LOVING JUNIPER, the much anticipated final book in the bestselling Smoke Series by Sadia Ash is LIVE!

Today we are delighted to be sharing the epic conclusion in The Smoke Series, LOVING JUNIPER by Sadia Ash



Copy of LOVING JUNIPER COVER.jpg“To travel around in a circle and come back to the same place you started can be either a source of failure or a source of discovery. It depends on what you are looking for. A year ago, I left this museum to travel outside the circle, and now I was back in its fold. And what I had been looking for ended up being right back here…at home,” says Juniper Mills.

For Kyle Paxton, everything comes full circle in a strange sort of synergy as the lost love he has been trying to find for two years is finally in front of him.

What happens when Juniper comes back home after a year of living her dream job in London and Ireland as a Celtic curator?

This is Juniper and Kyle’s final love note. An extended epilogue to the epic love story that began in Ann Arbor with Juniper Smoke, and now concluded in Loving Juniper in San Francisco. After hundreds of days apart over thousands of miles, will Juniper and Kyle finally find journey’s end?

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Reviewed by Anna on behalf of KFF

This is the last instalment to Juniper and Kyle’s epic love story. So if you haven’t read the previous books I suggest you read those first before you get into this one. I promise you it is worth it to get to know them right from the start.

This story picks up two years later when Kyle and Juniper seem to meet at a crossroad. Juniper finished her work in Ireland and Kyle has been patiently waiting for the love of his life to finally move back to where she belongs, by his side. Will they have their happily ever after at last?

I was waiting for this conclusion to Kyle and Juniper’s story and not disappointed with the author’s delivery. I was glad that Ms Ash created these two very interesting characters: Juniper, nerdy and self-doubting, she has accomplished her goals and has grown into a stronger and mature woman and Kyle who wrestled his demons is now at peace with his past. Their initial meeting in book one was memorable although, throughout the previous books they had always struggled with trust and resulted in heartbreak, but I saw the personal growth of these two people and learned to love their imperfections. In this book there were a few hiccups and some bumpy rides, but I am glad it was written this way because if it was all unicorns and rainbows for Kyle and Juniper it would have been a boring read.

“Without friendship, love fades fast, as it needs more to survive than lust. Left alone, lust stinks like dried and salted cod.” 

The final conclusion of a love story is almost always predictable but this author is clever enough to make their journey more fascinating with Juniper’s insecurities rearing its ugly head again. She manages to talk herself out of it most of the time, and despite Kyle’s inner struggle, he has grown into a better person. This couple fought hard for their relationship and the result is epic. The extended epilogue is a definite bonus and gives us the much-awaited closure. Their unforgettable story will stay with me for a long time and I’m glad I followed through all four books. Highly recommended!



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Kyle and Juniper (Smoke Series Book 2) by [Ash, Sadia]Kyle & Juniper #2

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Finding Juniper #3

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Copy of LOVING JUNIPER COVER.jpgLoving Juniper #4

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Everyone has a story to tell. I am humbled when anyone—a stranger, friend or loved one—reads what I wrote. So, thank you!

Sadia Ash works in TV story development and moonlights as a sushi monster and novelist in her not-so-free time. Currently working on the development of three TV shows, including The Memory of Water and A Girl in Istanbul, she is working on a film script as well, but keeps getting distracted by her two teens, witty husband, and skittish cat, Misha. She holds an MA English degree from Loyola University in Chicago, a Screenwriting Certificate from UCLA, and Masters in English Literature from NUML University. She lives in California and misses her hometown Chicago, but not the snow.


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