RELEASE BLITZ                                            ABSINTHE by WINTER RENSHAW



The name on the screen was “Absinthe.”

I knew her as the sultry voice blowing up my phone for late night chats about Proust and Hemingway interspersed between the best phone sex I never knew I could have.

We’d never met.

Until the day she walked into my office, her cherry lips wrapped around a candy apple sucker and an all too familiar voice that said, “They said you wanted to see me, Principal Hawthorne?”






4.5 Stars: Reviewed by Emma-Louise on behalf of KFF


Absinthe, an intoxicating foray into the head of two very messed up people. What starts off as a simple case of blowing off steam and boredom on an online dating app, soon becomes one of the most heartrending love stories I have encountered.

Halston and Ford aren’t just a forbidden romance, they’re survivors; the author takes these characters to places I didn’t think my heart could survive. Halston had a hard time of it growing up.  She learned to rely on herself and not to trust anyone.

“My entire life, nothing’s ever come easy.  The kind of simple luxuries afforded to someone else seems to have skipped over me.”

“Some people are born with silver spoons.  I was born with a rusted paring knife.”

Ford was a tougher nut to crack.  A rough background with a tinge of Cinderella added into the mix. This may be a taboo Teacher/Student book in its basest form, but what Absinthe does that I have hardly ever seen is restraint. I won’t say much more, purely because I don’t want to ruin what is a beautiful book about mending broken souls and finding love in the most unexpected of places and people.

“I loved you since the very beginning.  And I’ll love you until the very end.”





“You wanted to see me, Principal Hawthorne?”
I know that voice. I’d know it anywhere.
Glancing up from my desk, I find a girl in skintight athletic leggings and a low-cut tank top standing in my office doorway, her full lips wrapped around a shiny sucker and a familiar electric jade gaze trained on me.
It’s her.
The woman I spent most of all summer chatting with under the anonymous veil of a dating app—one in specifically meant for adults seeking connections but not commitment. I purchased a stock photo for seven dollars, chose a pseudonym, Kerouac, and messaged a woman by the name of Absinthe who quoted Hemingway in her bio when everyone else quoted Nickelback and John Legend.
“You must be Halston.” My skin is on fire. I stand, smooth my tie, and point to the seat across from me. I never knew her name, but I’d know that voice anywhere. I can’t even count how many times I came to the sound of her breathy rasp describing all the wicked things she’d do to me if we ever met, reading me excerpts from Rebecca. “Take a seat.”
She takes her time pulling the sucker from her mouth before strutting to my guest chair, lowering herself, cleavage first, and crossing her long legs. The tiniest hint of a smirk claims her mouth, but if she knows it’s me, she’s sure as hell not acting like it.
“You want to tell me what happened with Mrs. Rossi?” I ask, returning to my seat and folding my hands on my desk.
I may be a lot of things; overconfident prick, allergic to commitment, red-blooded American man …
But I’m a professional first.
“Mrs. Rossi and I had an argument,” Halston says. “We were discussing the theme of The Great Gatsby, and she was trying to say that it was about chasing the elusive American dream. I told her she missed the entire fucking point of one of the greatest pieces of literature in existence.” She takes another suck of her candy before continuing, then points it in my direction. “The real theme has to do with manipulation and dishonesty, Principal Hawthorne. Everyone in that book was a fucking liar, most of all Jay, and in the end, he got what he deserved. They all did.”
My cock strains against the fabric of my pants. It’s her voice. It’s her goddamned sex-on-fire voice that’s doing this to me. That and her on point dissection of classic American literature. Sexy, intelligent, outspoken. Three elusive qualities I’ve yet to find in another human being. Until her. And knowing that now, I couldn’t even have her if I wanted her, isn’t doing me any favors. If I don’t compose myself, I’m going to be hard as a fucking rock.
“Language,” I say. The room is growing hotter now, but I keep a stern, undeterred presence.
She rolls her eyes. “I’m an adult, Principal Hawthorne. I can say words like fuck.”
“Not in my office, you can’t.” I exhale. “And not in class either. That’s why Mrs. Rossi sent you here.”
“The jackass behind me was drawing swastikas on his notebook, but I get sent down here for saying ‘fuck.’” Her head shakes.
“I’ll discuss that with Mrs. Rossi privately.” I scribble a note to myself and shove it aside.
“You’re really young for a principal.” Her charged gaze drags the length of me. “Did you just graduate from college or something?”
Six years of school and two years of teaching place me in the budding stages of a career shaping and educating the minds of tomorrow’s leaders, but I refuse to dignify her question with a response.
“My age is irrelevant,” I say.
“Age is everything.” She twirls a strand of pale hair around her finger, her lips curling up in the corners. The cute-and-coy shtick must work on everyone else, but it’s not going to work on me. Not here anyway. And not anymore.
“I said my age is irrelevant.”
“Am I the first student you’ve ever had to discipline?” She sits up, crossing and uncrossing her legs with the provocative charm of a 1940s pin up. “Wait, are you going to discipline me?”
I take mental notes for her file.
–       Challenges authority
–       Difficulty conducting herself appropriately
–       Possible boundary issues
“I’m not going to punish you, Halston. Consider this a verbal warning.” I release a hard breath through my nose as I study her, refusing to allow my eyes to drift to the soft swell of her breasts casually peeking out of her top. Knowing her so intimately over the phone, and being in her presence knowing she’s completely off limits, makes it difficult to maintain my unshaken demeanor. “From now on, I’d like you to refrain from using curse words while on school grounds. It’s disruptive to the other students who are here to actually glean something from their high school education.”
“I don’t know.” Her lips bunch at the corner, and she fights a devilish grin. “I mean, I can try, but ‘fuck’ is one of my favorite words in the English language. What if I can’t stop saying it? Then what?”
“Then we’ll worry about that when the time comes,” I say.
“You could always bend me over your knee and spank me.” She rises, wrapping her lips around the sucker before plucking it out of her mouth with a wet pop. “Or maybe you could fuck my brains out and break my heart.”
“Excuse me?” My skin heats, but I refuse to let her see that she’s having any kind of effect on me.
“You’re him,” she says, as if it’s some ace she’s been keeping up her sleeve this entire time. “You’re Kerouac.”
I’m at an extraordinary loss for words, trying to wrap my head around all the ways this could go very fucking wrong for me.




