, out with the Island, weren’t particularly endearing to me either. I certainly understood some, but it didn’t make it okay with me and I had a hard time connecting with him for a long while. My sympathies lay squarely at Juliet’s feet for much of the book. But, I think in hindsight – that is so far removed from what this book is even remotely about. It’s not about his crime, or her crime. Redemption Island is about so much more.

LB Dunbar questions the reader, not in a traditional sense, but more of a – what would I do, how would I cope – kind of sense. Introspective and challenging are the words I would use. I always love these kinds of books, they push and pull at the emotions. There are so many intermingled themes running through this book, all connected in one way or another, yet clear as day. I think LB Dunbar did a fantastic job putting those topics into words and ‘touching’ the reader. I’ve no doubt many a discussion will be had about the contents of this book, the subjects approached. Dark and heavy and beautiful all at the same time.

I enjoyed the narrative, until the author threw me for a loop. I’m still not sure how I feel about those chapters to be honest, not sure if they worked, can’t make my mind up on that. The fact I’m not hating them I guess counts for something. This has been one of the harder reviews for me to write and I have kept my views as vague as possible, with minimum reference to plot line, intentionally. Redemption Island should not be spoiled, the blurb gives you enough. And I’d recommend this highly – but it’s not a beach read. It’s a hunker down somewhere with no distractions kind of read. Cannot wait for the conclusion, which I do believe is coming in October. Enjoy!

About the Author

Avid drinker of Coca-Cola, L.B. Dunbar loves the sweet things in life. Her affair with all things romantic began with her first book at the tender age of six: Goldilocks and the Three Bears. One can never forget her first! From there, the reading journey includes a deep love of fairy tales, medieval knights, regency debauchery, and alpha males. She loves a deep belly laugh and a strong hug. Occasionally, she has the energy of a Jack Russell terrier. Accused, yes, that’s the correct word, of having an over active imagination; to her benefit, such an imagination works well. Author of over a dozen novels, she’s created small town worlds, rock star mayhem, and MMA chaos. Her other duties in life include: mother to four growing children and wife to the one and only.

Connect with L.B.

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           RELEASE BLITZ ~ PITCHED DARK                      by A. M. WILSON & ALEX GRAYSON


Title: Pitched Dark
Authors: A. M. Wilson & Alex Grayson
Genre: Dark Romance
Cover Design: Combs
Release Date: 15th September, 2017



One girl disappeared. After fifteen years, her cold lifeless body was found on the damp forest floor. Not an inch of her was unmarked by the horrors she endured. Alone, malnourished, abused in horrific ways; this was how she died.

One girl was found walking the streets, covered in dirt and scars. She had no memory of who she was, where she came from, or what happened to her. Even though the marks on her body attested to years of heinous abuse, her strength shone through at every turn.

Revenge and justice were sworn.

Years of searching brought up nothing but dead ends. Detective Niko James was too late to save his childhood friend, but he vows not to let down another.

The clock is ticking and the trail is pitch dark.

*TRIGGER WARNING* Some scenes depict abusive situations.


PD Review


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Reviewed by Anna Green on behalf of KFF

Wow! This book is one hell of a nail biting, stomach churning experience that I won’t forget for a long time. This story started a little bit slow during the first few chapters but soon picked up the pace and had me on edge the whole time. Every now and then I had to take a break from reading the harrowing story of Aislin.

Written from dual points of view the book starts with Niko as a detective who is still involved in the case of his missing childhood friend Aislin, kidnapped at age thirteen, on her way to school.  All through these years he never gave up looking for her and eventually influenced his choice of career. Fifteen years later he gets a phone call about a body discovered in the woods… heartbreak, loss, grief and revenge, these words are not enough to describe how he felt.

I sometimes wonder how these two authors come up with creating a monster that is sick and depraved and inflict a horrendous amount of pain to someone else. It takes a special kind of “talent” to make a reader cringe and get so emotionally involved in this book, a lot of WTFs were floating inside my head whilst reading Aislin’s gruesome ordeal.

I can’t give too many details on the main character’s experience as I don’t want to spoil the story but let me just say that when I thought I had it all figured out on the last quarter of the book I was wrong! This is a very well written tale that might give you nightmares and a few sleepless nights but is so worth it. There are some books you read that you’ll need a box of tissues, chocolates or a glass of wine. So it might not be a bad idea to have the whole bottle at hand while reading this book!



