REVIEW                                                 CHASING MEMORIES by ELLIE WADE



TITLE: Chasing Memories

AUTHOR: Ellie Wade

RELEASED: 7th December, 2015

GENRE: Contemporary Romance







What if you found him, the one who was put on this earth for you? He was your perfect partner, your soul mate. Your life with him was more than you could have ever hoped for. The two of you created an amazing family full of so much love.

I did. And it was everything.

Then, one day, I woke up, and he was gone. They were all gone.

I can’t accept it. I’m stuck in a reality that isn’t mine, aching for the life I lost, one that made up the very fabric of my soul.

How do I find my future when my past won’t stop pulling me under? I’m drowning, struggling to breathe in this existence where nothing makes sense. It might be crazy, and I might be as well.

But if you’d experienced the joy of a once-in-a-lifetime love, you’d be chasing memories, too.


Kindle Friends 5 ★ Review by Donna Elsegood.

I always look forward to reading Ellie Wades books as they are full of angst and ultimately love and romance; however, this was something completely different to what I have ever read before.

Mia Chapman is due to marry her childhood sweetheart Grayson Strong. The day before, she experiences a tragedy which has life changing consequences. What her mind believes and what appears to be reality just doesn’t add up.

Quote: Mia ~ “My husband, Mom!” “Is he coming? Why isn’t he here? He should be here!”

Mia can’t fathom out why she has overwhelming feelings for a man called Aiden. He consumes and confuses her thoughts, but why is he in her head? What is happening to her? Struggling to connect to Grayson, I could feel her frustration, her fears. If my heart went out to her, it despaired for Grayson. What a fantastic character and although there were times I truly felt sorry for him, a part of me couldn’t help wondering if there was more to him. I really thought he’d be able to overcome such a complex situation unscathed; however, little did I realise what the author had in store for me.

I loved how this story skipped from what was her current life and the life she believed she shared with Aiden, the man who she thinks is her soul mate. The emotion I felt for Mia shows how Ellie can write something with so much feeling had me sympathising with the leading lady’s dilemma. Actually, I would go so far as saying that I envisaged myself in the same room as Mia wanting to help her uncover the truth. I couldn’t put this story down for a second as I was desperate to know where it would lead me. I asked myself, “Aiden, who are you?” Him constantly being in Mia’s mind only seemed to add to my distress. This has been a difficult review to write as everything I would like to mention would be a spoiler.

Aiden ~ “Hey, you’re flawless at everything. Don’t be jealous that I can pick apples better than you.”
Mia ~ “Number one, I’m not perfect at everything and you know it. Number two, give me a few tries, and I will pick apples better than you.”

The premise of the story is quite unique. An incomprehensible time-line of carefree fun which the two protagonists had together was for me, more than intriguing. The side characters were incorporated very well indeed and her sister Grace was a fabulous support. She believed what Mia was trying to prove and her two sisters together were nothing less than hilarious; as was her niece. Their mother loved them; nevertheless, she felt that Mia needed some kind of therapy fearing that what had happened to her would make her lose her mind.

Mia ~ “To me, this life feels like a dream. It’s familiar but shallow. The colors here aren’t vibrant, the emotions are dull, and the love is missing. It is a fond dream, containing some pleasant memories and people I love, but I’m dying to wake up. I’m fading…”

I must add my opinion regarding the cover. It is stunningly apt for such an amazing story which should be enough to entice any reader. But rest assured, this read with a difference has a twist or two which will undoubtedly keep you on your toes. Ellie never fails to surprise me. I adored the different angle this offering took. Kudos to the author. Everyone of her books always rivets and captivates me. In a nutshell; I remain a massive avid fan.



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Sensual woman kissing her husband


Sensual woman kissing her husband



Ellie Wade resides in southwest Michigan with her husband, three young children, and two dogs. She has a Master’s degree in education from Eastern Michigan University and is a huge University of Michigan sports fan. She loves the beauty of her home state, especially the lakes and the gorgeous autumn weather. When she is not writing, you will find her reading, snuggled up with her kids, or spending time with family and friends. She loves traveling and exploring new places with her family.



Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon Page | TSU | IG


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                                        BLOG TOUR                                                             MY LIFE AS I KNEW IT                                               by BRENDA THORNLOW


Title: My Life as I Knew It

Author: Brenda Thornlow

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Published: June 23rd, 2014




What would you do if you were sent back in time for some unknown reason? When Brianna wakes up this morning she will be faced with that very question. Brianna lives in New York with her husband, the love of her life, Greg. She’s happily married, has a great job, travels around the world and this year will be celebrating her birthday in style. Until the morning she wakes up in an apartment 3,000 miles from where she and Greg live, and seventeen years in the past! Returning to a life she hoped she would never have to think about ever again, much less relive!






I started writing at a very young age, mostly as an escape from the real world. It is something I have done on and off throughout my life, but never went so far as to actually try and get published.

I started my latest story, My Life As I Knew It, around 3 years ago. I was on a roll with it until I allowed life to get in the way. I am now officially picking up where I left off. It is the first book of a series on which I’m working.

I came up with the premise for this story while undergoing some pretty harsh challenges in my personal life. As mentioned before, I always liked writing as a means of escape. While going through these particularly tough times, I had a moment when I thought about what it would be like to go back in time and do certain things differently…which I’m sure almost everyone has thought about from time to time. I sat in front of my keyboard one morning, thought about what I would do if I had that chance and went from there.



