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Title: Released

Author: Shay Savage

Series: Caged #3

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: August 25th, 2015




released synopsis


Oblivion is a sweet, sweet place.

No pain. No disturbing thoughts of the past. No guilt from my recent actions.

Deep down, there is still a part of me that knows how screwed up I am. I don’t see a way out, not now. Tria’s gone, and the possibility of her forgiving me in my current state is exactly zero. I know I have to pull myself together, accept my responsibilities, and try to make amends, but I have no idea where to start.

No job. No apartment. I’m living on the streets with the other junkies. As little as I had to offer Tria before, I have nothing to give her now. The only way out is to come clean and tell Tria the truth about my past, but the idea of reliving the memories is so painful, I can’t think about it long enough to figure out a solution.

I’ve hit rock bottom, and I don’t even know which way is up any more.










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released excerpt


I watched Yolanda walk out of the cage.  Apparently, I kept looking in her direction too long.  I took a blow to the head before I realized the fight had started.

I stumbled back, shook my head, and regained my footing.  I raised my fists up in front of my face, and danced lightly on my toes, waiting for his next move.  We circled slowly, jabbing but not finding our marks.  My head swam again.

I needed to put an end to this.  I needed to get it over with so I could take my winnings and get more smack.  I had come down too hard and too fast.  I had to get straight again.

I rushed him, striking out with my right and then my left.  I took an elbow to the face, and felt my neck snap back.

The next thing I knew, I was on my back, and the guy was straddling my chest.  I registered my head being thrown from side to side with punches, but I couldn’t focus enough to get him off me.  I jabbed at his sides, but it was ineffective.

With my head spinning, I slammed my hand against the ground three times.

“Woo hoo!”  The challenger jumped off of me and started running around the small cage.

I could hear cheers, boos, and people screaming at me, but I couldn’t comprehend the words.  I rolled over and pushed myself up before stumbling out of the cage.

“Jesus, Liam!”  Back in the locker room, Yolanda fussed around the cut over my eye and my bloody lip as I tried to push her hands away and get my jeans back on.  “What the hell is wrong with you tonight?”

“Just forget it!” I yelled.  “I need to get going.”

“Oh yeah?  Why’s that?  You got nothing waiting for you at home.”

I pulled my shoulders close together and bit down on the pad of my thumb.  I didn’t remember telling Yolanda about Tria leaving, but apparently I had.  I was afraid to open my mouth now.  I tensed every muscle to keep myself from trembling.  If Yolanda noticed, she’d figure out why.

If she figured it out, she’d stop me.

Is that such a bad thing?

Yes, most definitely.

I couldn’t risk it.  I couldn’t have Yolanda knowing what I was doing and dragging me somewhere to clean up.  She would take back the cash she’d just given me, and I’d be royally fucked.  I couldn’t let that happen.

“I gotta go,” I said again.  I shouldered past her and out the door, ignoring her calls after me.  I didn’t stop at the bar or acknowledge the fans around me as I left.

I took the cash I’d earned to Max and traded it for all the heroin I could get.  I returned to my apartment and banged up.


Everything was perfect.


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TAKEDOWN TEAGUE (Book One) Caged Series

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TRAPPED (Book Two) Caged Series

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SHAY SAVAGEShay Savage lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her family and a variety of household pets.  She is an accomplished public speaker, and holds the rank of Distinguished Toastmaster from Toastmasters International.  When not writing, she enjoys science fiction movies, masquerading as a zombie, is a HUGE Star Wars fan, and member of the 501st Legion of Stormtroopers.  When the geek fun runs out, she also loves off-roading in her jeep, and soccer in any and all forms – especially the Columbus Crew, Arsenal and Bayern Munich.  Savage holds a degree in psychology, and she brings a lot of that knowledge into the characters within her stories.



She’d love to hear from you!

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                            RELEASE DAY BLITZ         ILLUSIVE (Storm MC Series) by NINA LEVINE

BOOK SIX IN THE BESTSELLING STORM MC SERIES by Nina Levine is LIVE!!! Check out this steamy excerpt, pick up your copy and don’t forget to enter the giveaway! Happy Release Day!
Illusive (Storm MC Series) by Nina Levine




He’s been burnt by love.  


Griff Hawkins keeps his pain locked away and the ghosts of his past buried even deeper. Three years ago, he chose the Storm MC as his family and accepted the ways of their violent world. These days, he lives his life with one rule – don’t get attached to anyone but his club.


She longs to be loved.


Sophia Barnes aches to know real love, and lives her life with arms wide open, ready to embrace the possibilities that come her way.

When Griff’s past is exposed and his place in the club is jeopardised, he fights for his family the only way he knows how, regardless of the consequences.  That is, until he meets the woman who brings him to his knees, giving him something to lose.


Can they teach each other to leave the sins of the past behind or will Griff’s demons dictate their future?





His strokes were slow and rhythmic, designed to work a woman to a crazed state. I should know because he was slowly taking me there. He didn’t want me to come yet, but that was getting harder and harder with each new round of pleasure. Each time a wave crashed over me, my muscles threatened to let my body collapse onto the bed. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could hold myself up.

And not to reach out and touch him? That was a whole other level of how-the-fuck-will-I-make-it-through-this?

He pushed another finger inside so I now had two delivering me heaven. I writhed under his touch, my muscles seriously beginning to tire. My eyes squeezed close and my fingers curled into a ball, wanting desperately to cling to something, but unable to latch onto anything the way they were tied. The orgasm that continually tried to shatter me, moved dangerously close until it reached the point where I thought I could no longer fight it.

