LOVE ME TENDER by Nina Lindsey is LIVE!

Today we are thrilled to be sharing Nina Lindsey’s all-new sweet sexy, stand-alone romance in the Bliss Cove Series,

Rory Prescott is desperate for a place to stay before she leaves Bliss Cove for her lucrative new tech job. Tavern owner Grant Taylor is desperate for a date to his brother’s wedding before his mother tries to marry him off next.

Grant makes Rory a deal—he’ll let her stay in his cottage if she’ll pretend to be his girlfriend. Though the two friends bicker over everything from her love of gummy worms to the horrible singing fish he has on the tavern wall, “pretending” to like each other isn’t a stretch.

As they share close quarters, argue about cell phones, and exchange more than one hot kiss, their fake relationship soon becomes passionately real.

But Grant’s family battles and Rory’s impending career move shut down any possibility of a happy ending. Their hot, tender romance is about to crash and burn…unless they’re willing to risk everything for love.

*~ *~ *~ *~ *~ *~ *~ *~ *~ *~ *~ *

Fans of romantic comedies like “You’ve Got Mail” and “The Proposal,” small-town Hallmark movies, and the charm of Gilmore Girls will love this heartwarming, opposites-attract romance.

The Bliss Cove novels are sweet, sexy contemporary romances that can be read as standalones or enjoyed as part of the series. Reading order:


Releasing 20th February, WORDS OF LOVE is available to pre-order!

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Books available in the Bliss Cove Series

LoveWalksIn_Ebook_Amazon.v11.jpgLove Walks In #1 

Shaking off her past mistakes and fickle reputation, Aria Prescott is determined to start a new life with her latest venture, the “Meow and Then Cat Café.” Though the café is in the town’s most rundown neighborhood, Aria will let nothing stop her from success.

Then property developer Hunter Armstrong shocks the Mariposa Street shop owners with a buyout offer that threatens to destroy the old district. Aria refuses to let the ruthless businessman intimidate her into selling her beloved café, even if Hunter’s dark, glowering sexiness secretly makes her want to purr.

Aria and Hunter are soon locked in a fiery, tense war over the fate of Mariposa Street. But when Hunter starts falling for this sexy town sweetheart, he discovers that winning the battle might mean losing his heart.

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AndILoveHer_Ebook_Amazon_v11.jpgAnd I Love Her #2

An expert on the hot, wild tales of mythology, Callie Prescott leads a meticulously tidy life. And that, thank you, is exactly how she wants it, despite her family’s pestering that she’s a control freak who needs to have fun.

Jake Ryan fights bad guys, jumps out of airplanes, and escapes disasters…on film. But when a scandal engulfs his career, he takes cover in his hometown of Bliss Cove while he puts out the fire. No one knows his true identity until a chance encounter with Callie ignites powerful flashbacks of their high-school years together.

Despite the threat of exposure, Jake wants some close-up action with the brilliant, beautiful professor. Callie’s structured life has no room for a sexy, muscular hero…until Jake shows her how thrilling it is to have fun and lose control (a little).

Jake and Callie surrender to a hot affair and the possibility of love. But with dangerous secrets, a public scandal, and a mother’s scheming plots, can Jake ever win the starring role in his leading lady’s heart?

Jake and Callie surrender to a hot affair and the possibility of love. But with dangerous secrets, a public scandal, and a mother’s scheming plots, can Jake ever win the starring role in his leading lady’s heart?

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Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, ocean, sky, cloud, text, outdoor, water and natureWords of Love #4 is releasing 20th February

Reporter Brooke Castle is desperate for a big scoop to save her journalistic career. She’s spent two years reporting on Bliss Cove’s festivals and pie contests, but she has her sights set on a job with a national newspaper. Unfortunately, the town isn’t exactly a hotbed of breaking news…that is, until Brooke zeroes in on Sam Donovan, the sexy bookstore owner who keeps odd hours and has a past shrouded in mystery.

Sam has spent the past year fighting his attraction to the perky, inquisitive Brooke. With his need for privacy, the last thing he wants is a relationship with a reporter. But when he finds himself the target of her investigation, he can’t resist going undercover on an investigation of his own.

Despite their game of cat-and-mouse, Brooke and Sam embark on a sizzling affair…but neither of them expects to follow a lead straight to love.

Pre-order your copy of Words of Love available in Kindle Unlimited
on release day, 20th February, 2020!

Amazon: U.S | U.K | CAN | AUS

Meet Nina Lindsey

Nina Lindsey writes romances filled with heart, heat, and happy endings. She is delighted to introduce readers to Bliss Cove, California, a coastal town with an abundance of warm cookies, ocean breezes, and the ever-present possibility of love.

Nina loves all things spicy and sweet, with chili chocolates being at the top of the list. She is also a fan of glossy magazines, pop culture, Gilmore Girls, energy bites, Orangetheory, and the sound of silence.

She lives in Wisconsin with her meteorologist husband (yes, she asks him daily, “What’s the weather forecast?”), their two children, an overly energetic dog, and a snail named Pipsqueak. Visit her at:

Website | Facebook | Facebook Readers Group | Instagram

 Goodreads | BookBub | Amazon

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WeFoundLove_EbookAmazon.v6.jpgWe Found Love, A Bliss Cove Prequel

“What will you do with a second chance?”

“Give me one, and you’ll find out.”

She’s the town’s favorite bread-baker. He’s an energetic, captivating chef.

Kate Rochester and Trevor Craig believe they’ve found a lifelong, passionate love with each other…until Trevor’s meteoric rise to fame tears them apart.

Kate escapes to the seaside town of Bliss Cove to heal her broken heart. While she finds comfort helping the Prescott family at the Sugar Joy bakery, she still aches for Trevor and all that they lost.

Trevor has reached the pinnacle of career success, but his heart is empty without Kate. Determined to prove they belong together, he seeks her out in Bliss Cove and bargains for a second chance.

But these two soulmates are soon forced to confront the fact that love isn’t enough. Unless they can cook up a solution to their problems, this match made in heaven will become a recipe for disaster.

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