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Title: The Ground Rules Rewritten

Series: The Ground Rules #2

Author: Roya Carmen

Release Date: 20th October, 2015

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Promoted by: Ardent Prose PR








Five simple rules. And it was very simple…until it wasn’t.

It could have been much worse. We weren’t thinking straight and had put everything on the line – risking our marriages. So when Weston ended the arrangement, it was for the best – for all of us. But I was still heartbroken. I thought I’d shatter into a million pieces. I didn’t, I survived. Not only did I survive, I came out stronger and ready to move on with my life.

But then…

Weston reaches out to me. With a few soft words, a gentle touch and a lingering gaze, he crumbles all my efforts.

Neither Gabe nor I want to start this again, and we are determined to fight the temptation. But Weston and Bridget are not taking no for an answer, and the pull between all of us is still so strong.

I tell myself I can handle it this time. This time, I am in the driver’s seat. This time, I am rewriting the ground rules.




Just Plain Dirty – Mirella and Gabe

He catches me staring and shoots me a playful smile. He knows exactly what I’m thinking. I walk over to the bedroom door and lock it – which is basically code for ‘let’s fuck…very quietly’.

He turns off the TV and slides to the edge of the bed, pulling me to him. “Tell me you didn’t fuck him.”

“I didn’t. I wouldn’t do that to you.”

He slides a hand under my tweed skirt. “But you wanted to. You wanted him.”

I grab his face and stare into his beautiful eyes. Words escape me.

He toys with my panties and presses his fingers against the cotton. I close my eyes. I’m already so aroused, and he’s barely touched me.

He teases. His stare is intense as he studies me intently – as if he’s trying to break through, to read my thoughts. He pulls at my panties, not taking his gaze off my face. I anticipate his next move. I want him so badly.

“Take them off,” I practically beg.

His smile is playful when he obliges. He doesn’t take his eyes off mine as he slides the cotton briefs slowly down my legs and over my feet. He kisses my knee, a soft peck.

His warm hand travels up the inside of my thigh. My breath catches when he reaches my sweet spot. He glides his fingers against my sex and I whimper at the sensation. His touch is so amazing.

His eyes close. A whisper of a growl escapes his mouth. “You’re so fucking wet, you dirty girl.”











~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~










Romance writer, mom, book junkie. I have been writing for over ten years, finding my passion for romance in 2008. When I’m not spending time with my family, I enjoy reading, painting, and writing – there is nothing I enjoy more than sitting down at my laptop and making up my own stories – and if those stories should include beautiful men, a little romance, and a few steamy scenes, all the better!



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                                    BLOG TOUR                                           DIRTY BAD STRANGERS by JADE WEST


TITLE: Dirty Bad Strangers (A Standalone Novel)

AUTHOR: Jade West

RELEASED: 21st September, 2015

GENRE: Erotic


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He calls me his dirty girl.

He’s just a caller, a sex line client, an anonymous pervert like all the others.

Except he isn’t.

He’s under my skin… his voice, his laugh, his twisted fantasies.

He wants to watch me with other men. Lots of other men.

He wants me blindfolded and bound and taken by strangers until I’m a used-up mess.

Then he wants to take me himself.

I should hang up, report him to my supervisor.

But I won’t. I can’t

because I want him, too.

Gemma Taylor was born to be a chatline operator. Her filthy mouth and a filthier imagination make her hot property on sex chat. The hours are great and the money’s even better. She’s onto a good thing; finding her feet in the big smoke of London with a couple of old school friends.

Until he calls.

The rules of chat-line are clear: no personal information, no breaches of confidentiality, and absolutely no other forms of communication of any kind.

So why is she giving him her number? Why the hell is she planning on blindfolding herself and leaving her door unlocked for him?

Gemma Taylor’s in deep.

And she’s about to get deeper.

Much, much deeper.

Warning: As with the other Dirties, this book is exactly what the title suggests. A filthy tale of unlikely romance, featuring group sex, bondage, and the usual kind of extremity readers have come to expect from the pen of Jade West. Definitely, definitely 18+. A strong disposition certainly a bonus.




(Nook users please contact to learn how you can purchase )




Kindle Friends Forever 5 ★ review by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall.

I really enjoyed Dirty Bad Wrong. I truly thought the storyline was original enough to leave its mark which, after seeing it up on the Best Erotic Read List on Amazon, was of no surprise to me. And at this very moment, it is number 16. I found the second book, Dirty Bad Savage, a little over the top; however, it was just as unputdownable as the first book. The third in this series; this one, has left me in awe of the author’s writing skills. She’s turned a size sixteen (English size folks), into a sexy, strong and independent woman. Curvaceous waistlines, shapely buttocks, generous thighs and well endowed breasts, are back. Believe you me when I say that The Birth of Venus by Botticelli is easily comparable with the leading lady’s voluptuous body. Many of us have a weight issues but after getting to know Gemma, aka Lucy, you’ll make your scales redundant!

What I loved about Gemma was her pride and her outshining inner-beauty. I respected and understood her honesty and sensibility regarding her privacy. This down to earth woman who works as a cyber-phone sex operator goes out of her way to shun the limelight. She can’t afford to be in it. I wish I could say the same thing for one of her supposed friends, which I might add, made me grind my teeth in frustration. This friend in question’s personality was extremely well developed and highlights the meaning of narcissism. If I had been physically able, I would have gladly trussed her up like a turkey! Her personality was so shallow, her words so degrading that my only wish was to have her selfishness thrown back in her face.