“Griff, I can’t…I can’t do this anymore.” I panted as my muscles gave way and my body dropped to the bed.

His fingers left me, and in what felt like a split second, he had me flipped onto my stomach, and he’d moved so his knees were on the bed, either side of my legs. One of his hands landed on the bed beside me while he placed the other one on my back. He growled into my ear, “Do you know what happens when you don’t obey me, Sophia?”
My breathing had turned into pants and my muscles were screaming at me, all while my pussy pulsed with need. “No,” I managed to get out, even though I struggled to form a thought while my mind tried to deal with all my senses at once.

“When you don’t do as I say, I get to punish you, in any way I want.”




KINDLE FRIENDS FOREVER 5 ★ Review by Claire Rose


Wow… just wow! I read and review a lot of MC books, but this one has me thinking I need a Griff! Ladies, this is the type of novel that will pull on those heartstrings and make you fall in love with both characters. I loved it. Nina has done it again.

Griff. Pure, raw alpha male biker who lost everything growing up then as an adult, got crushed by a woman so bad he has no faith in women at all. He is also hiding a secret as to why he came into the MC world; one that he knows could get him thrown out. It’s Christmas in this novel and Griff is dealing with demons from his past, so he does what he does best. Drink, drink and more drink. Then he receives a phone call from a cousin that makes him angry as his identity could come out. While visiting an aunt, he meets her next door neighbour Sophia, who gets his interest but at the same time, he pushes her away. He knows he is no good for her, wants just one night but one look at her and he knows she’s not a one night girl.

Sophia is an independent woman who has no family; however, she found her stepsister six months ago. She’s also dealing with a past that no child should have gone through, and all she wants is to be loved and cared for. I really connected with her here and I knew that when she fell instantly for Griff, it wouldn’t be without its complications. Emotions run high for both of them and after making a short-standing agreement of sorts, things go from complicated to a heart-rending level causing her feelings of rejection. She is told by someone to do something about it which she does. Griff has never had a woman do what she did; he’s not himself and she can read the hurt, pain and anger he’s holding back. Things come to a head when Sophia tells him…

Sophie ~ “Let me be who you need.”

She then meets the real Griff. With a new relationship starting between them, the MC club is in uproar as trouble is brewing when it becomes clear a member of Storm is betraying them. Does Griff stop struggling to hide his past and can he come to terms with it? Sophia is still struggling with hers because a blast from her past throws her through the loop. Can these two people who have so much baggage, who are so broken, come together? Even stay together and get their HEA? And what will happen to the club? Read it and find out.

As per usual, Ms Levine’s writing is impeccable. I have to say reading it made me tear up a few times and I laughed quite a bit, too. The story gripped me from from page one and kept me going until the early hours. I can’t wait for the next one. Well done!




#2 FIERCE (Scott & Harlow) – OUT NOW

#3 BLAZE (Jason & Madison) – OUT NOW

#4 REVIVE (Nash & Velvet) – OUT NOW

#5 SLAY (Blade) – OUT NOW


#6 ILLUSIVE (Griff) – Releasing August 25th

#7 COMMAND (Scott & Harlow) – Releasing October 19th 2015



NIna Levine Profile Pic


USA Today Bestselling Author Nina Levine, is an Aussie author who writes stories about alpha men and the strong, independent women they love.

When she isn’t creating with words, she loves to create with paint and paper. Often though, she can be found curled up with a good book and some chocolate.


I love to chat with readers of my books so please visit me or contact me here:



To celebrate the release of ILLUSIVE, I am giving away a signed copy of ILLUSIVE and a Limited Edition Storm MC Swag Pack.

Open Internationally. 

Good Luck xx

                                        EXCERPT                                             THE SHADOW by SYLVAIN REYNARD



TITLE: The Shadow

SERIES: Florentine Series

AUTHOR: Sylvain Reynard

RELEASE  DATE: 2nd February, 2016


SOLD BY: Penguin Group




From the New York Times bestselling author of the Gabriel trilogy comes the hotly anticipated follow-up to The Raven, a sensual novel set in Florence featuring the dangerously intoxicating coupling of Raven and William…



Raven Wood’s vampyre prince has returned, pledging his love and promising justice for every wrong done to her. In the wake of their reunion, Raven is faced with a terrible decision—allow the Prince to wreak vengeance against the demons of her past, or persuade him to stay his hand. But there is far more at stake than Raven’s heart…

A shadow has fallen over the city of Florence. Ispettor Batelli will not rest until he uncovers Raven’s connection to the theft of the priceless art from the Uffizi Gallery. And while the Prince hunts a traitor who sabotages him at every turn, he finds himself the target of the vampyres’ mortal enemy.

As he wages a war on two fronts, he will need to keep his love for Raven secret, or risk exposing his greatest weakness…



Raven watched as William efficiently disrobed, neatly folding every article of black clothing (with the exception of underwear, which he never wore), and placing it on the vanity.

She brushed imaginary lint from her dress as he stood in front of her, naked.

He was under six feet in height, his body lean and strong. Raven took a moment to appreciate the definition of his muscled chest and abdomen, and the strong cast to his thighs.  Not even a statue carved by the most talented sculptor could create a being with so much perfection.

His face put her in mind of an angel with intense, gray eyes that now looked at her expectantly.

