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There is no way we can still love and cherish one and other.

When I married Theo Walsh, the rough, bearded townie who worked construction on my family’s summer house, I’d found my happily ever after.

That was before the fighting.
Before the jealousy.
Before the infertility.

We’ll be divorced long before death does us part.

But to secure my place in the family dynasty, there is just one more hoop I have to jump through. And I need him to do it.

Faking the marriage we once thrived in will gut me.
Especially with the secret I’m carrying.


I would have sacrificed for her until the end of time.

My job.
My home.
My happiness.

I’d given it all up to marry her. That’s how much I loved Imogen Weston, the daughter to one of the world’s richest families.

From the day we met, I’d done nothing but try to live up to the man she expected to be with. And now, I was done.

Sure, I’d complete this one final ask of hers, even if it destroyed me.

But I’ve made her promise the one thing that might save me. She swore that after she got everything she ever wanted, she wouldn’t look back.

I made my wife vow to leave me forever.

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Reviewed by Emma-Louise on behalf of KFF

How do I sum this book up without letting any cats out? I have no clue. I started reading on the bus journey to work, by nine percent I was already in tears, yes, whilst on the bus, no care given. None. Zero. Zilch. Anyway, I carried on reading whilst doing the return bus journey home and no sooner did I get home and kick my shoes off, I jumped back in. Fast forward through nightly chores, etc, and I was back into this gem and I didn’t put it down until I read those sweet tortuous words: The End. The number of times being driven into reading as if I gasp for air after swimming is something I can count on both hands and still have spare fingers.

This is a book of three parts: Imogen’s and Thero’s point of view and the walks down memory lane we relive right along with them. Each memory is shared to shove the reader into the emotions as well as the history that these two have endured. Plenty of them are hard to read for one reason or another. They are surely soul mates for true. Their world throws them on a spin cycle more than once and each time they break just a little bit more. How can two people who truly are two halves of a whole not be together? They’d have been safer in a war zone if you ask me.

Imogen’s family play a huge part in destroying their lives. In a class equal to the Vanderbilt’s. True WASPs through and through. Troubles are shoved under overpriced Persian rugs and ignored; only when Imogen marries a “Townie” they can’t shove that much under the rug. Her father is as evil as I have seen without being a TV villain. I daresay off page he rubs his hands gleefully several times. I often found myself wondering how any woman in her thirties could allow her father such control, having said that, I don’t come from old money or high society. Theo gives up so much for his wife. More than anyone has the right to ask. Yet she never asks, he gives and gives and when the cookie crumbles for the final time Imogen is the one who sneaks out in the middle of the night.

The entire time I experienced this book and it is an experience, I’ve talked about it so much, several friends have already one-clicked. Living their lives with them became oxygen to me and I had to know how it ended, hence why I was up until gone two in the morning reading. The book hangover was so worthwhile.

‘How do we turn it off now? Now that we’re supposed to be done. How do we stop loving each other when we had no idea that we’d stated? One day, I’d been me. And the next I’d been here. There was no in between.’ 

Imogen isn’t the bad person in this; she’s ignorant to what her husband is suffering. Imprisoned in a bubble of solitude and pain. Love scenes were few and far between. Imogen and Theo aren’t in a place where sex can fix them. Imogen wants to return to a normal life and the way she does it had me feeling nauseous. How can she not see that she’s selling her soul to the devil and sacrificing who she’s become?

“We fell in love because we were meant to, because you stood as steady as a rock in the middle of the ocean when it came to our relationship.” 

Money and stature play heavily in their marriage. Imogen and Theo aren’t the ones that put it there. She has money, Theo doesn’t. Theo is indifferent to it, he hates the level of money they have. He sees it as an anvil hanging over Imogen’s head. She sells herself short so many times and tries to explain herself in narration and I just wanted to throttle the woman. I understand how these things can be ingrained into someone but for goodness sake, have a little more self-preservation.

‘It goes against everything I’ve said to him and to myself since I left Theo… but deep down, I want him so much it’s killing me. Every day we’re together, it’s like I’m carving our pieces of my soul.’ 

