Now a #1 Amazon bestseller in Billionaire Romance, we are delighted to be sharing Tracey Lou’s review of  THE ITALIAN,
a contemporary romance by T L Swan

They say there are three things you should do at least once in your life:

Dance like nobody’s watching.
Travel the world.
And fall hopelessly in love.

I aimed to do all three.

I went to Italy to find myself.
But he found me.

It was like a story book, our eyes met across a crowded room.
He asked me if I needed help reading the menu.
We ate, we laughed, we danced, and I fell.
Unfortunately, things didn’t go to plan, and we parted ways.

Two years later, our eyes meet across a room again.
Only this time I was on a date with another man.
He went crazy in a jealous fit.

But the man I met then is different now.
He’s colder, harder, and officially one of the most powerful men in Italy.
Dare I say it, even more enticing.

But if you dance with the devil, you get burnt.

And the fires in Italy are scalding hot.

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Reviewed by Tracey Lou on behalf of KFF

Just wow! Where do I start with this book? I know, let’s start with the cover. Bellissimo!! (I bet you didn’t know I could speak Italian) I can’t, haha. But he just takes my breath away and I couldn’t wait to delve into this book.

Enrico Ferrara. The Italian. Tall, dark, mysterious and drop-dead, panty-melting gorgeous. Be still my heart.

Olivia Reynolds had left Australia for a trip overseas. Craving excitement, she came to Italy. Little did she know that meeting the gorgeous Enrico would change her life forever. The physical attraction was instant. This Italian hunk with the gorgeous smile and an accent to die for left her craving his presence constantly. The perfect excuse for her to play the tourist and be her tour guide. Zipping around on the back of his bike made her realise she wanted more. A simply holiday affair? Or something more?

Flying off for a few days to meet up with her friend Natalie, Olivia promises to return to Enrico before she finally heads home back to Australia. Unbeknownst to Olivia, as she boards her flight, Enrico receives a telephone call that will change the path of his life forever. Secrets come to light and the horrors of life come forward. This is not the end of their love story. It’s just the beginning!

Time has passed, eighteen months to be exact and yet again Olivia finds herself on a plane bound for Italy. This time to embark on a new life and start her dream job. Coincidence? I think not! Italy is a big country, but wouldn’t you know it. Olivia and Enrico cross paths again. Only this time Enrico is different. There was a hardness about him and a look in his eyes that wasn’t there before.

Enrico had ever forgotten Olivia. She was constantly in his mind and if he was being completely honest with himself, she was constantly in his heart. Only this time Enrico was torn between his love for Olivia, his family and wary of his enemies that were always present.

There is so much more to Olivia’s and Enrico’s story, but I can’t give it all away in this review. So what I’ve done is just lay down the foundation for you because this is a story you do not want to miss. We’ve got love, passion, betrayal and suspense. What more could you ask for?

I’m so in love with this author. There’s not one book of hers that I haven’t liked. She delivers everything I want and need in a book without me even having to tell her! She keeps me enthralled with every page that I turn. This is not a straight forward love story and it’s certainly not boring! Obviously, this book is set in Italy. And with hand on heart, I can honestly say my understanding of the Italian language is a big zero. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t try and read the parts of the book that was written in this language. I have it on good authority (by my Italian colleague) that my accent is appalling! So thank you to the author for including the translations.

On that note, congratulations T.L. Swan on another masterpiece. I look forward to the next one!

Meet T L Swan

Originally from Sydney, Tee Swan now resides in a dreamy beachside town on the South Coast of Australia with her hunk of a hubby, their three children and a menagerie of spoilt pets.

She loves Margaritas, Chocolate and a swoony good book with a strong storyline. With a background in Mental Health, Tee writes characters that you want be friends with, strong alphas to fall in love with and witty women you want to be.

When she is not writing you will find her in a cafe drinking coffee and eating cake.

Website | Facebook | Facebook Readers Group | Instagram | Twitter

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