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Today we are delighted to be sharing Sarina Bowen’s all-new stand-alone contemporary/sports romance in the
Brooklyn Bruisers world,


Sometimes lady luck shakes your hand, and sometimes she smacks your face. Sometimes she does both on the same day.

Three years ago I met the most amazing woman. We were both down on our luck. Then I got that call—the one that tells you to get your buns on a plane to go meet your destiny.

But the girl was left behind. I didn’t have her phone number, and she didn’t know my real name.

While I became a professional hockey player, she became a superstar, with platinum records and legions of fans. And a slick, music producer boyfriend who treated her badly.

But fate wasn’t done with us yet. When Delilah turns up at a hockey game, I can’t resist making contact. The internet swoons when I ask her out on a date.

She might not remember me. But her jerkface ex does. He’ll do anything to keep us apart. 

Good thing athletes never give up. This time I’m playing for keeps.


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Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse at KFF

Diving into Bowen’s reads is always a treat. Whatever the offering, her characters are unique, their stories interesting and the lifelike banter is sure to draw you in from the word go. To my surprise, this engaging stand-alone in the Brooklyn Bruisers world doesn’t just revolve around sport, but also music. Rock star sub-genre isn’t really my cuppa; however, Superfan has been written in such a way that my opinion quickly changed. The detail is without a doubt, well-researched and as I had no idea to what extent a musician’s representative/record company has over their artists, I was quite taken aback.

“I need you to be less trusting. Don’t trust anyone on your payroll. Don’t trust strangers who offer you candy. Don’t trust men who want to get in your pants. Or women, if you swing that way.” 

This second chance romance was right up my alley! I have to admit that the angst in the last quarter of the story wound me up so much that I found myself rereading certain passages which I’d read too quickly. I loved the hockey team camaraderie, the ribbing and encouragement Silas Kelly’s friends gave him. You see, from the moment he’d set his eyes on Delilah Spark, he was smitten but as luck would have it, they’d lost contact. When the occasion arose, all he needed was a nudge in the right direction. Mind you, there’s nothing subtle about how his mates played him but laugh-out-loud, I did.

‘I’m used to taking a lot of flak for my obsession with Delilah Spark, even if my interest in her is slightly less pathetic than everyone assumes.’ 

Kind eyes, a good friend to his friends and a heart of gold, Sillas is a smashing person. He doesn’t have a bad bone in his body; however, something he’s not at all proud of happened years back and he’s kept it to himself ever since. Funnily enough, it involved a certain individual who’s out to make his and Delilah’s life difficult. Blinkin’ heck…there are quite a few serious moments when I even considered doing some Kindle bashing! But I love my Kindle, so I called him all the names under the sun instead! It wasn’t enough that tight schedules or the long-distance between them hindered their growing relationship, they also had to contend with this moron.

‘And this ordinary girl does not have the courage to up and move thousands of miles across the country to ask a man to love her. Even a man as great as Silas.’ 

There’s nothing pretentious about Delilah. She’s a really lovely gal trying to move past bad decisions, and coming to terms with her weasel of an ex-boyfriend’s actions isn’t easy. She’d trusted the wrong person and that’s made her very wary of everyone except her personal assistant. For someone who’s a rising star, one would think her lack of self-confidence a tad strange but I found her stance regarding stardom totally understandable. All she wants to do is write songs and sing them.

‘It’s been way too easy to find our rhythm. And I don’t ever want the song to end.’ 

Delilah’s personal problems are handled by Silas with so much consideration that my heart melted. Together they are sweet, loving and in one exotic scenario…goodness me, I was left smiling from ear to ear. Not only was it great catching up with all the guys and gals from previous books in this series, but a new character literally bowled me over. Kickass, dry wit and totally professional, their solid advice to Delilah was more than spot on. Having sussed out who was behind cruel deeds before the ending didn’t spoil my reading enjoyment in the slightest, and I can’t recommend Superfan enough. Bravo Ms Bowen!


© 2019 Sarina Bowen
All rights reserved.

“Would you like a beer?” the cute bartender asks me.I glance at the pile of mint leaves on his cutting board and hesitate. “Sure,” I say. But the mint looks so fresh and pretty.“I could make you something different.”“Beer is great. A cold…”“—lager,” he finishes. “No glass, no opener.”When I look up to flash him a smile, my heart does a little somersault. Those kind eyes are smiling at me, too. “Thank you,” I whisper. “It’s really no problem.” He turns toward the beer cooler. “You’re an easy customer, trust me.”

But I really meant—thank you for remembering. As he leans down to grab a bottle for me, I find myself admiring the strong muscles in his back. Stop it, I admonish myself. It only gets worse when he turns around and places the bottle in front of me. I’ve never seen hands like his. I didn’t even know wrists could look muscular.

Even so. Ogling him is not why I came here. I pull out my keychain opener and remove the cap from my beer.

He discards it, gives me another pleasant smile and then picks up his paring knife again.

I take a sip, wondering when he’s going to mention my show at the Coconut Club. He was there. I saw him.

He separates some mint leaves from their stems and says nothing.

I last about seventeen seconds. “Well?”