She hid her face.  “You said you loved me.”

“I did. What’s more, I meant it.”

“Love is a peculiar thing. I’ve seen it. I’ve even cheered for it. But I never believed it was for me.”

“Why shouldn’t a beautiful, fierce young woman hope for love?”

“Because, as you put it, human beings are shallow.”

“Love is deep.” His rich voice echoed in the bathroom.

“Love is having the power to destroy another person.”

William stepped closer.  “Are you afraid of being destroyed?”

“Destroyed, consumed, betrayed.” She fidgeted with the neckline of her gown.

William placed his hand over hers, stilling it.  “Love creates; it doesn’t destroy.”

His lips found the place where her neck met her shoulder. He kissed her leisurely, tracing the path of her bared collarbone with his mouth.

His fingers brushed her zipper.  “Let me.”

He undid her dress, dropping it to the marble tiles.

Her bra followed.  She was as naked as he.

His eyes roved her body appraisingly.  His pale fingers caressed her cheek, her mouth, and her neck. His strong hands cupped her breasts, her abdomen, and her hips.

His gray eyes met hers.

“The power you describe is the power you have here.” He touched her forehead before moving his hand to cover her heart.  “And here.  It’s the power you have over me. Power I haven’t yielded to another since I was human.”

He brought his lips to her ear. “Your fears are shared.”

With a slow kiss on her neck, he led her into the shower, standing behind her underneath a tropical rainfall showerhead.

Raven closed her eyes and lifted her face, like a flower following the sun.  The warm water soaked her hair and streamed down the generous curves of her body.

“I’ve never showered with another person.  What happens next?” William rested his hands on her shoulders.

She wiped the water from her face.

“Whatever you want. Just don’t let me fall.”

William’s gaze dropped to her right leg, which she was favoring.

“Is the pain terrible?”

“It’s worse after I’ve been lying down.  Sometimes I topple over.”

William spread his arm around her waist, drawing her back to his chest.  “Then I must be sure to catch you.”

She kissed him, reaching up to run her fingers through his wet hair as the water poured down their shoulders.

Her motions were fraught with an eagerness born of love and affection and the relief of remembering she hadn’t lost him.

He was hers.

Even now, naked, with a myriad of flaws few men overlooked, he embraced her. He embraced her imperfections

He loved her.

His cool hands scorched her skin, splaying fingers wide over her abdomen and bringing her backside into contact with what rose between his hips.

She gave him her weight and he held firm, nipping and licking at her lips before enticing her to enter his mouth.

He entertained the intrusion for a moment or two then, with a growl, he spun her around, pressing their chests together.

Raven looked up into blazing gray eyes.

“Are you certain?”

She nodded.

“I need the words, Raven. I need to know you want this.”

“I want you.”

He took her mouth, his tongue alternately penetrating and retreating in a sensual rhythm.

She tilted her head, welcoming him, as the water continued to rain down.

Hands roamed over slick skin as their lower bodies came into alignment.  She touched his neck, his shoulders, his biceps, holding them tightly in an effort to remain upright.

William was not a tame lover.

In his arms, she sensed his control, his desire, and the war that waged between the two. But he’d never harmed her and had always focused his attention on giving pleasure before taking it. Usually more than once.

“You’re a dream,” she sighed.  “A dream of love I never thought I’d have.”

His eyes burned into hers.

Without warning, he lifted her, tugging her thighs around his hips.

He lowered his mouth to her breasts, tasting and teasing before sucking droplets of water from her eager flesh.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, feeling him eager between her legs.

He lifted her higher, hands beneath her backside, making sure he was correctly aligned.

“Breathe,” he commanded, his eyes boring in to hers.

Here was the vampyre, proud and powerful, teetering on the edge of control. He bared his teeth as if on instinct and his chest rumbled.

“Just don’t break me,” she whispered, pushing a lock of blond hair from his forehead.

William’s expression grew even more fierce.

“I won’t break you.  Whatever harm I bring to you I vow to heal.”

He swallowed her reply with his kiss.  Then with a single thrust, he entered her.

His kisses were as fierce as his movements as he pushed inside and withdrew, over and over.  His grip on her backside tightened as he lifted and moved her in concert with his own motion.

Raven clung to him, her hand trailing to his lower back so she could urge him deeper.

Not that he needed the encouragement.

Her breasts brushed against his chest, the friction teasing and arousing.

She ignored the warm spray of the water, the scent of soap and William, and the nagging discomfort in her leg and ankle.  Her focus was on feeling as he brought her swiftly to the brink of orgasm.

Before she could signal how close she was, she climaxed, her hand clutching his neck as she threw her head back.

William continued his pace until she’d finished, his mouth dropping to her breasts, drawing one of them into his mouth.

When she opened her eyes, she found him staring at her hungrily.

“I have only begun,” he rasped.  “Breathe.”












I’m interested in the way literature can help us explore aspects of the human condition – particularly suffering, sex, love, faith, and redemption. My favourite stories are those in which a character takes a journey, either a physical journey to a new and exciting place, or a personal journey in which he or she learns something about himself/herself.

I’m also interested in how aesthetic elements such as art, architecture, and music can be used to tell a story or to illuminate the traits of a particular character. In my writing, I combine all of these elements with the themes of redemption, forgiveness, and the transformative power of goodness.

I try to use my platform as an author to raise awareness about the following charities: Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Foundation, WorldVision, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, and Covenant House. For more information, see my Twitter account.