Quote: Chelsea ~  “Don’t you realise what it looks like for the rest of us? Our bubbly slutty friend burning up the dance floor?”

Gemma, for me, ruled. Her humour is belly-achingly fervent, but at the same time, my heart went out for her. Those laugh out loud moments I had were entwined with a feeling of utter sadness. In a plot that’s paced with such an ease, many a moral question arose! What would you do to satisfy you most intimate desires. How far would you go? Would you trust your instincts? Her decisions never made me think less of her.

Quote: Lucy ~ “I’ll never know you…” she breathed. “Never see you…you’ll always be a stranger… my dirty, bad stranger…”

Football, folks, is my passion. So when we have a star defender with the ripe old age of retirement, drop-dead gorgeous, but still on the ball, (excuse the pun), what do you expect me to say! With hair that beckons you to comb your fingers through, tatts and solid muscles in all the right places, how could I not fall for Jason. Not only that, as he is the captain of his team, he has a huge responsibility. Encouraging his team to play well reflects on his mood. Down and out, his team loses. Playing high on endorphins is a win win. This guy has got a lot on his plate. Meet his wife, April, and you’ll know what I mean. To say she wins the prize of bitchiness in my book would be putting it mildly.

Quote: Jason ~ “Hate is a very strong word, April. Mind your fucking tongue.”

The relationship Gemma and Jason have is a peculiar one. She’s damn good at her job and he is a frigging marvellous client. He speaks, she listens and vice versa. The outcome is pure dynamite. This is an extremely erotic read, the title extremely fitting, too! Say no more about that because you have to read it to comprehend that ‘strangers’ in this read is a keyword. But what makes this read a special one is love. Regardless of the explicitly described amorous and unconventional scenes, it is a mind-blowing read. HEA I had too, so I couldn’t possibly ask Ms West for more. Your secondary characters are marvellous in the respect that I either loved to love ’em or loved to hate ’em. The storyline is strong, the banter and vocabulary dirtier than dirty and I really found no fault in the grammar. Bravo to you. An excellent read.

“Lucy, whatever your name really is… tell me those two digits, or I swear to God I’ll try all ninety-nine combinations until I reach you, and I don’t give a fuck how many people I wake up at three a.m. to do it.”



Jade West is a contemporary erotic author, real life submissive, and former sex chat-line operator, who is plenty used to getting people all steamed up with her dirty mouth. Her debut release, Dirty Bad Wrong, smashed into the Amazon top 100 in February 2015, followed by Dirty Bad Savage in June – an Amazon top 100 bestseller in 4 countries. Dirty Bad Strangers, the latest tale of debauchery and unlikely romance, released September 19th.




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sins of sevin banner


Title: Sins of Sevin (A Standalone Novel)

Author: Penelope Ward

Release Date: 21st September, 2015

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover designed by: Abs Marketing

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sins of sevin cover




What happens when the one you want is the only one you can’t have?

My name is Sevin.

Homeschooled and sheltered by my ultra-religious family, I was always taught that lust was a sin.

Elle was the girl who’d been carefully chosen for me.

After a long-distance courtship, I’d be moving into her family’s guest house so that we could get to know each other in the months before the wedding.

Boundaries were set: no inappropriate touching, no kissing, no sex before marriage.

I’d accepted those rules and my fate.

Until I met the one I wanted to sin with.

That was when restraint became a problem…especially since THE ONE wasn’t Elle.

It was her sister, Evangeline.

You know what they say about best laid plans.

My name is Sevin, and I have sinned.

Told in alternating points of view, Sins of Sevin is a full-length standalone novel.

Contains graphic sexual content and harsh language.

Only appropriate for adult readers

age 18+.



Copyright © 2015 by Penelope Ward

He quietly followed me into the dining room, carrying the flatware. The tension in the air was thick as he walked behind me around the oval table, setting down silverware after each plate I’d put down. It was like some weird game of musical chairs where awkward silence replaced the music. The hairs on my back stiffened. We weren’t saying anything, but it was as if I could feel the weight of a thousand words along with the heat of his body so close behind me.

When I noticed he’d just put a fork where the spoon was supposed to go, I switched it. “The forks go on this side, actually.” My hand was shaking. I couldn’t believe how little control I had over myself.

Noticing my nerves, he suddenly placed his hand over mine and whispered, “Stop.”

Chills ran through me. My heart started to beat faster. My nipples hardened. I hated my body for responding to him with equal amounts of fear and lust.

I turned to him, his hand still over my knuckles. It felt like I couldn’t breathe as he just looked at me.

My mother’s footsteps caused Sevin to move his hand off mine with lightning speed.

Mama entered, and we continued setting the table as if our stolen moment hadn’t happened.




sins of sevin teasers 1

sins of sevin teasers 2




Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall


To say I was surprised at the beginning of this standalone novel would be putting it lightly as the storyline the author has created is innovative in its complexity. In this day and age, two people normally get married because they’re very much in love or maybe there’s even a child in question. Unless of course, it is forced or arranged. Something we don’t normally see in the western world. Even though this story touches upon these lines, two of the characters are quite willing to seal their vows in this sacred union. Both have their reasons which I had trouble coming to terms with; however, you really do need to read this beautifully written story to understand their stances.

Two issues which I didn’t take lightly in this read were religion and morality. Not only were my feelings put to the test throughout the read, but I also had my doubts as to whether or not either of the protagonists would be able to find light at the end of the tunnel. It was most certainly going to be an extremely hard and distressing ride for all.

