Hollywood A-List series by CD Reiss is on sale for limited time!

Check out what CD Reiss is saying this morning! Certainly got a chuckle out of us!


Margie Drazen is in me.

I tried not to write Sacred Sins.

Two years, I avoided it. With Sing and Rule crossing right into it in 2015, and Forbidden crossing the timeline in 1999…I didn’t think I had the brain power to make it happen. I’m still pretty sure I’m not smart enough to pull this book off.

But here we are, and I’m doing it. It’s due to my editor on Nov 1st and if I get it in I’ll have it published by Nov 20th.

Pray for me.

Because it’s full length, it’ll be 4.99 WHEN IT RELEASES.

But because so many of you pre-ordered at 3.99 and fair is fair, the preorder price is going to stay 3.99.

On release day the price will change to 4.99.

Amazon ✦  Apple Books  ✦  Nook  ✦  Kobo ✦ Google Play


If you haven’t read Margie’s first book, you won’t be prepared for her second book. That all seems to go without saying but I said it anyway.

So get Secret Sins today. It’s got a spanking new cover that’ll look classy as hell in your library.

Amazon ✦  Apple ✦ Books  ✦  Nook 

Kobo ✦ Google Play ✦ Audio

You’ll want to talk to someone about THE SECRET. Do it HERE


The Hollywood A-List deeply discounted at 99c per book until Oct 31.

Hot, dirty-talking single dads, 99c each.

Bombshell ➜  Amazon

Bodyguard ➜  Amazon

✦ ✦ ✦

Audio is my jam.

The ENTIRE Submission Series is in one, big, badass book.The ebook is 9.99, and the audiobook is 31 hours of smoking hot, deeply emotional…did I say SMOKING HOT award-nominated narration by Christian Fox and Jo Raylan for ONE CREDIT.


If you’re not sure if audio is for you, THIS is the book to cut your teeth on. You get a free book when you sign up with audible, and this is the bargain of the century.Three books. One credit. Boom. Done.



And also….the ENTIRE Edge Series has released in audio!

(cue confetti)

Joe and Maxine were AMAZING. I listened to these audiobooks in a sweat – and I wrote the damn things. Book three (especially) is a home run for these guys. They are exceptional.


Start listening to THE EDGE series HERE


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