CRUEL PRINCE by A. Jade is available now!

Ashley Jade’s all-new high school bully romance, CRUEL PRINCE (Royal Hearts Academy #1), is available now!

Welcome to their kingdom…

I never thought I’d step foot in Royal Manor again.
But five years later, here I am…back to finish my senior year at Royal Hearts Academy.

And forced to face Jace Covington.
My first friend. First crush. First kiss.
The one I left behind.

Only—he isn’t the same boy I gave my heart to.

This new Jace is as cruel as he is gorgeous.
And he’s determined to make my life a living hell.
Along with the rest of his glorified family and crew of tyrants.

They expect me to worship the ground they walk on like everyone else, but I’d rather eat dirt.

If Jace Covington wants me gone…he’ll have to try harder.
Because I’ve never been the kind of girl to play by the rules.

WARNING: Royal Hearts Academy is a New Adult/High School series of standalones filled with drama, a touch of angst, and boys who are bad to the bone.

This series is recommended for mature readers due to graphic language and sexual content.

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Ashley Jade loves to tackle different genres and tropes within romance. Her first loves are New Adult Romance and Romantic Suspense, but she also writes everything in between including: contemporary romance, erotica, and dark romance.

Her characters are flawed and complex, and chances are you will hate them before you fall head over heels in love with them.

She’s a die-hard lover of oxford commas, em dashes, music, coffee, and anything thought provoking…except for math.

Books make her heart beat faster and writing makes her soul come alive. She’s always read books growing up and scribbled stories in her journal, and after having a strange dream one night; she decided to just go for it and publish her first series.

It was the best decision she ever made.

If she’s not paying off student loan debt, working, or writing a novel—you can usually find her listening to music, hanging out with her readers online, and pondering the meaning of life.

Check out her amazon page and Facebook page for future novels.
She recently became hip and joined Twitter, so you can find her there, too.
She loves connecting with her readers—they make her world go round’.


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THE CANDLE PALACE by Devney Perry is available now!

Today we are delighted to be sharing USA Today bestselling author Devney Perry’s stand-alone novella in the Jamison Valley series,

The Candle Palace - Cover


The Candle Palace - CoverSometimes a single flame can ignite a love that lasts a lifetime. 

Milo Phillips knows the meaning of pain. Suffering through the most intense physical agony of his life, he’s confined to a hospital bed to bear it alone. More than once, he wishes he’d died in the explosion that melted and mangled his skin. Darkness consumes him, snuffing all the joy in his life and leaving an empty hole in its place.
But one day, a flicker of light sneaks into his hospital room, driving away some of the hopelessness. For the first time in months, pain isn’t all he feels.

The flicker’s name is Sara Foster, his new nurse. Milo just hopes that Sara can see past his scars. Because underneath, his heart has begun beating again just for her.

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Reviewed by Rachal at KFF

This story focuses on Sara and Milo and is an accompanying story to complement The Jamieson Valley series. I’ve read a few of this author’s works before and have always been intrigued by these books as they are my kind of read. I happen to have 3 of them on my Kindle just waiting to be read, so thought this novella would be a great way to dip my toes into new characters and their stories. The blurb intrigued me from the start when it mentioned Milo was used to suffering, I do love a male protagonist who is a tortured soul. I’m also an absolute sucker for a guy who has to overcome his issues and the battles that often involves and when romance at the heart of the story; I’m sold!

Milo has endured the most horrific of injuries and has a long road ahead of him in terms of getting back to his job as a police officer. I loved him from the start, he’s such a kind and sweet guy. The scenes which played out between Milo and Sarah were adorable and made me smile so much. I got the impression that I should have already known Milo’s back story which after some digging, I understood is in one of the series’ books. At times this did frustrate me as I felt I was missing out. The story is primarily told from Sara’s point of view so this made sense when I found this out. On the plus side, it did make me want to read more of the other books.