A. M. Wilson loves infusing her stories with real life—the good, the bad, and the steamy parts. She thinks there’s something special about romance; that pivotal moment when two characters realize their love for each other, but she likes wading through a little angst to get there. When she isn’t furiously typing on her computer, she can be found searching for her next all-consuming read. A. M. lives in Minnesota with her husband, two children, and black lab. Connect with her at or


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Alex Grayson is the bestselling author of heart pounding, emotionally gripping contemporary romance including the Jaded Series, the Consumed Series, and two standalone novels. Her passion for books was reignited by a gift from her sister-in-law. After spending several years as a devoted reader and blogger, Alex decided to write and independently publish her first novel in 2014 (an endeavor that took a little longer than expected). The rest, as they say, is history. 

Originally a southern girl, Alex now lives in Ohio with her husband, two children, two cats and dog. She loves the color blue, homemade lasagna, casually browsing real estate, and interacting with her readers. Visit her website,, or find her on social media.




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                RELEASE BLITZ ~TEMPORARY                                by Sarina Bowen & Sarah Mayberry

Image may contain: one or more people, night and text


Title: Temporary

Authors: Sarina Bowen & Sarina Mayberry

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: 12th September, 2017

Cover Photo: Sara Eirew

Cover Design: Hang Le

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The most beautiful man I’ve ever seen is the same one who can ruin everything.

The first time I lay eyes on Callan Walker, I know he’ll be trouble. With his smug grin, hot Aussie accent and thousand dollar shoes, he’s just the kind of rich guy who always gets what he wants.

And he wants two things: a night of sin, and my cooperation as he outmaneuvers his powerful mother to take control of his uncle’s estate.

I can’t afford either one. I’m the only thing standing between my little sister and the foster care system. He may have money and charm on his side, but I have something even more powerful — pure desperation. This temp job at his mother’s company can become a full time job for me. It has to.

But when Callan’s eyes rake over my body, sometimes I forget my obligations. His piercing gaze finds the fun, optimistic girl I used to be and not the tired person I’ve become.

And it works–if only for a moment. Our night together was a mistake. I can’t afford to get sucked into his high-powered family’s treachery. But the closer I get to Callan, the more layers I find beneath those expensive clothes. Though I can’t forget this is temporary. He’s temporary. I have too much to lose.

Too bad my foolish heart didn’t get the memo…



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3.5 Stars ~ Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse

Bowen’s teamed up with Mayberry and together they’ve written a light-hearted, low on angst romance. What I wasn’t expecting was the clever maneuver right at the end. Perhaps it was my mistake in thinking Temporary was a standalone since an unanswered question was left hanging in midair; therefore I do hope there’s going to be a follow-up to put me out of my misery. Narrated from a dual point of view in past tense, what stands out are the different writing styles both authors have coordinated pretty damn well. On my list of character traits and qualities, I wish I could have ticked all the boxes although I have to say that becoming emotionally involved with the female protagonist was a joy in itself. It took an effort to warm up to whom, for want of a better term, would be her ‘temporary’ work colleague. Plenty of banter keeps the reader engaged in a plot which doesn’t have too many surprises; nevertheless, I really liked the easy-reading feel the book gave me.

Loved Callan Walker’s Aussie lingo, I wasn’t so keen on his ‘never had to do a decent day’s work’ attitude which he readily flaunts. Well, who wouldn’t if one were rolling in it and more important, get away with it! In fact, most of the time he annoyed the pants of me! But his happy-go-lucky behaviour is soon hampered when he discovers the worst possible news in the worst possible way. How he gets his act together I found very becoming and I couldn’t fault in the author’s portrayal of this somewhat changed billionaire. Goodness me, who really got my hackles up was his mother. A nasty piece of work, she’ll go to great lengths to force Callan’s hand by using cunning means. He’s got a heartbreaking job to do but time is running out, problems are at every turn and it all seems to be an unbelievably difficult task to complete.

Oops, I forgot to mention that Callan’s a real knockout; however, his gorgeousness didn’t fool me because he’s everything I don’t look for in a man. Thus far, he’s only thought of himself, his next party and his next conquest. Grace has the opportunity to show her employer her worth and it’s not him! Thrown into the midst of a family battle, she’ll to have to match her wits with more than one person if she’s going to outlive the ordeal. As the story unravels, you’ll see that the twist isn’t that complicated until, of course, the ending! Despite being in a temporary position, she’s a doer, competent and not in the slightest bit workshy. Her dire situation saddened me in the respect that she’s had a rough deal from a young age. Her responsibilities weigh heavily, trivialities are nonexistent and I couldn’t help but like everything about this tender-hearted gal.

