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TACKLE, Jacob Chance’s all-new stand-alone sports romance in the Boston Terriers series is now available!


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Trevor Lincoln is the legendary tight end for Boston University’s football
team. As the youngest son of a former NFL player, he lives a life of
privilege with an endless stream of girls vying for his attention. He
always gets his way.

Until I come along.

Everything about him irks me. From his crooked smile and sexy, dark hair,
to his obscenely large trust fund. But when we’re forced to spend time
together, the undeniable spark between us blazes and resisting him becomes
one of my greatest challenges.

Can I shut down his game, or will he tackle my heart?


Reviewed by Donna on behalf of KFF

Son of a legendary NFL football player, Trevor Lincoln plays football for his school team, Boston Terriers. He’s used to getting what he wants with his high profile and privileged upbringing and can get any girl he wants. That being said, he wants to achieve on his own merits and although he wants to be successful in NFL, he has other aspirations for his future. Trevor has a bit of a front but underneath it all he is a very caring, passionate individual. Grace Duffy is an extremely fiery redhead who happens to play for the Boston Terriers women’s team. Independent with a tough exterior and also a vegan, she’s very focused on her football and education. Grace has no room for anything else but her friends and family, working hard to get what she wants.

When Trevor and Grace first met, there was somewhat of an attraction; however, Grace is reluctant to get too involved with him. She just wants to stay focused, but Trevor has other ideas. He does everything in his power to break down her defences and get her to go out with him. There begins the chase because Grace isn’t giving in but then again, Trevor will never give up. What I loved about him is even though Grace pushed him away at every turn, he continued to pursue her and it was never about the hotshot school footballer wanting to score another notch. He really was quite the deep caring guy that was very much attracted to her. Grace frustrated me at times with her reluctance to give him a chance and there were some moments when my heart broke for him. As I continued to read on and learn more about her, I could see she was afraid of her feelings, wanted to protect her heart and was insecure and unsure of herself. The people who mattered supported them throughout but like any situation in a college setting, bystanders were watching and gossiping.

This sports romance is part of the Boston Terriers series part four and can be read as a standalone although I would suggest reading the whole series as there’s a crossover of characters you’ll become totally addicted to. Grace and Trevor are an interesting couple; I loved their banter, the chemistry and just enough angst kept me entertained throughout. A lot of attention has been given to character development in this full-length novel written in dual narrative. What I loved more about this book is it wasn’t saturated with hot scenes, the characters’ words lulling me into their world. The ending was magnificent and not at all what I expected, either. Give Penalty, Drive, Coach and this baby, Tackle which I can’t recommend enough a chance. Oh and one more thing, if you know musicals you will have Matchmaker Matchmaker playing in your head “Insert laugh.”





Jacob Chance grew up in New England. He’s a martial artist, a football fan, a practical joker and junk food lover.

An author of erotic thrillers and sports romance, he plans to write many more sexy, suspenseful stories.


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