A FAVOR FOR A FAVOR by Helena Hunting is LIVE!

We’re so excited to be sharing the release of A FAVOR FOR A FAVOR, an all-new enemies-to-lovers standalone sports romance from New York Times bestselling author Helena Hunting

A Favor for a Favor, cover

A new stand-alone romance about trading favors, battling wills, and winning love.

When I joined Seattle’s NHL expansion team, I thought it was the start of something great. But nothing ever goes the way you expect. Take my introduction to my new neighbor. She came rolling in on the hot mess express at midnight, making a racket while she tried to get into my team captain’s apartment. Did I mention that he’s married to a woman who definitely was not her?

Imagine my surprise when I end up with an injury that has me out of the game for weeks, and she’s the one to offer to help me. I should probably add that she’s not the captain’s mistress. She’s his sexy, pastel-haired younger sister.

So we come up with an arrangement: she rehabs me so that I can get back on the ice sooner, and she can add a professional athlete that isn’t her brother to her client list. Seems simple enough. As long as I can keep my hands to myself and my hormones in check.


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AFFAF - Teaser 2 AN

Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse at KFF

Diving into A Favor for a Favor, book two in the All In Series which can be enjoyed as a standalone is as always with Hunting’s books, easy-peasy. However, if you read A Lie for a Lie #1 first which just happens to be one of my fave 2019 reads, you’ll get to meet Stevie’s brother, RJ and learn about the NHL team’s camaraderie. Hunting has yet again delivered a laugh-out-loud romance that has me snorting into the middle of the night! So be warned, if you pick the book up late evening, you could possibly cause a disturbance!

“You’re welcome for making sure you weren’t murdered last night.”
“Buy a pair of pants!”

Ooh. My. Gawd! Stevie and Bishop’s impression of each other was not good from the word go. Not surprising either. She’d irritated this bear of a man at daft o’clock and he wasn’t in any mood to cover up. Yep, he loves his sassy underwear! To top the lot, he jumps to conclusions without having the facts and being the cocky guy that he is, rubs her up the wrong way…no pun intended, of course!

‘I don’t know that I hate him, but I definitely don’t like him.’

How could I not fall for Stevie? She’s no pushover and Bishop and I kinda liked this, but their slow-burn friendship isn’t going to be plain sailing. No love lost between Bishop and RJ won’t help matters and as far as physical therapists go in this sport, it’s still a man’s world, so Stevie’s got to prove herself. She’s very, but very good at her job and her first patient is…guess who? I really liked observing how little by little, they began to feel more at home with each other. She’s Bishop’s hope, the woman who will help him get back on the ice. Hmm, now to see if they rock their professional boats or not because all said and done, work ethics have to be complied with.

“You’re being awfully cagey about her if she’s just a friend. Don’t think I can’t tell you’re trying to hide her.”

Bishop is all kinds of grumpy and it took me a while to understand how he ticked. One thing is for sure, he’ll bend over backwards for his younger brother who he feels is his responsibility. Hunting delves into an illness hard to live with, her references accurate and enlightening. But who fell out of favour with me this time around which is weird seeing as I really connected with him in A Lie For A Lie was RJ. He has so much attitude in this book that I could have gladly strangled him!

“You can’t date a hockey player.”
“Are you kidding me?”

Great side players and although Stevie wound me up a tad with a past issue, I got eventually got her drift when it all came back to bite her. I liked the pacing of this light-hearted book with a touch of angst—you’ll see what’s bothering these two loveable characters by reading it, and the banter on all levels is fabulous! The narration from a dual perspective in present worked perfectly in this thoroughly enjoyable enemies-to-friends-to-lovers rom-com with all its amorous obstacles cleverly portrayed. Bravo Hunting!

ARC kindly provided by Montlake Romance in exchange for an honest review.

Meet Helena

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of PUCKED, Helena Hunting lives on the outskirts of Toronto with her incredibly tolerant family and two moderately intolerant cats. She writes contemporary romance ranging from new adult angst to romantic sports comedy.


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