Oh boy, Grace never had a chance with Callan. His power of persuasion is as such that once he’s convinced her, she’ll willingly lets her hair down and other things besides. Hmm…I really thought he took advantage of her weaknesses in the bedroom department but all said and done, he’s an expert in the matters of seduction! Do take note of the title. Future readers will see that this word has its significance for more reasons than one. I did find their story a tad predictable; nonetheless, as I mentioned before, it’s an easy book to read. If I hadn’t had trouble connecting with Callan, hadn’t found his umming and ahing a tad boring and his backpedaling a little on the weak side, I would have gladly given it four stars. That being said, this extremely well-written book deserves a one-click.


Meet Sarina Bowen

Sarina Bowen writes steamy, angsty Contemporary Romance and New Adult fiction from the wilds of Vermont.

The Ivy Years is her bestselling series. Centered around the hockey team at an elite Connecticut college, The Year We Fell Down began breaking hearts in March, 2014. There are three novels and a novella in the series so far. Click here for The Ivy Years  updates.

For lovers of angsty snowboarding heroes, Sarina also writes the Gravity series! Coming in From the Cold features a downhill ski racer and one of the most unique plot conflicts in contemporary romance today. Falling From the Sky is book #2, about a freestyle snowboarder who nearly loses his life in the halfpipe.

Sarina enjoys skiing, coffee products and a nice glass of wine. She lives with her family, eight chickens and more ski gear and hockey equipment than seems necessary.

Sarina’s Stalk Links:

 Webpage | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

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Meet Sarah Mayberry

Sarah MayberrySarah Mayberry lives in Melbourne, Australia, with her partner of nearly twenty years (who has recently become her husband!). When she’s not in her pajamas eating peanut butter sandwiches and typing away madly on her latest story, she enjoys reading, cooking, sleeping, pilates, going to the movies and shopping. Not necessarily in that order!

Some of Sarah’s favorite authors are Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Rachel Gibson, Karina Bliss, Mary Balogh, Julie James, Sherry Thomas, Meredith Duran, and Loretta Chase. Her favorite movie is When Harry Met Sally, although she is also very fond of His Girl Friday and Something About Mary.

Sarah loves to hear from readers via her website at

Sarah’s Stalk Links:

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                                 RELEASE BLITZ                                               THE OUTSKIRTS T.M. FRAZIER

The Swamp is about to get a whole lot hotter! The Outskirts by T.M. Frazier is LIVE!

THE OUTSKIRTS full wrap jpg.jpg

The Outskirts by T.M. Frazier

Release Date: September 11th, 2017

Genre: Contemporary Romance



Sawyer wants a life of her own.

Finn wants to forget he ever had one.

After a tragedy, Finn Hollis escapes

into the swamp to be alone.

That is until Sawyer Dixon shows up,

all SCORCHING HOT innocence,

claiming she owns the land less than

fifty feet from his front door.

Sawyer gets under his SKIN, but even worse?

She makes him WANT things.

Things Finn hasn’t wanted in a very very long time.

Finn WANTS Sawyer gone.

Almost as much as he wants her in his BED.

The Outskirts is Book One in the Outskirts Duet.


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3.5 Stars ~ Reviewed by Klaire Sutherland on behalf of KFF

Eagerly anticipated release from this author for many. I was in two minds with requesting this but quite glad I did. T.M Frazier hasn’t managed to grip me as thoroughly as she did with The Dark Light of Day. I’ve often felt the raw edge from that book has been missing in her other works. King came close, so I guess I had a little trepidation going into The Outskirts. It certainly lacked the edge I was looking for but made up for it in other ways. Being a duet, it’s common knowledge that this is going to end on a cliff hanger so I’m not spoiling anything by mentioning that here.

I took a little while to settle down with The Outskirts. I wasn’t immediately bowled over with either character and in truth I felt Finn was immature in the beginning, I couldn’t quite get a read on his age and it wasn’t until much later I saw the man and not the broken child. Because he so undeniably is broken, this the reader does see from the very start. His attitude is gruff and his actions are extremely slapable. But he slowly unravels, his character begins to shine and T.M Frazier uncovered him beautifully and at good pace. He’s not thrown in your face, so to speak.

Sawyer, I liked. I’ve read many a book where her history is similar, and again I think the author did a splendid job showing us her character. I think for me though, she jumped into some things that in reality would take a little longer to do so, considering her upbringing. Still, she’s a great character that I’m sure everyone is going to love.