Wall Street Journal and #1 Amazon bestselling author Winter Renshaw is a bona fide daydream believer. She lives somewhere in the middle of the USA and can rarely be seen without her trusty Mead notebook and ultra portable laptop. When she’s not writing, she’s living the American dream with her husband, three kids, and the laziest puggle this side of the Mississippi.


And if you’d like to be the first to know when a new book is coming out, please sign up for her private mailing list HERE


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                                  RELEASE BLITZ                                    SINFUL DISTRACTION by LONDON HALE


It’s HERE!
Sinful Distraction by London Hale is LIVE!


KU Subscribers, this one is FREE for you!!!



She’s the one thing he won’t give up on

The calls started a year ago. I needed an easy release, and he was there, for a price. One call turned into two, and before I knew it, I was falling for the voice on the other end of the line. When he shows up and introduces himself as the newest firefighter on the island, I’m terrified…at first. As the mayor, the last thing I need is a scandal. But Riley won’t take no for an answer, and I’m finding it hard to refuse him.

He’s a distraction she can’t afford

Kate, the mayor of Temperance Falls, has a naughty little secret. Except I’m not so little and a hell of a lot more than just naughty. A year of weekly phone calls with our identities disguised has left me craving more. Being together could ruin everything she’s worked for, but there’s no turning back. Now that we’ve actually met, now that I’ve had a taste, nothing will stand in my way of making her mine.

Every London Hale book can be read in any order, or as a standalone.

Looking for something quick, filthy, and taboo with a guaranteed HEA and no cheating? Sinful Distraction delivers.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Reviewed by Emma-Louise on behalf of KFF

Temperance Falls, such a busy little island. You’d think after 6 books I’d be tired of reading about this small island.  Most definitely not, I don’t know how London Hale keeps doing it, but this series just keeps getting better.

