GUARDING THE BILLIONAIRE by Jane Harvey-Berrick is available now!

Today we are delighted to be sharing International bestselling author Jane Harvey-Berrick’s first book in her all-new romantic suspense,
laugh-out-loud duet, GUARDING THE BILLIONAIRE

SAVING THE BILLIONAIRE pre-order is now available!


A duet with no cliff-hanger and HEA – sort of…


Guarding the Billionaire #1

He’s a fast-talking, hard-hitting guy who goes to work with a weapon in his holster. He’s also sexy, loyal and damn good at his job.

He’s Justin Trainer.

I work close protection. I’m the silent bodyguard at the back of the room. I’m the eyes watching you. I’m the ears listening to you. And I’m the dirty-mouthed grunt with the gun who’ll take a bullet for you.

I’m the man in black, guarding my billionaire boss.




Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse at KFF

Well, I can honestly say that Harvey-Berrick has pleasantly surprised me. Billionaire romance is one of my fave tropes; however, this read which overflows with the laugh-out-loud scenes, cutting sarcasm and intrigue is unique in the respect that it’s a reversal of what I’d thought it would be. Remember bodyguard/driver Jason in 50? Then you’ll get my meaning!

I couldn’t help liking Justin Trainer, ex-Marine and professional bodyguard. A loving father, divorced and a tad pushed for cash…yeah, what happens when there’s a messy break-up, landing a well-paid job meant being able to think about his little girl’s future and having more quality time with her if of course, his ex would allow it. While he describes how he copes with his daughter’s mother’s shirty attitude, my heart went out to him. She’s a nasty piece of work, totally unreasonable, selfish and not surprisingly, explicit language flies left, right and centre when things get heated.

‘BODYGUARDS, we’re deeply misunderstood. We’re not unthinking, uncaring masses of muscle and testosterone, we have feelings, too.’

A man of few words, Devon Anderson’s a real enigma. Quite young to be a self-made billionaire, he’s generosity and concern for the wellbeing of others is highlighted throughout the story. He’s not so normal free time activity still remains a mystery, and I’m really looking forward to finding out the reason behind his behaviour in the room. Trainer’s been hired to protect him and to make sure that what goes on behind closed doors stays there. And believe you me, his loyalty to his boss is unquestionable. Actually, Devon worried me. I couldn’t ignore his loneliness and even though he does have a close friend, Trainer doesn’t trust this individual with a barge pole. Hmm, we’ll just have to wait to see what happens ‘cause the vibes I’d been getting weren’t in the slightest bit positive.

‘Would I take someone out of the equation just to preserve the boss’s secret? It ought to be a black and white question, but it’s not.’ 

Rachel, the housekeeper, knows one of the ways to the man’s heart she’s her eyes on is through his stomach! Yes, they’re attracted to each other and yes, she’s older than him which I liked a hell of a lot. Despite Trainer’s flirtatious manner, he takes his job very seriously and ‘fraternizing’ with this gorgeous staff member could lose him his job. Voicing her desires gives him that much-needed push so when they do eventually…you know…get to it, there’s no stopping them. Like dirty talkers? The sexual innuendos that rolled off Trainer’s tongue made Rachel and I blush and he’s not one to hold back in the bedroom, either.

“Babe, if my book was about you, it would be called ‘Cooking for the Billionaire’. But it’s not. It’s all about me.”
“Men! It’s always about them! As if the sun revolves around you.”

There’s more inner monologue than banter but this gave me an x-ray insight into Trainer’s thoughts and feelings. That being said, the quirky dialogue had me in fits, the turkey scene was beyond hilarious and the camel sketch…simply no words! Rachel’s witty comebacks, the drama, non-stop action and interesting characters all make this a read you won’t want to miss. Roll on Saving the Billionaire! Harvey-Berrick’s spoiling her readers and releasing the second book in this duet in no time at all. Bravo!

‘The turkey fought well, but I am The Victor. Eat that, turkey brains.’



Saving the Billionaire #2

The hilarious concluding episode of black comedy/drama/romcom/thriller GUARDING THE BILLIONAIRE.

He’s a fast-talking, hard-hitting guy who goes to work with a weapon in his holster. He’s also sexy, loyal and damn good at his job, even when he’s guarding a billionaire boss with too many secrets.

He’s Justin Trainer.

You won’t notice me and you won’t hear me, but I’m always there, watching, listening and waiting. I’m armed and dangerous because I’m the bodyguard, and I’m the guy who’ll take a bullet for you.

I’m the man in black, saving my billionaire boss from blackmailers and computer hackers—but mostly from himself.





© 2019 Jane Harvey-Berrick
All rights reserved.

The bodyguard and the camel


I step forward, keeping an eye on my surroundings as Talal sweeps his arm toward a stable in the middle of the front row. It’s slightly larger than the others and a puff of cooler air spills out as the door is opened.

“This is my treasure,” he says proudly. “Her name is Nabila. It means happiness. Isn’t she beautiful?”

He sounds like a proud parent and I briefly wonder why he keeps his woman in a stable when I finally realize that my bodyguarding duties are required by a large, dun-colored female camel.

A tawny head on a snake-like neck peers out, making a noise like a frat-boy puking his guts.

“Look! She’s calling to you!” Talal says happily. “She likes you!”

He rubs the camel’s long nose, cooing to her in Arabic. The camel’s eyelids droop and she snickers softly.

“She’s worth more than ten million dollars,” he states.

My jaw hits the floor.

“Nabila has won me more than three thousand Dirham, or twenty million of your US dollars in races.”

Now, I get it. That is a fuck-ton of money.

Talal continues proudly.

“And her broodmare fees will significantly increase if she wins the Mazayen Al-Ibl next month. Her offspring will be very valuable. There have been threats from my rivals,” he says darkly. “Twice, ground-up glass has been found in her feed. But it was found in time, Inshallah.”

I look up at the security cameras and the armed guards, and understand what Mason meant about it being an inside job. And I’m the biggest outsider Talal could find.

“You, Mr. Trainer, will watch Nabila around the clock. You will keep her alive. You will keep her safe.”

Nabila puckers up her hairy lips and comes towards me for a smooch. I back away, but not fast enough, and she sends a stream of saliva dripping down the front of my best suit.

Talal claps his hands, a huge smile on his face.

“This is a good omen, Mr. Trainer!”

Yup, lucky me. I’ll be sleeping in a stable for the next month.

What the hell, I’ve slept in worse places for a lot less money.

Nabila nudges my shoulder and I pat her nose.

“Just you and me tonight, hot stuff. I sleep on the left, right?”


I’m not sure if that means yes or whether I’ve just struck out.



Meet Jane

Writing is my passion and my obsession. I write every day and I love it. My head is full of stories and characters. I’ll never keep up with all my ideas!

I live in a small village by the ocean and walk my little dog, Pip, every day. It’s on those beach-side walks that I have all my best ideas.

Writing has become a way of life – and one that I love to share.


Connect with Jane

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