ALL WE ARE: Ex-Factor Duet Book 2 by Elisabeth Grace & Michelle Lynn is now LIVE!

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Today we are thrilled to be bringing you book two in the Ex-Factor Duet,
ALL WE ARE by Elisabeth Grace & Michelle Lynn


Coming face-to-face with my past changes EVERYTHING.

I’m at the top of my game. All my struggles have finally paid off. Life should be great.

I mean, life is great.

Except for the fact that I can’t stop thinking of her. The woman who mangled my heart into a bloody pulp and never looked back.

If I could free myself of our shared memories, my future would be golden.

There’s only one way to move on—I have to confront the past, so I can move into the next chapter of my life in peace. Which means confronting her for the final time.

I had no idea that knocking on her door that day would turn my life upside down.

ALL WE ARE is now available!



Reviewed by Emma-Louise on behalf of KFF

A book I anticipated for as long as the wait to receive it, once it hit my kindle I dived in and was reaching the finishing line quicker than I would have liked. These authors don’t create short reads but they have the ability to spin a brutally emotional and raw tale that ensnares the reader and makes time fly faster than normal.

We don’t pick up at the end of the last book. Nope, not in this one and it does make a lot of sense to have a time lapse.  As the authors themselves state, this is a book about both Jimmy and Lilah and she was a messed up basket case in the last book. Lost in substance abuse, wallowing in it like a pig rolls around in mud. She needed time to remake her little world and discover who she is standing on her own two feet.

When Jimmy and Lilah come face-to-face again, it could have been so much better if Jimmy hadn’t found out what he did the way he did. You see, Lilah had a secret and it kept me guessing on whether Jimmy would ever be able to move past it. Hate comes from love. Hate fuels passion and these two had it in spades. With a single word or look they could injure or even maim.

‘The pressure inside me releases, and I finally admit to myself that my concern isn’t just because she’s–,

It’s because she’s Lilah.

My Lilah.

No matter the time and distance and circumstances that kept us apart, some things never change. And what we mean to one another is one of those things.’

With the time between books, t meant that the story between them progressed at a very slow pace. Almost insurmountable odds were stacked so high even Superman would have struggled to leap them in a single bound.

Lilah oftentimes wasn’t a good person in the first book. Whereas here she’s relatable, I lost count of the number of times my heart bled for her and the predicaments she had put herself in. Good or bad, her decisions (off drugs) were always made carefully and with thought and planning. Well, for the most part, she knows where she wants to be and who she wants to be and when she jumps in she does it with both feet.

“I wish there was another word for love because sometimes I feel like it doesn’t sum up what we have.”

There is no risk of boredom or monotony when reading a book penned by these two lovely ladies. Jimmy and Lilah have earned their spot on my top three much-loved couples.

‘My reaction is fierce and immediate. I growl into her mouth and slide my tongue along the seam of her lips. She parts them for me, and the taste of her rushes in on an ocean of conflicting emotions. Ever so slowly, we find that rhythm and the sting of betrayal fades and all I taste is her want and need that matches my own.’

We make of life what we will and even fictional characters have been known to throw a wrench into their own machinery. All We Are is the kind of book I wish I truly could read again for the first time. Thank you, ladies, for completing this duet the way you did. I loved the epilogue that was so brilliantly done.

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Will I ever stop hurting the one person who’s never hurt me?

I’ve done things I can never undo.

No matter how much I wish I could, sometimes the wounds I inflict are too deep, too catastrophic, too septic to heal.

As I look into the eyes of the only man I’ve ever loved I know I’ve gone too far. I’ve finally crossed the line.

Even if he knew my reason for doing this, he’d never forgive me.

He always puts my needs before his own.

Now it’s my turn to protect him.

None of that matters though because the betrayal and disgust in his eyes comes from deep within his soul. There’s no coming back from this.

He will forever be tormented by what he’s seen, and he will never forgive me.

The last fragment of my heart to hold out hope that we’d share a future, withers and dies.


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USA Today Bestselling author, Elisabeth Grace, has a soft spot for romance novels with happily ever afters and a hot spot for alpha males! She currently lives outside Toronto, Canada with her hubby and two small children. Life is busy, but never too busy for a good story and to share her love of reading and writing with others.

For more of the lowdown feel free to visit her author website at


Michelle moved around the Midwest most of her life, transferring from school to school before settling down in the outskirts of Chicago ten years ago, where she now resides with her husband and two kids.

She loves all thing romance and cries at happy endings!

Visit her at




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