The #Brazilliant adventure tour

starring Jane Harvey-Berrick,

Stu Reardon, Franggy Yanes & GERGO JONAS

with The Gift Box Team,

Roberta and Esther

*~ *~ *~ *~ *~ *~ *


#Brazilliant adventure tour?





The final post from our #brazilliant adventures with @thegiftboxbr on my Facebook page and Kindle Friends Forever or in Portuguese at The Gift Box Blog

It’s an early start as authors and volunteers head over to the Gift Day event. Hundreds of readers from all over Brazil are already standing in line, and I just want to start! The adrenaline begins to flow and I can’t wait to meet everyone.

Stu and Gergo are on my table, lucky me, a thorn flanked by two roses.

We’re expecting hugs, and we’re not disappointed. There’s a special Brazilian hug, I think, that’s so tight it’s hard to breathe, but completely heart-felt.


Many readers bring chocolate (I must have mentioned my love of chocolate once or twice), and the lovely Leticia brings me a soft toy dog named Pip because I’d said I was missing her. That has me welling up.

Both Stu and Gergo are showered with gifts, and for Gergo especially, it’s a day full of wonderful moments and surprises as he experiences his first Brazilian book signing.

EXPLOSIVO sells out, but that’s because the printer didn’t send enough books. One of the headaches for the Gift Box team. Along the way, they’ve had cancelled venues, cancelled flights, and an Author who had to pull out just days before the event. They even worked until 4am the night before to iron out the final problems.


The day is long, with signing from 9am to 8pm with two breaks. It’s a test of stamina for volunteers and readers as well as authors. Our two translators Carol Sales and Carol Dias work tirelessly, and we even learn a few Portuguese words and phrases along the way.

By the end, We’re exhausted, but happy.

And then it’s one final challenge after the event, we sign copies of PARA VOCÊ (For You) for our publisher for another long hour before taking the minibus back to the hotel to pack our cases.

🇧🇷 DAY 13 ~ THE LAST DAY 🇧🇷

Back on the minibus and heading for the airport. We have time to stop for brunch at the beautiful Art Nouveau Confeitaria Colombo. Enormous crystal mirrors and French stained glass windows add to the elegance. Founded in 1894, the cafe is part of the Cultural and Artistic Heritage of Rio de Janeiro. It was a meeting point for artists, politicians and intellectuals – including Olavo Bilac, Rui Barbosa, Villa-Lobos, Chiquinha Gonzaga, among others.

I feel I should order English tea, but I have iced moccachino instead. The cake display is something else sadly not gluten free, so I can only look.

Last stop before the airport is Real Cabinet Portuguese. Founded May 14, 1837, the Office was created with the intention of offering the resident patricians access to the publications of their country. The Royal Portuguese Reading Office has a collection of 350,000 works by Portuguese authors outside Portugal. It smells of old books and history, and I love it.

And then we have to say goodbye to new friends, leaving behind the sunshine and hugs to head home to rainy England.

I’m ready to see my family again, but we’ve all had an amazing experience on our #brazilliant adventures ❤️🇧🇷

Thank you, Gift Box Team!!

Boa leitura! Happy reading!!


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