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BUCKLED, book two in the Trail of Sin series by Pam Godwin is now available with all retailers!

This dark brooding, kinky cowboy romance series is to be read in order. Each book is a HEA with no cliffhanger.

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I protect what’s mine.

The ranch, my family, our buried secrets.

Nothing will stop me from reassembling the life that went terribly wrong.

Not the law.

Not our enemies.

Not even Maybe Quinn.

The gorgeous, quarrelsome journalist shouldn’t have meddled.

I shouldn’t have let her stay.

But she’s hiding something in those deceptive blue eyes.

Something deeper than her thirst for a news story.

I make a deal with her to buy time.

To unravel her lies. To play with her. To satisfy my darker appetites.

When she buckles beneath my belt, I’ll send her away.

Unless I buckle first.

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Knotted #1 ~ Amazon US | UK | CA | AUS
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Now available!

Knotted Synopsis

I try to forget her.

It’s impossible

First love, first kiss, first…

Not all our firsts.

We were sixteen the night she was violently assaulted while I helplessly watched.

I’ll never forget the sounds of her suffering.

Or my inconsolable agony when she left Oklahoma.

Years later, she returns to honor our teenage pact.

Except the boy she loved is gone, replaced by a ruthless cattle rancher knotted with secrets.

She doesn’t know my dark cravings or the trails of sin that lead to her.

I don’t deserve her, but one truth remains.

She’s mine.

Buckled #2 ~ Amazon US | UK | CA | AUS
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Now available!

Buckled Synopsis

I protect what’s mine.

The ranch, my family, our buried secrets.

Nothing will stop me from reassembling the life that went terribly wrong.

Not the law.

Not our enemies.

Not even Maybe Quinn.

The gorgeous, quarrelsome journalist shouldn’t have meddled.

I shouldn’t have let her stay.

But she’s hiding something in those deceptive blue eyes.

Something deeper than her thirst for a news story.

I make a deal with her to buy time.

To unravel her lies. To play with her. To satisfy my darker appetites.

When she buckles beneath my belt, I’ll send her away.

Unless I buckle first.

Booted #3 ~ Amazon US | UK | CA | AU
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Releases 18th September, 2018

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Pam Godwin Books GrayScale

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, Pam Godwin, lives in the Midwest with her husband, their two children, and a foulmouthed parrot. When she ran away, she traveled fourteen countries across five continents, attended three universities, and married the vocalist of her favorite rock band.

Java, tobacco, and dark romance novels are her favorite indulgences, and might be considered more unhealthy than her aversion to sleeping, eating meat, and dolls with blinking eyes.

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From New York Times bestselling author Julia London, comes TEMPTING THE LAIRD—the fifth standalone novel in her Highland Grooms Series!

TEMPTING THE LAIRD is now available where all fine books are sold. Grab your copy today!



Mystery and desire cloak the Scottish Highlands

Unruly. Unmarried. Unapologetic. Catriona Mackenzie’s reputation precedes her everywhere she goes. Her beloved late aunt Zelda taught Cat to live out loud and speak her mind, and that’s exactly what she does when Zelda’s legacy—a refuge for women in need—comes under fire. When her quest puts her in the path of the disturbingly mysterious Hamlin Graham, Duke of Montrose, Cat is soon caught up in the provocative rumors surrounding the dark duke. Never one to retreat, Cat boldly goes where no one else has dared for answers.

Shrouded in secrets, a hostage of lies, Hamlin must endure the fear and suspicion of those who believe he is a murderer. The sudden disappearance of his wife and the truth he keeps silent are a risk to his chances at earning a coveted parliamentary seat. But he’s kept his affairs tightly held until a woman with sparkling eyes and brazen determination appears unexpectedly in his life. Deadly allegations might be his downfall, but his unleashed passion could be the duke’s ultimate undoing.

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Kishorn Lodge, Scottish Highlands, 1755There’d been a spirited debate among the Mackenzies of Balhaire over where to bury the remains of the ven­erable Griselda Mackenzie. Arran Mackenzie, her much beloved cousin, wanted her buried at the clan’s seat at Balhaire alongside two hundred years of Mackenzies. But Catriona, his youngest daughter—who had been as close to her “Auntie” Zelda as her own mother—wanted to bury her at Kishorn Lodge, where Griselda had lived most of her remarkable life.

In the end, a compromise was struck. Auntie Zelda was buried in the family crypt at Balhaire, but a fèillein her honor was held at Kishorn a month later. This arrangement satisfied Catriona, as it was the celebra­tion she wanted for a woman who had lived life very much on her own terms.

Unfortunately, the weather turned foul on the eve of her fèille. Kishorn was remote, far into the Highlands, reachable practically only by boat. Therefore, only the most immediate Mackenzie family was able to attend, rowing up from Balhaire, past the Mackenzie prop­erties of Arrandale and Auchenard, and across Loch Kishorn to the point where the loch met the river for which it was named.

