DANGEROUS BEAUTY by J.T. Geissinger is LIVE!

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A strapping bodyguard and a mysterious beauty on the run cross paths and tempt danger in Cozumel…

Dangerous Beauty, an all-new sexy and suspenseful romance from J.T. Geissinger is available now!


For Nasir, former Special Ops military man and bodyguard, his new job seems like an easy-money gig: trail a Russian mobster’s runaway wife in Mexico, enjoy the sun, observe, and report. Just one rule: don’t get too close. But it’s all Naz can do not to watch the alluring dancer’s every move. A closer look is irresistible—especially when she’s in trouble.

Evalina escaped to the island getaway to live an untraceable life—as far away from the past as she can get. But Eva can’t ignore the dark, muscled stud who rescues her from a drug gang. He says he’s an ex-cop on vacation. When providence throws them together time and again, Eva thinks it’s all a beautiful coincidence. Now she’s giving in to a strange new sensation: trust.

But Naz has a mission to accomplish and a secret to keep. Eva has her share of secrets, too. And as the heat flares between them, Naz knows that trust could become the most dangerous impulse of all.

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Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse at KFF

For starters, I hadn’t paid too much attention to the synopsis, so it was of no surprise that before the ending, I’d put two and two together and come up with the right answer. Dangerous Beauty isn’t a stand-alone but believe you me, I have no regrets reading this book with its dramatic cliffhanger. It’s also been a long while since I’ve had such a strong urge to stamp on my Kindle! Okay, so maybe that’s taking it a tad too far but after connecting with the author’s protagonists, all I wished for was closure, breathing space…a happy ever after! Obviously not to be, never mind…I can wait for the next installment. Ages since I’ve read a book by this author, to say her latest offering captivated me would be putting it mildly. However, in the beginning, I had trouble getting a solid grasp of her plot as I found it a tad aimless. Could I have kicked my impatient self? Yes! It’s well-thought-out and more important, flows at an agreeable pace. The speed really picks up around halfway and from then on in, it’s a nonstop helter-skelter of emotions.

“You don’t have to get defensive, Naz. I wasn’t going to ask you to spill any juicy stories…” 

Evelina is quite aware of her beauty without any pretentiousness. How it could bring one man down to his knees is another issue altogether. If she could crawl under a stone, her paranoid would be nonexistent but this is not the case. I liked this lass a hell of a lot. When her story unravels, ooh my… talk about putting my hands together and begging for a much-needed break in her heart-pounding nightmare for freedom isn’t in it. How she’d even continued to be a mere speck on earth was a blinkin’ miracle. What she’d been through literally made me gasp for air. Here is one very determined lady. She took a way out. She did everything in her power to make it work. Sensitive to the core, would her sixth sense be enough to survive?

“I won’t let my fear make the decisions.” 

Naz. Blinking heck gals; get ahold of your panties ’cause he’s going to make wish he was yours! There’s little leeway for anything to wrong on a mission which should have been easy-peasy. Report back to whomever. Basically, everything’s under control until a fleeting circumstance. Honest to the core, guarding a secret could backfire on him in more ways than one. Why you might ask is this gorgeous hunk of a man who’s ripped like Adonis and has tats that’d make any woman swoon over in such a conundrum? Maybe he’s found his match and can’t walk the fine line of indifference. Both him and Evalina have a past. He’s willing to tell. Will this be enough for her to trust him? Many questions arise. Some are answered, others are left in the air.

‘Survival is simply the art of suffering gracefully when we’re up against forces out of our control.’ 

Evalina and Naz’s chemistry is like dynamite ready to explode from the word go. And what I really lapped up was the back-and-forth ribbing verging on the sublime. Their wordplay so light-heartedly dished out, came far too close to home at times. Was it possible that one wrong step would bring down even the best-laid plans? The twist and a half I certainly never saw coming. Perhaps I should have known better since one individual the reader isn’t supposed to like was always in the background and the cause of so much insecurity. Before, this person’s stance truly got me stumped and then it falls into place and I hated him with such a passion that I had to put the book down.

“Why is your heart hammering, Naz”
“Because you’re my crack and I’m an addict.”

It’s a very character-driven story. The secondary players are fan-bloody-tastic…except one, of course. And I wasn’t the only one to connect with Tabby and her hubs. Laugh-out-loud moments in a situation of utmost seriousness makes for good reading and I sincerely hope the author will throw light on their backstory in the follow-up. And so you have it, ladies! A really nail-biting read not to be missed but with no conclusion. Please take note that I haven’t awarded 5 stars simply because I thought Dangerous Beauty was a stand-alone. Nevertheless—I can’t wait to see how Naz and Evaline get out of this one. Bravo Geissinger!

By the way. Had to smile because Mount Gay rum with tonic water, lots of ice and a slice of lime is my poison!

“Good? No, it’s not good. It’s the best rum in the world.”



About J.T. Geissinger:

J.T. Geissinger is a bestselling author of emotionally charged romance and women’s fiction. Ranging from funny, feisty rom coms to intense, edgy suspense, her books have sold more than one million copies and been translated into several languages.

She is the recipient of the Prism Award for Best First Book, the Golden Quill Award for Best Paranormal/Urban Fantasy, and is a two-time finalist for the RITA® Award from the Romance Writers of America®. She has also been a finalist in the Booksellers’ Best, National Readers’ Choice, and Daphne du Maurier Awards.

Her first novel was published in 2012. Since then she’s written eighteen more novels. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, drinking wine, surfing the internet, and daydreaming about all the things she’s going to be when she grows up. She lives near the beach in Los Angeles with her husband and deaf/demented rescue kitty, Ginger.

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