The author did the story so much justice. From minute one there is emotion and heartbreak. No build up here, oh no. This was my read of a Carrie Aaron book and I won’t allow it to be my first. The front cover does the book so much justice. I need me a Theo. Everyone on earth deserves a Theo to love them as much as he loves his wife. He asks himself once if he’s more invested and I truly believe that he was. She held a little back whilst he went full force, balls to the wall.

‘I would cut off my right arm, taken a bullet, thrown myself in front of a train…you name the horrific maiming and I would have done it to spend my life with this woman.’ 

Thank you, Ms. Aaron, for getting this one out there. The subject matter was difficult at times to endure. The heartbreak and tears so worth the ending.

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Author of romance novels such as Red Card and Privileged, Carrie Aarons writes books that are just as swoon-worthy as they are sarcastic. A former journalist, she prefers the stories she dreams up, and the yoga pant dress code, much better.

When she isn’t writing, Carrie is busy binging reality TV, having a love/hate relationship with cardio, and trying not to burn dinner. She lives in the suburbs of New Jersey with her husband, daughter and dog.


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BLOG TOUR ~ CATASTROPHE QUEEN by Emma Hart is now available!

One hot mess. One hot boss. One too many hot encounters…

Catastrophe Queen, an all-new hilarious office romantic comedy from New York Times bestselling author Emma Hart is LIVE!


It’s not you. It’s me.

No, seriously. It is me. Not only does my name literally mean “unfortunate,” but that’s the story of my life.

Everything I touch turns to cr*p. An apartment fire—that I swear I was not responsible for—means I’m living back at home with my s*x-mad parents. Yay, me!

Which is why I need my new job as personal assistant to Cameron Reid to get back on my feet. Three months in this job and I can move back out and, hopefully, remember to turn off my flat iron once in a while.


On paper, my job is easy. Make coffee. Book appointments. Keep everything in order.

Until I walk in on my boss, half-naked, wearing nothing but the kind of tiny white towel that dreams are made of.

Now, nothing is easy—except our mutual attraction. But he’s my boss, and you know what they say about mixing work and pleasure: unless you do p*rn, it’s just not worth it.

Or is it?

One-click  your copy today!

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Reviewed by Anna on behalf of KFF

I’ve read some of Hart’s books and so far this is my favourite. Also, I think it’s her best romcom to date and I promise you won’t regret giving Catastrophe Queen a go.

Mallory Harper aka Catastrophe Queen aka Hurricane Mallory is currently unemployed and is back living with her parents. She is a walking disaster and one morning when going for a job interview she was almost hit by a car. When she finally gets the job, she finds out that her new boss was the one who nearly killed her, not his fault though, Hurricane Mal takes the full credit for that mishap. This heroine is funny and sweet but a danger to herself.

Cameron Reid, is rich, runs a successful family business and is considered a good catch. He doesn’t have any bitter exes to worry about and is happy the way his life is on track with his goals until Mallory becomes his PA. Yes, she is a pretty package and he really likes her even when she is a klutz.

Told in dual points of view, this book is wickedly funny, I have never laughed as much as when I got to know these delightful characters. The author creates in Mallory the most adorable, likeable and witty heroine you could ever think of. I would love to be her best friend but maybe at a distance because she seems to be a magnet for disaster. I loved her smart mouth, her intelligence and compassion. And you can’t go wrong with Cameron either, he is sexy, has the patience of a saint and is kind. The secondary characters, especially Mallory’s family, makes you feel like you’re in crazy town but with happy vibes. The dialogue between the hero and heroine is a regular exchange of quick wit and innuendos. “By the way, Mallory, my face is a few inches higher. As much as I’m sure my belly button would like to hear what you have to say.” 