Secondary characters definitely prop up the story, and while you see a twist or two coming, it doesn’t spoil the enjoyment of the read. There’s a lot of angst between these pages and not just between Sawyer and Finn. I found a thing or too unresolved. Like this is what happened (vaguely), end of story, let’s not give you the details. The storyline moves at an appropriate pace and each scene has relevance. Overall, a bit ‘holey’ in places. I also struggled a little with the writing. I don’t think it is T.M Frazier’s best, there were a few places where the writing felt below par for such an accomplished writer, sentences I’d look at twice and not understand why they were there or written the way they were. Descriptively, I very much enjoyed it, I always love a visual read and T.M Frazier captured that effortlessly.

Overall though, fans of this author are going to love The Outskirts. It’s different and yes…a swamp monster lives here. A hot kind of swamp monster. So, get your book on and grab this one up. Recommended read.


About the Author:

T.M.Frazier is a USA TODAY bestselling author. She resides in sunny Southwest Florida with her husband and her young daughter.

When she’s not writing she loves talking to her readers, country music, reading and traveling. Her debut novel, The Dark Light of Day was published in September of 2013 and when she started writing it she intended for it to be a light beachy romance.

Well…it has a beach in it!


Connect with T.M. Frazier:

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website

Goodreads | Amazon

                            RELEASE DAY BLITZ                               FORGET ME NOT by WILLOW WINTERS

Title: Forget Me Not

Author: Willow Winters

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: 12th September, 2017

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I fell in love with a boy a long time ago.

I was only a small girl. Scared and frightened, I was taken from my home and held against my will. His father hurt me, but he protected me and kept me safe as best he could.

Until I left him.

I ran the first chance I got and even though I knew he wasn’t behind me, I didn’t stop. The branches lashed out at me, punishing me for leaving him in the hands of a monster.

I’ve never felt such guilt in my life.

Although I survived, the boy was never found. I prayed for him to be safe. I dreamed he’d be alright and come back to me. Even as a young girl I knew I loved him, but I betrayed him.

Twenty years later, all my wishes came true.

But the boy came back a man. With a grip strong enough to keep me close and a look in his eyes that warned me to never dare leave him again. I was his to keep after all.

Twenty years after leaving one hell, I entered another. Our tale was only just getting started.

It’s dark and twisted.

But that doesn’t make it any less of what it is.



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★ ★ ★ ★

Reviewed by Anna Green on behalf of KFF

A psychological thriller/love triangle told in multiple points of view. It was a bit confusing at first because of the way the author narrated each character’s perspective but it gets better after the first quarter of the book. This story hooked me right from the start I couldn’t put it down but I was also worried on how Robin, Jay and John’s complicated romance would end.

This is a tale about Robin who was kidnapped as a child by Jay’s father. Jay was also held against his will by his abusive father. Jay helped Robin escape but Jay was left behind to face his father’s wrath. Fast forward to twenty years later and Robin is now a psychologist who still battles her inner demons and her past. Robin and Jay meet again but it gets complicated when John gets involved with the pair. John seems to be a straightforward character compared to Jay’s damaged psyche but Robin is caught between the two. Is it possible to fall in love with two people without suffering the consequences? Because of what happened to Jay and Robin’s horrific past they have this unbreakable bond that ties them together. So where does that leave John?

“The past can ruin a person forever. They may recover, but they’re never the same. Never what they once were. The scar may be thicker than delicate skin. It may protect you from some things and give you a wall to hide behind. But it’s the gentle things that will cut it open and leave you raw and wounded once again.” 

This gripping tale of abuse and childhood trauma, healing and unconditional love is not one to be missed. I absolutely adore Jay’s character, his dark side and his ultimate sacrifice for Robin. And yet I also love John, dependable and uncomplicated and also deeply in love with Robin. I wish I could explain more about the main characters’ complex relationship but that would be giving away the story. You just have to trust me on this one and give it a go. I definitely would recommend this book to friends, so different and refreshing. Four stars for this nail-biting romance with a twist!


Twenty years ago

I’m so used to this room.  I don’t know how long it’s been, but I don’t bother to count the days anymore.  I don’t hope for Mama to come find me anymore.  I know it’s useless now, and it only makes me more upset.

The only solace I have is lying beside me.  I speak without thinking, just saying what’s on my mind to break up the silence in the cold room.  
 “I wish I were a bird.”  I blink at the faint light shining through the small window so high up on the cinder block wall.  “Then I could fly away.”  My voice lowers to nearly a whisper and I turn on the hard ground, facing the boy at my side.  I tuck my arm under my head and swallow the lump in my throat as I avoid his gaze.  It’s such a serious look in his light gray eyes.  I can hardly stand the chill that runs through me.