“No more crying, okay? I can’t take it.”
“I’ll try.
“Is it just a guy thing?”
“No. I can handle tears. Just not yours.”

Sara was a sweetheart! Such a lovely and compassionate girl who did a job she was obviously born to do. She hasn’t had the best of lives but is determined to give herself a good, honest life. She’s a hard worker and doing a job she absolutely adores. She’s not had a great deal of luck with relationships before so when her eyes meet Milo’s she conflicted. She’s also honourable but when she meets Milo, her values are severely tested. In her profession, the kind of relationship she envisions with Milo is not something which can easily be achieved. But when its true love does that really matter? They say true love conquers all but will these obstacles be knocked down or merely pushed aside. Milo certainly has no plans to leave anything to chance but he’s not the pushy type. He knows what’s at stake and won’t jeopardize Sara’s job.

“How’d I get so lucky to find you?”
“We both got lucky.”

This story had the sweetest of moments between two very lovable and relatable characters. The writing is excellent which I have come to expect from this author. However, I do think I would’ve enjoyed the book more if I’d read more books in this series, especially The Coppersmith House.


Devney is the USA Today bestselling author of the Jamison Valley series. She lives in Montana with her husband and two children. After working in the technology industry for nearly a decade, she abandoned conference calls and project schedules to enjoy a slower pace at home with her kids. She loves reading and, after consuming hundreds of books, decided to share her own stories. Devney loves hearing from readers! Connect with her on social media.

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BROKEN KNIGHT by L.J. Shen is available now!

Broken Knight, an all-new standalone about first loves, betrayal and loss from USA Today bestselling author L.J. Shen, is available now!

“Not all love stories are written in the same way. Ours had torn chapters, missing paragraphs, and a bittersweet ending.”


Luna Rexroth is everyone’s favorite wallflower.






See, under the meek, tomboy exterior everyone loves yet pities is a girl who knows exactly what – and who – she wants.

Namely, the boy from the treehouse, who taught her how to curse in sign language.

Who taught her how to laugh.

To live.

To love.

Knight Cole is everyone’s favorite football hero.






See, the daredevil hellraiser could knock you up with his gaze alone, but only has eyes for the girl across the street.

But Luna is not who she used to be. She doesn’t need his protection anymore.

When life throws a curveball at All Saints’ golden boy, he is forced to realize that not all heroes are knights.

Sometimes, the greatest love stories could flourish amidst the worst tragedies.

Download your copy today or read in Kindle Unlimited!

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LJShen.jpgL.J. Shen is a USA Today, Washington Post and Amazon #1 Best-selling author of contemporary, New Adult and YA romance. Her books have been sold to nineteen different countries.

She lives in California with her husband, son, cat and eccentric fashion choices, and enjoys good wine, bad reality TV shows and catching sun rays with her lazy cat.


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Today we are thrilled to be sharing New York Times bestselling author Amy Harom’s brand new breathtaking fantasy novel of a cursed kingdom, warring clans, and unexpected salvation, THE FIRST GIRL CHILD.

Bayr of Saylok, bastard son of a powerful and jealous chieftain, is haunted by the curse once leveled by his dying mother. Bartered, abandoned, and rarely loved, she plagued the land with her words: From this day forward, there will be no daughters in Saylok.

Raised among the Keepers at Temple Hill, Bayr is gifted with inhuman strength. But he’s also blessed with an all-too-human heart that beats with one purpose: to protect Alba, the first girl child born in nearly two decades and the salvation for a country at risk.

Now the fate of Saylok lies with Alba and Bayr, whose bond grows deeper with every whisper of coming chaos. Charged with battling the enemies of their people, both within and without, Bayr is fueled further by the love of a girl who has defied the scourge of Saylok.

What Bayr and Alba don’t know is that they each threaten the king, a greedy man who built his throne on lies, murder, and betrayal. There is only one way to defend their land from the corruption that has overtaken it. By breaking the curse, they could defeat the king…but they could also destroy themselves.

