Today we are thrilled to be sharing Anna’s 5-star review of Elizabeth O’Roark’s brand new paranormal/historical romance, ACROSS TIME

In a dangerous time before her own…a dangerous attraction.

Amelie Besson is on the cusp of attaining the life she’s dreamed of—until she finds herself stuck in pre-war France, fifty years before her time. The country is about to be under German rule, but her most immediate problem is Henri Durand, the arrogant and infuriatingly handsome vineyard owner upon whom her survival depends. 

 The fiercely protective Henri challenges everything Amelie holds true—particularly her hatred of the gift that brought her there in the first place. As the bond between them grows, Amelie will begin to wonder if the life she’s returning to is actually the one she wants, and if her connection to Henri might be strong enough to surmount any obstacle…even time itself.

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Reviewed by Anna on behalf of KFF

This is book one of a duet and a prequel to the author’s previous books Parallel and Intersect. Henri and Amelie will surely captivate your heart and stir your imagination.

Young Amelie Besson, an eighteen-year-old girl goes back fifty years in time (1938) and meets Henri Durand, a protective and moody Frenchman. And yes, you got it right, Amelie is a time traveller albeit a reluctant one. I don’t want to go into too much detail to avoid any spoilers but what I want to delve into are the characters in this timeless love story.

Told from a first-person point of view, the author captures the mood and ambience of pre-war France and the mindset of its citizens. It is a fascinating contrast of the modern attitude towards relationships, especially from a woman’s perspective. Amelie’s craving for her mother’s love and acceptance influences her decisions later on in the story. Meanwhile, Henri’s cold and disinterested behaviour towards Amelie is more of a denial of his attraction to her, not approving of her modern and bold outlook in life.

The gradual shift or shall I say the excruciatingly slow burn of Amelie and Henri’s romance is so enchanting, a relationship that started in shaky grounds but gradually and steadily builds up to a thunderous climax. I love that even though these two were mostly at odds in the first half of the story, the author gets to present their characters separately and not as an instant couple and no matter how different they are their love has no boundaries.

A romantic suspense with a twist, this tale had me on the edge of my seat most of the time; the banter between Amelie and Henri and his sister Marie-Therese is funny and entertaining. The author gave us strong intriguing characters who you’ll root for from the first chapter until the last. But be warned, there’s a massive cliff-hanger that might make you want to stomp on your Kindle and have a hissy fit! Just remember all good things come to those who wait… until next April that is when book two comes out. I am head-over-heels in love with Ms. O’Roark’s writing style I can’t help but highly recommend this book!

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Hi and thanks for visiting! I’m a former medical writer (unsurprisingly, writing romance is much more fun than writing about pediatric heart surgery) and therapist (I was terrible at it). I have a couple of degrees that have proven completely useless, and I now live in Washington, DC with my three kids. I drink an embarrassing amount of Diet Mountain Dew, and would exist entirely off of candy corn were it socially acceptable to do so. 

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