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How far would you go for truly unconditional love?

From London with love… or indifference?

I have loved Kyle Paxton since I met him a year ago. We’ve gone through a lifetime of love and breakups. I can’t be with him. But I can’t keep away. I need to try to love him the way he is. Imperfect. Broken.

Unconditional love.

In an age of casual hookups, can our love survive?

Finding Juniper picks up where Juniper Smoke left off. Faster paced, with more sparks, more plot, more drama, more intensity: get ready for another fun ride as Juniper and Kyle fall in love over time and place. From Ann Arbor Michigan to San Francisco in the first book, to London and Ireland in Finding Juniper… catch up with Juniper and Kyle on this breathless journey of what unconditional love means.



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At last, after waiting for what it feels like forever, we finally get the conclusion to Juniper and Kyle’s epic romance and if you haven’t read Juniper Smoke (1 & 2), I strongly suggest you dive into it before reading this book.

The final installment of Juniper and Kyle’s love story is brilliantly written in dual points of view. If you think the author’s writing style was good in the previous offerings, you’ll find that she gets even better in this one. Here, I found Kyle’s character develop into a mature and selfless individual and turn into an even more lovable hero. His unique persona although at times headstrong and prone to tunnel vision, also shows in the latter part of the book his growth; amidst all that drama in his life, he is willing to take a risk and compromise.

“There are two pillars of happiness: One is love. The other is finding a way of coping with life that does not push love away” 

I noticed a considerable development in Juniper’s character but most often her hemming and hawing about certain decisions were really irritating. If only I could have reached inside my Kindle and given her a good slap for causing so much drama and self-inflicted heartache. I do admire her dedication to her career and her quest for self-growth but come on girl, you need to make up your mind!

This book is so much more than just a love story of two special individuals, the author also gives us more of Kyle’s family background and a very thorough insight into his psyche. I must admit I liked Kyle more than Juniper, his intelligence, vulnerability and generous spirit made him the perfect hero in a love story and you will certainly fall head-over-heels in love/lust with him. Juniper’s loyalty and caring for her brother, Cypress, her willingness to sacrifice the love of family over her happily-ever-after is a shining example of a true heroine.

This is a remarkable story of unique characters and the twists in the plot amidst the rollercoaster of emotions make this an unforgettable saga. I was so emotionally invested in Juniper and Kyle’s relationship that the long wait for the follow-up was worth the whiplash their story gave me. My only gripe is this book doesn’t have an epilogue although there is definitely closure in the last chapter. Highly recommended!


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Taking in the glittering city dancing in the rain, we lapsed back into silence. I soon became aware that I was taking in the sights and Kyle was taking me in. As our eyes collided, my heart skipped a beat. His expression was intense, and it was obvious what he needed.
“Are you jet lagged?” I asked, moving a few inches closer to him.
He shook his head.
Then kiss me.
He made no such move, and just stood there, lips parted eyes glowing and provoked. I felt electricity in every breath I took. I saw sparks ignite in the gap between us. Like embers from a fire, they flew up. Time slowed. The ache inside me grew. Unable to bear the inches between us, I seized his shoulders and drew him closer.
Automatically, his hands went around my waist and he said, “Are you sure?”
A rainwater bucket on my anticipation. I tossed him a surprised look. “I thought that’s what being your fuck-buddy was about? I’m so confused right now.”
“I told you that you call the shots. Use it when you need me.”
“Thank you for not making me feel cheap.”
He caught the irony in my voice and his eyebrows knitted in one furry line. “Listen, I want you to be comfortable. Please know you call the shots when it comes to your duties.”
My duties?
What the actual fuckadoodle?
“Wow.” I dropped my arms from his shoulders and pressed my hands in together in a prayer emoji. “What a superbly feminist gesture. A progressive man who supports my rights—exists? I am sure right now, across the world, pink pussy hats are being dropped by the millions at this empowering statement of yours. Perhaps your epitaph will read, ‘Here lies the Empoweree of women, the Giver of shots when it came to their bedding duties.’”
“Very funny. You are one clown short of a circus, Juniper.”
“Sorry, Kyle. Force of habit.” My sass unleashed, I could not stop smiling. “I forgot we are following Kyle’s Law now. I will no longer make my regular snarky and sassy commentary. If there is a punishment, let me, let you, punish me.”
His lips came down on mine and I lost my ability to make snarky comments. Expert fingers gathered my hair and jerked my head back until I was tied to the open window sill. My breath lodged in my throat. Droplets of rain hit my faces as Kyle kissed me.
It was a deep endless kiss and I wanted time to freeze right here…in the summer, rain kissing my love.
Moving over my neck and jerking right back to my lips, his mouth left blazing lines of heat on my wet skin. The insistent lips claimed all my sass and left me limp, needing…wanting more.
Heavy arms slipped under my rear and lifted me up with such a swift motion, I almost slipped back into the open window. He steadied me—and still kissing me hard—walked to the bedroom while I was straddled on his midriff.


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Sadia Ash has held jobs in different fields that involved writing (and never math) in some way. She has worked for film and TV publicity with the Prenner Group, did news and TV placement for Aeros (a NASA project), edited scripts for indie films, and fundraised. A lot. A serial volunteer, she has raised funds for many charities that educate and help girls in disenfranchised regions.

Currently working on two novels, a TV show, and a film script, Ash is addicted to British shows, lattes, and sushi, though her fictional characters, thankfully, don’t have such banal tastes and uneventful lives. She holds an MA English degree from Loyola University in Chicago, a Screenwriting Certificate from UCLA and Masters in English Literature from NUML. Hailing from Chicago, she now lives in California with her husband, two teens, and Misha Collins, their cat.


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