♬.¸¸¤¤¸¸.♬.♩.. COVER REVEAL ..♩.♬.¸¸¤¤¸¸.♬                 MEMPHIS BLACK by M J FIELDS

Memphis Title trans (1)


♬´¯`♬.¸¸¤¤¸¸.♬´¯`♬¸¸.♩..COVER REVEAL ..♩.¸¸♬´¯`♬.¸¸¤¤¸¸.♬´¯`♬

Title: Memphis Black: Rockers of Steel

Author: M J Fields

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: 30th August, 2015


Memphis banner


October 25th, 2007

(Unedited, copy written @ MJ Fields)

I look in the mirror one last time, my hair is longer on top that it is on the sides. The gel I use to style it makes it look messy and black instead of dark brown. With my black boots I stand six foot three. I having spent an hour at the gym every night after school, I finally have great definition. I’m stage ready.

I walk out on stage with my guitar strung around my neck, pick in hand, waiting for the nerves to consume me. But they don’t.

Why? Because I’m a damn legend, that’s why. The stadium is sold out and the crowd is going wild.

“Hello New Jersey!” I hold the mic out for the crowd’s roar. They give me exactly what I want.

“I am Memphis Black, lead singer and guitarist extraordinaire for”—fuck I hate this part. The band, what the hell is the band’s name?

“Black Hawks,” my sister Madison whispers.

“The Black Hawks!” I yell to the ‘crowd.’

“That name is so lame.” I hear my sister’s friend Tally giggle.

“You two, out.”

“No, you said if we video taped this, you would…”


“Come on, it’s our first dance, we need to learn how!” Madison stomps her foot.

“Well, you didn’t hold up your end of the deal, now did you?” I lift the guitar strap over my head.

“Come on, please,” Madison says, eyes huge.

“Yeah please,” Tally joins her.

I consider telling them to fuck off, but they’d tell Mom. I consider a simple ‘no,’ but they’d tell her that, too. So I choose the safest answer: “Fine. But you both have to shut the hell up.”

Tally covers her mouth, looking horrified. Girl is a train wreck in epic, adolescent proportion. She has kinky brown curls and a ribbon always wrapped around her head. Freckles bridge her nose and dot her face, and she always wears cartoon character tee shirts, today it’s Care Bears.

“What now, Tales?” I huff.

“You said—”

Hell?” I laugh.

“Yeah, you did.” She giggles again.

“You know what? I think the both of you should just stay home. All freshman girls do at a dance is stand in a corner, giggle, and look like dweebs.” I look at my sister. “Mads, a boy asks you to dance? You’ll start laughing and snorting.” Next, I point at her friend. “Tales, you’ll get some big ass grin.” I roll my eyes when she covers her mouth again—little girl can’t handle a curse word to save her life. “Just keep smiling and laughing, and they’ll think there’s something wrong up in those crazy heads of yours. Besides, you’re both in that—I don’t know, awkward stage: braces, boobs just budding….”

Tally covers her mouth again while Madison starts to get really pissed off.

“I mean, look at that hair. Mads, you’re so used to wearing a ball cap you have permanent hat head. And you,” I can’t resist taking one more shot at Tally. “How the hell are you gonna get a comb through that kinky mess before Saturday?”

That’s when Madison finally screams for Mom. Tally just looks at me like that cat from the cartoon, the one with the big green guy. Shrek? Yeah Shrek. Puss , Puss in Boots. That’s what her face looks like.

Looking back at her, I almost feel kind of bad for giving them a hard time.

Mom comes in then and gives me the third degree, She tells me, ‘Girls are sensitive when they’re going through changes,’ and that I should ‘be more thoughtful.’

Finally, I can’t take it anymore. “Okay Mom, fine. I will buy into their little girl fantasies about that girl, with the blue dress, the one with the mice that turn into horses—”

“Cinderella.” In spite of herself, my Mom laughs.

“Yeah. Her.”

Her face goes from amused to suspicious. Mom face. “What exactly are they doing in your room, anyway?”

“They were supposed to be taping my performance.” I try not to smile as she gives me that look. I know exactly what she’s about to say—that my rock star fantasies are just as lame as some dumb fairy tale with talking mice. “It’s not the same thing, Mom. This is my dream, something I can actually make into a career one day.”

“I know, Memphis.” She pats my back, smiling. “But maybe their dream is to dance.”

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USA Today Bestselling author MJ FIELDS grew up on a farm surrounded by her extended family. She attributes her ability to write a realistic male character to the fact that she had a large amount of male influences in her life… that and the dirty joke books she would steal from her uncles or the farms hired help and run away laughing while they chased her yelling obscenities trying to get her to return the books before her God fearing mother found out and spanked her butt with a flyswatter.

No she wasn’t physically abused, she very openly admits that she deserved every imprint left on her ass from the flyswatter. (Could this be why she loves tattoos? Maybe.) After each spanking she would run away, usually through the fields and down to the falls where she would laugh because it really didn’t hurt, while she read the book she had stolen and stashed when no one was looking.

When she wasn’t misbehaving she was working side by side with her male family members learning what hard work, loyalty, and dedication was all about, spending time with her grandmothers who taught her all about love and blind faith, or dancing and singing in the kitchen with her four siblings while her mother gave them all a childhood filled with love and encouragement to use their imagination and follow their dreams.

