Today we are thrilled to be sharing K.A. Linde’s second book in the Cruel Trilogy, CRUEL FORTUNE


Lose yourself to the dark and glamorous underbelly of the Upper East Side in the second book in USA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde’s new billionaire romance Cruel Trilogy.

I finally have everything I ever wanted–fame and fortune and literary success.

Only one problem: I lost my muse.

He was tall, dark, and handsome. Broody, enigmatic, alluring, and right for me in every way.

Until he wasn’t. Until I lost everything.

And I can’t lose it all again. I’ll do anything to keep it.

Even seeing him again…







Reviewed by Donna on behalf of KFF

Cruel Fortune is the second in the Cruel trilogy and picks up a year after an incident which happened in Cruel Money. Natalie is now a successful bestselling author and finds herself going back to the place she never thought she’d step into again. It’s only for a short while before her book’s released and then she’ll be out of there and back home in Charleston. The only issue is she’s struggling to write at home. She’d lost her muse previously; the hot alpha enigmatic man, Penn Kensington. Natalie would sacrifice seeing him again to have the words flow freely but it’s possible she’ll find a new muse in the Big Apple with lots of potential stories in such lively surroundings. After all, she knows she’d never belonged in the world of filthy rich people who will scheme to get what they want or give a second thought as to whom they’d step on. Obviously, even though it’s a large city, Natalie finds herself bumping into the Crew, a bunch of ruthless people that had hurt her in a spectacular way. However, new friendships and a relationship are formed regardless of her being a little apprehensive. In the back of her mind, she isn’t sure about people’s intentions towards her.

“Your passion is my favorite thing about you. Most people around here lose it, contain it, leash it. You set yours free and it lights you up.”

I can’t go into this story too much without potentially giving loads away. But let me tell you this; it’s a rollercoaster of a ride full of drama, scheming and abounding angst. I mean angst with a capital A! Brilliantly executed, I was on the edge of my seat watching what felt like a car crash in slow motion. I couldn’t stop reading to find out what was going to happen; especially some of the decisions and actions key characters took. I couldn’t figure out who was sincere and I certainly knew who wasn’t, that’s for sure. I mustn’t forget the chemistry and passion in Cruel Fortune. Wow, one scene was intensely hot!

The writing and storytelling were absolutely outstanding and there’s a brilliantly put together playlist which if you listen to periodically as well as reading, you’ll feel like you’re living the story. When an author can transport you right there in the moment, it’s evident the writing is cleverly put together. I was kept wondering if certain characters’ actions had a lot more going on then what I was being led to believe, and intrigued as to where Ms. Linde was taking the story. I have so many books to read and it was with trepidation that I picked up my kindle to read another since this thrilling book was still stuck in the back of my mind. The ending definitely left me thirsty for more. The only clue I will give is I think the next and final part of this trilogy will have the readers even more on edge as the closing scenes were fighting talk. Bravo for a fabulous story Ms. Linde.

One of my favourite quotes is:
“Fake it till you make it. Fake it till you just don’t give a …..”


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Gossip Girl meets Cruel Intention in this new second chance billionaire romance from USA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde.

Natalie Bishop was just supposed to be a one night stand. Until she steps out of the ocean at my summer home in the Hamptons completely naked.

The minute I see her, I know I can’t walk away.
She claims that she’s just here to watch the house while it undergoes renovations. That she has no interest in rekindling our fire. But every weighted glance says it’s a lie.
I don’t care that I’m Manhattan royalty and she’s the help.
Only that she’s living in my summer home. With me.





K.A. Linde is the USA Today bestselling author of more than fifteen novels including the Avoiding series and the Record series. She has a Masters degree in political science from the University of Georgia, was the head campaign worker for the 2012 presidential campaign at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and served as the head coach of the Duke University dance team. She loves reading fantasy novels, geeking out over Star Wars, binge-watching Supernatural, and dancing in her spare time.

She currently lives in Lubbock, Texas, with her husband and two super adorable puppies.






Today we are thrilled to be sharing KFF’s 5-star review of Jacob Chance’s all-new YA/Sports Romance Stand-alone,
(World Class Wrestling #2)!

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Two years. That’s the amount of time I’ve wasted lusting after Wyatt

He had me the moment he roared up on his bike and flashed his charismatic
smile my way. I wanted to jump on, wrap my arms around him, and ride off
into the sunset.

Then my brother introduced him as his friend and crushed my short lived
happily ever after.

To make matters worse, we work together at World Class Wrestling and our
storylines are intertwined. I have a strict rule I’ve always adhered to;
never mix business with pleasure.

