Title: Sordid

Author: Ava Harrison

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: February 16, 2018 






It was his lips.

The way his stare sent shivers down my spine.

The way his rough voice whispered my name.

So I caved.

I did what I knew I shouldn’t.

But as quickly as he’s there, he’s gone.

Leaving me confused. 


I hope I’ll never see him again…

Then I do. 

He’s my new boss. 

And he has secrets.

*Sordid is a COMPLETE standalone novel.



4.5 Stars ~ Reviewed by Emma-Louis on behalf of KFF

Sordid is a standalone in the same world as Illicit and Clandestine. Grant Lancaster, yes that Grant Lancaster, the one who outs the older brother of Spencer from Clandestine. One huge question was never answered in Clandestine. Why was Grant usurped by Spencer in running the Lancaster empire? And oh brother, did we get the answer to this in Sordid. The answer was more than I, a simple reviewer, could ever have imagined. Every single bleak instance in this book was because of good people who chose to do the wrong thing for the right reasons. I couldn’t even hate them for it, in their shoes I’d have probably made the exact same choices.

The only true issue I had with this tale was the apparent ‘villains’, though I loved to see them get their just desserts; to me they could have been a little more toned down. They were just slightly closer to over the top for me. The story between Grant and Bridget is littered with landmines and almost insurmountable hurdles. Much is on the line for both of them at times their love almost seemed destined for heartache and pain.

‘…screaming silently into his mouth all the words I cannot say with my lips.

    All the I love yous I’ll never say.

…..Whispering my name against my lips like a benediction.

    As if I’ll save him.

    As if I could.’

For Bridget, in the pages of this tale she discovers her inner strength and self belief. Her chance encounter with Grant brings a storm front she didn’t expect or see coming. Their attraction is almost instantaneous, they’re drawn together like magnets on a professor’s table.

‘Her strong will calls to me, and I’m losing the battle with myself every day. I know I need to keep my walls up, not let her sway my resolve, but I can’t.’

Bridget believes she lives in the shadow of her family and if she can make something of herself, she’ll have the ability to stand with her head held high and proud. The love of her parents is limitless and unconditional. They love her dearly and are hugely protective of her. Unlike some tales, her parents aren’t perfect, their mistakes are on show for the world to see. This doesn’t lesson them, quite the opposite in fact; mistakes make them more real. Familial bonds are key in this story. Even when family has been estranged, they come together in spite of distance and time between them.

I adore the titles that this author chooses. One word titles are my favourites. It’s short and to the point and with this author, it’s always a small peak into what the books theme encompasses. Unlike plenty of apparent ‘standalones’ out there today, this author truly does know how to spin and create a tale that is great to read alongside the other publications, but also truly can be enjoyed without them.





Ava Harrison is a USA Today and Amazon bestselling author. 

When she’s not journaling her life, you can find her window shopping, cooking dinner for her family, or curled up on her couch reading a book. 





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