Quote: Evangeline ~ “…I want to die knowing that I didn’t live in fear but that I lived life to the fullest with no regrets. I don’t want to feel guilty about being true to myself.”

Sevin Montgomery’s deceased father’s friend informs him of his father’s wishes. Out of the immense love and respect he had for him, he seriously considers taking up an offer. However, the chance for a new life has strings attached. And a very unconventional proposal it is, too. Although it saddens him to leave his step-brothers behind, there’s nothing else holding him back as his relationship with his highly religious step-mother had been strained for years. Before packing his bags, he meets his pretty wife-to-be, Elle, and a long distance courtship begins.

Quote: Elle ~ “…I truly believe becoming your wife is God’s will for me.”

Courting a naïve lass who, like him, had had a strict religious upbringing, meant Sevin would have to abide by Elle’s parents’ rules. Intimacy in any shape or form was out of bounds before tying the knot. Sevin is far from innocent. He’d sinned and he will again. And not with whom you think.

Quote: Evangeline ~ “Honestly? This. Right now. Being here…is my deepest darkest secret.”

Albeit unjustly painted rebellious by her parents, Evangeline has a beautiful soul and worries about hurting a certain member of her family. Riddled with guilt, this young woman fights against her desires, and well-knows that her feelings for someone who has already been taken is morally wrong. Yearning to be her own woman insofar as such an austere household allowed, made my connection with her deepen. Then we lose track of her, and I could only guess the worst. Not even her dearest friend, Adelaide, who she’d always confided in, knew of her whereabouts. What Evangeline considered to be correct, had disastrous results. And oh my god, did I have to grab for a man-size handkerchief tout de suite.

Quote: Sevin ~ “…I wish I f**king hated you, Evangeline. I’d give anything. I wish I could rid you from my heart, but you are my f**king heart.”

How could I not fall for Sevin! It was a pleasure observing him mature from a young adult to a man with a strong personality. How he coped with all the upheavals, made me weep for him. And when he finds solace in religion, I was taken aback considering everything he been through.

Quote: Sevin ~ “I’ll never forgive her.”
Adelaide ~ I’m not saying you should forget, but you need to ask God to help you forgive.”

From the very first moment they set eyes on each other, their attraction was—well, the only way that I can describe it is that I could feel the magnetism filter through the pages! An impossible love flourishes between Sevin and Evangeline and as I don’t won’t to spoil their story for you, I shall say no more about it. But what I will say is this. Although I really enjoyed this read, it only seemed to pick up the pace I needed about a third way in, but on reflection, perhaps I was a little too eager to get to the crux of matter. The occurrence of one tragedy after another left me utterly spent. It seemed that my broken-heart could take no more, but believe you me, I had to adhere to what would become my keyword, forgiveness. The bitter-sweet finale likened to one of Shakespeare’s dramas fast-forwarded in time. In fact, the epilogue was beyond my expectations. Beyond perfect. I loved both points of view told in past tenses; the faultless grammar and flowing dialogue. The secondary characters were extremely well-developed, Addy being my favourite. Masterfully written Ms Ward. Bravo!

Last word: I read this book twice before writing the review. Something I have never done before.








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Penelope WardPenelope Ward is a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author. She grew up in Boston with five older  brothers and spent most of her twenties as a television news anchor, before switching to a more family-friendly career. She is the proud mother of a beautiful 10-year-old girl with autism and a 9-year-old boy. Penelope and her family reside in Rhode Island.



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Stepbrother Dearest










Jake Undone (Jake #1)





My Skylar





Jake Understood (Jake #2)








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                                RELEASE BOOST                                         THE END GAME by Kathy McCarthy


Title: The End Game

Author: Kate McCarthy

Release Date: 8th September, 2015

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Age: New Adult

Hosted by Give Me Books Promotions






“Professional athletes are
pillars of their respective communities. They are heroes in the eyes of boys
and girls and are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that positively
represents their community.”

The public loves a good scandal. Seeing someone
fall from the pinnacle of success makes a great headline. No one knows that
better than I do. What started out as a promising career in college football,
spiraled into scandal and shame.

But being a hero is easier said then done.
Especially when there are those who expected to see the great Brody Madden
fail. I craved nothing except being the best—willing to do anything to prove
them wrong. But I went too far, and I tried too hard, and it broke me.

“At the time of going to print,
Jordan Elliott was unavailable for comment.”

I met Brody Madden in my senior year of college. An
Australian native on an international scholarship, I was the female soccer
sensation with stars in her eyes and no room for a hotshot wide receiver with a
chip on his shoulder.

But a heart bursting with ambition and a driving
fire to succeed isn’t made of stone. I became his strength, his obsession, and
the greatest love of his life. Only I wasn’t there when he needed me most.

This is a story about love and a game that takes
everything. Where the path to glory is paved with sacrifice. Where pressure
makes you, or breaks you, and triumph is born in the ashes of failure. Where
two people’s end game will change everything.



Purchase Links AMAZON US / UK / AU


KKF’s 4.5 ★ review

by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall

My first impression was the style of writing the author has used. In present tense, first person and told from both protagonists’ points of view most definitely impressed me. Apart from these details which I value highly, was the incredible dialogue shared by all the characters. I also really appreciated the author’s foreword explaining why she had used the lingo she had. As an avid reader, I often find this issue frustrating. In Rome do as the Romans do but up to a certain point. There is nothing worse than a Brit speaking with American jargon and vice versa; in this case Australian, her preference being American English with some gem expressions from Down Under were more than I could have asked for. Ms McCarthy outdid herself in this respect, and there wasn’t one moment when her vocabulary strategy irritated me. Far from it! Its usage is rich in a story that flows faster than fast. My second impression was a foreboding feeling I had which was uncannily camouflaged in exceptional banter and one-liners that not only creased me up, but also left me in awe of this author and her leading personas. I was for a while, quite mistaken regarding what I thought was a foreseeable development of the story; never in a million years was I ready for an omnishambles on such a force ten scale either.