Her love of writing was in full swing by age eight. Together with her cousins, she wrote a ‘newspaper’ that they sold for ten cents to family members.
Her school years were spent hanging in the principal’s office or a shit list somewhere. Weekends she could be found spending time with her family or hanging out with more males than females, in the fields with tailgates down and a bonfire burning while music played loudly in the background. Some of those times ‘allegedly’ had alcohol involvement, she will neither confirm nor deny.

As an adult she self-published her first New Adult romance in January 2013. Today she has completed six self-published series. The Love series, The Wrapped series, The Burning Souls series, The Norfolk series, The Men of Steel series, and The Ties of Steel series. She also just released a book she wrote with five, yes five, other authors. It is her darkest book to date. The Original Sin is available now.

MJ has been told by several readers that they had never read a book that involved a Prince Albert piercing and although she cannot claim the title, it is said she may possibly be “The Pioneer of the Pierced Penis”, in the New Adult book world, of course. (Naughty naughty.)

MJ is a hybrid author who loves her readers and tries her best to write as much as she can for them. She believes she has the best reader’s crew in the entire world (many of us agree. Forever Steel baby). She publishes an Indie book almost every month. She is also signed with a traditional publisher, Loveswept, Penguin Random House, for her co-written series The Caldwell Brothers with Chelsea Camaron. Hendrix is available now. Morrison, the second in the series, will be released on December 22nd, 2015. And Jagger, the third of the series, will be released on April 19th, 2016.

Her next Indie series is Rockers of Steel. Book one, Memphis, releasing late August or early September 2015. Each can be read as a stand-alone, but really who doesn’t want MORE STEEL!

There is always something new in the works and she has stories to write for her readers for years to come. Her alpha male characters are some of the best in the industry, but remember before they fall many of them can be considered crude, rude, pierced, and tattooed. (Just the way we like them!)

If you are offended by the ‘F’ word she advises you either take a pass on her books or pull up your big girl thong, sit back with a glass of wine and enjoy the ride. If you can’t handle the heat you should stay out of the … well the Steel and Sin book worlds anyways. If heat is all you’re looking for she insists you be warned the heat will draw you in, but the heart, depth, and emotion in the books will keep you coming back for more.

MJ was a former small business owner who closed shop after the success of the Men of Steel series so she could write full time.

MJ Lives in central New York surrounded by family, friends and fur babies. Ninety percent of the time life is a noisy, beautiful, chaotic mess but in the evening hours when everyone is tucked in tight you will find her with a laptop in her comfy chair writing about the men we dream will step off the pages and into our lives.

MJ believes in love and that there is someone for everyone.

She is represented by Marisa Corvisiero

Follow her on social media

Face book Website Twitter Instagram Tumbr Pinterest Goodreads





Title: Vanguard

Author: CJ Markusfeld

Genre: Suspense / Contemporary Romance

Release Date: 17th July, 2015






white background synopsis


Sophie Swenda, a refugee aid expert, is accustomed to saving lives on a grand scale. It becomes more than a job when the person she needs to save is the man she loves.

Michael Nariovsky-Trent, a Baltic-born American doctor, vanished months ago after joining the resistance in the Soviet Republic. Sophie believes he’s trapped inside the fences and barbed wire of a sinister refugee camp, lost in a sea of freezing, starving prisoners of war.

Despite her long-ago failed romance with Michael, Sophie’s always believed their time would come – no matter how unlikely it seems to everyone around them. His blazing temper, her obstinacy, and their shared brilliance and competitiveness have made the road to love a rocky one. More than a decade after they separated, they’re too stubborn to forgive past mistakes … and still too in love to move on.

She embarks on a mission like no other before. Unless Sophie can find him, their long-delayed chance at love will be lost forever. With the world’s security forces deadlocked and the camp’s commander seeking vengeance, Sophie is on her own. She must bargain for the life of the man she loves – and everyone else in the camp – before the commander destroys them all.

white background EXCERPT


Sophie sat aboard the New York-bound train, looking at Michael’s passport picture. Even in a black and white photocopy, Michael was beautiful. Throughout their most bitter battles of the last decade, during their long separations and furious arguments, he’d  always  been beautiful to her. She didn’t think she’d ever told him that, and now might never get a chance.

For a moment, pain and panic overwhelmed her. She leaned her forehead against the window, forcing herself to breathe evenly, then turned back to the dossier.

Sophie examined the picture, but there was nothing she didn’t already knows. Michael’s far was watched on her heart. He wasn’t smiling in the picture–he rarely smiled in photos– which made him look more foreign. His mother’s Orlisian blood dominated in his heavy brow, generous mouth, and stern expression. He looked more American when he smiled, showing his boyish dimples beneath the black hair he’d inherited from his father.  A perfect blend of parents, and the two cultures that shared him.


white background teaser


vanguard teaser1


white background6 STAR


Reviewed by Rachel McEwan and Sharon Thérèse Nuttall

“She lived too long not knowing if he were alive or dead ……”.

Our minds were blown, captivated beyond words! You know it’s that special kind of read when your tummy gets the butterflies and continues throughout the whole book! This was a story which had us gripped to our kindles from the very first page to the last, and to say this book was ‘unputdownable’ would be an understatement. One of us started the book without telling the other (tut, tut) with the intention of just reading a few pages, well, that certainly didn’t happen and left the other playing catch me if you can. Let’s just say it was finished ‘tout suite’ but with the offer to read it again as it was that good!

