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Title: Strip Back

Author: Ava Manello

Age group: Adult

Genre: Contemporary Erotica

Release date: 26th November 2014


Strip Back brings you back to how the Naked Night’s began. This is Eric’s story. Back when life was a little less polished, and a whole lot harder.

Before there was Strip Teaser, there was Eric; manager and founder of the Naked Night’s male stripper troupe.

You wouldn’t think you’d be past it at 34, but that’s the position Eric found himself in, as well as newly single after finding his girlfriend in a compromising position.

Setting up the Naked Night’s wasn’t easy, it wasn’t fun, and it wasn’t without sleaze, but somehow he did it.

Strip Back is a humorous and steamy tale of one man’s journey to fulfill a dream. Not all male strippers are the same.







Reviewed by Donna Elsegood for Kindle Friends Forever.

I had previously read and thoroughly enjoyed Strip Teaser (Naked Night’s #1) and was delighted to hear Ava was going to write Eric’s Story. But I am ashamed to say it has sat on my kindle for a while and I am pleased that I finally decided to devour it.

Firstly, at thirty-four, Eric discovers from his sleazy boss that he is too old to be head stripper. This gives him a push in the right direction. Making his dream a reality and forming his own group but more tastefully than what he had been used to. So let’s take a step back when Eric sets up the strip tease dancing troupe. How he overcomes all the problems of bringing together a show that would eventually become successful but with a price tag attached wasn’t an easy feat. Eric wants a dance troupe that do not strip down completely leaving nothing to the imagination, therefore he sets about finding a venue and advertising to hold auditions.

Eric has had past conquests that meant nothing until he meets Christy who is an American working temporarily in the UK. They embark on a very passionate love affair; however, both try to guard their hearts as they know it cannot last due to circumstances. These two certainly have some very steamy scenes and I really liked the way they interacted with each other. Talking and laughing as well as the pure attraction made them such a sweet couple.

I was totally besotted with the male and female characters in this story. The author certainly knows how to create good strong characters. I do not want to give too much away as this is a novella. There is also a very good playlist to this book which is definitely worth listening to. And whilst I would love to read more from these characters, it’s on my understanding that it’s not the normal contemporary erotic genre most read. Perhaps because it’s not about bikers, rockers or CEOs which may prove more popular. My interest in this series was purely for reading a little something different from the norm, certainly not for the hot strippers who feature in it! “Essentially they were for intensive research purposes!” I jokingly quote.

A very well deserved five stars and my fingers are crossed as I’d love to read more about the super-hot men of Naked Nights.





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NEW YEAR IN MANHATTAN (The Empire States Series #3) by LOUISE BAY

Title: New Year in New York

Author: Louise Bay

Age group: Adult

Genre: Contemporary Erotica

Release date: 13th January 2014













Love Song

The Cure 

Out is Through

Alanis Morrisette

Loving Me For Me

Christina Aguilera 


Stevie Wonder

Kissing You



Tony Bennett 

Thinking Out Loud

Ed Sheeran



Kindle Friends Forever 5 ★ Review


Reviewed By Donna Elsegood.

Ethan Scott and Anna Kirkby met in a Week in New York. It was just supposed to be one week while Anna was on holiday to escape her disaster of a relationship in London. One unadulterated week of pleasure for them both, no real names, no promises, just memories. Only Ethan was his real name and he guessed Anna’s name, or so we would believe.

We know it did not end after a week as they spent Autumn in London together. This caused all sorts of confusion for Anna as to how Ethan found her. But it was purely coincidental for his work, although he was hoping to bump into her. The more time they spent together, the more they realised their feelings were much deeper than anticipated. Leading much more to their story in Manhattan, but separated by their lives and work, it is clear because they have declared their feelings for each other. The long distance relationship will be a struggle as they can’t get enough of each other.