Quote ~ Jordan: “You need to trust that I’m doing the right thing.”

Even though I would have gladly jumped into my Kindle and given Brody a bunch of fives at one crucial moment in the story, I’d already fallen head of heels for him. Yeah, he’s irresistible! I really thought he was big-headed, but my unfounded opinion of him was blown to the wind when I learnt of his handicap, the bullying he had to endure, his learning capabilities which were holding him back, and the broken and insecure man he was. Brody is the best at what he does. Playing football, American football, is his life, his love. On the field, his technique and enthusiasm reflects on all the team. He plays well, his team mates do too. He plays badly, the team lose. His responsibility weighs heavily on him, more so because he has never had anyone, not even his family, to back him up or give him encouragement. In a nutshell, this guy broke my damn heart. I cried, sobbed and couldn’t believe that folk so close to him were able to do so much damage, be so cruel.

Quote ~ Brody’s father: “Is that what you want? For me to smack some manners into your sorry ass? We’ve given you everything. Everything!”

There is light in this story in the name of Jordan Elliott. This Australian beauty is so unpretentious that you can’t help but adore her. Quick witted, feisty and doesn’t have the time or inclination for fooling around but in the same instance, gives someone dear to her the benefit of the doubt…until she cracks. Yes, I found her personality a tad contrasting; nevertheless, by reading the story, you will understand why she is like she is. Intelligent and hard-working, she has earned her place in a federated soccer team in a uni in Austin, Texas through pure and utter determination.

Quote ~ Jordan: “I’m not a social butterfly. I’m a reluctant caterpillar in the corner. It’s awkward.”

Circumstances determine that two contrasting young people who should never have rubbed shoulders, do. Giving a helping hand to an alumni who is having trouble with his grades was the last thing Jordan needed with an agenda bursting at the seams. Despite all the hurdles, some of which are damaging to both their health and spirit, she tries her best, she tries to give this person confidence, and she becomes a fountain of undeniable love. I truly thought that it would be shattered to smithereens but it just goes to show one that love can move mountains!

Quote ~ Brody: “You can be anywhere, Jordan. Home will follow you if you follow your heart.”

Now let’s get down to what makes a good read exceptional. To my way of thinking, a plus was the hardly expected arousing scenes one wouldn’t expect in a read of this calibre. The sexual desire between Jordan and Brody was off limits; beautiful, tender and aggressively painted when asked for. I salute the author for this as they were written in an extremely tasteful manner. The secondary characters are just as well developed as the leading ones, and I have no doubt that if you do one-click which I highly recommend, one or two of them will bring your claws out. Who merits a mention is Jordan’s room-soccer-mate, Leah. She’s got Jordan’s back throughout one turmoil after another and I loved her. There is a moral to this story though. The pressure professional sportsmen and women have to endure has been well-explained and puts everything into perspective. Do you want a happy ending? Read to find out whether or not these two gorgeous, young and ambitiously driven folk find it. Bravo to you Ms McCarthy!

The below just knocked me backwards.

I fight to win
To conquer
I will persevere
and use my fear
And with the grace of God
I will triumph
over failure
Beneath defeat
And I will


Shutting the door, I walk up the slight incline behind Brody. He sits down at the top of the crest and pats the grassy spot beside him.

“You didn’t mention this part when you explained our date.”

“I can’t give away all my secrets now, can I?”

The grass is a thick blanket on the ground and when I stretch out flat, the rich, earthy scent of soil sweeps over me. My eyes lift to the sky and that’s when I get it. It’s perfectly clear and millions of stars are scattered diamonds twinkling above us—bright and magical.

“Besides,” Brody adds as he lies down beside me and sweeps out his arm, encompassing all of it. “How do you explain that?”

He’s right. You can’t. “It’s beautiful.”

“Is this what the stars are like for you back home?”

“No. Back home it’s different.”

“Different how?”

Homesickness swamps me. As beautiful as Texas is, it’s not Australia. Somehow the stars are always brighter where you belong. “Because there’s no place like home.”

“You’re wrong.”

I turn my head and stare at Brody. He’s not looking at me. His head is tilted toward the sky, eyes riveted on the beauty above him. My gaze follows the line of his profile. From the curl of his hair to the perfect line of his nose, down to the mouth I want kissing me right this very instant.

“Home’s not a place where you live. It’s a feeling.” His hand nudges my own. An invitation. I twine my fingers with his and he squeezes them lightly. “Whether it’s where you are, like the football field, or who you’re with.” Brody turns his head, looking at me when he says that. It’s comforting because it unites us somehow, like it’s slowly becoming us against the world. “You can be anywhere, Jordan. Home will follow you if you follow your heart.”

My breath hitches from the beautiful simplicity of his words. Before I can talk myself out of it, I roll over and straddle him. My knees hug his hips, and he stares up at me from my seated position. My pulse pounds a heavy beat in the silence. Thump, thump, thump. It’s so loud in my ears I’m sure he can hear it.

