EXPLICIT by Ava Harrison is LIVE early!

Title: Explicit
Author: Ava Harrison
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 8, 2018
Release Day Special $2.99


Pierce Lancaster is bad news. 
Sexy as —
He’s exactly what I don’t want in my life. What I don’t need. 
I’m not the girl he knew before. 
I’ve changed. 
But he hasn’t.
He’s trouble filled with empty promises.
I’ve come too far to fall back.
Yet I can’t seem to stay away. 
I can’t say no. 
I am addicted to Pierce Lancaster.







Reviewed by Emma Louise on behalf of KFF

Explicit, and what an apropos title this author used. The title couldn’t have been better chosen. Each title that is released by this author holds eye-catching titles. Titles that make little sense until you’re well into the latest release and then it dawns on you that the titles aren’t just randomly picked, they’re chosen for a jolly good reason. I applaud the author for that alone.

Moving onto the story at hand…Though a standalone, Explicit is a story about two people, (who will be familiar) re-familiarizing themselves with each other after living their lives full bore, making mistakes and trying to relearn how to live their lives in the aftermaths of said mistakes.

Lindsay and Pierce have been friendly acquaintances for years, both living in the same type of lives and circle of friends. One encounter leads them down a bendy and rough road, full of ups and downs.

‘Tomorrow I’ll win her over.
Tomorrow I’ll do what I need to do.’
Trust, such a simple thing for most people; but for Lindsay and Pierce is an almost impossible concept.
‘She’s everything I can’t have. She’s all the rights I’ll never have. She deserves better, but I can’t find it in me to care and just stop.’

For me, Explicit was a book about the human psyche and how our own perceptions of events can flip our entire world upside down. Treating family like they are nothing because that’s what you believe they see and being so self-destructive you make recklessly stupid decisions to try and get their attention. On more than one occasion in this book, I found myself breathless with anticipation, and that had nothing to do with the hawt smex scenes; true to form, Ava Harrison kept me fanning myself and drinking iced water. There was danger in Explicit that wasn’t of the characters making and an even harder to read a scene that left me with ice running through my veins.

In keeping with all her previous releases, Explicit largely revolves around family. The family we are born into and those we choose to be part of it. Eventual acceptance of unconditional love and so many sweet moments I was half tempted to dive into the book and steal Pierce for myself.

‘She calms me, she gives me peace, and I want to bask in the feeling and never leave.’

This author has the greatest gift and I cannot put into words how thankful I am to her for. She makes it possible to feel sympathy, love and admiration for a character you believed was irredeemable.

‘These thoughts running through me are bad.
Really, really bad.
And yet, no matter how bad I know it is, no matter how hazardous it is to my heart, I’m not sure I want it to stop.’

Proving not just to me, but every other reader that gives this book a go that Ava Harrison is a magician with spinning the tale so hard to swallow, yet so darn difficult to put down and forget about. Congratulations Ms. Harrison, you’ve done it again!



“Hey, I never got a taste,” Pierce exclaims.

“Oops.” I smile innocently. “There’s none left. Maybe next time.”

Before I know it, he’s leaning into me. Into my personal space, he’s so close I’m dizzy. Our gazes are locked. My breath comes out ragged and harsh from being this close to him. What is he doing?

He answers my unspoken question by taking my hand in his. My heart hammers heavily in my chest as it lifts. The feel of his fingers on me is hot and heady, the memories that are imprinted on my mind resurfacing to the forefront of my brain. I remember everything. 

We stare at each other.

Neither speaking.

The seconds pass, but it feels like everything is on pause as I wait to see what he will do. The boys talking in the background is a steady buzz against the pounding in my chest.

He lifts. 




His tongue juts out, and he swipes the tip of my finger where the cream from the filling has collected. Before I can think, he places it in his mouth and eats the rest.

“Ewwwww,” rings out through the room. The sound of the boys gagging pulls me out of my haze.

“What are you doing?”

“Having dessert.” He winks. His emerald green eyes twinkling with mischief.

He’s too close. Too damn close. I remember what his lips feel like against my skin. Decadent. Like the first bite of a macaron. 


I need to get away.



Ava Harrison is a USA Today and Amazon bestselling author. 
When she’s not journaling her life, you can find her window shopping, cooking dinner for her family, or curled up on her couch reading a book. 


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