Riley and Kate meet through the telephone sex line he works for. Once a week for over a year the calls keep being made and a bond is established. One day Riley, knowing who Kate really is introduces himself to her and reveals who he is.  This one meeting sends the pair of them spiralling through the best Temperance Falls book to date.

“The things he’d said over the phone tonight had been everything I’d been too scared to consider.  And he’d been right—we had a crazy connection that would no doubt only grow more explosive in person.”

Sinful Distraction was sexy and sweet.  Riley had the mouth of a sailor one minute and then the voice of an angel the next. Unlike large cities Temperance Fall cares about the residents there and this is very apparent in this entire series. Discovering how far Riley would go to prove to Kate he was committed, made this book for me.  At times I truly could not read quick enough.  Sinful Distraction was a feast for the eyes and the mind.

“I’m just so worried you’re going to regret us.”

Intriguingly the author leaves crumbs near the end of each book showing the reader who the next couple will be.  I really cannot wait until the next Temperance Falls book is released.


Also by London Hale:
Sinful Temptation
Sinful Attraction
Daddy’s Best Friend
Nanny with Benefits


About London:

London Hale is the combined pen name of writing besties Ellis Leigh and Brighton Walsh. Between them, they’ve published more than thirty books in the contemporary romance, paranormal romance, and romantic suspense genres. Ellis is a USA Today bestselling author who loves coffee, thinks green Skittles are the best, and prefers to stay in every weekend. Brighton is multi-published with Berkley, St. Martin’s Press, and Carina Press. She hates coffee, thinks green Skittles are the work of the devil, and has never heard of a party she didn’t want to attend. Don’t ask how they became such good friends or work so well together—they still haven’t figured it out themselves.

Follow London online:

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                                  RELEASE BLITZ                                           STAR STRUCK by LAURELIN PAIGE


Star Struck, a sexy, standalone from New York Times Bestseller Laurelin Paige is live!


She uses her fame as a wall around her heart, and only he can tear it down.

Seth Rafferty knows Heather Wainwright’s type.

Demanding. Check.

Self-important. Check.

Leggy and blonde. Yeah, he knows the drill.

He’s been a Hollywood production designer far too long to have patience for A-listers with a superior attitude. Beautiful women with a chip on their shoulder are a dime a dozen.

Which is why his obsession with Heather makes no sense. Nothing about her is attractive.

Except the vulnerability under the sass. The honesty under the attitude.

So when wrap-party flirting gets carried away, Seth doesn’t stop it from turning into a sizzling night of passion. Too late, he realizes, one night isn’t going to get her out of his system.

On to plan B: uncover the real woman under the diva.

Soon Heather will find out that Seth isn’t just a simple carpenter she can use and lose without consequences. He’ll play the part of the builder, but it’s her walls he intends to break down.


Read Today!

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Reviewed by Emma-Louise on behalf of KFF

What happens when you allow perceptions and stubbornness to get in your way? This is exactly what happens in Star Struck.  Heather Wainwright is a high profile actress who comes from the wrong side of the tracks and fears being branded ‘White Trash’. Seth Rafferty is a humble and giving Production Designer who also was raised on the poorer side of life.  Only he doesn’t see it as a secret to hide and be ashamed of. Emotions run high in the first part of this book.  Heather first meets Seth and when she comes to believe he is a carpenter she takes a step back.

“He was too appalled—and turned on—to speak.  Anything he said would just get him in trouble, and not the good kind of trouble.”

The chemistry between Seth and Heather is combustible.  Seth knows Heathers type:  ‘Demanding, and self-important’, so rather than reading her in on his actual profession Seth allows her to believe he’s just a carpenter. Very rarely do I find a romance book where I have more empathy for the male lead. This very action occurred whilst reading Star Struck.  I truly got whiplash with my feelings towards Heather.  There were times when I preferred her PA Lexie more so than her. Heather, in my mind became redeemable when she became a human being with feelings.  When her past rode her back, when she didn’t know which way to turn, but knew that Seth was intoxicating and she couldn’t get enough of him.