“Show me,” I breathe. A gleam lights his dark eyes, and he sucks his lower lip inside his mouth. He knows what I’m asking, but I spell it out anyway. “Show me one of those wicked things.”

In a move that steals the air from my lungs, he takes both my hands and pulls me down against the broad width of his chest. I’m rolled over and underneath him before I can blink. The squirm in my hips is instinctive, the ache between my thighs relentless.

“Careful what you ask for,” Brody says roughly, every exquisite inch of his body pressing down on mine.


His lips curve. “Because when I give it to you, it won’t be enough.”

My fingers trail down the side of his face, grazing the firm jaw, cupping his cheek in my palm. Foreboding swamps me. I’m falling hard into uncharted territory, and all I see is a broken mess at the end. How is this going to end well for either of us?

“You’re an arrogant man, Brody Madden,” I whisper.

He brings his face to mine, so close I see the brilliant gold in his eyes, like flecks of light in the dark. “And you, Jordan Elliott, will be the woman who brings me to my knees,” he whispers against my lips.

“Show me,” I beg on a shaky breath.

Brody’s lashes lower and he presses a kiss to the corner of my mouth. I tilt my chin upwards, inviting more. Rather than take my lips like I ache for him to do, he shifts sideways and begins nipping at my jaw. His breath is a rasp when he reaches my earlobe, taking it between his teeth. A sharp pinch from his bite forces a whimper from my throat.

“More?” he asks, drawing back to look at me.

“Is that even a real question?”

Brody chuckles as I slide my hand up and around his nape, dragging his mouth down to mine. He groans and kisses me gently, once, and then twice.

“Brody,” I whisper, and he kisses me again, forcing my mouth open hard like he can’t hold himself in check anymore. My hair is loose and he fists chunks of it in both hands while his tongue rubs against mine, hot and aggressive. It’s almost too much, and when I jerk away I’m left gasping.

Brody doesn’t pause. He ducks his head to my neck, his tongue tasting its way down. He finds my pulse point and sucks. It’s fierce and my back arches involuntarily. His mouth shifts further down, moving on before he leaves a mark.

Sitting up, he takes the neckline of my dress in both hands. Five dainty buttons hold it together. A single wrench will rip the flimsy fabric in two. He pauses and looks at me, inhaling raggedly. “Jordan … I don’t want to ruin it.”

My brow furrows. I glance to the hands poised on my dress. They’re tense, veins straining under his skin. My head is lost in a fog when my gaze returns to his face. “Ruin my dress?”

Brody groans, a deep sound of regret and frustration. “Us.”

“You don’t want to ruin us?”

He draws his hands away from the neckline of my dress. “No.”

“How would you do that?”

“I don’t know. I just get this feeling I’m going to.” He shifts away, moving off me and rolling to his back. I turn my head. Brody’s gaze is back on the stars. I watch his throat work as he swallows, the pulse in his neck pounding visibly. “All I’ve ever wanted is to be the best. Whatever it takes. I’ll do anything. That’s how I’ll ruin us, Jordan. How can something so sweet survive a sentiment so dark?”

I roll to my side, holding my head in my hand. Cupping his face with the other, I nudge gently until he’s looking at me. “I won’t let you.”

Brody’s voice is urgent, his eyes fierce. “Promise me.”

I can’t shake the apprehension. It’s set in my bones and when I speak it feels like a lie. “I promise.”


Author Bio


Kate McCarthy is an Australian, living in the pretty sunshine state of
Queensland with her two kids and two dogs, Rufus and Pete.

She loves to bake sweet stuff and eat it too. With an exciting degree in business, she works as an accountant by day, and an author by night. In between family life, she is most often found in bed reading, or at the beach, still reading.

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Title: September – The Series

Series: Sins of September & When September Ends

Author: Andrea Smith writing as Graysen Blue

Release Date: 11th August, 2015

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Age: New Adult

Hosted by Joandisalovebooks






I’m no angel. I never was. But when Mama left us just short of my fourteenth birthday, any chance of me becoming angelic flew out the window. 

My step-father, Jesse, had been the only ‘father-figure’ in my life from the time I was six years-old, but all that came to an end when Mama left. I was sent to live with my grandparents in another state; my half-sister, Scout, remained with Jesse, her daddy. And my world had crashed around me. 

Fast-forward four years. I’m almost eighteen and a somewhat normal teenage girl who’s curious about her sexuality, and determined to find someone like my Mama had – but hadn’t appreciated. As luck would have it, my stepfather wants me to spend the summer going into my senior year in Arkansas with them. He needs me to take care of my little sister, Scout over the summer. 

Four years have changed both Jesse and me in ways we hadn’t considered. It isn’t long before I encounter the obstacles involved in getting what it is I really want: Jesse Ryan. 

Complications follow, and I learn more than I ever anticipated that summer, not only about myself and my sexuality, but also about being true to myself, and putting others that I love first. 






This book is the sequel to “Sins of September.”


My name is Jesse Ryan. I’m thirty, single (not officially divorced) but that’s a long story. Up until the summer of 2010, I was doing just fine raising my only child, Scout. I’m a construction worker in Fort Smith, AK. But that summer I needed some help with Scout. So that’s when I sent for my 17-year-old stepdaughter—and Scout’s half-sister, September. She has been living with her grandparents in Mississippi ever since her mother—and my estranged wife, Libby, had taken off on all of us years prior.