Some days I think he’s angry with me.  I can’t shake the thought that he hates me; that he hates being stuck here with me, both of us helpless and at the hands of his heartless father.

“Both of us.”  I clear my throat and chance a look up at him as I add, “I mean I wish we were both birds.”  I turn to gesture toward the far wall as I explain, “So we could fly through that window.”

The boy smiles at me, although I don’t think it’s genuine.  “But it’s closed,” he says in a voice so rough and low it makes goosebumps spread across my skin.  He clears his own throat, propping up his head in his hand and leaning on his elbow to look down at me.  My heart does a weird flip in my chest, fluttering when he leans closer to me.  I can feel the heat of his body.  He’s older than me.  He looks it, too.  I feel my cheeks heat with a blush and I look away, turning back to the window and pulling at the thin gown I have on.  It’s not enough to keep me warm down here and I know if I were just a bit closer to the boy, I’d be more comfortable, but I keep my distance.

“Well, what animal then?” I ask the boy, curling on my side and tucking both arms beneath my head.

He’s quiet for a moment, but then he answers, “A wolf could break it.”

I resist the urge to turn to face him, closing my eyes as they roll and a small smile forms on my lips.  A wolf could never fit through that window.

I decide to play along, feeling a warmth run through me as I hear him scoot closer to me.  He never touches me, but he likes to be close to me.  And I like it too although I don’t tell him.  “Well, you be a wolf and break the window, and I’ll be a bird.  Together we can run away.”

“I saw a wolf kill a bird once on TV,” he says, but the boy’s voice is devoid of emotion and the shock of what he said makes me turn to face him, sitting up and pulling my knees into my chest.

“Why would a wolf do that?”  I feel my brows pinch and my lips turn down; I know it’s obvious I’m horrified from what he said, and it only makes him laugh.

He shrugs his shoulders and picks at a spot on the concrete floor, a satisfied smirk on his lips.  Something about the look on his face makes my heart do that fluttering motion again and I find myself inching forward, my toes barely touching his thigh.  But we both notice that they touch.

“A wolf doesn’t have any reason to hurt a bird.”  I stare at him, but he still doesn’t look up at me.  “I don’t understand.”

The boy tilts his head to look at me and this time, the expression is something I’ve never seen before.  There’s a rawness in the light gray flecks, a heat on the outer edge where his eyes get darker.  Almost like a flicker of a flame giving his gaze an intensity that makes my body freeze, but not with a coldness, with a burning heat.

“I think he did it,” the boy starts to say, licking his lower lip and staring right through me, not caring that I can’t even breathe when he looks at me like that, “I think he did it just because he wanted to.”



I like my action hot and my bad boys hotter. And I don’t hold back on either one in my writing.  I’m so happy to be a #1 Contemporary Bestselling Romance Author. I’m so grateful and honored!  I actually started writing after having my little girl, Evie, December 2015. All during my pregnancy with her I read. I only wanted to read romance, and I read EVERYTHING. I would read a book a day — sometimes two.  In January 2016 I was staying up late with her and just thinking of all these stories.  They came to me constantly. And I finally sat down and just started writing. I always wanted to do it so I figured, why not? I never thought I would reach this point of success, to be honest. It’s insane to me that I have so many fans. And I love each and every one of them for all of their support.




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                                RELEASE BLITZ                                            BLEMISHED by JULIET BRADDOCK


 Title: Blemished
 Author: Juliet Braddock
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Wicked Woman Designs
Release Day: 12th September, 2017



A tragic accident in the middle of an immobilizing blizzard joins Gavin Fletcher and Chloe Cabot, uniting two tarnished souls on a life-changing journey that defies the odds of their haunting pasts in BLEMISHED, the new novel by Amazon bestselling author of erotic romance Juliet Braddock. 

Beautiful and imaginative, Chloe struggles to survive the daily grind of life in Chicago. An artist who never dared to explore her dreams, she takes pride in her independence and fends for herself at all costs.

A young advertising executive who’s rising fast within the industry, Gavin has built an ordered and precise life, but he’s much more lonesome than he’ll ever admit.

Both exist in worlds veiled in secrecy.

On the surface, Gavin’s life exudes perfection. He’s building his own thriving business, but beneath that slick exterior, he’s hiding the truth about his enigmatic lifestyle.