“She wished it could cover up Seth’s bite marks and her flushed face, and her trailer park past and her pathetic excuse for a soul that never let her move anywhere beyond white trash.”

Enemies to lovers more often than not work for me because of the abundance of emotion in them.  I relish the push and pull of the Hero/Heroine trying to figure out whether they want to slap or kiss each other.  The passion, when the book is done right, makes the pages sizzle when it comes to the more intimate scenes.

Since I discovered this author, I have found her books to be ones that I always enjoy.  Be it because of emotions they elicit, because of a the characters or scenarios she creates, they all feel incredibly real to me. The twists and turns oftentimes leave me pondering or downright obsessed with how and why something happened. Laurelin Paige has fast become an auto-click author for me and Star Struck has only cemented those feelings in me.  


About Laurelin Paige:

USA Today and New York Times Bestselling Author Laurelin Paige is a sucker for a good romance and gets giddy anytime there’s kissing, much to the embarrassment of her three daughters. Her husband doesn’t seem to complain, however. When she isn’t reading or writing sexy stories, she’s probably singing, watching Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead, or dreaming of Michael Fassbender. She’s also a proud member of Mensa International though she doesn’t do anything with the organization except use it as material for her bio. She is represented by Rebecca Friedman.

Laurelin Paige

Connect with Laurelin:

Facebook | Amazon | Twitter | Facebook Fan Group

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                                 RELEASE BLITZ                                  TRIXSTERS ANONYMOUS by Ahren Sanders

Trixsters Anonymous Now Available FB 2

○ ○ ○

Welcome to the release of Trixsters Anonymous by Ahren Sanders

○ ○ ○

about the book(2)

Trixsters Anonymous Ebook Sassy, dramatic, hot-headed are just some of the words used to describe me since the time I was born. A few little mishaps growing up and my mom has a running ‘Emerson Baker’ prayer circle, and I have the reputation of a spit-fire that won’t go away.

I prefer the terms loyal, passionate, fiery, and possibly a bit impulsive.

So when my best friend proposes the concept of starting our own business, I jump on the idea.


That should be our motto… because your secrets can’t stay hidden for long with Trixsters Anonymous on the case.

We are the moonlighting duo hell-bent on helping those who suspect their lovers are cheating. We’re professional, careful, and completely anonymous…What could possibly go wrong?

Walker Scott… that’s what goes wrong.

I never stood a chance against the gorgeous, hazel-eyed, fiercely determined man who storms into my life and completely blindsides me.

He’s the proof that opposites attract—and when they do, the chemistry is explosive.

Did I mention he’s also a detective? A very, very, talented detective?

Pretty soon being a Trixster is a lot more complicated.

Purchase Today!(1)


○ ○ ○

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Reviewed by Emma-Louise on behalf of KFF

The front cover says it best “Your secrets can’t stay hidden for long”. Emerson Baker, what a firecracker, she’s a woman after my own heart.  Emi helps her best friend Maren to prove her fiancé is a liar and a cheat, which gives her the idea of creating Trixsters Anonymous. Of course this brings her front and centre to Walker Scott, ex military MP and current Charleston Police Department Detective.

The set up and the delivery of this book was fabulously delivered.  Trixsters Anonymous is the kind of book I find hard to put down, chock full of fun and delight. Emi and Maren are a force to be reckoned with.  Hair brained schemes and running on luck, they go from one sticky situation to another.  So many of the scenes they shared had me laughing my socks off.  How they managed to pull off half of what they do is beyond me. The romance between Walker and Emi is done slowly, but when it comes to chemistry these two have it in spades.  They’re romance is believable and full of heart.

“I’d never ask.  This is the man you are.”

“But if it meant losing you, I’d leave the team, forget the drugs, the takedown, the entire operations, and go back to being a cop.”

Trixsters Anonymous has enough action and suspense to keep the story moving forward and the characters are as three dimensional as any I’ve seen. There wasn’t a single word used in this book that didn’t have to be there. It was a fun, thrilling ride, with enough hotness to make my kindle smoke.