Michael ~ “I will always love you. Even when I am this angry at you, I still love you.”

The author has woven a story set in a fictitious country, Orlisia, invaded by the neighbouring Russian Republic. This conflict comparable with other world disputes is so vividly described that you can feel the suffering, feel the harsh winter and desperation. However, before this happens we are introduced to the heroine in this story, Sophie Swenda.

Michael ~ “Mama mila, you are the most beautiful woman in the world to me.”

Sophie is a young woman who has unquestionable talent in her field of work and is highly respected by all those who are fortunate enough to know her. She has achieved so much in such little time for her years as an expert organizer in a refugee aid agency which works and coordinates alongside other security forces. You can’t help but not like Sophie. She’s one of the bravest, selfless and most tenacious characters we have ever met in all our years of reading. Let’s just say all those qualities and more were required for the toughest journey she will ever have to go on to bring back her best friend and soul mate from the brink of death. We say ‘best friend’ lightly here because their relationship has never really been defined. They are essentially best friends who have spent many years of their adult life in touch but never really made it to the ‘couple’ stage. All we can say is to fully understand Sophie and Michael’s relationship, you must read this book!

Sophie ~ “You’ve always called me that … mana mila. ‘My love’. Am I really your love, Mikael ?”

Michael ~ “Yes. You are my love. My one and only love. You have always will be. I love you. Do you know that ? I love you.”

Michael. Wow, we loved him but there were times could’ve given him a swift kick up the arse! He is extremely honourable and at times very difficult too. He was determined to do what he felt was his duty to his mother country. Nevertheless, if it’s possible, it actually made us love him more. You couldn’t help feel very proud of what he wanted to achieve however naïve it may have been. He feels it’s a calling he simply cannot refuse. He’s a doctor and humanitarian and feels it’s his duty to go help save and protect his people.

Michael ~ “I have to go mana mila, It is my home. I must do something.”

The dialogue is so moving that many times it has us in tears! We felt every emotion they was going through as if it you were living and breathing their situation yourselves. It is simply beautiful, stunning and haunting all at the same time, oh and don’t forget the witty banter. To find that all in one book was for us, perfect. There isn’t anything we would change in this book other than more Sophie and Michael! One thing also worth noting is that it’s written in third person and normally we both really struggle to connect with books written this way but in this case, both of us didn’t notice it at all until after finishing the book.

Michael ~ “We have not had a conventional relationship, love. Neither of us is conventional. We have been friends. We have been enemies. We have saved one another’s lives. And we are the most passionate of lovers. Now it is time for us to be equals. This will take practice on both our parts.”

Yes, primarily this book’s about a couple who have to endure something nobody should, yet it really does come into its own when you are introduced to the secondary characters. They were nothing less than brilliant! We have to mention that one of our favourites has to be Anjali who is a doctor working on the refugee camp and also Sophia’s boss’ wife. Some of the best one liners in the book are from her. She’s moralistic, sharp witted and has absolutely no filter! As you can expect from this type of storyline, there are some harrowing scenes but the author’s witty prose brought light to some of the darkest scenes.

Anjali ~ “My he has a temper, doesn’t he? That’s good. It means he’s probably very passionate in bed.”

That is just one of many the quotes we highlighted in this book! We understand that this book is the authors début, but we would love to hear Anjali and Will’s story. No pressure Ms Markusfeld! I don’t think either one of us have ever highlighted as many times in any other book.

In conclusion, in our opinion this book is a truly remarkable read! It’s a story about love and never losing hope for that one person who is your true soul mate. We have read and reviewed many authors’ books and due to the fact that this book left such a lifelong impression on us, it deserves more than 5 stars. So for the first time in our blogging history we award ‘Vanguard’ 6 stars! If you are looking for an outstanding, swoon-worthy and spine-tingling read, then look no further than the first book Ms Markusfeld has written, and believe us when we say this, she writes exceptionally well. Bravo!


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CJ Markusfeld is a writer and digital marketer. She spent four years writing for PLAN International, one of the world’s largest international development agencies, where she developed a passionate interest in such issues such as children’s rights, education, and habitat security.

She has a Bachelor of Journalism, and is an alumna of the global education organization Up with People, spending a year of her life performing and volunteering in communities around the globe.

CJ writes about the convergence of unlikely things – humanity and ecommerce, big business and non-profit, and even romance and refugee camps. She lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with her daughter.


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                SUSTAINED by EMMA CHASE



Title: Sustained

Series: The Legal Briefs Series #2

Author: Emma Chase

Release date: 25th August, 2015

Publisher: Gallery Books

Sold by: Simon and Schuster




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A knight in tarnished armor is still a knight.

When you’re a defense attorney in Washington, DC, you see firsthand how hard life can be, and that sometimes the only way to survive is to be harder. I, Jake Becker, have a reputation for being cold, callous, and intimidating—and that suits me just fine. In fact, it’s necessary when I’m breaking down a witness on the stand.

Complications don’t work for me—I’m a “need-to-know” type of man. If you’re my client, tell me the basic facts. If you’re my date, stick to what will turn you on. I’m not a therapist or Prince Charming—and I don’t pretend to be.

Then Chelsea McQuaid and her six orphaned nieces and nephews came along and complicated the ever-loving hell out of my life. Now I’m going to Mommy and Me classes, One Direction concerts, the emergency room, and arguing cases in the principal’s office.