Download your copy of THE FIRST GIRL CHILD
or read in Kindle Unlimited today!

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Now available in audio, start listening today!

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Narrated by Rob Shapiro


Meet Amy

Amy Harmon is a Wall Street JournalUSA Today, and New York Times Bestselling author. Amy knew at an early age that writing was something she wanted to do, and she divided her time between writing songs and stories as she grew. Having grown up in the middle of wheat fields without a television, with only her books and her siblings to entertain her, she developed a strong sense of what made a good story. Her books are now being published in seventeen different languages, truly a dream come true for a little country girl from Levan, Utah.

Amy Harmon has written fourteen novels – the Washington Post bestseller What the Wind Knows, the USA Today bestsellers The Bird and The Sword, The Smallest Part, Making Faces and Running Barefoot, as well as the #1 Amazon bestselling historical From Sand and Ash, The Queen and The Cure, The Law of Moses, The Song of David, Infinity + One, Slow Dance in Purgatory, Prom Night in Purgatory, and the New York Times bestsellers, A Different Blue and What The Wind Knows

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Literary & Film Rights Management
Amy Harmon is represented by Jane Dystel of Dystel, Goderich & Bourret LLC.
Film rights: Jane Dystel –
Foreign rights: Lauren Abramo –




Today we are delighted to be sharing the early release of New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Penelope Ward’s all-new contemporary romance novel, THE DAY HE CAME BACK


It was the summer of my life.
I’d met the guy of my dreams.
Unfortunately, he was the son of my uppity employer—and very much off-limits.
But Gavin was a rebel. He knew his mother would disown him if she found out about us; in his eyes, we just had to be careful.
He never treated me as his mother did—like hired help.
Instead, Gavin put me on a pedestal and loved me harder than I’d ever been loved in my life.

What a summer it was.
Until it all ended—badly.

I was never supposed to see Gavin again.
That didn’t stop me from thinking about him every day for ten years.
I knew little about his life now, just that he was an entrepreneur living an ocean away.

When a twist of fate had me working again in the very place our love affair started a decade earlier, I knew it was only a matter of time before I might see him again.
But I wasn’t prepared.
What if he hated me?
What if he loved someone else now?
I wasn’t prepared for all the unknowns.

And most of all, I wasn’t prepared for today to be the day he came back.

DOWNLOAD your copy for only $3.99 today!

Quick-release sale! The price will be going up to $4.99 very soon!

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The Day He Came Back
is now available in audio!

Audible: U.S | U.K | CAN | AUS

Narrated by Andi Arndt and Sebastian York

Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse at KFF

Ward has delivered one difficult to put down emotional second chance romance! Normally, I like one leading character more than the other, but this wasn’t the case. I connected to them both equally and even though there was one individual who rubbed me up the wrong way, their behaviour would drive the story forward at a very agreeable pace.

Ward made it easy for me to quickly establish my feelings towards this person. My heart went out to those on the receiving end of their cruel and selfish treatment. I wanted certain issues to be faced head-on but of course, in Ward style, they didn’t and obviously all of them suffered the consequences.

Gavin Masterson fell for a girl he shouldn’t have and regardless of his good intentions, he couldn’t for the life of him fathom out why from one day to the next, everything backfired. He thought he knew how Raven felt, what he didn’t know was she was harbouring a secret. The impact would be devastating, destroying all their dreams.

This really got me thinking about the choices we have to make in life. Whether Raven’s decision was right or wrong is difficult to say; nevertheless, I never questioned her loyalty or selflessness. I would hate to be forced into a similar situation, and watching these two young lovers suffer left me with a heavy heart.

“What choice do I have?”
“Actually, you have two choices. One of them is to tell him the truth. The other is to keep it inside for the rest of your life until the day you die…”

Life goes on. You pick up the pieces as best as you can and this is exactly what Gavin and Raven did. Fate would play into their hands ten years later, yet there’s still a lot of water under the bridge. The day he came back, the reader is thrown into a completely different scenario. The story’s feel changes; they’ve changed too, but does the passion they’d had for each other remain?