RELEASE DAY 2 Trixsters Anonymous Teaser 4-2

RELEASE DAY Trixsters Anonymous Teaser 5



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Release Day Giveaway(1)


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About the Author(1)

Ahren spent her formative years living in an active volcano. There her family made collectible lava art. She studied rock collecting at the Sorbonne in France. There she met the love of her life-her pet pig Sybil. She returned to the states and started writing. She is happily married to a guy who used to live under a bridge and she met while pole-dancing.

Now, meet the real me. I grew up in the south and consider myself a true “Southerner”. Most of the special locations mentioned in my books are reflections of my favorite places. Living on the Florida coast, my family spends a lot time at the beach, which is where I usually can be found with a book in my hand.

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Connect with the Author(1)

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                                  RELEASE BLITZ                                         THE GIFT by MARGARET McHEYZER

Title: The Gift

Series: The Butterfly Effect #1

Author: Margaret McHeyzer

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Release Date: July 23, 2017



I have something people want. I have something they cannot take or steal. I have something they’d kill for.
The something I have, isn’t a possession, it’s more.
Much, much more.
It’s a gift.
It’s part of me.


Purchase Links
99c for release day only!!!


★ ★ ★ ★
Reviewed by Emma-Louise on behalf of KFF


“They say the eyes are a gateway to the soul.  In this case, they certainly are.”

Alexa Murphy was a normal 17 year old girl until her appendix burst and she nearly died. When she comes too in hospital she discovers she has been left with an extra ability, the ability to touch people and see their futures. Lexi is a kind hearted young woman and she makes a decision that ends up putting her face to face with Jude Caley. Jude knows what she can do and takes her captive.  Ostensibly he claims it is to keep her safe, but that doesn’t stop him from using her as a human lie detector. 


“Then I’m not free.  I’m not free to leave, I’m not free to live my life.”

“You’ll live your life here.  With me.”

“I hate you.” 

“I know.”

The relationship between Lexi and Jude is a highly complex one.  From the start of The Gift, Jude comes across as an uncaring.  I initially hated Jude and the way he acted with Lexi.  I found, however, at some point, and I can’t really say when.  I found myself feeling pity and sympathy for him.  It’s apparent he is hiding something from Lexi, and I really hope that is solved in the sequel The Curse. I enjoyed The Gift; it was a good start to the series which is why I didn’t really take it to heart when I found the book hard going in the first 15%.  I wasn’t completely hooked until I was at the halfway mark. 

 I don’t often read YA/NA books. I find them very hard to get into and even harder to relate to, but this was not the case when it came to The Gift.  I know I stated that this wasn’t an easy one at the beginning, but this has nothing to do with it being a YA/NA. It has more to do with the character and story build up being done in a way that I found staggered at times and once or twice was very slow or mundane. The Gift is the start of a series that could go anywhere. There were so many questions left unanswered.  I really am highly intrigued in where the author will take this plot. I just wish this book hadn’t ended on a cliff hanger.


Coming Soon
Releasing August 20, 2017


Author Bio

**Write something worth reading**I’m Margaret and I’m a self-published author.

Recently I was fortunate in obtaining New York Times best selling status on my YA/NA book – Ugly, and my YA book – Mistrust.My last three books have been YA and I’m completely in love with the genre. I love being able to communicate with people through my words and stories.

My writing genres all differ, but the one thing I keep consistent is my heroines. All my female lead characters are strong, gutsy and not the ‘perfect’ woman. While my books all have romantic elements in them, they aren’t just about the romance. They’re about finding strength, acceptance and making life long connections.

I hope you enjoy my stories as much as I have while writing them.

Author Links



Lukas by FG Adams is NOW LIVE and only 99c for a limited time!

“FG Adams delivers another amazing story! Their work is flawless with every swipe/turn of each page in the book.” – Lady Dee’s Reading Corner

Lukas Ebook


FREE with #KindleUnlimited!




Oh, the foolish games we play.