Mal’s family members and their constant bickering/confrontation/discussion at the dinner table provide a generous serving of heavy sarcasm with a side dish of insults and jibes in every chapter of the book and I mustn’t forget to mention Jade, Mallory’s best friend/wing-woman/pimp. She is something else and more. When reading about these characters, I couldn’t help but giggle and smile all throughout the book. I loved the realistic timeline and that the author didn’t write unnecessary sex scenes, less is more I would say. Cameron and Mallory’s relationship burns hot and slow, they value the meaning of true romance albeit with sprained ankles, near-death experiences or accidental fires. I guarantee that this couple’s very entertaining and amusing love story will cure your January blues; you don’t want to miss this one!


© 2019 Emma Hart
All rights reserved 

I took my coffee from the counter and scanned the room for an empty table. There wasn’t one, which killed my chances of wasting more time before I went home.
With a sigh, I checked my phone for the time and headed for the door. I was going to end up at home earlier than I’d planned, and I needed to check with my mom to make sure there wasn’t anything kinky happening somewhere in the house.
I’d considered bleaching my eyes enough in the last few weeks, thank you.
I was fairly sure I was safe because my grandfather and great aunt were coming to stay to celebrate Grandpa’s eightieth birthday. It was still a miracle my exhibitionist mother shared DNA with either of them. Unlike her, they were reserved, polite, and didn’t flash their flesh in the hopes of getting out of a speeding ticket.
Really, it was no wonder I was a walking disaster.
I pulled up my messages and clicked on my mom’s name. My thumb was poised to type the burning question of whether or not it was safe to come home when I glanced up.
And saw the car screeching to a stop, mere inches from me.
I screamed and stepped back. My heel caught on the curb, sending me toppling backward, and both my coffee and phone went flying. My cup slammed against the sidewalk, splattering hot liquid everywhere right as I managed to save my phone from certain death by concrete.
My heart was beating so fast it should have exploded, and adrenaline raced through my veins. I gripped my phone against me so tightly that the edges pressed painfully into my skin.
Oh my God.
I’d just almost died.
Maybe slightly dramatic, but I probably wasn’t far wrong. I didn’t even know I’d stepped into the road. When had that happened? Had I really been in that deep into my own little world that I hadn’t even checked for traffic?
Dear God.
How was I still alive?
The back door to the sleek, black car that somehow hadn’t run me over swung open. From my vantage position on the sidewalk, the first thing I saw was a pair of shiny, black shoes attached to legs wearing perfectly-pressed, light gray dress pants.
I dragged my gaze up from the feet, over the door of the perfectly clean car, and stared at the most beautiful man known to humankind.
Thick, dark, wavy hair covered his head, curling over his ears. Lashes the same dark shade of brown framed impossibly bright-blue eyes that regarded me with a mixture of shock and concern, and my ovaries about exploded when he rubbed a large hand over full pink lips and a stubbled, strong jaw.
“Miss—I’m so sorry. Are you okay?”
Scrambling to my feet as he approached me, I tugged down the leg of my pants and grabbed my pursed. “Yes. I mean—it was my fault. I wasn’t paying attention. I’m sorry.”
He let go of the car door, showing broad shoulders and just how well that gray suit was tailored to him, and picked up my coffee cup. “All the same, I think we can share blame. Are you sure you’re not hurt?”
Just my dignity, and by this point, I was running low on it anyway.
I shifted, taking a step back. “I’m fine, really. Thank you.”
“Can I replace your coffee? Give you a ride anyway to apologize?” His expression was so earnest, his concern so genuine that I almost gave in.
I had almost walked into the front of his car, then proceeded to embarrass myself in front of everyone on the street.
“No, no, it’s fine. I’m not far from home.” I clutched my phone and purse straps a little harder. “Again, thank you, but I should be going.”
He nodded as if he understood. “Uh, miss? Did you drop something there?”
My eyes followed the direction Mr. Dreamboat was pointing. On the side of the road, tucked against the curb, was a pair of white, cotton panties with flamingos on them.
My white, cotton panties with flamingos on them.
Swallowing, I met his bright eyes and shook my head. Dear God, please don’t let me blush. “No. I’ve never seen them before.” I backed up a little more. “Thank you for not running me over.”
Mr. Dreamboat grinned, his eyes brightening with his smile. “I’d never be able to forgive myself if I’d been responsible for running over someone as beautiful as you.” He glanced toward my panties, then winked at me.
There was no doubting that I was blushing this time around.
You could fry eggs on my cheeks.
So I did the only thing any self-respecting, twenty-five-year-old woman who’d just almost been run over, tripped, and dropped her dirty panties could do.
I ran.
But only like two blocks, because I was in heels, and I had the fitness levels of a hippo.
Then I grabbed a cab.


EmmaHart.jpgEmma Hart is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty novels and has been translated into several different languages.

She is a mother, wife, lover of wine, Pink Goddess, and valiant rescuer of wild baby hedgehogs.

Emma prides herself on her realistic, snarky smut, with comebacks that would make a PMS-ing teenage girl proud.

Yes, really. She’s that sarcastic.

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TEASER ~ DEPRAVED: The Devils Duet by Eva Charles

Would you dare to make a deal with the devil?
DEPRAVED by Eva Charles is coming 21st February

Brace yourselves for JD Wilder.





I’m J.D. Wilder, and it takes a lot to shame me, but we’re about to see where you draw the line.

Gabrielle Duval once belonged to me.
And like it or not, she’ll be mine again.
In a world where money, power and corruption rule, I’m prepared to do whatever it takes.
Although nothing with that woman is ever easy.
But believe me when I tell you, I’ll enjoy every minute of the fight.

About Eva

A confirmed city-girl, Eva moved to rural Western Massachusetts in 2014. She found herself living in the woods with no job, no friends (unless you count the turkey, deer, and coyote roaming the backyard), and no children underfoot, wondering what on earth she had been thinking. But as it turned out, it was the perfect setting to take all those yarns spinning in her head and weave them into steamy love stories.

A romantic at heart, Eva looks forward to date night all week. The perfect evening includes well-crafted cocktails, a fabulous perfume, Cherry Garcia ice cream, and her husband, of course. If you add good friends, live jazz, and impossible shoes, she will follow you anywhere.

Eva holds a BA from Boston College, and a JD from the Washington College of Law. She spent a career working in domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, and civil rights. Aspects of this work often find their way into her books.

When she’s not writing sexy stories, trying to squeeze information out of her tight-lipped sons, or playing with the two cutest dogs you’ve ever seen, Eva’s creating chapters in her own love story.

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We are thrilled to be sharing not one, but two awesome covers for
Piper Rayne’s upcoming releases.


What’s a girl to do after being ditched at the altar by text message? That’s right. Text. Message.

How does she pick up the pieces and move on? I’m no Dear Abby but here’s a little free advice…

Advice #1 – First, purge your apartment of all things him—by tossing his belongings off the balcony.

Advice #2 – Do not, I repeat do not, throw anything out into the hallway because you’ll injure your hot new neighbor.

Advice #3 – When said neighbor brings over Chinese Food do not let him stay and keep you company. It’s awkward when you realize he’s your boss.

Advice #4 – Accept his offer to help you with your side business but think twice before using a date to his sister’s wedding as collateral.

Advice #5 – Investigate who your mystery neighbor really is. Don’t trust his word even if he’s the world’s best kisser.

If you listen to nothing else, pay attention to that last one. It’s the most important and will save you a lot of heartache.





Releasing 21st March


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If you’re having fun living your bachelor life in your Alaskan hometown and out of nowhere a woman shows up holding a baby she insists is yours, you need a plan—a birth plan.

BP Step #1 – Lift your jaw off the floor.

BP Step #2 – Figure out the baby’s age—do the math.

BP Step #3 – Try to remember the woman and with any luck, her name.

BP Step #4 – Double check that she’s not confusing you with your twin brother.

BP Step #5 – Ignore your five sister’s scowls as your entire family watches the drama unfold.

There’s only one thing you shouldn’t do.

BP Step #6 – Don’t assume she’s there because she wants your daughter to call you Daddy. You’ll only end up disappointed.

Time to figure out a new plan—one that changes her mind.



Releasing 2nd May






Piper Rayne, or Piper and Rayne, whichever you prefer because we’re not one author, we’re two. Yep, you get two USA Today Bestselling authors for the price of one. Our goal is to bring you romance stories that have “Heartwarming Humor With a Side of Sizzle” (okay…you caught us, that’s our tagline). A little about us… We both have kindle’s full of one-clickable books. We’re both married to husbands who drive us to drink. We’re both chauffeurs to our kids. Most of all, we love hot heroes and quirky heroines that make us laugh, and we hope you do, too.

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REVIEW ~ RECTIFY: A Redemption Novel by Marley Valentine is now available!

Marley Valentine’s all-new contemporary romance,
RECTIFY: A Redemption Novel is now available!

We weren’t just young, we were stupid and reckless.

He was the beginning of every bad decision I made, the enemy of everyone I’d ever loved.

I was a pawn in his game. A prize to be claimed, and a trophy to be flaunted.

Now we’re two adults with crooked pasts, trying to straighten out our future.

His heart belongs to his daughter, while mine is too tattered to give away.

Neither of us believe in happily ever after.

Not after everything we’ve been through.

So, why are we desperately trying to chase ours?


Amazon: U.S | U.K | CAN | AUS

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Reviewed by Donna on behalf of KFF

Sasha Allman and Jay Evans worlds collided when they were young, reckless, stupid and loaded with secrets. It was a short-lived affair due to Jay playing games and it certainly looked like he was using young Sasha, making her sorry she ever got involved with him. Years later their stars are aligned; they bump into each other again with a lot of baggage and laden with guilty feelings for their past mistakes. Neither one believes they deserve any kind of happiness, especially after all they have been through. Sasha is the mother of a sixteen-year-old and has coped well being a young mum. She has support from Jagger who is Dakotas father and his brother, Hendrix. They are Sasha’s best friends from her childhood with a lot of history that goes way back. Sasha is loyal to them with all her guilt and insecurities, always being her worst own enemy. She’s accepted that it was a million years ago that her life was a party to be thrown, but now she knows she isn’t the only one with regrets.

“Whatever you need to say, you can say it here.”
“It’s been over a decade, Pretty Girl. I’ve got a lot to say.”

Jay was always known as the devil’s backbone. A total sinner with his shady dealings, now he is responsible for his little girl, Lily, making his priorities solely for his baby and the reputable career he has carved from himself. Jay knows there will be no peace until he makes amends with Sasha and he sets out to put right his wrongs. Sasha isn’t interested in listening to him after her heart being broken, making her colder towards him. She is in no rush to listen to him or his apologies; however, there is something about him that she can’t ignore. She risks bungee jumping into seeing what can be between them. It’s fair to say their chemistry and passion combust into flames, but how about the animosity from the Michaels’ brothers towards Jay? If they were to find out about the reconnection, it could be fire on fire and would take a river to cool things down between the sworn enemies.

‘I wasn’t happy.
I wasn’t loved.
I wasn’t anyone that would ever be worth remembering.’

Ms. Valentine has written a flawless story about a couple who are perfectly wrong in so many ways. And although I believe in second chances for the two protagonists, you would have to read it to discover whether or not they finally have their redemption. Everyone’s waiting to see what lies ahead with them chasing cars. I felt every word and was so invested in the story that for once, I thought I was going to get through the author’s story without shedding a tear. I was so wrong; don’t blame me for being a big softie! Ms. Valentine can deliver that sucker punch of emotions that tear you up. I have given five stars due to not being able to get this story out of my head. It has all the feels with every emotion, and I can safely say this author writing has power over me to make me keep re-reading this story until I can finally let these characters rest. I must mention the accompanying playlist which is a firm favorite of mine to give the ultimate reading experience.

Rectify Spotify Playlist


Free in KindleUnlimited


KFF’s Review


Free in KindleUnlimited


KFF’S Review


Marley Valentine comes from the future. Living in Sydney, Australia with her family. When she’s not busy writing her own stories, she spends most of her time immersed in the words of her favourite authors.