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When I said I would kill for her, I meant it. When I said I would die for her, I meant that, too.

But protection comes with a price and so does my life.

I can’t hold her.

I can’t speak to her.

I can’t even see her.

The most important piece of my life is gone.

I had everything.

I had Winnie.

And just like that, my unconditional love vanished.

Picking up the pieces is impossible.

There’s no easy way to fall out of love.

But that’s exactly what I have to do.

The Edge of Heaven is the emotional conclusion to Wrong Side of Heaven.

One jilted love story.

Four converging paths.

A brand new forever.



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★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Reviewed by Anna on behalf of KFF

This is the follow up book and carries on after Wrong Side of Heaven (book 1) that ended in a cliffhanger. If you haven’t read book one, I strongly recommend that you read it first.

Caught between Trey and Jasper, Winnie’s heart is confused. For someone so young, she has gone through so much pain and isolation. Making her presence inconspicuous from her peers to avoid emotional connection, everything she does is calculated, but at the same time is hasty and careless when it comes to Trey. You sometimes forget that she is only seventeen so she’s bound to make mistakes because of her emotional baggage and deep seated insecurities. “Because, sometimes, we had to get knocked down lower than we’d ever been in order to appreciate the possibility of more. I had another chance to pick and choose which piece of myself to bring along with me, and then I’d leave the rest behind.”

Who will she choose in the end? Will it be Trey, a much older guy who was also her late dad’s best friend, who has been there to protect her since day one but keeps his distance because of his dubious connections with the underworld? Or will she choose Jasper, the guy she met these last few months but gradually gained her trust, became her best friend and saved her from spiralling down? Both men love her deeply, unconditionally. Then you have Alex/Dray the guy she connects with at the Sunshine Place for troubled teens.

This is a very well written follow up book of a duet with a tight and fast paced plot. It’s fascinating to watch Winnie’s growth:  from her psychological issues, the effect of the abuse she experienced from Tess, the trauma she underwent at the ending of book 1 and finally realised that the one person she least expected to stand by her is the one that gives her a chance for a brighter future and healing. “If I’ve learned anything on this crazy journey called life, it’s that heaven isn’t a destination. It’s a feeling of contentment that sets your soul free”. This book made me sad because of what Winnie went through, mad because of how she coped with pain and glad she has strength of character to deal with the tragic circumstances in her young life. This book has one of the best endings for a love triangle in my opinion.  Highly recommended!


KFF’s review of Wrong Side of Heaven and purchase links HERE


About Gia Riley

Author Gia Riley has been in love with writing romance since high school when she took her very first creative writing class. From the small but mighty state of Delaware, she’s a country girl at heart, traveling back to her roots in Pennsylvania as often as she can.

While New Adult and Contemporary romance have been her passion, she’s dabbled with more erotic plotlines lately, enjoying discovering the sexier side of love with each story she pens. After all, she’s a lover of all things romance – a firm believer that everyone deserves their

happily ever after no matter what it takes to get there.

When she’s not writing, you can find her roaming the aisles of Kirkland’s, up to her elbows in Play-doh, or trying to hunt down spoilers for her favorite reality television show.

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