The moment I was gifted a test drive of the luscious Sage Blackwood, I knew she was mine. I was broken, half a man, until she pieced me back together. She changed my world forever with her magnetic humor and hot body. Sage is an expert of subterfuge. Her logic overrules her cravings. It doesn’t matter if she feels the same; I’m the master at games and puzzles. And I’ll win this game in the end. I always do.

Oh, the tangled webs we weave.

Pushing the wrong buttons is Lukas Roger’s forte. Except he presses all the right ones when he’s sending me to heaven with each and every delicious touch. But I can’t give him what he wants. I will never give myself completely to another. It just doesn’t work in my world. I bury those dreams deep. My job connected us. Now this powerful bond scares me. My body desires to cling to what Lukas offers, while my mind is telling me to run away.



4.5 Stars

Reviewed by Emma-Louise on behalf of KFF

Several years ago Lukas Rogers was a Military Officer serving in Dubai when he met the beautiful Dr Sage Blackwood.  There is no slow burn between these two even at their first meeting. Flash forward 2 years later and Lukas is a broken man after surviving a devastating injury.  He’s in a very dark place and in steps Sage, pulling Lukas off the ledge.

“I knew it.  You…What? Are you just gonna give up? Just like that, Luc?” She snaps her fingers.  “I sure didn’t peg you for a quitter.”

“You know, life itself can’t give you the joy and peace you’re looking for, Lukas.  I’ve learned first-hand.  But life does give you time; it’s up to you how to fill it.  So, what do you say, Jolly Green?”

Lukas chases after Sage with dogged determination.  Neither accepting why they simply can’t just walk away from each other.

“Ah, and there lies the problem, Lukas.  There is no us to discuss.”

“As long as there’re grains of sand in the hourglass of time, there will be an us Sage.  I’ll be waiting for you.”

“The old saying ‘Nobody said the road to heaven would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it’.”

The action in this story comes from the past of both Lukas and Sage.  It’s high stakes and affects everyone in the Blackwood family. Lukas is a highly intriguing person.  One minute he’s making tactical decisions about Trident Security and the next he’s quoting Dr Seuss.

“Simple, it’s not, I am afraid you will find, for a mind-make-upper to make up his mind.”

The characters were well written and fleshed out to create what felt to me to be pretty realistic people.   So enjoy when an author writes a scene from a male point of view and the banter is bang on and feels so real.  So many have tried it and it comes across as forced and or trying too hard.

Lukas is book 4 of the This is Our Life series, and they can be read as standalone books. I however, having read this fantastic read, will be jumping back into the world of Trident Security; but this time at the beginning. There were times during reading Lukas that I did feel as if I were missing something. Be it in the banter or the personal relationships the characters had forged from the previous three books. It didn’t detract from the experience of reading such a thrilling book; but it did give me pause once or twice.


Start the series today! FREE with Kindle Unlimited!
Grayson | Keagan | Oliver


About the Authors:

F.G. Adams writes contemporary and paranormal romance about sexy alpha heroes and feisty-mouthed heroines. The wonder twins forming F.G. enjoy a healthy obsession of reading that started at a young age. Their books reflect an avid imagination that was cultivated by their grandmother who taught them the mind has no limits and to use both hands when reaching for the stars. Partners in writing, they both thrive on creating unique storylines for you, the reader to enjoy.

When not writing, you can find them on a beach with their significant other enjoying the waves or riding a Harley on a country road somewhere in the USA.

Author Links:

Website | Email | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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                                RELEASE BLITZ                                                 BAD BOSS by CLARISSA WILD



Title: Bad Boss

Series: Unprofessional Bad Boys

Author: Clarissa Wild

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: July 19, 2017

Cover Designer: Booming Covers










What do men want more than anything? Money and women.

As the CEO of one of the biggest companies in the city, I am one lucky man.

Everyone wants a taste of what I’ve got to offer, and it’s massive. Girls fight over me in droves.

In my fantasy, of course. I had to make some sacrifices to get to the top.

To protect myself and the company, I always have to hide my dirty little secret…

I’m a panty sniffer.

What? A man has needs. Mine are just a bit more… outrageous. Instead of dating, I hoard panties.

