ENTHRALLED (The Enslaved Duet #1) by Giana Darling is releasing 29th March!

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It was the biggest day of my life.

I know most people say that about something joyous; a graduation, a wedding ceremony, the birth of their

first child. My situation was a little different.

Sure, it was my eighteenth birthday, but it was also the day that I was sold.

Sold to a man with hair like a crown of gold and eyes blacker than the darkest pits of Hell.

He bought me to own me, to control me, and to use me as a means to an end.

I was his tool and his weapon.

And through it all, somehow, I also became his salvation.

Meet Giana

Giana Darling is a Canadian romance writer who specializes in the taboo and angsty side of love and romance. She currently lives in beautiful British Columbia where she spends time riding on the back of her man’s bike, baking pies, and reading snuggled up with her cat Persephone. She’s a lifetime athlete, playing and coaching basketball, soccer, field hockey, and softball, so she comes by her competitive spirit naturally. A born reader and self-proclaimed geek, she is enamored with mythology, history and all kinds of literature. Before becoming a romance novelist, she was a food journalist, a food blogger, a coach, a French tutor and the owner of a pie company. For the last few years she has been living all over Europe, mostly in her second home France, but she’s finally settled with the Love of Her Life in her hometown on an island off of Vancouver.

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UNDERTOW by Alessandra Torre is LIVE!

Today we are thrilled to be sharing Alessandra Torre’s all-new love-triangle romance with a twist that will leave you reeling… UNDERTOW

Cover Designer: Sommer Stein / Perfect Pear Creative Covers

In some ways, I was so ordinary. Waking up in bed with my Paul, my surfer boyfriend, our life filled with sandy toes and tan lines. I stocked books during the day and danced with him to Bob Marley at night.

In other ways, I was unordinary. I’d dust off the sand and step into Stewart’s limousine. Zip up my evening gown and slide into my other life. Champagne and maid service. Orgasms and my businessman.

My life was a tide, pulling me back and forth between the two men. Soothing. Peaceful.

Then the undertow came, pulling my lives together, my men colliding, my breath shortening, arms flaying against the current, my heart breaking in its strength.

I should have known it would never work out.

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UNDERTOW is now available!
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Meet Alessandra

Alessandra Torre is an award-winning New York Times bestselling author of fourteen novels. Her books focus on romance and suspense. Torre has been featured in such publications as Elle and Elle UK, as well as guest blogged for the Huffington Post and RT Book Reviews. She is also the Bedroom Blogger for

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WHEN AUGUST ENDS by Penelope Ward is now available!


WHEN AUGUST ENDS, a standalone contemporary romance novel by New York Times, USA Today
and #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling
Author Penelope Ward is LIVE
and now a USA Today bestseller!


PWWhenAugustEndsBookCover5x8_HIGH.jpgWhat do you do when a sexy, older man moves into your family’s summer rental?

Well, apparently, you make a fool of yourself—over and over. Things didn’t exactly get off on the right foot with Noah Cavallari. Our first encounter was embarrassing, to say the least.

But despite that, I found myself waking up every day with a newfound energy. Nothing exciting ever happened on the lake—not until Noah moved into the small boathouse on our property. He’d booked it for the entire summer…and I was still trying to figure out why.

When my mother became ill, I inherited the responsibility of making sure our guests were well taken care of. I should have been in college. Instead, I was living my best life…as a maid.

Dark, handsome, and mysterious, everything about Noah screamed forbidden.

I knew he was just passing through town for the summer.

I knew he was probably too old for me.

Yet, I was drawn to him.

Not to mention, he tried to save my life when he mistakenly thought I was drowning.

I wanted him and made no secret of it.

His own attempts to warn me away soon gave way to late-night moonlight chats by the lake. We were slowly easing into a friendship that was gearing up to explode into something I might not recover from.

Because he’s leaving at the end of the summer.

And I have no idea what I’ll do when August ends.



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Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse at KFF

I always look forward to reading Ward’s contemporary romances and When August Ends is not only one of those books you pick up and have trouble putting down, but also broaches a subject I’m familiar with. So what, may you ask is it! Well…this stand-alone is overflowing with starting points, one of them being the age gap. Also, the author’s shorter sentences arrived like a gift since extended prose can at times make for a bulky read. And true to the author’s style, she hasn’t held back with the flirtatious witty wordplay. Totally necessary I might add, as the heroine most certainly deserves someone to brighten up her days.

‘Someone had to run things, and I was the winner of that responsibility by default.’ 

I couldn’t help but like Heather. She’s incredibly selfless, has had a raw deal and is handling the whole situation really well considering her age. And even though her hopes and dreams for the future aren’t in arm’s reach, I thought her matter-of-fact attitude mature beyond her years. In a nutshell, she’s an exemplary daughter and gets on with a job she feels duly tied to the best way she can. A past happening simmers in the background, the feeling of abandonment left me crushed. However, someone’s about to help her out in more ways than she could ever have expected.

“Sometimes you have to know when to walk away, even if it’s without your shoe. You know what I’m saying?” 

Noah’s taken time out and rented a guest boathouse on the family property until the end of August. Ladies, I wasn’t the only one counting down the weeks. Although this guy… his moral compass, his willingness to do the right thing impressed me beyond words, he’s tight-lipped and brusque. This part of his character I didn’t dislike a bit since little-big actions showed me there was much more to him than meets the eye.

“Life is made up of little moments that don’t seem that important at the time, but in retrospect they’re what get you to where you are.” 

Hmm…Noah fancies Heather, but won’t act on it as he knows it’s wrong in every way. He’s also aware that she has a crush on him. Lol, there’s nothing like drawing attention to oneself which she does pretty well in one scene. Roaring with laughter, this wasn’t going to be the only scenario which tickled me pink. So why is he holding back when the attraction is undeniable? I’d rather not make this known; nonetheless, it doesn’t need a calculator to come up with at least one right answer! Adoring how their friendship grew, their chats were a pleasure to read… How Noah slowly opens up to her, his sound advice and his reasoning behind his stance are realistically narrated. And his cigar smoking…loved this touch.

“You show people with your actions what kind of a person you are. You live your life with purpose, just like I try to. That’s probably the biggest thing we have in common.” 

You’ll all want someone like Noah’s father in your lives. Regardless of his son’s doubts and fears, this marvellous man is always there for him. And a delicate health issue told with compassion brought to light just how this silent malady affects loved ones. The tasteful steaminess sneaks up on you at the right moment in the story, and despite being a low-angst-slow-burn romance, the twist took me by surprise and literally sealed the deal for me.

‘My attraction to her would have to stay my dirty little secret, because I wouldn’t be laying a hand on her.’ 

The author’s creative narrative from dual perspectives in past tense overflows with engaging banter, keeping this love story moving at a pleasing pace. Emotional and sensitive, Noah and Heather’s tale is not one you’ll want to miss. Ooh, and for all of you animal lovers, your hearts will melt when you meet Bonnie and Clyde, their mascots. Bravo!


When August Ends 

© 2019 Penelope Ward
All rights reserved 

Noah stood up and walked off the porch to put his cigar out on the cement. When he returned, he remained standing across from me. I was reminded of just how tall he was as he towered over me. A breeze blew his scent—a mix of cigar and cologne—in my direction. The same smell saturated the shirt I was wearing. I could’ve breathed it in all night. His nearness was doing things to my body I hadn’t ever felt.Noah looked around. “You mentioned some stuff around here needs to be repaired. What specifically?”
I blew out a breath. Even thinking about it was exhausting. “So much. I’d have to make a list.”“Why don’t you do that? Make a list. I’m pretty good with my hands. I’ll see if there’s anything I can help with while I’m here.”He’d lost me at pretty good with my hands. My imagination was running wild. Shit. I imagined those hands doing a lot of things—mostly to me.“I can’t let you do that.”“You’d be stupid not to take me up on it. I came for a change of pace, but the truth is, too much quiet isn’t good. I like to keep busy.”Biting my bottom lip, I shook my head. “I don’t know…”“Make the list,” he insisted.Noah was right. It would be dumb not to take him up on his offer. It wasn’t like there was anyone else knocking down our door to help.I tilted my head. “What would be in it for you?”His expression turned dark. “People don’t always have to have ulterior motives.”Suddenly feeling bold, I said, “I thought maybe you would want me to go out with you in exchange.”Did you hear that? It was a record screeching.I admit, that was ballsy, but being around him brought out my flirtatious side. Maybe his cologne and cigar smoke were going to my head.

“You’re joking, right?”

Okay. I shouldn’t have asked.

“Actually, I—”

“I’m practically old enough to be your father.”

Really? That’s how he saw me? I knew he was older than me…but he didn’t seem that old. No way. I’d pegged him as early thirties, though I truly had no idea how old he was.

I shook my head. “No, you’re not. That’s a lie. An older brother, maybe. How old are you?”

Instead of answering, he took two steps forward. “Let me make something clear.”


“I was not insinuating anything by offering to help. And I will not be asking you out, propositioning you, or going anywhere near you, for that matter. We clear on that?”

Okay, then.

I swallowed. Disappointment washed over me as I cleared my throat. “Yes.”

“Good.” He made his way toward the door, turning around one last time. “You’d better go. It was nice chatting. Get me the list tomorrow.”

He disappeared into the house, leaving me on the porch to wallow in his lingering smell and feeling like a complete and utter idiot.



Cover Designer: Letitia Hasser, RBA Designs

Cover Model: Joseph Cannata

Cover Photography: Adam Zivo




Ward PicMeet Penelope

Penelope Ward is a New York Times, USA Today and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of contemporary romance.

She grew up in Boston with five older brothers and spent most of her twenties as a television news anchor. Penelope resides in Rhode Island with her husband, son, and beautiful daughter with autism.

With over one-point-five million books sold, she is a twenty-time New York Times bestseller and the author of over twenty novels.

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CAN’T MATCH THIS by Xavier Neal is LIVE!

Can’t Match This, an all-new standalone Romantic Comedy from Xavier Neal is available now!



Helping your best guy friend, who you just happen to be in love with, find his dream woman through a dating service is a great idea…


Gideon Lucas
Sports agent.
Obsessively organized.
And best friend to the most beautiful, brainy, bubbly, but insane, woman on the entire planet.

Lennox Marston
Sometimes therapist.
Incredibly impulsive.
And best friend to the most gorgeous, brilliant, charming, yet uptight, man to ever walk the Earth.

On paper, they’re not a match, but over the course of an impromptu dating arrangement, the two opposites may discover that everything they’ve been looking for is right in front of them.

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Reviewed by Anna on behalf of KFF

This is my second book by this author, a best friends-to-lovers romance with loads of funny banter between the main characters who can’t keep their hands off each other.

Lennox Marston aka Lenny is a psychologist and currently working as a “matchmaker” for an online dating company and also working as a therapist for veterans. Lenny is opinionated and strong-minded, her job is to give out advice but tends to ignore it when she gets one. And oh yes, she has also been in love with her best friend of twelve years, Gideon.

Gideon Lucas was a fullback in college when a sports-related injury cut short his dreams of being a pro and led him to become a sports agent. His drive to succeed propelled him and Mick, his business partner, to the top of their field. He and Lenny bonded in college, they are a perfect fit but somehow never crossed that line for fear of ruining their friendship.

Told in dual points of view, this is quite an entertaining albeit frustrating read at times. The problem with these two is that they have painted themselves into the friend-zone corner and neither knows how to take the next step. Gideon and Lenny’s interactions are akin to that of a couple dancing the sexual tango, going backwards and forwards, with lots of fancy footwork and always in sync. Most often she spends the night at his place, sleeps on his bed literally without the hanky panky of course because they are “just friends”. These two love each other that it is so obvious to those close to them and yet are oblivious to the other’s body language, for two intelligent individuals these pair can be a bit obtuse. The outcome is quite predictable but I loved the main characters’ passion for their jobs and their witty dialogue. This is a quick angst-free read and if I were you, I’d give it a go as I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

Meet Xavier Neal

Xavier Neal lives in Texas where she spends her time getting lost in writing, reading, or fandoms she recently discovered. Whether she is enjoying books or movies, she continues finding inspiration at every turn to bring more exciting stories to life.

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