“I promised myself I wasn’t going to go here… to this place of vulnerability with you, Raven. But it’s really hard to keep it all inside. I keep wanting to ask you why…” 

I enjoyed getting to know Gavin. In his early twenties, he was exemplary. Now he’s successful and despite him always having been sincere and just plain gorgeous, he’s really come into his own. It was also a joy observing him observe Raven. Since day one, she’d mesmerized him and she in turn, couldn’t keep her eyes off him.

“You’re infatuated with me because I’m different. That will wear off.” 

Raven’s your true heroine. After so long apart, her stance was impeccably correct towards Gavin. She does her utmost to make him feel comfortable without overstepping the mark and brings him up to date with family news, albeit the life-changing past action still lingers on her conscience.

“You’re the glue that holds your family together.”
I chuckled. “I’m not sure anyone’s holding anything together around here, except you.”

Gavin’s younger brother, Weldon, was a bit of twat and had his own problems, but I adored him. And if it weren’t for his indiscretions, I have no idea how the story would have panned out, so a kudo for this guy. I loved the brothers’ dad whose cracking comments made me smile and Raven’s bestie and confidante for getting more than one chuckle out of me.

“How did you end up so different from your brother?”
“Oh. I heard the nanny dropped him when he was a baby.”

My review is pretty vague since I have no wish to spoil Gavin and Raven’s story for you. Told from a dual perspective in past-tense, the author has brought home a message of hope and conveyed the essence of undying love perfectly. The epilogue! Read The He Came Back and you’ll see why I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face. Bravo Ward!


© 2019 Penelope Ward
All rights reserved.

I looked down at her fitted white pants, covered in dirt marks. Even though she looked sexy as hell, I had to ask. “Why the hell does my mother insist on the staff wearing all white?””You’ll have to ask her, although I like to think of it as practice for my future nursing career.”“I guess that’s one way to look at it. It kind of freaks me out. It’s like you’re all part of some cult.” I chuckled.“I wonder what she’d do if I showed up in black. She’d shun me.” She snapped her fingers jokingly. “Oh wait…”Except I wasn’t laughing now. I felt horrible that she knew exactly how my mother felt about her.“I’m sorry she’s such a bitch, Raven.”“It’s not your fault.” She looked out at the ocean, then promptly changed the subject. “You must be excited to go to Connecticut in the fall.”“At this very moment, thanks to you, I’m in absolutely no rush to leave this spot, let alone Palm Beach.”

She blushed. “You’re funny.”

“You’re f*cking beautiful.” That just came out. “I’m sorry if that was too forward. But it’s true,” I said.

“No.” Her cheeks turned pink. “Thank you.”

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

She pushed some hair behind her ear. “No.”

“I want to take you out.”

She looked down at her empty cup. “I don’t think so.”

Ouch. “Can I ask why?”

“It’s not that I’m not interested, but…you’re leaving in the fall, so I’m not sure it makes sense to start anything up. Then there’s the bigger issue of your mother. I just don’t think it’s a good idea.”

“I get it.” I nodded. “I understand.”

Holy sh*t. I wasn’t used to rejection. I couldn’t remember the last time a girl had said no to me. I swear to God, my dick just stiffened. What was it about the chase that was so damn arousing? I had to find another way…

“Can we hang out as friends, then?”

She grinned skeptically. “Friends?”

“There’s this improv club near where you live. I wanted to go check it out this weekend. Would you want to go with me?”

“Venturing to the other side of the bridge, eh?” she teased. “What would Mother think?”

“Will you come with me, wiseass?”

“Seriously, what if your mom finds out?”

“She won’t. She doesn’t really question where I go. I’ll just tell her I’m going to meet a friend. And thanks to your rejection, that won’t be a lie, right?”