Except it’s about to blow up in my face.


Because a beautiful girl just showed up for a job interview … the same girl I just bought a pair of panties from anonymously…

And what do I do?

I let my junk do the thinking, and hire her as my intern.


Author’s note: Don’t take it too hard, it’s just a book, not a big D. But this guy does have one. I’m not kidding. His schlong is huge and his ego is too, so beware. And as always … if you don’t like slapstick jokes and corny romance, don’t bother to read.



Reviewed by Emma-Louise on behalf of KFF

“A man has needs. Mine are just a bit more… outrageous. Instead of dating, I hoard panties.”

Bad Boss, what a heck of a journey, the blurb caught me by total surprise.  What a way to catch the reader.  I’ve read all sorts of kink books, but I’ve never come across a man like TJ Morrows before in my life.  What a wonderfully eccentric and enjoyable character TJ is.  He had me in stitches of laughter so many times.

“It’s not like I can just come out with my name and let the whole damn world know I’m a pervert, now can I? I need to be undercover.  Subtle and secretive.  Like a ninja”

A male character with a penchant for kinky is a delight to behold, especially when done correctly.  But, to see Lesley is just as kinky with an additional scoop of sass and brazenness was so fun to watch.

Bad Boss was full of ups and down and carried me along with the story as it unfolded. I loved how the push and pull happened with Lesley & TJ.  How real it all felt and just how well it was written. Nothing was rushed, everything felt right and even though it was book 2 in a series it can be read as a standalone. I so enjoyed this book.  It was fun at times, it was serious at others and most important it was a well built up, slow burn romance.  


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I close twitter and go about my business, but my conversation with that girl keeps haunting me. When I check in a few hours later, she’s already sent me the tracking code. A package filled with sweet, sexy panties is on the way.


And I can’t stop myself from immediately using her email to search for her online. Is it sneaky? Yes. But I’m too obsessed to listen to that little voice in my head telling me I’m wrong for doing this. I just wanna find out who she is. Where she’s at. What she looks like. What her favorite movies and books are. What she likes to eat for breakfast.



It doesn’t take me long to find it either.



Somehow, on an obscure website, her old email address still lingers, where she mentions switching over to a new, anonymous one. So I use the old email to find her Facebook profile and bam … I’ve got a hit in minutes.



Not too bad for some half-assed detective work.



Guess she didn’t think about covering her tracks. Or maybe she just thought no one would be interested enough to find out.



But oh boy, when I find her pictures … real pictures … I’m smitten.



A pretty face hides underneath soft, blonde hair, the perfect flush on her cheeks. Her smile … so damn bright, it could light the room. And her curves … ouch, they’re so hot that I’m on fire from just looking at her.



Beautiful is an understatement.



I’m flabbergasted. Just blown away that a girl like her … sells panties to online strangers.



Who’d have thought?



Damn, I’m seriously impressed. When I look through her pictures of her drinking and partying with friends, but also hard at work on her laptop, I get the sense that she’s someone who lives out loud and loves life.



And that look in her eyes makes me choke up.



Goddamn, TJ, keep it together.



I click away from her pictures and back to her profile, still not capable of stopping myself from snooping. In her posts she talks about her classes and the work she’s doing with her ‘secret’ new business. And then there’s a post about her job application, and how she just sent it in with Morrows.



My company.



My inbox bleeps.



I click on the notification and stare at the email in complete shock.







Subject: Application – Internship



It’s her.


Panty girl, applying for an internship at my company.


A grin slowly spreads on my face.


This is going to be interesting.












Clarissa Wild is a New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author, best known for the dark Romance novel Mr. X. Her novels include the Fierce Series, the Delirious Series, the Stalker Duology, Twenty-One (21), Ultimate Sin, Viktor, Bad Teacher, RUIN, and the Indecent Games Series. She is an avid reader and writer of sexy stories about hot men and feisty women. Her other loves include her furry cat friend and learning about different cultures. In her free time she enjoys watching all sorts of movies, reading tons of books and cooking her favorite meals.

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