But with each moment we spend together, avoiding that carefully drawn line is becoming more difficult.

There’s an ongoing rumble between my heart and my head. Which one will win out in the end?

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Reviewed by donna on behalf of KFF

Ronnie Gunn is one gutsy and determined woman who works at World Class Wrestling. She’d met Wyatt Douglas two years ago and has secretly had a huge crush on him. The moment he got off his motorbike and showed his charismatic smile and good looks, she was hooked. Jess, her brother and Wyatt’s best friend, throws cold water on her short-lived notion of any kind of romance. Things are made awkward when they have to work together with the wrestling storylines entwining. First rule, don’t mix business with pleasure; however, Ronnie finds this increasingly difficult when they spend a lot of time together.

I liked Ronnie’s fearlessness but underneath it all, I could understand why she was harbouring such strong feelings. Wyatt is equally attracted to Ronnie and has wanted her just as much, although he knows she’s stubborn and would build up any walls allowing him to be with her. Furthermore, Wyatt’s full of confidence and determined to fight for her. The only thing these two have to worry about is Ronnie’s brother, Jesse. He would be none to happy about his little sister and best friend getting together. Gosh, the chemistry and sexual tension was like a pressure cooker waiting to explode between the two!

Rumble is the second book in the Wrestling duet and despite being a stand-alone, I would highly recommend reading Tussle first. Jesse Gunn’s brother, Ronnie and his lady love, Lilah make cameo appearances. These two fabulous characters were in Tussle, so it was great catching up a little and finding out how life was treating them. I love the World Class Wrestling theme. It brings something different to the vast amount of sports romances out there plus it was back down memory lane, watching wrestling on a Saturday afternoon with my dad when I was a child. Mr. Chance yet again shows his diversity and you could tell from his words that sport is his passion.

I was enthralled from the first page right up until the very last one. Rumble had everything to keep me entertained; funny, romantic, steamy and slow burn. The characters are well-developed and definitely have that likeability factor. I wanted to know where the author would take me and a couple of surprises along the way were a welcome addition to the story. Such an epic thrilling read, I even played the group mentioned in Rumble just to get into the participants moment. We all know this is a sport where they like to make a grand entrance. A very enjoyable story and worthy of the five stars given.


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Jacob Chance grew up in New England. He’s a martial artist, a football fan, a practical joker and junk food lover.

An author of erotic thrillers and sports romance, he plans to write many more sexy, suspenseful stories.


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BAD BOY BLUES by Saffron A. Kent is LIVE!

Today we are delighted to be bringing you Saffron A. Kent‘s all-new contemporary romance stand-alone,

Cover Design: Najla Qamber
Photo: Wong Sim
Model: Clauss Castro

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Cleopatra Paige hates one thing in this world — just one — and his name is Zachariah Prince.

In grade school, he pulled at her pigtails. In middle school, he spread false rumors about her. And in high school, he ruined her prom.

She hates that his smirks are unfairly sexy. And she definitely loathes that his dark eyes seem to follow her everywhere. Sometimes, even in her dreams.

It doesn’t matter that he’s rich and popular or that he lives in a freaking mansion full of butlers and maids. He’s rude and arrogant, and she wants to stay as far away from him as possible.

But unfortunately for Cleo, she lives in the same freaking mansion as Zach.

Only he’s the prince and she’s the lowly maid who serves him.

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Bad Boy Blues

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Reviewed by Donna on behalf of KFF

Cleopatra Paige first encountered Zachariah Prince at grade school. He was her tormentor with his fellow rich friends and she didn’t quite fit in being that she came from a less fortunate upbringing. This happens for years until Zach mysteriously disappeared supposedly having gone to Oxford.

Step forward in time and Cleo is now working for Zachs family at the big mansion as one of the cleaners. She lives in one of the cottages. What she isn’t expecting is for Zach to come back. Cleo gets a bit of a shock. Not only is her bully back, but he’s also a hot, broody, extremely tall and bearing a great physique. She can’t afford to have roaming eyes as she’s working all the hours God sends her to get back the house where she’d lived in with her parents. Cleo has to stay focused and not get distracted.

‘I can smell him. I can smell my enemy and he smells like….warm blueberry pie.’

Right from the first few pages, I absolutely loved Cleo. She was such a sassy, adventurous little devil and her exploits had me laughing and as well as churning at the thought of her getting caught out. She had some pretty hairbrained ideas and would stop at nothing once an idea entered her mind. Zach was moody and crass which made me not think much of him at all. He came across as very entitled and mean spirited, however, it wasn’t long into the story that I got the feeling there was more to him than met the eye. Layer by layer, I started painting a picture of what life had really been like for Zach and an explanation. Although he still had an edge, my feelings towards him warmed somewhat.