September turned out to be a very resourceful young woman, effectively ambushing my first budding romance since her mother had left us. But she didn’t stop there. Shortly after her 18th birthday, I found myself inexplicably drawn to her. Yeah, I get that there’s a twelve year age difference, but despite my better judgement and solid resolve, the heart wants what the heart wants.


Up until now, we have kept our relationship discreet, planning our future together. I’m preparing to start my own business, and September is preparing to start her freshman year of college. Then we get . . . the news.  And everything we’ve been planning is suddenly and inexplicably torn from us.


After more than five years without a word, my estranged wife, Libby, resurfaces. She had been seriously injured and now suffers from total amnesia. She doesn’t remember any of us.


Now decisions need to be made, and everyone looks to me to be the one to make them. But how can I make a decision that will be in everyone’s best interest?

Mature Content. 18+



Reviewed by Rachel McEwan & Sharon Thérèse Nuttall


Southern drawl, the point of view from a heroine you’d rather not cross with and a leading man too gullible for his own good. The scene is set in Sins of September of which is not only an eye-opener for what is morally wrong, but also makes you sit back and ponder about the fact that love has no limitations regardless of age or status in the family hierarchy. It is obvious to see that the author has gone to great lengths to get her message across to her readers. What would you do when you fall for a person totally unsuitable under circumstances mapped out over a long period of years? A schoolgirl crush comes into the equation as she has no-one to guide her and much to our consternation, the gal in question goes out of her way to get her own way. And does she know how to pull it off. Brilliantly!

Quote: September ~ “He’s perfect for the mission, which I have dubbed: Operation Cherry Picker.”

September. She wasn’t even in her teens when her mother marries a much younger man. And actually, she wasn’t such a bad-ass since she loves her little step-sister unconditionally throughout all the upheavals, most of them of her own making. Forced to go and live with her grandparents, time goes by and decisions are made. The wrong ones we might add. However, at all times we were aware of what was on September’s mind. Going back to her home to look after Scout and help out in the house without a mother figure was like opening Pandora’s box. At one point, we were messaging each other calling her unprintable names, conniving b*tch being one of them. Yes, the author developed her female character to a tee with a capital letter. What caught our attention was September’s hindsight for her years. She’s a good student and helps in every aspect at home. In a nutshell, she make herself indispensable in all ways and very gradually becomes a fledged woman in her own right. And not by who one thinks either!

Quote: Jesse ~ “God, September—I fucking don’t know what the hell got into me.”

Jesse. Logically, we understand how distraught any husband would feel when their wife who they adore abandons the family without any explanation. But he’s made of tough stuff, and pulls himself together as well as he can and gets on with life by working long hours to make a better life for his daughters. Never was he ready for the ‘Jezebel’ of a step-daughter he had and regardless of whether it was all wrong, he succumbs to September’s enchantment. This guy was just too adorable to get irritated with him, but finding out the truth about his ex puts a spanner in the works for both of them.

Quote: Henry, September’s grandfather ~ “It’s sick. September’s too young to know how evil this is and to fully understand the depravity of the situation.”

The epilogue was exactly what we had been waiting for. We found out how Jesse felt about the omnishambles him and his the family were going through. A cliffy, of course, there is. Faultlessly written, Ms. Smith has endeavoured to touch a subject which for most of us, is shocking. By inserting many twists and turns in this read, we were kept on our toes causing us a whole lot of conflictive feelings, one of them being the absence of romance; then again, this is a raw read so don’t expect it to be a bed of roses. Now we’re going to talk about When September Ends. Certainly, the title sounds ominous… nevertheless, being inquisitive as we are, we read on.

Quote: September ~ “My instincts tell me I should refuse himforce him to talk to me in a language that I can understand, but my body has other plans.”

We found the pace of new developments in the second story much more to our liking. We’d learnt in book one that the appearance of someone dear to all the family would put a spanner in the works. This causes a huge set-back in Jesse and September’s relationship, but Jesse is no longer the man he once was, and we have to say that we found the change in him welcoming. Always hardworking, he ventures into the business world and wakes up to the fact that he hadn’t treated September as he should have. Is it too late because September has ideas of her own? She has matured into a beautiful woman, has her own battles to fight… We did find September a little immature in the first book but she grew up immeasurably in book 2 which we made our feelings towards her more sympathetic.

Quote: September ~ “Don’t make me lie to you, Jesse.”

It was refreshing to read both sides of the story in When September ends. Both protagonists try to move on in life and come to terms with the mistakes they’ve made. Mind you, Jesse’s next door neighbour who you’re going to love to hate, is going to go out of her way to complicate matters more. Scout, September’s half-sister is just adorable. We must say she was our favourite character in this series and stole the show on many occasions with her kindness and adaptability for such a young child.

Quote: September ~ “Is speaking the truth blasphemy, Gram? Because there was a time when my dishonesty seemed like a sin.”

In conclusion, we both very much enjoyed this series. In our opinion we think the step father/brother genre is maybe a little over done; however, if this is your kind of read then this series is an excellent choice. Ms Smith can certainly write a very well-constructed story and also her use of grammar is impeccable. We understand from the author that she had no intention of writing the second book, When September Ends, but wow, are we glad she did as September’s and Jesse’s story didn’t feel complete!




“You might’ve turned eighteen, but I’m still the adult here. If I wanna sit in my own house and get fucking hammered for once, then by God I will do just that! I don’t need a teenager watching over me. She’s my wife, goddamit!

And she’s my mother!” I scream. “And she fucking left the both of us! Remember?”

Hell yes I remember.”

