One hot mess. One hot boss. One too many hot encounters…

Catastrophe Queen, an all-new hilarious office romantic comedy from New York Times bestselling author Emma Hart is LIVE!


It’s not you. It’s me.

No, seriously. It is me. Not only does my name literally mean “unfortunate,” but that’s the story of my life.

Everything I touch turns to cr*p. An apartment fire—that I swear I was not responsible for—means I’m living back at home with my s*x-mad parents. Yay, me!

Which is why I need my new job as personal assistant to Cameron Reid to get back on my feet. Three months in this job and I can move back out and, hopefully, remember to turn off my flat iron once in a while.


On paper, my job is easy. Make coffee. Book appointments. Keep everything in order.

Until I walk in on my boss, half-naked, wearing nothing but the kind of tiny white towel that dreams are made of.

Now, nothing is easy—except our mutual attraction. But he’s my boss, and you know what they say about mixing work and pleasure: unless you do p*rn, it’s just not worth it.

Or is it?

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Reviewed by Anna on behalf of KFF

I’ve read some of Hart’s books and so far this is my favourite. Also, I think it’s her best romcom to date and I promise you won’t regret giving Catastrophe Queen a go.

Mallory Harper aka Catastrophe Queen aka Hurricane Mallory is currently unemployed and is back living with her parents. She is a walking disaster and one morning when going for a job interview she was almost hit by a car. When she finally gets the job, she finds out that her new boss was the one who nearly killed her, not his fault though, Hurricane Mal takes the full credit for that mishap. This heroine is funny and sweet but a danger to herself.

Cameron Reid, is rich, runs a successful family business and is considered a good catch. He doesn’t have any bitter exes to worry about and is happy the way his life is on track with his goals until Mallory becomes his PA. Yes, she is a pretty package and he really likes her even when she is a klutz.

Told in dual points of view, this book is wickedly funny, I have never laughed as much as when I got to know these delightful characters. The author creates in Mallory the most adorable, likeable and witty heroine you could ever think of. I would love to be her best friend but maybe at a distance because she seems to be a magnet for disaster. I loved her smart mouth, her intelligence and compassion. And you can’t go wrong with Cameron either, he is sexy, has the patience of a saint and is kind. The secondary characters, especially Mallory’s family, makes you feel like you’re in crazy town but with happy vibes. The dialogue between the hero and heroine is a regular exchange of quick wit and innuendos. “By the way, Mallory, my face is a few inches higher. As much as I’m sure my belly button would like to hear what you have to say.” 

Mal’s family members and their constant bickering/confrontation/discussion at the dinner table provide a generous serving of heavy sarcasm with a side dish of insults and jibes in every chapter of the book and I mustn’t forget to mention Jade, Mallory’s best friend/wing-woman/pimp. She is something else and more. When reading about these characters, I couldn’t help but giggle and smile all throughout the book. I loved the realistic timeline and that the author didn’t write unnecessary sex scenes, less is more I would say. Cameron and Mallory’s relationship burns hot and slow, they value the meaning of true romance albeit with sprained ankles, near-death experiences or accidental fires. I guarantee that this couple’s very entertaining and amusing love story will cure your January blues; you don’t want to miss this one!


EmmaHart.jpgEmma Hart is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty novels and has been translated into several different languages.

She is a mother, wife, lover of wine, Pink Goddess, and valiant rescuer of wild baby hedgehogs.

Emma prides herself on her realistic, snarky smut, with comebacks that would make a PMS-ing teenage girl proud.

Yes, really. She’s that sarcastic.

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