There was scarcely anything or anyone this far into the Highlands. A village and prime hunting grounds had once graced the banks of the river, but they were long gone. A Mackenzie ancestor had built the lodge on the ruins of the village. Zelda, who had always pre­ferred her freedom to a confining marriage, and had been indulged by her father, had taken possession of the abandoned lodge as a young woman and had made it her home, lovingly repairing and adding to it over the years.

The only thing left of that ancient village was a crumbling abbey, built on a hilltop overlooking the river glen. It was small as abbeys went, and no one could say whose abbey it had been. Zelda had decided it was hers and had made half of the original structure habitable again. The other half—what had once been the sanctuary—was missing its walls, and only a few beams and arches remained of the roof. It served no useful purpose, other than to provide a wee bit of re­spite from the weather for the cows that wandered in from time to time.

If only they’d had a respite from the cold rain that continued to beat a steady rhythm against the paned windows on the day of the fèille.

Catriona was quite undone by it—she’d planned this event to rival all such celebrations for years to come. “I’m bloody well cross with God this day, that I am,” she said to the women gathered around the fire blazing in the hearth. They included her mother, the Lady of Balhaire, and Catriona’s sister, Vivienne. Also present were her sisters-in-law, Daisy, Bernadette and Lottie. “It rained the day we buried her, and here it rains again. She deserved better, she did,” Catriona said as she care­lessly held up her wineglass to be refilled.

“Zelda would not care a whit about rain, Cat,” her mother assured her. “She would care only that you car­ried on with the fèillein spite of it. Can’t you hear her laughing? She’d say, ‘Did you expect cherubs and blue­birds to herald my arrival? No, lass, heaven weeps when I knock at the door.’”

“Mamma,” Catriona said gravely, but she couldn’t help a small smile. Zelda would have indeed said some­thing like that.

“I miss that old crone,” her mother said fondly, and lifted her glass in solemn salute. “She was incomparable.”

That was high praise coming from Margot Macken­zie. She and Zelda had maintained a fraught relation­ship through the years, had never quite seen eye to eye for reasons Catriona still didn’t fully understand. She knew that Zelda couldn’t bring herself to forgive her mother for being English, which, to be fair, was a sin in the eyes of many Highlanders. But Zelda had also seemed determined to believe the absurd notion that Ca­triona’s mother was a spy, of all things. Once, Catriona had asked her father why Auntie Zelda said her mother was a spy, and he’d given her a strange look. “Some things are better left in the past, aye?” he’d said. “You canna believe everything Zelda says, lass.”

He had not, Catriona had noted, denied it.




About Julia London:

Julia London is the New York Times and USA TODAY best-selling author of more than thirty romantic fiction novels. She is the author of the popular Cabot Sisters historical romance series, including The Trouble with Honor, The Devil Takes a Bride, and The Scoundrel and the Debutante. She is also the author of several contemporary romances, including Homecoming Ranch, Return to Homecoming Ranch and The Perfect Homecoming. She has over 100,000+ Facebook followers, is the recipient of the RT Book Reviews for Best Historical Romance and a six-time finalist for the prestigious RITA award for excellence in romantic fiction. You can visit her website JuliaLondon.com. She lives in Austin, Texas.

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Kat French’s sexy summer read perfect for the beach, A SUMMER SCANDAL, is now available with all retailers!

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Publisher: Avon Books UK



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Summer has never been so scandalous…

When Violet moves to Swallow Beach, she inherits a small Victorian pier with an empty arcade perched on the end of it, and falls in love immediately. She wants nothing more than to rejuvenate it and make it grand again – but how?

When she meets hunky Calvin, inspiration strikes. What if she turned the arcade into an adult-themed arcade full of artisan shops?

Not everyone in the town is happy with the idea, but Violet loves her arcade and business begins to boom. But as tensions worsen and the heat between her and Calvin begins to grow, life at Swallow Beach becomes tricky. Is it worth staying to ride out the storm? And can Violet find her own happy ending before the swallows fly south for the winter?

Sexy, sassy and full of heart, Kat French is back in a new summer sizzler.

 ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Reviewed by Rachel & Sharon Thérèse

A Summer Scandal’s title couldn’t be more fitting for this fabulous summer read that’s going to to keep you glued to the pages. It did us! To say that we found it unputdownable sounds a tad blasé, doesn’t it? The best word to describe this standalone romance that had us on tenterhooks has to be GRIPPING! French’s story set in a quaint English seaside resort called Swallow Beach we related to with such an ease, it made us smile, swoon and for the joy of a hot summer read, we didn’t want it to end. But what we enjoyed more than anything was the author’s picturesque narrative of a beach town where nudge nudge, an activity or two take place and its Victorian pier which is in bad need of attention. This, and French’s protagonists and her secondary characters alike came alive in our mind’s eyes, keeping our interest flowing without let up.