Chelsea’s too sweet, too innocent, and too gorgeous for her own good. She tries to be tough, but she’s not. She needs someone to help her, defend her…and the kids.

And that—that, I know how to do.

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Reviewed by Rachel McEwan & Sharon Thérèse Nuttall


Jake ~ ”Sorry, Cinderella, but the clock struck twelve. The coach has turned into a pumpkin and it’s time to collect your glass slipper. I never pretended to be Prince Charming.”

The above quote just epitomises this book! Once again Emma Chase is at her very best in delivering yet another outstanding read with her witty and sarcastic prose. We both read this book in one sitting. Nevertheless, we wouldn’t recommend reading it in bed as the liability of causing disturbance by laughing out loud or weeping over emotionally despairing moments is highly likely. This author’s storytelling techniques have always attracted us with her boundless humour, well-developed characters and hot steamy scenes. We definitely were not disappointed and there is no doubt whatsoever that this is one-clicking material.

Oh my! Jake Becker. The ultimate up-and-coming bad boy lawyer in town had our tongues hanging out and left our ovaries in a tail spin! He is everything a woman with an eye on nabbing him should stay well clear of. Love ’em and ‘leave ’em, no questions asked and not interested in TMI is him down to a tee. Not only is he ambitiously driven with the hope of becoming a senior partner in the law firm where he works, but he is also outspoken, and totally loyal to his best friends who work there too. But is it really what he wants? Yes, he finds the job challenging and he’s the best at what he does. He’s the successful man he is because someone took an interest in him and kept him out of jail. We did find this ladies’ man a tad over the top with his orderly life, so after the receiving unsavoury news which is nothing less than a sign to change his ways, he decides to do something about it. At thirty, Jake has never dated; has had no inclination to do so up until now and has no idea how to go about it either. Considering his lack of experience in the wining and dining department, it isn’t surprising that things aren’t working out well. However, an unfortunate run-in with a young lad will unexpectedly turn his life upside down.

Jake ~ I’m not hindered by time suckers like family, girlfriends, marriage and kids – the ultimate third rail for any career-driven adult.

What Jake doesn’t need in his life is complication, he has no time for it. Well, does life have a surprise for him! In steps the beautiful Chelsea who has just experienced grief on the grandest of scales. Our hearts went out to this young woman who had to give up studying to become a surrogate parent to six absolutely beguiling and feisty kids. She adores them with all her being but at times, problems arise which need a strong hand and even more loving. These kids that made us laugh and cry, are suffering a loss Chelsea is trying her hardest to fill. They won us over instantly and it won’t be long before Jake’s sharp comebacks and just reasoning gains their respect. Well, that and little help from his mate, Stanton. Yes, we got more Stanton! But we’ll come back to him later.

Jake ~ ”What can I say ? When God was passing out dick, he gave me extra.”

He wasn’t exactly thrown into this seemingly disorganised household; he had a choice and although it went against his grain, he fancies Chelsea like he has never fancied a woman before. Is he in over his head or is Chelsea and the kids just what he needs?

She’s so damn naïve she can’t see what’s coming and nooo, more tears were shed by us yet again. This book made us laugh, cry and scream and that could just be the one chapter! Jake letting the side down was like taking an ice cold shower in Siberia and we could have punched him in the face with our Kindles.

Chelsea ~ “You know, Jake. I always knew you were capable of being an arsehole, when you wanted to be. But I never, ever, thought you’d be a coward.’”

Ok let’s talk Stanton! We adored Stanton in the first book in this series, ‘Overruled’ and we get to catch up with him again together with Jake’s other friends Sophia and Brent. When the chips were down, they really came into their own and gave Jake the kick up the arse he needed! Like true friends, they stepped in when Jake’s world has been turned on its head and he’s taken out of his comfort zone. The secondary characters are fabulous but the ones that steal the show are the kids, and there are six of them so be prepared to be dazzled! The banter between the adults and kids in this story is nothing short of brilliant and had us laughing out loud at their escapades.

We’ve found it so very hard not to mention all the superlative and humorous scenes in this book so not to spoil it for you because there are so many! The epilogue though is something else… wow, we adored it and saw it play out in our minds as it was that good! We understand that Brent’s book is next and we cannot wait! What more can we say other than Bravo Emma Chase, you have done it again!


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overruled4_nBy day, Emma Chase is a devoted wife and mother who resides in a small town in New Jersey. By night she is a keyboard crusader, toiling away the hours to bring her colorful characters and their endless antics to life. She has a long standing love/hate relationship with caffeine. Emma is an avid reader. Before her children were born she was known to consume whole books in a single day. Writing has also always been a passion and with the 2013 release of her debut romantic comedy, Tangled, the ability to now call herself an author is nothing less than a dream come true.


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                            RELEASE DAY BLITZ                                         JUST JACK by K. L. SHANDWICK


Title: Just Jack: Everything laid bare.