“I don’t need love. I don’t need acceptance or approval. I reject them before they can ever reject me.”

I was intrigued by this story which has so much intensity.  There were so many emotions to Bad Boy Blues due to some of the subject matter. Ms. Kent has spun a great tale and reels you in with her words. I love that there were subjects not usually tackled in romance books and they were brilliantly portrayed from learning difficulties to domestic abuse and bullying. It was refreshing for a book to cover a multitude of issues. The chemistry and hot moments had me fanning myself and ultimately although this is an enemies-to-lovers romance, Kent gives an edge to it like no other. There is also a great playlist to accompany the book which I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to.


Writer of bad romances. Aspiring Lana del Rey of the book world.

Saffron A. Kent is a USA Today Bestselling Author of Contemporary and New Adult romance. More often than not, her love stories are edgy, forbidden and passionate. Her work has been featured in Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, New York Daily News and USA Today’s Happy Ever After.

She has an MFA in Creative Writing and she lives in New York City with her nerdy and supportive husband. Along with a million and one books.

She is represented by Meire Dias of Bookcase Agency.

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Today we are thrilled to be sharing a brand new teaser for Louise Bay’s all-new contemporary romance,

Releasing 30th May, add to your TBR today!


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Being labelled a player never stopped me from being successful with women. Until I met Truly Harbury.

Truly was the first girl who ever turned me down.

The first female friend I ever had.

And she might just be the first woman I ever fall in love with.

When an emergency means she needs my help running her family’s charity, I’m happy to introduce her to the glitz and glamour of the London business world—taking her to dinners, coaching her through speeches, zipping up the sexy evening gown I helped her pick out.

The more time we spend together, the more I want to convince her I’m not a man to avoid, that we’re not as unsuited as she believes.

She sees herself as the book-reading, science-loving introvert while I’m the dangerous, outgoing, charmer.

She thinks I love parties and people whereas she prefers pajamas and a takeaway.

What she doesn’t realize is that I like everything about her–the way her smile lights up a room, how her curves light up my imagination, and especially the way her lips taste when coated with tequila.

She’s the first woman I ever fell in love with. I just need to know if she could ever love me too.

Meet Louise

USA Today bestselling author, Louise Bay writes sexy, contemporary romance novels – the kind she likes to read. Her books include the novels Faithful (not currently on sale as undergoing maintenance!), Hopeful, The Empire State Series, The Royals Series and The Nights Series (both series of standalones books each following different characters).

Ruined by romantic mini-series of the eighties, Louise loves all things romantic. There’s not enough of it in real life so she disappears into the fictional worlds in books and films. Louise loves the rain, The West Wing, London, days when she doesn’t have to wear make-up, being on her own, being with friends, elephants, and champagne. She loves to hear from readers so get in touch!

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REPEAT by Kylie Scott is now available!

From New York Times bestselling author Kylie Scott comes REPEAT, a sexy contemporary romance standalone


When a vicious attack leaves 25-year-old Clementine Johns with no memory, she’s forced to start over. Now she has to figure out who she was and why she made the choices she did – which includes leaving the supposed love of her life, tattoo artist Ed Larsen, only a month before.

Ed can hardly believe it when his ex shows up at his tattoo parlor with no memory of their past, asking about the breakup that nearly destroyed him. The last thing he needs is more heartache, but he can’t seem to let her go again. Should they walk away for good, or does their love deserve a repeat performance?



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Reviewed by Donna on behalf of KFF

Clementine Johns was a victim in a very brutal attack. This culminates in her having no memory and having to start a new life all over again. Clem has a lot to figure out in regards to her previous life of whom she was and life’s choices. She learns that she left the love of her life, tattooist Ed Larsen and having no recollection, she doesn’t understand why she would have done this. But she’s on a mission which fitted into place as I read on.

Ed Larsen runs a tattoo parlour. When he runs into his ex-girlfriend, he’s alarmed to discover she has no inkling of their life together. Clem is desperate to know about their breakup that left him almost destroyed beyond immeasurable pain. He really doesn’t want to be reminded of the hurt he felt; however, he can’t seem to let her go. Both parties are not sure whether they should leave the past well alone or go for a repeat performance adding of course, to the intrigue.

