Newest collection of books in the Drazen World, a Kindle Worlds exclusive is AVAILABLE TODAY!

New York Time Bestselling Romance Author CD Reiss introduces the newest collection of books in the Drazen World, a Kindle Worlds exclusive, by some very talented writers—AVAILABLE TODAY!

From an alternate timeline starring Monica as a 19th century Parisian laundress seduced by Moulin Rouge owner Jonathan, to a story about an art thief out to nab a Drazen painting via seduction, each of these little bites are available to read for free in Kindle Unlimited.

Don’t worry: if you don’t have a Kindle Unlimited membership, each book is only $1.99 — and each one is so, so tasty.

Broken by Bree Dahlia

I’m broken.

Beaten. Desensitized. Subhuman…

This is my nightmare, and I’ll decide when I want to wake up.

Deacon Bruce claims he can help me, and it’ll only take one night. He offers to use my pain to heal my pain.

Break me to fix me. It will be his pleasure. My textbooks have a name for people like him.

But who am I to judge? He wants to hurt me. And I’m going to let him.

Read Broken on Kindle
Unraveled by Delaney Foster

Independent. Focused. Driven.

As a doctor doing charity work in the heart of South Africa, Grace Matthews is determined to make a difference.

Confident. Powerful. Intense.

Deacon Bruce is a force of nature. Because he has to be. As a lead photojournalist, it’s how he keeps his men alive.

A wounded man. A compassionate doctor. And a chance meeting that makes their two worlds collide.

Read Unraveled on Kindle
Girl in Bath by CC Heywood

She would have Paris at her feet. 
He would have her at his.

Paris, 1889: in Montmartre, new investors have promised the most glittering stage Paris has ever seen. Only steps away, Monica Fauconnier, a twenty-four-year-old laundress, is determined to change her drab life.

When she meets Jonathan Derassen, an alluring owner of the Moulin Rouge, he can make her a star. But, in a world where stars are courtesans, he’d rather make her his…

Read Girl in Bath on Kindle
Heart by JM Kelley

Brad Thorensen left the small town in Texas he grew up in fourteen years ago, leaving behind the only girl he’s ever loved. Now he’s a rock-star cardiologist in the heart of LA with everything a man could ever want.

Small town girl Sarah Thorensen could never forget him. She always knew she married the wrong brother, but she built a simple life for her and her daughter, despite her broken heart.

Then tragedy forces Sarah to reveal her deepest secret…

Read Heart on Kindle
Another Lost Angel by Kayti McGee

Everyone wants something.

And everything has a price.

Mine is high, but I always get you what you want.

My newest job is stealing a painting from Jonathan Drazen.

It should have been so easy.

All I have to do is seduce his art dealer, Hank Jaydee.

But he wants something too. Me.

Read Another Lost Angel on Kindle
Fall by K Nilsson

Carrie was on a journey of self-discovery and healing
When one day, a predator returned from her past,
Someone she didn’t remember
Someone who stole her childhood
And replaced her memories with nightmares.
Someone who took her as a pawn for revenge
He lured her like a lamb to slaughter
To pay for the sins of another.
Torture and pain was the currency,
He planned for retribution
Her only salvation was a heartbeat away.

Read Fall on Kindle
The Awakening by Milana Raziel

Ireland 1967.
So sheltered. Innocent.
Men waged war over the likes of her. The kind of woman a man would blacken his soul for.
I should know.
I did.
He was worldly. Forbidden.
He burned brighter than the sun but lived in the shadows.
The kind of man who could tempt a woman to ruin…
Experience Declan and Eileen Drazen in a whole new light.

Read The Awakening on Kindle

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