“Well?” He looks up. “Sorry?”

“Jesus lord.” I close my eyes and then open them again. This is not going how I’d hoped it would. “What did you think?

“Of…?” His amazing eyes are studying me.

“Forget I asked.” I take a swig of beer.

“Think about what?” He pushes the cutting board aside, and his smile turns knowing.

“My set at the Coconut Club! I saw you holding up that wall in the back. Don’t lie.”

He tips his head back and lets out a sudden laugh. “I’m so busted. I loved your show, but I didn’t expect you to spot me.”

“You loved it so much you weren’t going to say anything?” The sentence sounds crazy to my own ears. I put down the beer. “You know what? Never mind. I’m just being psycho right now. This town is getting into my head.”

“Listen, girly.” He braces both (muscular!) hands on the bar and looks me right in the eye. “I loved it so much that I don’t even know what to say about it. From that moment at the beginning—when you shut that asshole’s maw? To the part where you made a lady cry.” He shakes his head. “I couldn’t look away. And I never wanted it to end.”

I give him a slow blink, just trying to take that in. It’s so much more than I was even hoping to hear.

“Shit, Delilah. If that set doesn’t win you whatever contract you’re looking for, they don’t even deserve you.”

Something warm and unfamiliar settles into the center of my belly. “That might be the nicest thing anyone ever said to me. Which only means you’re still trying to get my phone number.”

He laughs immediately. “Can’t both things be true? Both my musical assessment and my interest in your evening plans?”

“Because you know so much about music.” I flip my hair and take another sip of beer.

“Look. I don’t know shit about music. But I know plenty about talent.” He leans down on a set of forearms I shouldn’t be noticing. “I know that talent sometimes takes a nap at just the wrong moment, but it never stays asleep for long. I also know that luck matters, too. If they don’t give you what you want, it won’t be your fucking fault.”

“Thank you,” I say quietly.

But he’s not done. “I saw something else valuable the other night. You’re good in the clinch. And that counts for double, I swear to God.”

“The clinch?”

“Yeah. You’re not just good at practice.” He pauses, wrinkling up his interesting nose. “What word would a musician use? Okay—you’re not a rehearsal musician. That stage was like your home. Either that or you fake it really well. That’s going to pay your rent someday, I promise.”

“Wow.” It’s like he looked right into my terrified little soul and found the very thing I needed to hear. Those beautiful eyes of his are practically burning me right now, so I have to look away. “Thank you. Really. I really needed that pep talk.”

I make the mistake of looking up at him again, and, for a split second, I see pure yearning. It’s like our souls vibrate at exactly the same frequency. And I have no idea what to do with that.


Also available in the Brooklyn Bruisers world:

Brooklynaire (Brooklyn #1)

You’d think a billion dollars, a professional hockey team and a six-bedroom mansion on the Promenade would satisfy a guy. You’d be wrong.

For seven years Rebecca has brightened my office with her wit and her smile. She manages both my hockey team and my sanity. I don’t know when I started waking in the night, craving her. All I know is that one whiff of her perfume ruins my concentration. And her laugh makes me hard.

When Rebecca gets hurt, I step in to help. It’s what friends do. But what friends don’t do is rip off each others’ clothes for a single, wild night together.

Now she’s avoiding me. She says we’re too different, and it can never happen again. So why can’t we keep our hands off each other?

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Overnight Sensation (Brooklyn #2)

Everyone knows the girl is off limits. But it’s so good to be bad.

There’s this girl…
Heidi and I have been trading hungry looks all year, and everything she does makes me smile. But I don’t do girlfriends, and I certainly can’t get involved with the league commissioner’s daughter. I need shots on goal, not a hookup and a widely misunderstood paparazzi photo.
Can I resist her, though? The way she teases me should be a game penalty for interference with my libido.

There’s this guy…
Jason wants me, but he won’t admit it. That man looks at me the way a hockey player eyes the lunch buffet after practice–and I love it.
But when victory is finally within my grasp, I blow it and humiliate myself. Even then I can’t even avoid him–as the team intern, I’m in constant view of his hard body and cocky smile.
I need another chance. Jason Castro is about to learn the true meaning of an overnight sensation

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Meet Sarina

Sarina Bowen writes steamy, angsty Contemporary Romance and New Adult fiction from the wilds of Vermont.

The Ivy Years is her bestselling series. Centered around the hockey team at an elite Connecticut college, The Year We Fell Down began breaking hearts in March, 2014. There are three novels and a novella in the series so far. Click here for The Ivy Years  updates.

For lovers of angsty snowboarding heroes, Sarina also writes the Gravity series! Coming in From the Cold features a downhill ski racer and one of the most unique plot conflicts in contemporary romance today. Falling From the Sky is book #2, about a freestyle snowboarder who nearly loses his life in the halfpipe.

Sarina enjoys skiing, coffee products and a nice glass of wine. She lives with her family, eight chickens and more ski gear and hockey equipment than seems necessary.

Follow Sarina

 Webpage | Facebook | Facebook Readers Group | Twitter  Instagram | Pinterest | Amazon | BookBub | Goodreads


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