Raven blinked for a while before she finally answered, “Okay. Yeah.”

My heart sped up. “Yeah?”


Cover Design: Letitia Hasser, RBA Designs

Cover Model: Christian Hogue

Cover Photographer: Brian Jamie

Meet Penelope

Penelope Ward is a New York Times, USA Today and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of contemporary romance.

She grew up in Boston with five older brothers and spent most of her twenties as a television news anchor. Penelope resides in Rhode Island with her husband, son, and beautiful daughter with autism.

With over two million books sold, she is a twenty-one time New York Times bestseller and the author of over twenty novels. Her books have been translated into over a dozen languages and can be found in bookstores around the world. 

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Stepbrother Dearest

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THE LAST POST by Renée Carlino is LIVE!

Today we are so excited to be sharing USA Today bestselling author Renée Carlino’s all-new contemporary romance stand-alone,


In this evocative and poignant novel from the USA TODAY bestselling author of Blind Kiss and Wish You Were Here, a young widow in the midst of grieving her late husband through Facebook posts learns to heal and fall in love again. 

“See you on the other side.”

Laya Marston’s husband, Cameron, a daredevil enthusiast, always said this before heading off on his next adventure. He was the complete opposite of her, ready and willing to dive off a cliff-face, or parachute across a canyon—and Laya loved him for it. But she was different: pragmatic, regimented, devoted to her career and to supporting Cameron from the sidelines of his death-defying feats.

Opposites attract, right?

But when Cameron dies suddenly and tragically, all the stages of grief go out the window. Laya becomes lost in denial, living in the delusion that Cameron will come back to her. She begins posting on his Facebook page, reminiscing about their life together, and imagining new adventures for the two of them.

Micah Evans, a young and handsome architect at Laya’s father’s firm, is also stuck––paralyzed by the banal details of his career, his friendships, and his love life. He doesn’t know what he’s looking for, only that there is someone out there who can bring energy and spirit to the humdrum of his life.

When Micah discovers Laya’s tragic and bizarre Facebook posts, he’s determined to show Laya her life is still worth living. Leaving her anonymous gifts and notes, trying to recreate the sense of adventure she once shared with her late husband, Micah finds a new passion watching Laya come out of the darkness. And Laya finds a new joy in the experiences Micah has created for her.

But for Laya, letting another man in still feels like a betrayal to her late husband. Even though Micah may be everything she could wish for, she wonders if she deserves to find happiness again.

Written with Renée Carlino’s signature “tender and satisfying” (Taylor Jenkins Reid, author of Maybe in Another Life) prose, this warm and compassionate novel shows us how powerful the courage to love and live again truly is.

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Narrated by Avery Caris & Stephen Dexter

Audible: U.S | U.K | CAN | AUS

*~ *~ *~ *~ *~ *~ *

Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse at KFF

Carlino’s talent to spin a tale and convey her words with such style has always enthralled me, so it’s not difficult to imagine how excited I was when the publisher sent me the ARC via NetGalley.

I really wanted to like Leyla and it niggled me to bits that I didn’t connect with her until nearly the end of the story. I tried to put myself in her shoes in an attempt to understand why she reached out to a lost one the way she did. Logically, sorrow consumed her; however, it did seem a tad odd for someone in her profession to cling memories in such an obsessive manner. It all felt rather illusory to me.

I really liked Micah and gave this lovely guy ten out of ten for his steadfast patience. He set eyes on Leyla and that was that! She was the one he’d been dreaming of, like a sign to get out of the rut he’d got himself into and start anew. Even though he was on the receiving end of something confusing, he quickly became aware that specific boundaries weren’t to be crossed. Yet him pushing so subtly paid off to a certain degree. This gentle and compassionate man began to tap into Leyla’s subconsciousness, occasionally making her reflect on what could be, other times causing her deep distress.