I really and truly felt for Clem. The animosity towards her from people close around unsettled me no end. I had no option but to take into consideration that she had no recollection and just finds the whole thing so confusing. She had the sense that Ed was a good man and couldn’t help but be drawn to him…somehow she felt safe. At first, Ed seemed standoffish to me, nevertheless, his change in attitude appeared to be a breath of fresh air. Was I off the mark? Read and find out!

This second chance romance flourishes in intrigue and mystery. The author’s narrative totally fooled me in the respect that they were a seemingly loving couple. For one reason or another, everything fell apart with the amnesia thrown into the mix. I thought it was mainly about them possibly finding their way back to each other or even getting some sort of peace and solitude so they could get on with their lives. Wow, something very sinister and chilling lurked in the background, giving me the goosebumps. The secondary characters were a great addition and as things unfolded, made me somewhat wary of everybody involved in the story.

Passion and sexual tension abound in this offering. The writing flows well enough; however, I thought there could have been a little bit more about the sinister person rather than discovering towards the end who and why they did what they did. For me, it felt a little rushed. Maybe there was too much emphasis on wrongdoings by another character. The rehabilitation seemed to be over quite quickly but don’t misunderstand me, I really did enjoy reading Repeat and what I will say is Ed’s brother, Leif, was a great character who managed to get a hearty laugh or three out of me! Diverse emotions faired well while reading, resulting in four strong stars for a must-read.

kyliescottimageKylie is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author. She was voted Australian Romance Writer of the year, 2013 & 2014, by the Australian Romance Writer’s Association and her books have been translated into eleven different languages. She is a long time fan of romance, rock music, and B-grade horror films. Based in Queensland, Australia with her two children and husband, she reads, writes and never dithers around on the internet. You can learn more about Kylie from



HOLLYWOOD PRINCE by Natasha Madison is LIVE!


Today we are so excited to be sharing Natasha Madison’s brand new contemporary romance, HOLLYWOOD PRINCE


Behind the “lights, camera, action” of Hollywood lies a world of deception, love, and seduction. 

Are you ready for Hollywood Royalty?

A blonde, a brunette, a redhead…he can have his pick of them all on any given night and he knows it. They wait, hoping he looks up and gives them his signature smirk, choosing them over the others because that’s his game. 

Except now he’s signed the contract of a lifetime, one with a pesky little clause that says his zipper must stay up and his playboy image has got to tamp down. It’ll be fine—a piece of cake, even—he can do this and he’s almost convinced himself of that … and then she walks in the room 

The new PR girl whom they’ve hired to change his image, she’s the star of all his dreams, but there’s one tiny little problem … she can’t stand him and all of his player ways. 

He knows he only has thirty days to show her why they call him Hollywood’s Prince. He’s up for the challenge, so game on.

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Reviewed by Donna on behalf of KFF

Carter Johnson, the Hollywood Prince who can have the pick of any woman. They make themselves readily available just by his charm and cheeky smirk alone. A rising star, he attracts a lot of attention by the opposite sex and ooh boy, does he get around. Paparazzi snapping him leaving any sort of event or venue with a different woman every night; however, he is in for a rude awakening when he’s offered a movie which might just change his career for the better. Ahh, but a clause in the contract says he has to live a squeaky clean life and that means keeping his pants firmly on. No more scandalous pictures in the tabloids and no more of the playboy image. So cocksure of himself, he thinks it’ll be a doddle in the park until a mysterious beautiful woman walks into his life and changes everything.

Erin is the new PR girl hired to take care of revamping Carter’s new image. He seems to be smitten straight away, but she’s really indifferent to him and his player ways. This is a chance to further her career for her company and knows this is going to be the toughest assignment of her life considering whom she has to work with. Erin has thirty days to rebrand Carter and from the off, and I couldn’t help feel sorry for her. I liked Erin straight away with her no-nonsense attitude. There was just something about her that I warmed to.

So their story begins spending every waking moment together and straight away I could see Carter was going to push Erins buttons. He really knew how to rub her up the wrong way. Erin tried to behave indifferent to him but there was something there. Piece by piece Erin sees Carter letting his guard down and showing just a softer side to himself. Carter was a child star and that seemed very troubling as I read through. I began to think it was all a front with the way he behaved in the public eye. Erin and Carter certainly have chemistry in spades and even though she brushes it aside, it was clear that she was trying to keep a lid on it. So much is at stake for them both and getting closer is not something they can take lightly.

