REVIEW ~ RECTIFY: A Redemption Novel by Marley Valentine is now available!

Marley Valentine’s all-new contemporary romance,
RECTIFY: A Redemption Novel is now available!

We weren’t just young, we were stupid and reckless.

He was the beginning of every bad decision I made, the enemy of everyone I’d ever loved.

I was a pawn in his game. A prize to be claimed, and a trophy to be flaunted.

Now we’re two adults with crooked pasts, trying to straighten out our future.

His heart belongs to his daughter, while mine is too tattered to give away.

Neither of us believe in happily ever after.

Not after everything we’ve been through.

So, why are we desperately trying to chase ours?


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Reviewed by Donna on behalf of KFF

Sasha Allman and Jay Evans worlds collided when they were young, reckless, stupid and loaded with secrets. It was a short-lived affair due to Jay playing games and it certainly looked like he was using young Sasha, making her sorry she ever got involved with him. Years later their stars are aligned; they bump into each other again with a lot of baggage and laden with guilty feelings for their past mistakes. Neither one believes they deserve any kind of happiness, especially after all they have been through. Sasha is the mother of a sixteen-year-old and has coped well being a young mum. She has support from Jagger who is Dakotas father and his brother, Hendrix. They are Sasha’s best friends from her childhood with a lot of history that goes way back. Sasha is loyal to them with all her guilt and insecurities, always being her worst own enemy. She’s accepted that it was a million years ago that her life was a party to be thrown, but now she knows she isn’t the only one with regrets.

“Whatever you need to say, you can say it here.”
“It’s been over a decade, Pretty Girl. I’ve got a lot to say.”

Jay was always known as the devil’s backbone. A total sinner with his shady dealings, now he is responsible for his little girl, Lily, making his priorities solely for his baby and the reputable career he has carved from himself. Jay knows there will be no peace until he makes amends with Sasha and he sets out to put right his wrongs. Sasha isn’t interested in listening to him after her heart being broken, making her colder towards him. She is in no rush to listen to him or his apologies; however, there is something about him that she can’t ignore. She risks bungee jumping into seeing what can be between them. It’s fair to say their chemistry and passion combust into flames, but how about the animosity from the Michaels’ brothers towards Jay? If they were to find out about the reconnection, it could be fire on fire and would take a river to cool things down between the sworn enemies.

‘I wasn’t happy.
I wasn’t loved.
I wasn’t anyone that would ever be worth remembering.’

Ms. Valentine has written a flawless story about a couple who are perfectly wrong in so many ways. And although I believe in second chances for the two protagonists, you would have to read it to discover whether or not they finally have their redemption. Everyone’s waiting to see what lies ahead with them chasing cars. I felt every word and was so invested in the story that for once, I thought I was going to get through the author’s story without shedding a tear. I was so wrong; don’t blame me for being a big softie! Ms. Valentine can deliver that sucker punch of emotions that tear you up. I have given five stars due to not being able to get this story out of my head. It has all the feels with every emotion, and I can safely say this author writing has power over me to make me keep re-reading this story until I can finally let these characters rest. I must mention the accompanying playlist which is a firm favorite of mine to give the ultimate reading experience.

Rectify Spotify Playlist


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KFF’s Review


Free in KindleUnlimited


KFF’S Review


Marley Valentine comes from the future. Living in Sydney, Australia with her family. When she’s not busy writing her own stories, she spends most of her time immersed in the words of her favourite authors.

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