Author: K. L. Shandwick

Release Date: 20th August, 2015

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Hosted by: Jo&Isalovebooks







Being Lily Parnell’s best friend was effortless for Jack. Growing up together, Jack loved Lily and was fiercely protective of her and for most of his life all he wanted was to make her happy. When she was happy he was happy, except Lily lived a world away from him now and Jack missed her dreadfully. As far as Jack was concerned there had never been a time in their lives where they hadn’t shared everything. In recent years Lily’s ambitions took her overseas and even with an ocean between them, Jack still managed to support his best friend. One day things changed everything between them and their relationship began to shift. Lily was carving her own life and after observing a scene involving her, it made Jack take a close look at his own. Feeling confused, Jack decided to take a difficult decision never realising the potential fallout from doing something he felt was the right thing at the time. With his life laid bare Jack and as a simple, uncomplicated guy he thought he had things finally figured out. Women loved Jack and they came and went in his life apart from Lily. She was always there, until one day she wasn’t. Jack felt betrayed and abandoned by the one person who he thought he could rely on no matter what. During his journey from that moment on Jack faced more separation and loss than he could ever have imagined how would it shape him both as a man and can he forgive her?



Rick cracked the door open and padded through it hacking a cough and reaching for the mini-bar. “Mornin’ Lothario.” He croaked in my direction without making eye contact, reading the labels.
Chuckling loudly, there was just no way I was going to live down that after party Mark was talking about, but when I took in the sight of him I couldn’t help but throw a come-back at him.
Did your mother send you that get up, or are the pyjamas supposed to turn the women in your room off enough to leave?”
Rick looked down and smirked at the wine coloured paisley patterned silk pyjama bottoms he was wearing.
Waving his hand at the chair for me to sit down he pulled a glass and poured himself a miniature of gin and a small bottle of tonic water into it. “Long story.”
Can’t wait.” My hurried comment was followed up with a wide grin as I settled back in the chair with one leg crossed over the other, my ankle resting on my knee.
Allergy. I’ve got a rash from the starch on the hotel sheets the other night.”
As soon as he said that I knew he was going to regret it and I could see from the startled look on his face he’d been caught off guard and didn’t mean to be so open about it. He knew he’d walked right into something that I’d use against him, even if I was managing to keep my face straight.
A rash?” I couldn’t keep the humour out of my voice, and there was even the hint of a breakthrough giggle in those two words.
Rick stared pointedly at me as if to say, “Laugh and tear you a new one,” but my sense of humour just overrode any potential fall-out consequences he may have been planning.
That’s a bit like saying I got pregnant from the sheets, Rick. Don’t you think you’re more likely to have caught something from one of the women in your bed than the sheets? Or don’t you want to believe that just in case you get pussy-fright?
Rick threw the lid of the gin bottle at me and it bounced off my forehead but by that time I was chuckling loudly. “Laugh all you want, I’m allergic to starch. So they got me these from the hotel store because I needed something to make sure I was protected in bed. It was fucking murder trying to play with the itch in my pants the night before last.”
Most guys wear condoms for protection, Rick not theatrical pyjamas.”
Rick was being deadly serious but the more he spoke the more uncontrollable my laughing became until he stood up and pulled them down to show me the red welts on his legs, his dick at eye level with me. Just as he did this, the door opened and the two girls he had in his bed came through the door.
Turning my head to look at them, I was still stifling a grin. Rick was true to form and had two classic groupies for his sleepover, skinny girls with big tits, no bras, dyed blonde hair with black roots dressed in the usual rock-chick attire of leather mini-skirts, fishnet stockings and tight dark brown and cream t-shirts with the ‘Cobham Street’ motif on them.
Sorry ladies, I was just about to part-take would either of you like to join me?”
My quip was out before I’d even thought about it. Hell, I was probably going to be sacked after this, but I grinned widely and Rick smacked me around the head, making me cry out— partly in surprise, partly out of pain.
You’re such a smart ass Jack Cunningham.” Pivoting the top half if his body in their direction he gestured at me with his hand, his pyjamas still at his ankles. “I was just showing him my rash.”
Laughing raucously I stared helplessly at Rick taking in his pathetic form with the patterned material draped around his feet and his dick dangling in front of him. As soon as I knew he felt the need to explain what was happening all of my professionalism suddenly deserted me and I was struggling to catch my breath, let alone stop laughing. The skinnier one of the girls gave a loud snort, then her resolve was gone and she joined in laughing, but I think she was laughing because mine was so infectious more than anything else.
Rick continued protesting his innocence when suddenly the second girl who had been standing staring deadpan erupted in the oddest hee-haw laugh I’ve ever heard in my life. The look on Rick’s face was a picture as he gawped in disbelief with his jaw open taking in all of us laughing hysterically at his expense. I was sure he was going react badly, but even at that I just couldn’t get it together at all.
Rick bent down and pulled his pyjamas up, which I found even funnier for no particular reason and this set off a fresh bout of laughter. Striding over to open the door, Rick waved a finger in the direction of the two women and Jed made short work of evacuating them from the scene. All I could do was watch helplessly because I couldn’t get my laughing fit under control, and I was sure I was going to be next to be thrown out, but probably via the roof terrace.
Closing the door again, Rick bent forward, his hands on his knees and he suddenly cracked up with laughter. “Jack fucking Cunningham, I should bury my size eleven up your ass for what just happened there, and I don’t understand why I can’t…I fucking love you, dude. You have no idea what a breath of fresh air you are in a world full of ‘yes men’. How the fuck have you been?”

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K. L. Shandwick lives on the outskirts of London. She started writing after a challenge by a friend when she commented on a book she read. The result of this was “The Everything Trilogy.” Her background has been mainly in the health and social care sector in the U.K. She is still currently a freelance or self- employed professional in this field. Her books tend to focus on the relationships of the main characters. Writing is a form of escapism for her and she is just as excited to find out where her characters take her as she is when she reads another author’s work.


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