Chloe, on the other hand, has been dealt a rough hand in life. As details of her heart-wrenching past emerge, she fears she might lose Gavin for good.

Together, though, they discover solace in each other’s arms. While Chloe blossoms as Gavin’s submissive under his tough but tender tutelage, she wonders if he might just be the one to break the façade of fear that surrounded her heart.

Just as emotion transforms them from reluctant strangers into unlikely but enduring lovers, heartbreak strikes their relationship again, forcing an unforeseen reversal of roles.




4.5 Stars ~ Reviewed by Emma-Louise on behalf of KFF

Blemished a truly unique and enjoyable read, a lot of people would think that a 700+ page book would become mundane and or boring at that kind of size.  However, since Blemished really is more of a duology the size is quickly forgotten. Part One is called Claiming Chloe, and the Part Two is titled Saving Gavin.

Chloe Cabot is a young woman trying to make it in Chicago in the middle of winter.  She’s lost her boyfriend, she’s lost her home, and she will not lose her independence. Gavin Fletcher is the type of man most women dream about.  He takes Chloe off the street and into his home, following her being injured and spending a week in the hospital.

I relished the D/s aspect of this book.  I have read so many, but few ever took it to the point that Blemished did, and for that I heartily applaud Ms Braddock. This book truly shows the most beautiful and scintillating aspects of Bdsm and D/s.

“We still have so much to talk about, Chloe.  I need to know your hard limits.  While I’m teaching you how to enjoy the pain, I don’t want to hurt you.”

Ms Braddock dealt with several heavy impact issues in this book.  Each one is used exceptionally. They make the reader feel and they make the reader pause and ponder. Several times I had to walk away and take time to reflect. Gavin and Chloe’s relationship grows and blossoms. Growing slowly and gaining strength as it soaks in more and more sunlight.

‘She’d endured more than he could imagine, but she always picked herself up and moved forward.  She suffered so much, and she held everything so close to her heart.  Somehow, though, she got out of bed every morning with a smile on her beautiful face.’

Strength and endurance played a very large aspect of their relationship. The stronger of the two was often in flux, neither was the strength without question. Each learned to lean on the other when they needed to.  Taking what they could and giving back so much more.

‘He had to be her strength.  He had to prove to her that she was worthy of a life without struggle.  He had to let her know just how much he cared…”

Blemished started off slow, a small fire crackling to life. Setting the scene and drawing the reader in. A book this long can be a journey, and such an emotional rollercoaster.  I’m so glad I took the chance and read this book.



Amazon bestselling author Juliet Braddock’s first efforts in
creative writing came long before she learned to put crayon to paper.  In fact, she began spinning stories in her
head nearly as soon as she could form complete sentences.  As long as she can remember, she’d always
created sagas about imaginary friends, family members and pop culture icons,
and kept everyone around her entertained with her witty—but often very

For her sixth Christmas, Juliet’s mother got her a child’s
typewriter to preserve all of those creative thoughts filling her head, but she
quickly switched to ball point pens and notebooks when the ribbon ran dry. 

Most of Juliet’s early attempts at writing romance focused on
members of Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet or young leading men on Broadway.  However, as she matured as a writer, she
decided that it was just as much fun to create her own romantic heroes and

At an early age, she also developed a love for big cities,
and the tallest of skyscrapers were never high enough for her.  Juliet’s wanderlust would eventually lure her
to New York, a city she often visited during her formative years, and her love
affair with Manhattan began.  She’d
promised herself that one day she would return for good. 

Juliet’s passion for writing and for big cities converged,
and after graduating with a degree in Journalism, she decided to set out on a
journey to find her heart…just where she’d left it. 

A week after her college graduation, Juliet made the big move
from a small town to New York City, where she has made her home ever since.

In between building a career in communications and writing on
the side, she’s indulged in international travel, theater and art.  A wine and food buff, she’s by no means a
connoisseur, but she can give a few good restaurant recommendations if you’re
in the city. 

“There’s something so inspiring about living in a city like
New York that’s so rich in culture and so very vibrant. Every neighborhood has
its own story to tell,” Juliet says.  “I
often do my best plotting on the subway, just observing the lives unfolding around
me.  New York truly has a billion stories
nestled between the skyscrapers.”

A proud Manhattanite, Juliet couldn’t live anywhere
else—except for Paris, perhaps—and is a gushing cat-mom to a Russian Blue mix
who was rescued as a kitten from the streets of Brooklyn. 


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