Violet we fell hard for. She’s an arty, perky and quirky lass whose traits had us laughing out loud. But more important, her insatiable curiosity and energy to find out why secrets had been buried and bring Birdcage Pier back to life showed us that if you really want to do something irrespective of the obstacles, you can. Of course, by throwing in the local’s peculiarities and a drop-dead gorgeous neighbour for good measure, spiced up the read no end. We don’t want to let on too much because you really have to discover what made Violet decide to take on such a huge project for yourselves. But what we can say is it’s by no means all laughs and tomfoolery. The plot has a strong angsty tone, some tough scenarios making us hold our breaths in desperation to see what the next move would be, left us speechless.

“How could they hate a girl with blue hair and candy-stripe nails?” 

Thought-provoking moments there are, too. Is Violet moving away from a loving home going to worry her parents, especially her mum who’s afraid her daughter will open up a box mysterious past goings-on? All is cannily entwined to present times and even though we had a teensy-weensy inkling of the outcome, never did we expect such a nail-biting finale. We honestly felt as if we were watching it on the big screen and just something to think about because this folks, would make one hell of a film!

“Your mum really didn’t tell you much at all about this place, did she?”
“Nothing. You were all a big secret as far as I was concerned.”

Observing Violet spread her wings and become her own woman was a delight. Decisions are made with the backing of a motley crew of new friends whose professions are so diverse, you’ll laugh your socks off! The part they all play is an important one that’s never lacking enthusiasm, solutions and encouragement. Some of their comebacks were cracking and we couldn’t help have a special place in our hearts for who would become Violet’s bosom buddy, Keris.

“You heard then.” “You’ve ruffled a few feathers all right.”
“I don’t know how.”

Barty we loved to smitterns. He’s a grandpa we’d love to have as ours and Keris knows she’s lucky to be related to him. A real character and and a half with his stories to tell, he’s also another tenant in the Lido apartment block where Violet resides for the time being. She feels at home in this tight-knit community; however, she does have her doubts that this is the place to settle down for reasons to be revealed. Reasons which are quite shocking and oh boy, did we love the way French had gone all out with a twist we didn’t see coming!

“We are a sordid bunch in the Lido, what with you and your floggers and Keris and her saucy knickers.” 

Calvin Dearheart. Honestly, how on earth French came up with a name like his is beyond us! And he is a sweetheart. And he’s mouth-wateringly good-looking with a great sense of humour to boot, so a hold of your knickers ladies, you’re in for a ride on Cal’s tide! Nonetheless, he has his problems which will really upset the applecart and get ready for the unexpected…we were floored!

“Right, so now you know who you are, that makes us friends. Now take the flowers, let me help you with your stuff, and then let’s gloriously drunk and tell each other our darkest secrets.” 

We can’t recommend A Summer Scandal more. The pace is fast, the banter between all involved is incredibly witty, and just enough drama and heart-warming scenarios make this book an epic one. Truly unputdownable lol, it’s our kind of stuff! We award five stars without a blink of an eye! Bravo French for brightening up our summer!

Meet & Connect with Kat

Kitty French author

Slightly less smutty alter-ego of Kitty French, USA Today bestselling smut fictionista. USA Today bestselling author Kitty French writes sexy, escapist reads hot enough to burn your fingers…

The Knight Trilogy has been a best seller around the globe, and is available as individual books or as a complete trilogy box-set.

Regular Sex, nine sizzling individual short stories in one book with a bonus of Knight and Sleigh was published on 26th May.

SIGN UP FOR KITTY’S NEWSLETTER for all the gossip and release information by emailing on kittyfrenchwriter@me.com

Kitty is also the disreputable alter-ego of a romantic comedy writer Kat French.
As Kat, her romantic comedies Undertaking Love, The Piano Man and One Hot Summer are available now.

Kat was born and raised in the heart of the Black Country, where she still lives with her husband and her two little boys.

She grew up with a healthy obsession for books, and several years ago she promised her husband she would write novels if Santa gave her a macbook for Christmas. It’s a promise she is very glad to have kept.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Goodreads | Amazon 



Today we’re on tour with WHY NOT ME? by Ashley Erin

Today Ashley Erin is stopping by to share her contemporary romance,
Check out this fantastic new release and grab your copy today!

Ashely Erin’s contemporary romance, Why Not Me? is LIVE!


He didn’t choose me, and now he wants his second chance.

Allie Vincent has a good life. All of her boxes are checked off.

Sweet boyfriend? Check.

Awesome job? Check.

Great friends? Check.

Life is going according to plan. That is until the man who broke her heart seven years ago comes crashing back into her life.

Suddenly those checked boxes no longer seem important.

Her once neat life is now in turmoil as she’s caught between a past love and a current one.

A choice between two men.

One is her best friend and partner for the past six years.

The other makes her heart race, but he left her shattered.

One is safe, secure.

The other is a risk she doesn’t know if she’s willing to take . . . again.

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Reviewed by Anna Green

When a book starts with a heartbreaking scene where the heroine’s life falls apart, you just can’t help but keep on turning the pages. This standalone second chance romance with a love triangle twist is quite an emotional read.

Allie is a successful career woman and is in a stable relationship with her boyfriend of six years. Her calm existence is rocked when she bumps into her ex-boyfriend Landon. He’s the one who broke her heart many years ago. I must admit my initial impression of Allie was not a favourable one considering that in her first relationship she was the other woman.

Landon was the guy who broke Allie’s heart and he did it in a cowardly way, through a phone call. His actions throughout their early relationship put him in a bad light as he kept on stringing Allie along and when it came to the crunch, he left her hanging with no closure. What really happened during those early days? Is it worth giving him a second chance?

Brandon is Allie’s boyfriend and her rock. He was there for her when she was heartbroken and was the best friend she relied on. He was persistent and dependable, a stand-up guy and the one she can trust not to break her heart.

In love stories that involve cheating, I would normally pile on a lot of hate on the other woman but in this book the author had a way of narrating the story that changes your perception of the main characters. I am glad that the grown up Allie is a much sympathetic persona than her younger self.
This story is fast-paced and well written; told in dual points of view, switching from past to present this romantic tale of betrayal, redemption and self discovery is a delight to read. Allie, Landon and Brandon dealt with the situation, there was some drama involved, but also a lot of dialogue between them that shows maturity and sensitivity. Although this is the first book I have read by the author this won’t be my last.


Circling my hips, I spin in a circle as Dawn and I dance together. We’re out celebrating Dawn’s new job and the fact I aced my marketing exam. Lifting my arms above my head, I give a little shimmy, jumping when I feel my phone vibrate in the back pocket of my jeans.
Without missing a beat, I pull it out and smile when I see the name on the screen of my cell, I swipe my finger with an eagerness that hasn’t dissipated in the nine months we’ve been seeing each other. We fell hard and we fell fast, but I’ve never felt so connected with someone.
“Hey, babe, one sec,” I yell over the pounding dance music. It’s so loud, I don’t know if he can hear me, my words probably faint under the vibrating bass. Dawn smiles as I turn, waving at Blake when she glances at me, I hold my phone up and point to the patio. She grins with a wink and goes back to dancing with a giant of a man.
The patio is lit with twinkle lights, random heaters sit next to the picnic tables filling the space providing ambient heat for the rare person brave enough to face the bitter cold. The music sounds through a few speakers along the wall, but it’s turned down to be background noise. Tucking my free hand under my arm, I stand under the heater next to the door.
“Sorry about that. Is everything okay?” It’s unusual for Landon to call when he knows I’m out with my girlfriends. That must mean things didn’t go well with Melissa. “Do you need me to come over, we can cuddle on the couch. I know tonight wasn’t easy for you.”
Snowflakes start to fall around me, the first snow of the year making today one of my favorite days. I love the snow. There’s something enchanting about the first snow. It blankets everything to create a crisp, clean canvas. The air is fresher, and it’s the sign that mother nature is preparing for new growth. I think the only season I love more than winter is summer, when everything is in full bloom. The reward for the months we’ve endured the cold.
The music shifts to something slow. It’s quieter outside, the soft melody over the speaker adding to the magic of the night. I feel free of more than just another exam under my belt. Knowing that we can finally move forward, it makes me tilt my face up into the crisp flakes and smile. Tonight, everything is perfect.
When nothing but silence comes from the other end of the line, I can barely hear his breathing, I check my phone to make sure we didn’t disconnect. “Landon? What’s going on? You’re worrying me.”
“I can’t see you anymore, Allie.” His words are cold and detached, almost as though he’s talking to a stranger, so different from this morning.
I can’t stop the sharp inhalation at his words, the frigid air burning my lungs as I stumble to the nearest picnic table. No one is outside, the cold October night making everyone shy away from spending too much time outdoors—something I’m grateful for as my eyes fill with tears.
“What are you talking about? This morning everything was fine. What about everything you’ve told me, said to me?” My voice cracks as I try to make sense of what’s going on. Why is his tone so disconnected? My voice lowers, filled with such confusion and pain that I can’t recognize it. “I’m so confused.”
“There’s nothing to understand. I’m sorry I let this go on as long as I did, it was a mistake. I guess hindsight is twenty-twenty.” A whooshing in my ears blocks out his voice, the tears I’ve been holding at bay begin to fall as I realize this isn’t some weird, cruel joke. It’s real.
“I see. I guess there’s nothing to say then.” My voice is faint, barely a whisper, my head already filling in the blanks. I knew this was a risk, I was stupid enough to think our connection was strong enough to withstand her. So much so, that I did something I never thought I would do. Ever.
Wrapping my arms around myself, I bite back tears of despair. This is what I get for pushing aside my initial reservations and falling for his pretty words.
“Goodbye, Allie—I’m sorry.” The last words are whispered, a slight crack in the cold façade, but the phone clicks silent and that slight crack means nothing as I’m left sitting on the cold wooden bench in shock.
I slump against the rough edge of the tabletop, it’s sharp corner digging into my spine as I stare mindlessly as the snow slowly builds up on the ground, its beauty now tainted with the quiet breaking of my heart.

Meet Ashley Erin

Ashley Erin lives in Alberta, Canada where winter and summer compete to take over. She wears flip flops as soon as it’s above freezing, because her hatred of socks outweighs her dislike of snow. Her boyfriend stays with her despite a penchant for adopting rescued cats and dogs without permission. Their two dogs and four cats are spoiled rotten. When Ashley isn’t writing, she is reading or working with horses.

Ashley is a self-published author of contemporary and new adult romance. Follow her on Facebook to keep up with her current and upcoming releases.

Connect with Ashley

Facebook | Reader Group | Twitter

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Website | Newsletter





From the New York Times bestselling author of The Impossible Vastness of Us and the On Dublin Street series comes a heartfelt and beautiful new young adult novel, set in Scotland, about daring to dream and embracing who you are. Order your copy of THE FRAGILE ORDINARY today!



I am Comet Caldwell.

And I sort of, kind of, absolutely hate my name.

People expect extraordinary things from a girl named Comet. That she’ll be effortlessly cool and light up a room the way a comet blazes across the sky.

But from the shyness that makes her book-character friends more appealing than real people to the parents whose indifference hurts more than an open wound, Comet has never wanted to be the center of attention. She can’t wait to graduate from her high school in Edinburgh, Scotland, where the only place she ever feels truly herself is on her anonymous poetry blog. But surely that will change once she leaves to attend university somewhere far, far away.

When new student Tobias King blazes in from America and shakes up the school, Comet thinks she’s got the bad boy figured out. Until they’re thrown together for a class assignment and begin to form an unlikely connection. Everything shifts in Comet’s ordinary world. Tobias has a dark past and runs with a tough crowd—and none of them are happy about his interest in Comet. Targeted by bullies and thrown into the spotlight, Comet and Tobias can go their separate ways…or take a risk on something extraordinary.


Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Indie Bound

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“Endearing and relatable, Comet-the girl who is searching for her place in this world-will shoot through the sky and into your heart.”

— #1 New York Times bestselling author Erin Watt


It was the weekend before Christmas, and we had our last week at school ahead of us. In all the time we’d spent together, Tobias and I had never ventured out of Portobello. I didn’t know if it was a conscious decision or if we’d spent so much time concealing our friendship that we feared going out anywhere that we might be seen together. Whatever the reason, it no longer existed, and after a week of tentative silence from our tormentors I suggested he and I go into the city for the Christmas Markets and Fair.
I watched Tobias’s face as we got off the bus early that Saturday morning. He hadn’t been happy about me dragging him out of bed at the butt crack of dawn, but the market always got incredibly busy as the day wore on. As we walked passed Edinburgh Waverly train station on Princes Street the sky was still a dark violet blue, making the Christmas lights twinkle spectacularly. It was like walking into another world. White lights sparkled in the trees like Jack Frost had danced all over their branches. The Star Flyer ride, lit up in a million different lights, stood beside—and as tall—as the Scott Monument. The ride was a pole with a flat umbrella top that moved up and down and spun. Attached to that top were bucket seats on a swing. When you were in the seat you were taken right to the top of the Star Flyer and spun out like the hem of a poodle skirt. You could see all of the city from up there—a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree view.
On the other side of the monument was the massive Ferris wheel. With somewhere in the region of twenty thousand lights all over it, it looked like it was covered in sparkling jewels. The wheel was more my speed, with little sheltered carriages to sit in so you could enjoy the view of Edinburgh without feeling like you were going to be thrown out of your seat.
“What do you think?” I asked Tobias as we crossed the street to stand beneath the Star Flyer.
He gripped my hand tighter in his and smiled down at me. “Pretty cool.”
I grinned back and hugged into his side as we continued to walk down the main street of the city. The center of Edinburgh was split into two historical areas. To our left and uphill the roads led to Old Town, the medieval area. Up there was the Royal Mile, where old tenement buildings towered over the wide, cobbled road. In between the buildings were narrow passageways and stairwells, leading to a “secret” underground world. The Mile stretched all the way up to Edinburgh Castle, perched upon its volcanic rock.
From down on Princes Street it felt like the castle loomed over all, majestic, proud, and as I looked at it through Tobias’s eyes, awe-inspiring.
“That is pretty cool,” he said as we stood at the lower end of Princes Street and stared up at the castle. At this time of the morning, warm lights placed strategically in the rock face of the volcano it sat on lit up the castle in a surreal, ethereal glow. The streets were quiet, even of cars, taxis and buses, and for a moment we just stood there, huddled together in the cold winter morning, staring at all the lights.
It felt like we were part of a wonderland. Why had I not appreciated that until I was standing with Tobias, seeing it from his perspective?
From there we walked upward on our right. Here was the other historical region of the city—New Town. It was famous for its eighteenth-century Georgian architecture. Up there, where the expensive shops, nice restaurants and luxury hotels were situated, was George Street, and my eyes widened at the sight we found.
On the west end, bejeweled in green light like something out of Wicked or Disney, was Edinburgh’s Street of Light structure. It loomed as high as the buildings with two towers at the front and two at the back. Connecting those were arches, giving it the stunning appearance of a 3-D castle made up of stained glass. At night choirs and bands played under it, making the whole experience feel so magically Christmassy that it reminded me of how different my own Christmas experience was compared to a lot of people my age.
“Wow.” Tobias said as we stared up at it.
I burrowed closer to him, not just for heat, but because I couldn’t help myself from wanting to be as close to him as possible. Always.



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About Samantha Young:

Samantha Young is the New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of adult contemporary romances, including the On Dublin Street series and Hero, as well as the New Adult duology Into the Deep and Out of the Shallows. Every Little Thing, the second book in her new Hart’s Boardwalk series, will be published by Berkley in March 2017. Before turning to contemporary fiction, she wrote several young adult paranormal and fantasy series, including the amazon bestselling Tale of Lunarmorte trilogy. Samantha’s debut YA contemporary novel The Impossible Vastness of Us will be published by Harlequin TEEN in ebook & hardback June 2017

Samantha has been nominated for the Goodreads Choice Award 2012 for Best Author and Best Romance for On Dublin Street, Best Romance 2014 for Before Jamaica Lane, and Best Romance 2015 for Hero. On Dublin Street, a #1 bestseller in Germany, was the Bronze Award Winner in the LeserPreis German Readers Choice Awards for Best Romance 2013, Before Jamaica Lane the Gold Medal Winner for the LeserPreis German Readers Choice Awards for Best Romance 2014 and Echoes of Scotland Street the Bronze Medal Winner for the LeserPreis German Readers Choice Awards for Best Romance 2015.

Samantha is currently published in 30 countries and is a #1 international bestselling author.

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Thea Landry has always known her place in modern-day society. It’s somewhere just above the trash can her mother dumped her in as a newborn but below the class where much comes easy. With her tattered shoes and bargain-bin clothes, her life has never been full of glamour.

So when a rich and charismatic man takes interest, she doesn’t fool herself into thinking their encounter is anything more than a one-night stand. Months later, she’s kicking herself for not getting his phone number. Or his last name. She’s given up hope of seeing him ever again.

Until one day, years later, Logan Kendrick waltzes into her life once more and turns everything she’s built upside down. This time around, she won’t make the same mistake. She’s going to fight to keep him in her life—not for herself.

But for their daughter.


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Reviewed by Rachel & Sharon Thérèse

There is nothing sweeter to our ears than starting the first book in a series from an author we love! We haven’t read the Jamison Valley books, but we understand that this new series is a spin-off featuring some of those characters. Reading the synopsis, we knew straight away we would be in for a real treat as we love second chance romance reads.

A strong female protagonist is always a hit for us so when we met Thea, we were thrilled and hoped she stayed true to herself. She’s had a really tough start in life but is determined to not let that define who she is. One night she throws caution to the wind and hooks up with the very gorgeous and charismatic, Logan Kendrick. Not really the kind of thing she does; however, little did she know it would result in something special. Thea has always longed for a traditional family unit so when she gets the shock of her life, she packs up what little she has and makes a fresh start. Unfortunately, timing and circumstances don’t align and Thea is left to face her future alone.

“I like to take the tattered and lost and make it shine…” 

We loved that this story was told from dual points of view as Logan’s voice in this story was key. He’s wasn’t just a guy who thought he should deal with his responsibilities because it was the right thing to do; no he wanted to! He also still remembers his one night with Thea with the fondest of memories. Logan is a workaholic but also has duties to his wealthy, straight-laced family so he feels torn between his life in New York and Thea thousands of miles away. He knows Thea doesn’t trust easily and hopes by his actions he can win her over. At times our hearts broke for both of them as they tiptoed around each other. Hearing Logan’s thoughts made us wince with fear as we knew Thea wouldn’t up and move her life just for him.

“I have a hard time of trusting people. I’m working on it, but people have a habit of letting me down.” 

Logan and Thea couldn’t be from different backgrounds so on the surface you think they are not exactly a match made in heaven, but when you learn more and experience the magic between them, even after all those years apart, you realise it’s something that cannot be ignored. Thea is determined to give her family the life she never had and is willing to sacrifice her love for Logan but can she have both? We’re not telling! It’s obvious from the start their relationship is real and not just lingering lust from a one night stand.

“I want you to kiss me.”
“But, it will complicate things even more.”

This is truly one of the most heartfelt and sweetest stories we’ve read in a while. Perry really captured the essence of what true love and fate mean and how obstacles can be overcome if lines of communication are left open. This story is very character driven which is a writing style we truly enjoy reading. The author also did a marvellous job of transporting the reader to the small town of Lark Cove, Montana. Now we’re off to start the first book in the Jamison Valley series, The Coppersmith Farmhouse to read more from this talented author. Bravo!

He stared at me for a long moment. “You’re sure she’s mine?”

“She’s yours.”

“Then that’s good enough.”

“I—really?” I blinked. He didn’t want to verify paternity? He just . . . trusted me?

He nodded. “Really.”

“I swear, I tried to find you, Logan. On my life, I swear it. But the hotel wouldn’t give me your name no matter how much I begged. And you paid cash for your drinks and never mentioned your last name. I tried, but I just . . . didn’t know where to start.”

“It’s not your fault. I believe you.”

The sincerity in his voice made my throat burn. Goddamn it. I was going to cry.

I’d worked so hard not to cry today. I’d fought to keep my emotions in check and my head from spinning out of control. But this was going to make me break.

I wanted so badly for Logan to believe that I hadn’t kept Charlie from him intentionally. The fact that a man like him would trust someone like me without proof meant more than he’d ever know.

“Thank you,” I choked out past the lump in my throat.

“So, um, is Charlie inside with your husband? Or boyfriend?”

The urge to cry disappeared and I barked out a laugh. “Smooth.”

He chuckled. “It’s been a long day for me. Give me a break, will you? This morning I was in New York, then I came to Montana for a business meeting and discovered a daughter. I’m off my game.”

Devney is the USA Today bestselling author of the Jamison Valley series. She lives in Montana with her husband and two children. After working in the technology industry for nearly a decade, she abandoned conference calls and project schedules to enjoy a slower pace at home with her kids. She loves reading and, after consuming hundreds of books, decided to share her own stories. Devney loves hearing from readers! Connect with her on social media.

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KFF’s on tour with CRAVING MR. KINKY by A.M. Madden & Joanne Schwehm

CRAVING MR. KINKY by A.M. Madden and Joanne Schwehm
Publication Date: June 20th, 2018
Series: Mr. Wrong #4
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Here’s a tip: When you least expect it, expect it.

I’d been known to have my share of beautiful women. Usually, I met them in a bar, through a mutual acquaintance, or even when photographing them.

Imagine my surprise when a gorgeous blonde drove her car into mine on the way to a party.

No more than a minute after our run-in, a string of colorful words flew from her mouth in rapid fire.

Unexplainably, the angrier she became the harder I got. All sorts of scenarios played in my head of how I could get her to shut up. I was all for feisty women, but I preferred leaving that for the bedroom—not on the streets of New York.

When I learned she was a school teacher, that worsened my disposition. What man didn’t have a dirty teacher fantasy at one point in his life? I decided it was my turn to teach her a thing or two… or so I thought. Little did I know, Miss Prim-and-Proper would turn the tables on me.

She called me Mr. Kinky, and that was fine with me.

Lesson learned: Desire always trumps logic.

Craving Mr. Kinky
© 2018 A.M. Madden & Joanne Schwehm


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Finding Mr. Wrong
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Taming Mr. Flirt
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Scoring Mr. Romeo
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Tracey Lou’s review on behalf of KFF

Another great story from this writing duo. A light hearted romance with just the right amount of zing,.or should that be HOTNESS? This book revolves around two main characters, Cassie and Dante, but there are characters in this book that we have met before as this is book 4 of the Wrong series.

Dante is tall and devilishly handsome and a very talented photographer. Photography is his life and passion and he is extremely good at it. What starts out as just a normal day turns into something else entirely.

Cassie is a Kindergarten teacher who loves her job and surrounds herself with her friends. One of them being her best friend Luca and as luck would have it, is dante’s brother.

When Cassie and Dante first meet, it’s not love at first sight its the crunching of metal. In other words, her car and his cab ride.A disaster that was just waiting to happen. He said, she said, who was to blame? The cab driver or her. No one was giving an inch, both being as stubborn as mules.

Their first meeting was obviously memorable as neither one could stop thinking about the other. This was the beginning of their love story. Their courtship was pretty straight forward but the insecurities Cassie felt due to the nature of dante’s work was evident in the story line. Photographing beautiful women. Would the love of a good man put those insecurities to bed, or would this be the shortest romance in history?

Reading this light hearted romance and getting to know and like the characters in this book you desperately wanted this couple to get their happy ending. Would they? New challenges arise which makes them both question where this new development will take them. As we all know, true love never runs smoothly.

I take my hat off to both authors and must say how well they both compliment each other in their joint writings. As with the previous books leading up to this one, the story flowed continuously and was perfectly balanced. I were constantly wondering what was coming next, in and out of the bedroom. Ha ha! You both had me craving a Mr Kinky of my own! Congratulations ladies on a well deserved 5 stars.I look forward to reading more of your work.



If she wanted to play, I’d play. The tiny black fabric perfectly highlighted the curves of her ass as she ran ahead of me. When she craned her head back to see how far behind I was, her tits looked as though they were ready to escape the scraps shielding them.Her laughter sounded like a melody as she made it to the deck stairs. It would have been easy to catch her, but seeing Cassie carefree and playful was worth her thinking she’d bested me.When we were both standing next to the pool, breathing heavy, her a little more winded than me, she snapped my picture. “How does it feel?” she said with friskiness before bringing my camera to her face again for another shot.

Glancing down, I spotted her book. There was no way she could grab it before me, unless she dropped my camera, which I knew, or hoped, she wouldn’t do.

Cassie’s eyes narrowed as I opened the page just before her bookmark. “Ahem.” My eyes scanned the words, and I couldn’t help but grin. Was this the stuff she was into? Who knew?
“Here,” she said with a nervous voice, and extended my camera toward me. “Take it and give me my book.”

“No way, this is too good.” Cassie’s glare turned into a wide-eyed look of horror. “Ethan pushed my body over the edge of his expansive desk, forcing papers to fly to the floor. Heat pooled between my legs, wetness coated my panties as my boss shoved my skirt up to my waist. With gentle force, he grabbed my wrists in his hand before the cool metal of cuffs bound my arms together.” I glanced up, and Cassie’s face was beet red, but I continued. “The thought of getting caught by another employee should have scared me, but instead, it thrilled me. I knew of Ethan’s history, his love of BDSM, and if that’s the way he wanted me, then that’s what I would give him. His deep voice rumbled, ‘I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked. Spread your legs and show me how wet you are… ’” I arched a brow and looked at Cassie. “Wow, Ethan’s a kinky fucker.”

She reached forward, offering me my camera. “Can I please have my book back?”
“Will you let me take a picture of you?”

She let out a resigned sigh. “Okay, if you stop reading.”


Once we made the swap, my camera for her romance novel, she crossed her arms in front of her chest while still hanging on to her book. “How do you want me?”

“That’s a loaded question, but for now set the book down and lie on the chaise.”



Meet the Authors

A.M. Madden:

A.M. Madden is a USA Today bestselling published author with Loveswept/Random House as well as Ever After Romance.

A.M. is a wife, a mother, an avid reader of romance novels, and now an author.

“It’s all about the HEA.”

A.M. Madden is the author of the popular Back-Up Series, as well as several other contemporary romances. She is also a published author with Loveswept/Random House.

Her debut novel was Back-up, the first in The Back-Up Series. In Back-Up, A.M.’s main character Jack Lair caused readers to swoon. They call themselves #LairLovers, and have been faithful supporters to Jack, as well to the rest of his band, Devil’s Lair.

A.M. truly believes that true love knows no bounds. In her books, she aspires to create fun, sexy, realistic romances that will stay with you after the last page has been turned. She strives to create characters that the reader can relate to and feel as if they know personally.

A self-proclaimed hopeless romantic, she loves getting lost in a good book. She also uses every free moment of her time writing, while spending quality time with her three handsome men. A.M. is a Gemini and an Italian Jersey girl, but despite her Zodiac sign, nationality, or home state, she is very easy going.

She loves the beach, loves to laugh, and loves the idea of love.

Connect with A.M. Madden:

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Joanne Schwehm:

Joanne is a mother and wife and loves spending time with her family. She’s an avid sports watcher and enjoys the occasional round of golf.

Joanne loves to write and read romance. She believes everyone should have romance in their lives and hopes her books bring joy and happiness to readers who enjoy modern day fairy tales and breathless moments.

She is an independent romance author and has written several contemporary romance novels, including The Prescott Series, Ryker, A Heart’s Forgiveness, The Critic and The Chance series.

Joanne looks forward to sharing more love stories in her future novels.

Connect with Joanne:

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