You see, there’s a lot to be said about social media. You post, it’s read. Is this considered to be stalking? I can’t answer that because sometimes I like to check out what my authors are up to. Was Micah overstepping the mark by reading what Leyla uploaded? It is indeed food for thought. What she was doing showed me she’d hit rock bottom and rebuilding her life was the last thing on her mind.

It’s not until disaster struck that Leyla realized just how important Micah had become to her. Yet she still held back…hmm, I don’t think Micah’s twin sister helped here. Honestly, I would have run a mile, too. I often wondered if the wide berth Micah had given Leyla would backfire on him. It was her call, so he has no option but to play the waiting game. One thing is for sure. It was like a wake-up call for Leylah, and going back to her job meant putting things into perspective.

Carlino’s character development left me with my mouth wide open. How twins can be so different, how one can be so sensible and sensitive and the other…well, I honestly thought she’d got a screw loose. But one thing is for sure, neither can live without the other. I had an awful lot of trouble getting my head around some of the comments Micah’s sister made and not just to her brother. If it was her idea of playful banter, she lost me there.

Observing how Leylah overcame feelings of crippling emptiness and how she learnt to cope with her emotions…even when faced with a few home truths, didn’t make for easy reading. However, Carlino got home to this reader that hope and the will to carry on regardless is the key. The tone of the story changed three-quarters of the way in with some damn good dialogue lightening up the mood, and I have to say Pretzel, the dog, tickled me pink!


Renée Carlino is a screenwriter and bestselling author of contemporary women’s novels and new adult fiction. Her books have been featured in national publications, including USA TODAY, Huffington Post, Latina magazine, and Publisher’s Weekly. She lives in Southern California with her husband, two sons, and their sweet dog June. When she’s not at the beach with her boys or working on her next project, she likes to spend her time reading, going to concerts, and eating dark chocolate. Learn more at




We’re a Hurricane in the Making.

Today we are thrilled to be sharing S.L. Scott’s brand new romance,


Dare Marquis is a bad boy rock star with a body to match.Cocky.
Devilish good looks.
A voice that commands attention.

A night with him and no strings attached is just what I need. But he makes it impossible to not want more when he runs his hand through his dark, wild hair and smiles. One he only shares with me.

Weatherly Beck is an angel with a body made for sin.

Drop dead gorgeous.
Too good for any guy from the east side.

Her life is planned out, so I don’t have a right to step in and mess up her future. But when I look into her sapphire blue eyes and taste the innocence on her lips, I know we’re meant to be more than a one-night stand.

I want her to take a chance on me, to take a chance on us. She may not be a damsel in distress, but I Dare her to let me be her Hero.

Download your copy or read in KindleUnlimited

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GIVEAWAY – A Rock Star Bundle!

For a Chance to WIN a Rock Star Bundle including a $50 Amazon Gift Card, 3 Signed Rock Star Romances, The Resistance USB drive, Pen, Koozie, Bookmarks, Pin, and a Choose the Dare Bracelet, enter HERE


New York Times and USA Bestselling Author, S. L. Scott, was always interested in the arts. She grew up painting, writing poetry and short stories, and wiling her days away lost in a good book and the movies.

With a degree in Journalism, she continued her love of the written word by reading American authors like Salinger and Fitzgerald. She was intrigued by their flawed characters living in picture perfect worlds, but could still debate that the worlds those characters lived in were actually the flawed ones. This dynamic of leaving the reader invested in the words, inspired Scott to start writing with emotion while interjecting an underlying passion into her own stories.

Living in the capital of Texas with her family, Scott loves traveling and avocados, beaches, and cooking with her kids. She’s obsessed with epic romances and loves a good plot twist. She dreams of seeing one of her own books made into a movie one day as well as returning to Europe. Her favorite color is blue, but she likens it more toward the sky than the emotion. Her home is filled with the welcoming symbol of the pineapple and finds surfing a challenge though she likes to think she’s a pro.


Newsletter Website The Scott Scoop | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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