This is the last in the Hollywood trilogy and I can promise it did not disappoint. I loved the direction Ms. Madison took us in and while I sat thinking this is a case of sassy, strong independent but sweet young woman tames the cocky, sex-driven Hollywood heartthrob we were thrown a curveball. Hot, steamy and beautifully romantic with twists I didn’t see coming, I laughed and swooned and also got choked up in parts of the story. The writing flowed very fluently and I was invested in the story. I wanted to know how everything was going to play out. People may think; oh another playboy’s going to change just because of that one girl but don’t be fooled, there’s more to him than meets the eye. He just needed to be shown he is worth a lot more then he gave himself credit for. Worthy of the five stars and an unforgettable story spun.

Meet Natasha

When her nose isn’t buried in a book, or her fingers flying across a keyboard writing, she’s in the kitchen creating gourmet meals. You can find her, in four-inch heels no less, in the car chauffeuring kids, or possibly with her husband scheduling his business trips. It’s a good thing her characters do what she says, because even her Labrador doesn’t listen to her…


ENTICE ME by Kelly Elliott is LIVE!

We are thrilled to be sharing Kelly Elliot’s all-new contemporary romance stand-alone, ENTICE ME

Since the moment Kaelynn Dotson walked into my world, I haven’t
been able to think, eat, or sleep. After having my heart broken by
the only woman I’ve ever loved, Kaelynn has ignited something deep
down inside me—a flame so hot that I cannot ignore, no matter how
hard I try.

I vowed to never open myself up to a woman again, but there’s
something about Kaelynn that is drawing me to her.

There’s just one problem.

She’s hiding something from me. Trust is something I need, but
when it comes to Kaelynn, all the lines seem to be blurred. I know I
should take this as a warning and walk away, but for some reason, it’s
only enticing me more.

I’m living a lie.

I’m not the girl from a middle-class family in Utah like Nash thinks. I’m
the heiress to a billion-dollar fortune, and that’s not what he’s looking for. He’s
had that before, and it left him scarred.

If the truth comes out, I’ll lose the only man I’ve ever fallen in love
with . . . I’m not sure I’m willing to give him up.

Entice Me is a stand alone novel within the Austin Singles series.
Suggested reading order –

Seduce Me
Entice Me


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Reviewed by Donna on behalf of KFF

Nash Garret hasn’t been able to concentrate on anything since Kaelynn Dotson set foot into his world. He has been shielding a broken heart and doesn’t want to trust it with anyone else. But Kaelynn stirs some feelings that he just can’t cope with. Nash had made a promise to himself. Never be transparent with another woman ever again. There’s something enticing about Kaelynn and Nash has a gut feeling that she’s not at all what she seems and is hiding something. Or could it be him being overly zealous of opening up once more?

Kaelynn Dotson is originally from Utah and finds herself living in Austin to help her friend Morgan, who just happens to be Nash’s little sister. Kaelynn isn’t your average girl. Heiress to a billion dollar fortune is not something she has any desire to share as people see dollar signs and want to be close to her for the wrong reasons. She hides this from Nash, knowing it’s something that wouldn’t please him. Having fallen for him big time, living the lie cuts deeply.

At times I wanted to bash their heads together and found myself shouting at them to get their act together. One thing’s for sure; from the word go the chemistry is mixed with drama and some humour, making Entice a very enjoyable read. I was on edge waiting for it to fall into place for them and just had a gut feeling it would bring on a lot of angst. At times I did think it was all so trivial and wanted them to simply talk; however, every time poor Kaelynn was going to try, something came up that interrupted her chance.

This is a series but this offering can be read as a standalone. I absolutely loved the side characters and learnt that Tucker and Charlie feature in the first book, so I’ll be one clicking that. There’s one or two others I hope to see a story about as they’d peaked my interest.

To sum up, apart from the frustration of secrets and lies, I loved the banter between characters, making Entice Me a delightful read. They had such a great friendship which is a firm favourite when you’re reading a story. It enhances the protagonists with the supportive cast, and I absolutely loved Kelly’s writing style; the attention given to every small detail throughout and romance oozing from every word written.


Kelly Elliott is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling contemporary romance author. Since finishing her bestselling Wanted series, Kelly continues to spread her wings while remaining true to her roots and giving readers stories rich with hot protective men, strong women and beautiful surroundings.

Her bestselling works include, Wanted, Broken, Without You, and Unconditional Love, to name just a few.

Kelly has been passionate about writing since she was fifteen. After years of filling journals with stories, she finally followed her dream and published her first novel, Wanted, in November of 2012.

Kelly lives in central Texas with her husband, daughter, and two pups. When she’s not writing, Kelly enjoys reading and spending time with her family. She is down to earth and very in touch with her readers, both on social media and at signings.

To find out more about Kelly and her books, you can find her through her website: