THE LAST LETTER by Rebecca Yarros is LIVE!

The right words can save your life.

For fans of Nicholas Sparks and Jodi Picoult…
A soldier falls in love with his battle buddy’s
sister through their letters and returns
home from Afghanistan with a secret that
could destroy their fragile relationship.

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If you’re reading this, well, you know the “last-letter” drill. You made it. I didn’t. Get off the guilt train, because I know if there were any chance you could have saved me, you would have.

I need one thing from you: Get out of the army and get to Telluride.

My little sister Ella’s raising the twins alone. She’s too independent and won’t accept help easily, but she has lost our grandmother, our parents, and now me. It’s too much for anyone to endure. It’s not fair.

And here’s the kicker: there’s something else you don’t know that’s tearing her family apart. She’s going to need help.

So if I’m gone, that means I can’t be there for Ella. I can’t help them through this. But you can. So I’m begging you, as my best friend, go take care of my sister, my family.

Please don’t make her go through it alone.



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“I cannot imagine a world without this story.” – Hypable

“A stunning, emotional romance.” – Jill Shalvis, NYT Bestselling Author

Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse at KFF

I am lost for words! Very occasionally, do I come across a read which simply takes my breath away; this one did much more than that. The prose in certain sentences and paragraphs was of such exquisiteness, I couldn’t have possibly moved on in the story without rereading them. This stand-alone romance is for me, women’s fiction at its very best. Heart-wrenchingly beautiful, compassionate and emotional, getting through the book without shedding tears I found impossible. My warning ladies; a man-sized hanky is a must because otherwise, you’ll find yourselves wiping your sniffles on your sleeve!

Letters from the heart are written. Whether they’re all received, read or even replied to remains to be seen. One of them will change a man’s life and here is where I stop. I want you to enjoy this book as much as I did, so I’ll try my hardest not to go into too many details. What I can say is Rebecca Yarros’ characters are stunning, ridiculously easy to connect to and if it were ever possible, I’d want them in my life. Having not had the pleasure of reading this author’s works and even though I’d read the synopsis, never did I expect Beckett Gentry and Ella MacKenzie’s journey to be so soul-searchingly crushing.

‘How much damage had been done to him through the years?’ 

Beckett is a man of few words. Not such a good communicator at the best of times, what I adored about him was he had no use bad language because all said and done, other words in the dictionary exist to express one’s feeling. And his efforts to do the honourable thing literally bowled me over. With a heart of gold and righteousness that goes above and beyond, he had me sitting back and thinking about how one can lose track of simple actions like thoughtfulness, making us a better person.

“I was good with confidence, but arrogance was a deal-breaker. Arrogance got men killed…kids, too” 

If there were ever an award for the best mum to be had, I wouldn’t hesitate to vote for Ella. Hardworking and strong-willed, her unwavering commitment to her twins is nothing less than exceptional. Honest to the core, lies have no place in her life. Unfortunately for her, they exist and when they come to light, the consequences are devastating. Questions arise and go unanswered so why then, is Beckett there by her side through thick and thin? Why so much secretiveness, who is he and where did he come from? I got the impression that the timing was all wrong at the beginning of their story; certainly, the geographics didn’t help matters.

“You’re not a big people person, are you?
“That obvious?”

All unravels at a steady pace, but this is not to say I was overjoyed with what was happening. In fact, I was left speechless. But not in the respect that I felt saddened by anyone’s actions because in this story there is no room for judgment. Just the whole poignant past and present sorry state of affairs none of them had bargained for.

“Sometimes I think I don’t really know you,”
“You might not know much about my past, but trust me, you know me, and that’s more important.”

Not only did I fall hard for Beckett and Ella, but my goodness me, the children. They stole the show, they squeezed my heart and Havoc! Dog lovers, you’re in for a real treat here. Given moments of sheer joy, I was fooled into believing that all was not lost when in fact, that safety net the author had shrewdly conjured up in my mind simply disappeared into thin air. Perseverance to overcome what was thrown the protagonists’ way will make even the most hardened reader bawl their eyes out. But above all, the benevolent affection, the emotion that I literally lived from the first page to the last, showed me that true love has no boundaries whatsoever.

‘But the lies were woven in with the love, and that was the killer.’ 

Corner-cutting delicate health issues Yarros most certainly hasn’t done. She’s told it as it is with a frankness that’s quite alarming and at times, even before turning the next page to see what was or wasn’t going to transpire only seemed to add to my anxiousness. Every imaginable blow hits intensely. She’s woven a tale I, for one, will never forget and despite the ugly cries leaving me spent, her beautifully written words were narrated with the utmost graciousness.

‘I hadn’t been lying when I said I could kiss her forever. She was a thousand different kisses in one woman, the soft and tender, the deep and passionate, the hard and desperate. I never knew who I was taking in my arms, and yet they were all Ella.’ 

Five stars aren’t enough! That simple. Read this book; you won’t regret it. Bravo to the author and so looking forward to reading more of her works.

“Someone once told me that swearing is a poor excuse of a crap vocabulary. It makes you look low class and uneducated. So I stopped.”


© 2019 Rebecca Yarros
All rights reserved. 

“Ella.” It was a plea to speak, to not speak. Hell, I didn’t know anymore.“You don’t see me like that. I totally get it.” She reached for the TV remote.“How exactly do I see you? Please, enlighten me.” I leaned forward, stealing the remote. She’d opened this box and had better well dish it.She huffed in annoyance. “You see me as a mom. As Colt and Maisie’s mom. And of course you do, because that’s what I am. A mom with two kids.”“Well, yeah,” I said. Her motherhood—that selfless devotion she had to her kids—was one of her most attractive attributes.She rolled her eyes with a little sigh, and the metaphorical light bulb went off in my head.

“You don’t think I want you.”

She shot me a look that confirmed my guess and blushed the same crimson of her couch. “You know, you’re right. It’s late.” She faked a yawn. “Suuuuuuper late.”

“I want you.” Damn, it felt so good to say the words.

“Yeah, okay.” She gave me a goofy look and a thumbs-up. “Please don’t make me feel any more idiotic than I do right now.”

Yeah, enough of this bullshit.

I pounced in one smooth motion, taking her back to the couch, sliding over her as I gathered her wrists in one hand above her head and settled between her open thighs.


“Holy shit, you move fast.” There was no fear or rejection in her eyes, just surprise.

“Not in every arena,” I promised.

Her lips parted.

“Ella. I want you.”

“Beckett…you don’t have to.”

Yeah, that soft little sigh she did was going to be my undoing.

I let go of her wrists, letting my fingers trail down her arm until I had one hand weaving my fingers into the hair at the base of her scalp and the other at the curve in her waist.

“Feel this?” Then I slid forward, letting my dick stroke along the seam in her pajama pants hard enough for her to gasp at the contact. I couldn’t remember ever wanting to shred a piece of fabric so much in my life. “I’ve never wanted a woman as much as I want you.”

I moved again, and her eyes slid shut as she let loose the sweetest moan.

My dick throbbed, knowing everything I’d fantasized about for the better part of the last eight months was one decision away.

“Beckett.” Her hands found my biceps, her nails digging in.

“Don’t ever think that I don’t want you, because if things were different, I would have already been inside you. I would know exactly how you feel, and what you sound like, look like, when you come. I’ve thought about it at least a hundred different ways, and believe me, I’ve got a great imagination.”

She rocked her hips against me, and I locked my jaw to keep from giving her exactly what her body was asking for. “Ella, you have to stop.”

“Why?” she asked, her lips dangerously close to mine. “What do you mean if things were different?” Her eyes flew wide. “Is this because I have kids?”

“What? No. Of course not. It’s because you’re Ryan’s little sister.” Before I could do any more damage, I got the hell off her and sat back on my side of the couch.

“Because…I’m Ryan’s little sister,” she repeated, scooting so she sat upright, facing me. “And you think he’d, what? Haunt you?”

Three things: The letter. The cancer. The lie.

I repeated those in my head until I was certain I could look at her and not drag her back under me.


“When I was growing up, if I wanted something, I took it. Immediately. I had sex at fourteen with a girl in my foster home of the moment. I opened Christmas presents early if I was lucky enough to get one, and it was usually from my social worker or some charity.”

“I don’t understand.” She wrapped her arms around her knees again.

“I took it immediately because I knew if I didn’t, chances were I wouldn’t get it. It was a now-or-never kind of thing—there weren’t second chances.”


“I can’t touch you, can’t talk about it, because I’m afraid I’ll act on it.”

“And why does that matter if I want you to?”

“Because I won’t get a second chance. And I’m crap with people, with relationships. I’ve never had one that lasted more than a month. Never loved a woman I’ve slept with. And chances are I’d do something to screw this up, because it’s not just my dick that wants you, Ella.”

That O popped right back onto her face, and I closed my eyes to keep from lunging across the distance and kissing her. Knowing she’d let me—that she wanted it—sent my need from a bullet to a nuclear missile.

“And when I’d screw it up, because it would happen, trust me, it would hurt Colt and Maisie, too. You’d be on your own again, because there’s no chance you’d let me hang around and help you out like Ryan asked.”

“And there it is.”

“There it is. You’re Ryan’s little sister.”

“There were only five years between us. Not so little, you know.” She reached for the remote.

“I’m well aware.”

“So if Ryan were still alive…” She shot one last look at me.

I let everything slip for a millisecond, letting her see it all in my eyes, how badly I wanted her, and not just for her body. “Everything would be different.”


“Everything but the way I feel about you, which he probably would have killed me for. Where does that leave us?”

“You mean besides me being a dried-up spinster and you being honor-bound to a ghost?”

“Something like that.”

She rolled her head along the back of the couch, muttering something that sounded like a curse word under her breath. Then she sat up straight and powered on the TV with a click of her thumb. “That leaves us choosing a movie on demand. Because I’m not letting you walk out that door right now.”

“You’re not?”

“Nope. You walk out now, you might get all weird about this and not come back. Honor is a fabulous thing, but sometimes pride can be a lot stronger, especially when you convince yourself it’s for the good of the other person.”

Damn, the woman knew me.

“So movie it is,” I agreed. “Just…stay on your side of the couch.”

“I wasn’t the one who crossed the center line,” she teased with a smile that got me hard all over again.

Movie chosen, we sat and watched, both of us stealing sideways glances. There was that saying…the horse out of the barn. Yeah, the horse was out of the barn, and it wasn’t going back in. Not no way. Not no how.

That horse was running amok and screwing with my carefully constructed control.

But I didn’t complain when she moved over. Or when she pressed against my side. Nope. I lifted my arm and savored the feel of her curves, her trust. Still didn’t complain when she lay down in my arms. Hell no, I held on and memorized every second.

“This story gripped me from start to finish. The Last Letter is poignant, heartfelt and utterly consuming. I loved it!” – Mia Sheridan, NYT Bestselling Author

“Hands down, the best book I’ve read all year.” – Fic Wishes

About Rebecca Yarros:

Rebecca Yarros is a hopeless romantic and a lover of all things coffee, chocolate, and Paleo. She is the author of the Flight & Glory series, including Full Measures, the award-winning Eyes Turned Skyward, Beyond What is Given, and Hallowed Ground. She loves military heroes, and has been blissfully married to hers for sixteen years.

When she’s not writing, she’s tying hockey skates for her four sons, sneaking in some guitar time, or watching brat-pack movies with her two daughters. She lives in Colorado with the hottest Apache pilot ever, their rambunctious gaggle of kids, an English bulldog who is more stubborn than sweet, and a bunny named General Fluffy Pants who torments the aforementioned bulldog. Having adopted their youngest daughter from the foster system, and Rebecca is passionate about helping others do the same.

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IRRESISTIBLE by Melanie Harlow is now available!

Today we are delighted to be on tour with  USA Today bestselling author Melanie Harlow’s all-new fun and swoony standalone, IRRESISTIBLE

Irresistible FOR WEB.jpg

I’m a full-time single dad to three daughters and CFO at Cloverleigh Farms. I don’t have time to fall in love—I’m too busy trying to run a business, keep the red socks out of the white laundry, and get the damn pillowcases on without owing a dollar to the swear jar.

Sure, Frannie Sawyer is beautiful and sweet, but she’s twenty-seven, the boss’s daughter, and my new part-time nanny—which means she’s completely off-limits. It’s bad enough I can’t stop fantasizing about her, what kind of jerk would I be if I acted on the impulse to kiss her?

(Exactly the kind of jerk you’re thinking.)

Actually, I’m worse than that—because I didn’t stop with a kiss, and now I can’t stay away. She makes me feel like myself again. She reminds me what it’s like to want something just for me. She’s everything I ever needed, but nothing I ever imagined.

I’m a former Marine. I should have had the strength to resist her from the start.

But I didn’t. And now I have to choose between the life I want and the life she deserves.

Even if it means giving her up.

Irresistible - AN.jpg

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Reviewed by Anna on behalf of KFF

This is the first of a new series featuring a single dad and a nanny; a quick and fun read that isn’t loaded with angst, more light-hearted with lots of lovable characters.

Frannie Sawyer works at Cloverleigh Farms, a successful family-owned business. She is the youngest daughter but at the age of twenty-seven and still living with her parents, she’s starting to feel smothered. She is also a part-time nanny to Mack’s three young daughters and harboured a secret crush on Mack for ages although he seems to think she’s too young for him. Given that he’s ten years older and with a lot of baggage, her unrequited love seems doomed.

Declan MacAllister aka Mack is a recently divorced father of three girls. A former marine and now the Chief Financial Officer and Business Manager of Cloverleigh Farms, his hands are full single-handedly raising Millie, Felicity and Winifred. With the help of two nannies, one of them Frannie, he just about manages to get his job done and take care of his girls, too. He doesn’t have time for any relationships either. Even though he is very much interested in Frannie, he feels that she deserves someone better than him.

Mack and Frannie’s romance is full of easy and funny banter, dirty talk and sexy romps. Told in dual points of view, a single dad hooking up with the nanny sounds cliché but fear not, this book has more depth. As a father who is trying very hard to take care of his daughters, Mack is an exceptional dad but as a boyfriend, I felt he needed room for improvement. No wonder the poor bloke is overloaded with emotional baggage when his ex-wife dumped him and put all the blame on him for the failure of their marriage.

All throughout the book, I felt that Frannie was more emotionally invested whilst Mack only enjoyed their stealthy hook-ups and basically told her he’s not the one for her. For me, one of the highlights of this book is the girls’ relationship with their dad, how they coped with their mother’s abandonment and how they supported each other. It certainly makes for a very pleasant read. The hero and heroine’s love story takes a back seat for the girls’ smart talk, backchat and their adorable snarky attitude. Some characters from the author’s other books make cameo appearances which chuffed me to bits. I enjoyed reading Mack and Frannie’s love story and I am looking forward to reading the stories of Frannie’s older sisters: Chloe, April and Sylvia.

Meet Melanie

Melanie Harlow likes her martinis dry, her heels high, and her history with the naughty bits left in. When she’s not writing or reading, she gets her kicks from TV series like VEEP, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, and Homeland. She occasionally runs three miles, but only so she can have more gin and steak.

Melanie is the author of the AFTER WE FALL series, the HAPPY CRAZY LOVE series, the FRENCHED series, and the sexy historical SPEAK EASY duet, set in the 1920s. She lifts her glass to romance readers and writers from her home near Detroit, MI, where she lives with her husband, two daughters, and pet rabbit.

Harlow Headshot Color.jpg

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DESERT ROSE by K. Moore is LIVE!

Today we have the release day blitz of DESERT ROSE by K. Moore! We are so excited to share this new psychological suspense with you—check it out and order today!

In an instant, Jennifer’s life is forever altered.

When her ten-year-old daughter, Sarah, is abducted in Dubai, expats Jennifer and her husband Kevin are thrown into an unimaginable nightmare. With very little help provided by the local authorities and the US Embassy, Jennifer watches her life erode away and the tension in her marriage increase. Driven by rage and desperation, she is forced to make decisions she never thought possible.

An investigation without answers. A cover-up. A conspiracy. A betrayal.

There is no turning back.

What would you do if your child was taken?

Desert Rose was named ‘Most Promising Manuscript’ at the 2018 Alaskan Writers Guild Conference.

Grab Your Copy Today!

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Exclusive Excerpt

The longer their silence fills the crowded room, the more I can hear my own heartbeat echoing off the tight walls. They are closing in, suffocating my sanity.The policeman kicks off from the wall and repositions himself in front of the door. “Hello, madam. I am Mulazim Ahmed. I think we will wait until your husband gets here before we continue, yes?” His accent is heavy, his words and demeanor dismissive.I blink once. Mulazim is Arabic for lieutenant. Why is a lieutenant on duty in the mall—and during Ramadan? The rank sounds too high and important for the position of a glorified mall cop. I’m not complaining. Maybe he’s the person who can help.

I slightly incline my head to show him I heard his words, frustrated we’ll waste more precious moments. The proof of my daughter’s abduction is screaming at us from the still on the screen, but we’ll wait. Wait for the man of the family to progress the investigation.

“Yes, sir. He shouldn’t be too long.”

I look down to Liam and squeeze his hand in reassurance. This must be completely daunting for him. He squeezes back, letting me know he’s there, not because he’s all right. I don’t expect him to be all right, and he definitely doesn’t look it. I’m sure that the fear and worry I see on his face are reflected on mine—skin drained of color and eyes wide in shock, darting around the room and back down again.

“Dad should be here soon,” he whispers, ever the boy emulating a man.

About K. Moore

K. Moore is an Australian braving the sub-zero Alaskan temperatures with her husband and two sons while battling agitated moose, nosey brown bears, and a Karelian bear dog named Hathor. She’s an avid reader, hiker, and CrossFit enthusiast. If you manage to locate a decent bottle of gin and a chair at the bar, she might be convinced to regale you with tales of her global travels. Without the gin, you’ll have to find the evidence within the pages of her stories and poetry.

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BLOG TOUR ~ DEPRAVED (The Devil’s Duet Book 1) by Eva Charles is now available!

it’s time to get depraved!

Smoke and mirrors. A web of lies. He’s come for the devil’s ultimate prize.

J.D. Wilder strides into my hotel bringing the dark musky scent of sin with him. Arrogant and powerful, he’s the president’s eldest son. Even after all these years, I can still taste him on my lips. But when he speaks, there’s not a glimmer of the boy I once loved.

He struck a deal with my parents. That’s what he claims. Loaned my mother the money she desperately needs to stay alive.
Now he’s here to collect.

What does he want?
My soul, of course.
The one thing I will never give him.

#FREE in KindleUnlimited!




Reviewed by Emma-Louise on behalf of KFF

The devil’s spawn is how he sees himself. A simple blunt object ready to accomplish his task, digging deeper into the murky water that is the world he lives in. Within the first chapter, there is a revelation that puts JD in a cruel light. A role that the further I read, the more it seemed impossibly unthinkable. JD had spent his entire adult life playing a game that had the highest stakes. A long game better than any I have witnessed. Coming into a world so vastly under-explained, I felt like I was often listening to people talking an unknown language. And in certain aspects, I guess I was. JD knows more of the back story than Gabrielle and he’s so truly torn between right, wrong and her.

‘“Such a good girl. You remembered what I told you. I need you to remember everything I tell you. I need you to obey me–always. Will you do that?”

She lowers her eyes and nods. And more than anything, I want it to be the truth. It’s the only real hope I have for keeping her safe.’

The daughter of a staff member and the Gentlemen’s son, very much an age-old trope, only in this book it’s so very different. From the very beginning of their relationship years ago; JD had promised Gabrielle that he would always keep her safe and in my mind, this has never ever changed. Sure, he certainly does the wrong things; but most assuredly he does them for the rightest of reasons.

‘…this lacks human decency in a way that our dirtiest sex never did. And what scares me the most isn’t that I’ll hate every second of his touch, but that I’ll enjoy it. Begin to crave it, like I craved it before. The signs are all pointing to the fact that no matter how much I lash out at him, no matter how much I want to hate him, my body–and my heart–remember. They miss him.’ 

Gabrielle is a marionette pulled this way and that by not only JD but other characters and the strings they pull. A woman trying to build her business and live a peaceful life, well, that is until JD stomps back into her life making outlandish demands. Demands, I myself would probably flay him alive for making.

Because of the nature of their relationship, there are huge amounts of angst. Gabrielle fear is having her heart broken again and JD fears he will never be able to keep her truly safe. If only he told her everything I have a feeling she’d still not make her own safety a priority but for him, she’d do something. What I really love about a second chance romance is how emotions are rawer, edgier, even darker. There’s an unwritten subtext that enthralls me as the reader. Paragraphs of text deepen the emotion and tension of the story simply by walking down memory lane.

‘The woman in the mirror isn’t a fool. She’s strong and smart. She knows what she wants. And the man standing behind her? The one she’s loved all her life? She wants him. With all his broken pieces. The nicked and dented fragments, and the twisted shards, beyond repair. Every one of them.’ 

JD is not an only child. The eldest of four boys, and with Gabrielle growing up at their home it meant that she knew all of them. For all, she was special in one or another. From my point of view, it always reminded me of Wendy with the Lost Boys in Neverland.

“I miss you. Miss you so much it hurts. I live with the pain every day. It’s crushing.”

‘I’m willing to live out my life alone, or with someone else. While no relationship will ever compare to the unrestrained passion I have with him, or the depth of connection we share, I can still have a full and loving relationship with someone else. I’ll learn to be content without the flames. They always seem to singe me anyway.’

Depraved is chock full of questions. Questions that even I didn’t think of until the character brought them up. JD’s father is the route to all evil and without saying much; he does remind me of someone very powerful but also very egocentric. Author’s idea or just me?

Thank goodness the second book releases so soon because I have zero patience and the cliffhanger at the end of Depraved was horrendous. It has been quite a while since I read a dark romance like this. I so relish when the timeline of a story is embedded in the past as well as the present. Thank you Ms. Charles, and well done.


© 2019 Eva Charles
All rights reserved


“What exactly does this—arrangement—you’re proposing, entail?”

“I won’t delve into every salacious detail, because I know you’re fully aware of what it entails.”

Not an answer. “What do you expect from me?”

“You don’t really want me to spell it out.”

“But I do. Spell it out, JD. Tell me exactly how you plan on degrading me, as though I’m not human. Go ahead,” I challenge. “I’m sure it’ll bring you lots of pleasure.”

“Gabrielle, you test my patience too often. One day you’ll get more than you bargained for.”

He’s fiddling with his knife. He can’t meet my eyes. He doesn’t want to say it. Something about it makes him uncomfortable. Somewhere inside he knows it’s wrong. I’m a bit relieved, but I won’t let him off the hook. I want him to squirm with discomfort. I want his stomach to churn until he tastes the bitter bile in his throat. I want whatever spark of conscience is left to keep him awake at night. If he wants to do this to me, he’s going to pay. “Spell. It. Out. Unless you’re too ashamed to say the words out loud.”

His eyes are black when he drags my chair to him, pinning my legs between his until I can’t move. His right thumb finds my chin, forcing me to meet his eyes. “It takes a lot to shame me. But we’re about to find out where you draw the line.”

I jerk my chin from his hold. In return, he squeezes his thighs around mine, holding them in a vise-like grip, the exquisite pressure forcing a bloom between my legs.

“You’ll get on your knees and put my cock in your sassy mouth any time I tell you to. After I come, you’ll lick every drop off your lips, and you’ll enjoy it. Just like you enjoyed it before. Like you enjoyed everything filthy thing I did to you. Are you ashamed yet, Gabrielle?” He lowers his head and the heat from his mouth grazes my temple. “I don’t think you are.”

My heart is racing. I can’t control it.

“Remember all those times I buried my face in your sweet pussy while you writhed under me? How you begged me to sink my cock into you? How you screamed and clawed before you trembled? It’ll be just like that. Only nothing is off limits this time. You were a dirty, greedy girl who begged shamelessly for release. I bet that hasn’t changed.” He runs a finger over my bare arm and I shiver. “You loved it then, all of it, and you’ll love it even more now.”

I maneuver back, and swing my arm to slap his face. But he catches it before I make contact. “I hate you.”

“You don’t hate me. You hate that you want to be under me again. If I stick my fingers in your pussy, it’ll tell the real story.” He lowers his head again, and murmurs near my ear. “Want me to do that? Slide a finger or two inside you? It’ll feel so good. Remember how much you liked it? This is just too much for you to process right now. You don’t know how you feel. I can help you figure it out. Let me.”

I’m aroused. Disgracefully aroused by his husky voice, his filthy words, and the memories of him pleasuring me. My core is throbbing. And I don’t need him to check if I’m wet. I’m drenched.

He’s right. I don’t hate him. I’m filled with unresolved anger, resentment, and hurt. And I’m confused. So confused. But if he stroked my breast, or brushed his fingers over the slick flesh between my thighs, I would press my pussy into his hand. No, I don’t hate him. I hate myself for being so weak.


About Eva

A confirmed city-girl, Eva moved to rural Western Massachusetts in 2014. She found herself living in the woods with no job, no friends (unless you count the turkey, deer, and coyote roaming the backyard), and no children underfoot, wondering what on earth she had been thinking. But as it turned out, it was the perfect setting to take all those yarns spinning in her head and weave them into steamy love stories.

A romantic at heart, Eva looks forward to date night all week. The perfect evening includes well-crafted cocktails, a fabulous perfume, Cherry Garcia ice cream, and her husband, of course. If you add good friends, live jazz, and impossible shoes, she will follow you anywhere.

Eva holds a BA from Boston College, and a JD from the Washington College of Law. She spent a career working in domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, and civil rights. Aspects of this work often find their way into her books.

When she’s not writing sexy stories, trying to squeeze information out of her tight-lipped sons, or playing with the two cutest dogs you’ve ever seen, Eva’s creating chapters in her own love story.

Find Eva Online!

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BLOG TOUR ~ SWEET LIAR (Dirty Sweet #1) by Laurelin Paige

Today we are delighted to be on tour with Laurelin Paige’s all-new contemporary romance, SWEET LIAR (Dirty Sweet #1) 

British ad exec Dylan Locke isn’t looking for love. He isn’t looking for fate. He’s definitely not looking for Audrey Lind. She’s pretty, far too young, and overly romantic–in short, exhausting.

But when the girl, young enough to be his daughter, literally lands in his lap and asks for his expertise, he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t interested. In her body, in her innocence, in her philosophy.

In the kind of kismet that starts with kisses.

But Audrey isn’t looking for love either–she’s looking for lessons, and she’s certain Dylan knows everything she needs to learn.

If he agrees to play the teacher can he keep his heart?

Of course he can.

Then again, he might be lying.

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Reviewed by Emma on behalf of KFF

Dylan Locke the enigma of Reach Inc. Only he isn’t as much of an enigma as we were led to believe in previous instalments. A real man with depth and layers, onion comes to mind when experiencing the facets of Dylan’s personal trauma and heartache.

‘…she was incorrect about my ability to restrain myself. I was a beast without a leash. I had no will but to devour her.’ 

Sweet Liars timeline runs concurrently with the Dirty Duet, which if you had the privilege of reading, featured Audrey’s sister Sabrina. One who tried to forget her coloured predilections, whilst the other runs towards them with open arms and an eager look in her eyes.

‘I’d expected banging and dirty talk, sneaking away to meet up for something sordid and naughty. That wasn’t what this had turned out to be at all. This was heartfelt conversations and seeing a magnificent man trying his best with his son. This was human and sweet and real, and I’d be lying to myself to say it didn’t change everything.’ 

For Dylan, things aren’t as black and white as they are for Audrey. She’s just starting her life and he is in a position where he feels he’s peaked and is heading downhill.

‘I was a dirty old man in contrast. A man with scars worn on my aging skin and wounds that ran deeper, unseen by the naked eye. A man who knew better than to believe that sex with a woman like Audrey could ever be casual.
A man who could still crawl to shore if he tried, but didn’t have the willpower to do anything except sink.’

Several crossover scenes unfold whilst we follow Dylan and Audrey through their story. Both Donovan and Sabrina are on the page. Which of course makes sense, there is no Audrey without her big sister and Donovan is very much the image of Reach Inc., even if he does most of his puppeteering from the background. Audrey is as tempting to Dylan as chocolate cake is to me. She knows what she wants and is willing to play him at his own game to get him there. Nothing wrong with a little side bet about it after all. Having one’s world peeled open with new experiences is as addictive as any illegal drug.

Sweet Liar is a short read that can be read in one sitting. Encompassing all the very best of this author’s abilities, always leaving you craving more. Ms. Paige has a knack for creating strong characters; especially of the female persuasion. Soft but strong. Unsure but tough. Stories where men are not closed off Neanderthals but are real honest human beings. The end of this book was left with ample uncertainty for the future, and I for one cannot wait to see how the follow-up goes. Thank you wonderful author for another dose of heavy heat with meaningful content and well-formed characters. Fantastic!!!


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All rights reserved

Too bad she was kind of girl. The kind of girl who wanted a man to love her before she lifted her skirt.

God, she was young. Younger than whatever ridiculous young age she actually was.

I’d sworn off love years ago, but not sex. Never sex. And Audrey Lind was all sorts of temptation, the kind I knew better to stay away from. She was too romantic. She was too American. She was too young. Much too young. I was definitely old enough to be her father. Probably.


I didn’t want to think about that.

“I’m pretty sure I can convince you kismet exists too, if you’ll just do one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“Kiss me.”

I was alone. I would always be alone.

I was a girl who felt things.

Dylan was polite, but he wasn’t nice.

I thought she’d be less dangerous in the sunlight.

I was wrong.

She was sex on heels, and I was a goner.

Audrey Lind: Part wildling, part devil, part innocent, all contradiction.

I wanted to kiss her again. Because she had perfect plump lips. Because she tasted like honey. Because she was warm and the night was cold, and I’d been in the dark for so long.

Colliding into her had been like crashing into sunshine. She made me feel warm in places that had been cold for oh, so long.

“I can’t decide if I need to shelter you, or if I should show you off.”

I stretched her and filled her and punished her pussy for being so perfect, so tight, so inexperienced

I fucked her like I’d paid for the hour.

“I’ve never watched anyone watch me like you’re watching me now.”




With over 2.4 million books sold worldwide, Laurelin Paige is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling Author. Her international success started with her very first series, the Fixed Trilogy, which, alone, has sold over 1 million copies, and earned her the coveted #1 spot on Amazon’s bestseller list in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia, simultaneously. This title also was named in People magazine as one of the top 10 most downloaded books of 2014. She’s also been #1 over all books at the Apple Book Store with more than one title in more than one country. She’s published both independently and with MacMillan’s St. Martin’s Press and Griffin imprints as well as many other publishers around the world including Harper Collins in Germany and Hachette/Little Brown in the U.K. With her edgy, trope-flipped stories of smart women and strong men, she’s managed to secure herself among today’s romance royalty.

Paige has a Bachelor’s degree in Musical Theater and a Masters of Business Administration with a Marketing emphasis, and she credits her writing success to what she learned from both programs, though she’s also an avid learner, constantly trying to challenge her mind with new and exciting ideas and concepts. While she loves psychological thrillers and witty philosophical books and entertainment, she is a sucker for a good romance and gets giddy anytime there’s kissing, much to the embarrassment of her three daughters. Her husband doesn’t seem to complain, however. When she isn’t reading or writing sexy stories, she’s probably singing, watching Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead, or dreaming of Michael Fassbender. She’s also a proud member of Mensa International though she doesn’t do anything with the organization except use it as material for her bio. She is represented by Rebecca Friedman.

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