Ethan’s work is finished in London and so he returns to Manhattan on the understanding that Anna will visit in three weeks’ time to spend New Year together. When Anna arrives, Ethan has already made it clear that they would be spending a lot of time in bed naked. And boy, do they just! They do; however, have time to go and have dinner with friends Andrew and Mandy. They think Anna is great for Ethan who they never thought would find somebody he wanted to be with more.

Ethan has a surprise up his sleeve for Anna, for their future. They partly agree on it, but Ethan can not divulge one part as an off the cuff remark that Anna makes, scares him off. Anna goes back to London to tie up loose ends in her life, but Ethan turns cold and when a friend lets slip what is wrong, Anna sets in place a surprise of her own.

The author has yet again managed to create another masterpiece and now all three books are completed, I for one, can see me reading them again. Louise has created another playlist to go with the last part and the lyrics of Love Song by The Cure is very apt. As well as Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheehan, and then we have Loving Me For Me by Christina Aguilera. These songs are so right for Ethan and Anna’s story but there is a good mix for all three books.

It is very clear Louise knows how to describe and develop fantastically hot men and very strong willed heroines. I cannot wait to see what future stories materialize. A highly recommended read if you are looking for hot intensity between an alpha male and a gutsy no nonsense girl to see if their walls break down like dominoes. A very well written series.



I write sexy, contemporary romance novels – the kind I like to read. My books Faithful and Hopeful are stand-alone novels although there are some overlapping characters. The Empire State Series of novellas starts with A Week in New York.

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Title: The Librarian Principle

Author: Helena Hunting

Date of publication: 21st December, 2014

Genre: Adult Fiction, Erotic, Romantic Comedy


Annaliese Harper knows that one tiny mistake can jeopardize a career before it’s even begun. Letting your boss find the extensive collection of porn on your personal laptop is one way. Sleeping with him is another. Liese manages to do both.

As the new librarian at a prestigious small-town private high school, Liese is drawn to her sexy, charismatic principal, Ryder Whitehall—an attraction she refuses to acknowledge given their relationship and her recent liberation from a delusional ex-boyfriend.

Liese is certain Ryder’s flirtation is the product of her sex-deprived imagination—until he discovers her digital porn stash during working hours and demands a private meeting. Behind closed doors, their attraction explodes into a dangerous, passionate affair that not only threatens their jobs and reputations, but most of all, their hearts.


AUTUMN IN LONDON (Part 2 of the Empire State Trilogy) by LOUISE BAY


Reviewed by Donna Elsegood on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever

This is the second instalment in the trilogy novellas telling the story of Anna Kirby and Ethan Scott. It began with A Week in New York where Anna was on vacation and she meets Ethan it was supposed to be one night of uncomplicated fun that resulted in them spending the week together.

Like all good things the vacation comes to an end and Anna goes home to England. It appears that both Ethan and Anna are more affected by each other than planned and they both in turn have each other on their minds.

Ethan takes a flight to England for head up a takeover of a law firm and plans to visit his sister and family while he is there. All the while on the plane he is thinking about Anna and whether there is any chance of bumping into her in London, big city but hey we are living in hope here.

Anna has delved into her work since being home from New York and worries about her future as there is talk of the law firm being in financial difficulties an possible job losses. Anna still is wondering about Ethan and whether she will see him again. There is a pattern emerging here and it has to be inevitable that they will bump into each other. Coincidence or planned its intriguing to find out.

I have to give away the fact that they do meet otherwise I can not let you into the important part of the story. The passion, the chemistry and the hot sex that Anna and Ethan have sizzles right off the page. I love the banter and the intensity of these two characters and the building feelings.

I hated the ending and not because Louise did anything wrong but leave me hanging again. I wanted to know more about what they had been planning to do New York or England. Yet again Louise spun another good story and I’m not sure it is ever possible to not tell a good hot tale. I’m a huge fan of Louise’s work and not just the creation of hot alpha males but good strong heroines and the plots created. I look forward to the next instalment with answers to my questions. Well deserved five stars for a fantastic book.