So that’s it? What? I mean are you gonna go through the rest of your life holding onto something—to someone—whether she’s dead or alive, that makes you feel the way you feel right this damn minute?”

I look into his eyes because I want to hear it from him. I want to know why he feels the need to punish himself for what she did.

He takes another sip of his beer, and shrugs. “Shit, maybe so. Maybe it’s what I deserve for not being enough, and not letting her be enough for herself.”

I have no clue as to what he means by that. I simply throw out a retort for good measure. “That’s weak,” I mumble. “Pathetic and weak.”

I start to get off the couch so that I can get away from his drunken ass. I can take almost anything except self-pity or self-loathing. I’ve no tolerance for it.

His hand clamps around my wrist and I’m jerked back around to face him as he stands, pulling me up against him roughly. “What did you say?” he growls.

I-I think you’re acting weak,” I mumble, losing a bit of my courage.

He cocks a brow as he studies me intently. “What would you know about loveor life or any of it?”

Maybe more than you think,” I reply softly, looking up at his beautiful, angry face, meeting his cool gaze with one of my own. Our conflicted eyes lock, and when they do, something passes between us; like a spark or something, and all I can think is that it’s about damn time.

He pulls me closer. I wrap my arms around his strong neck, and tilt my face back a bit to give him ample access because this will happen. I’ve decided that.

He captures my mouth with his roughly—almost savagely, but I don’t care. “Fuck you look so much like her,” he growls, “I need to see if you taste like her too.”

Do it,” I dare.



“Have you learned your lesson?” he asks.

I moan in response. My mind reverts back to the total pleasure he’s inflicting within my core with each and every thrust.

“We’ve got to be quiet, September. We can’t wake Scout, hear?”

“Are you ready to learn something new, September?”

He placed his hands on each of my shoulders, and gently pressed me down. “On your knees, woman.”

“I’ve missed you, September. You’re not leaving me,” he whispers hoarsely before moving downward, his tongue tracing a hot path across my belly, his fingers plucking at my panties, moving them down over my hips, so that he has full access to my heat.

“Then you’re mine?” he asks, and I can’t think of any better way that he could’ve put that question.

I feel his tongue tracing the shell of my ear, his warm breath caressing my skin. He nips at my lobe, and whispers, “I’ve thought about this all fucking day. About being inside of you, claiming what is mine.”

“Fuck September,” he growls loudly, “Where the hell are your panties?”

“You bastard,” he hisses, standing up as if he’s going to take me on. “What have you done? Seduced my granddaughter? She’s a child for heaven’s sake!”








“How can you say that?” he asks, moving closer to me, “Have I ever treated you like some dirty little secret? I fucking love you! How many times did you hear those words from my mouth?”

And then it’s my turn to flash some anger his way because that’s exactly how he made me feel when he allowed too much time to pass without showing me his love with his actions and not just his words.

I face him squarely. “How many times did you and I go out in public, Jesse? Huh? Out to dinner or to a movie, like the way you treated Casey when you were dating her? Or maybe a weekend getaway, or, hell, maybe just cluing Scout in like you promised months ago? Yeah, you think about that and then tell me how I wasn’t your dirty little secret.”

His eyes flare as he looks at me, leaning forward and placing his coffee mug next to mine on the table. “I’m here to discuss this current situation with you, September. We didn’t get that chance yesterday, with everything happening so quickly.”

“There’s nothing to discuss,” I reply getting up and moving over to the loveseat. I lower myself down next to him and, immediately, I feel my sex clench at his nearness. I need Jesse to not talk. There’s nothing he can say that I want to hear right now–maybe ever. “Mama’s coming home. I always knew you didn’t really belong to me, but she’s not here yet,” I finish, my hands moving to the crotch of his jeans where I can see that he’s got a semi going on. “Let’s fuck, Jesse. It’s our last chance.”

His blue eyes have darkened, and I see his Adam’s apple bob as he swallows, “Baby, that’s not why I’m here,” he argues softly, but he makes no move to remove my hand that is now rubbing the growing bulge in his jeans, and then my fingers pluck at the tip of his cock, and he releases a soft groan. “September…”

“Shh,” I purr, leaning in to him, breathing in his scent, the one that will forever be ingrained in my brain. It’s the smell of soap and a trace of woodsy pine in the mix. It makes my belly tingle, and my eyes are now focused on his mouth, his full sensual lips, and as he flicks his tongue along the bottom one.

Seconds later, we’re melded together in a passionate kiss, both of us hungry for what we know, and what we’ve denied ourselves for too damn long. I won’t deny Jesse this any longer, nor will I deny myself.












Andrea Smith is a USA Today Best-Selling Author.

She self-publishes Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, and Sensual Romance with a paranormal twist. She also writes New Adult Romance under the pseudonym of Graysen Blue.


Here is a listing of her published fiction to date:
Baby Series (Contemporary Romance/Suspense w/erotic tone)
Maybe Baby
Baby Love
Be My Baby
Baby Come Back (Novella)
G-Man Series (Contemporary Romance/Suspense w/erotic tone)
Diamond Girl
Love Plus One
Night Moves
G-Men Holiday Wrap (Novella)
These Men (Spin-off) Part of the BEND anthology.
Past Tense Future Perfect (Baby Series Boxed Set trilogy, e-book only.)
Limbo Series (Contemporary Steamy Romance w/paranormal edge)
Silent Whisper
Clouds in my Coffee  
September Series (New Adult)
Sins of September
When September Ends
M/M Romance
Black Balled (Co-Authored with Eva LeNoir)
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