Title: We Were One (Looking Glass alternate POV)

Author: Elizabeth Reyes

Genre: NA/Romance suspense/Romantic thriller

Release Date: January 29, 2018



The mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death.
~Oscar Wilde~
Adoration is not profound enough a word to express the depth of my love for her. From the moment she walked into my life and set my heart and soul on fire, not a day’s gone by that she hasn’t plagued my every thought.

We were each other’s completion. She was everything I wasn’t–the sigh to my roar, the virtue to my sin, the cure to my wounds.

We Were One.

Until the unthinkable happened.

That I’ve survived such a tragedy without having completely lost it, is a mystery in itself. But as my mind starts to blur the lines between reality and my delusional heart, I begin to question everything, including my sanity.

And then the real mystery begins . . .

Looking Glass #2
Nico’s story




As I usually did when I first arrived at the lake, I parked and lit up a smoke so I could stake the place out by myself for a little while first. I’d heard about and seen enough of the twins now to know they were getting popular with the boys. Not in a bad way, but from what Nolan told me, even the quieter seemingly shyer one of the two had just as many admirers as the more outgoing one. But I’d yet to, nor did I plan to, socialize with either—ever.

 “Did it hurt?”

 I should’ve known right then those deep blue eyes that close, coupled with that sweet voice, would be the end of me. It was one of the twins—but unlike most of the folk in town, I knew exactly which one—stood before me, staring at my arm curiously.

 Trying not to get too sucked into her intoxicatingly playful eyes, I looked away from them as our eyes met and I glanced down at what she was staring at instead. I couldn’t help smirking. She was asking about my latest tattoo.

 “A little,” I said, not making too much of it, then glanced back at her. Smiling at those curious eyes just couldn’t be helped, so I did as I continued to indulge. “But it’s the best kind of pain there is. The kind that hurts so good.”

 I knew flirting with her was a risk, but I could see the way she was looking at me—the way most girls did when I took them in so unabashedly, making no secret of my dirty thoughts.

 She was younger than most girls I normally hung out with. I figured a few more risqué comments from me might have her red as a beet and walking away as she should.

 “That thing between your legs,” she said, making me stop mid-drag of my cigarette, and my brows jumped at attention. “It just keeps getting bigger.”

 Coughing what little smoke I’d inhaled, I proceeded to make an ass of myself nearly choking then laughing until I was finally able to speak. “What?”



elizabeth reyes

Award winning and USA Today Bestselling Author, Elizabeth Reyes continues to answer to her calling on a daily basis. Since releasing her debut novel Forever Mine (Moreno Brothers #1) in 2010 she has now published 27 titles and is fast at work on the next. The excitement her books have garnered has far exceeded her wildest dreams. It is with as much excitement that she’ll continue to put out books related to her established series as well as introduce brand new ones very soon.




We Were One is the second in the Looking Glass series. It’s an alternate POV to the first in the story.

Girl In The Mirror


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But you’re getting a whole new story in Nico’s prospective. Elizabeth made sure she gave her readers a whole new look at Maddie and Nico.



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RELEASE DAY ~ UNDEFEATED by Stuart Reardon & Jane Harvey-Berrick



Stuart Reardon & Jane Harvey-Berrick’s all-new contemporary romance is LIVE!





AP new - synopsis.jpg


A powerful contemporary romance set in the fast-moving world of international rugby.

When your world crashes down
When they all say you’re out
When your body is broken
I will rise.
I will return.
And I will be undefeated.

Nick Renshaw is the golden boy of British rugby. When a serious injury threatens his career, he starts to spiral downwards, a broken man.
Feeling abandoned and betrayed by those closest to him, he fights to restart his life. Maybe there’s someone out there who can help him. Maybe he can find his way back toward the light. Maybe … not.
Dr. Anna Scott might be the one person who can help Nick, but she has her own secrets. And when Nick’s past comes back to haunt them both, the enigmatic doctor is more vulnerable than she seems.
Broken and betrayed, the struggle to survive seems intolerable. Who will give in, and who will rise, undefeated?


4.5 Stars ~ Reviewed by Anna Green on behalf of KFF

I was quite impressed by this contemporary sports romance written by two authors, their first collaboration. I have read a fair enough share of sports romance but this is a cut above the rest mainly because even though written in third person which isn’t my favourite style, it is narrated in a way that gives the reader a lot of information about rugby but not to the point where it puts me to sleep or make my eyes glaze over.

Dr. Anna Scott, an American sports psychologist just moved to the UK to escape a scandal and make a fresh start. Her previous relationship was a disaster. She just opened her new business and can’t afford to make a failure of herself. A driven and strong independent woman who needs to validate herself to her parents, she’s carrying a lot of baggage and getting involved with one of her patients doesn’t seem like the best way to do it. Is she willing to sacrifice love over career?

Nick Renshaw, who has rugby running through his veins ever since he was a young boy, is the star of the rugby league and on the verge of realizing his dream when recruited to one of the top premier leagues in rugby. But when things seem too perfect, everything falls apart including his relationship with his fiancée. Scandal on top of another scandal plagued his career and personal life. Will he be able to rise above this trials and tribulations?

This is a well written tale of two people who underwent a lot of highs and lows, success and failure, sadness and joy, both with each other and when they were involved with other people. I feel for Anna and Nick’s pain when their secret relationship imploded. When you think everything is finally smooth sailing, another test to their relationship comes along. However, these two are resilient and strong, they are a formidable pair.

“When your world crashes down… When they all say you’re out…When your mind is broken… I will rise…I will return… And I will be undefeated.”

I love the authors’ style of writing. It is fast paced and it gripped me right from the first page I just couldn’t put it down.  I felt like I was there in the stadium during the World Cup final. I felt the passion, the adrenaline, the anxiety and the euphoria it was almost like watching a movie in my mind. It is this style of writing: the technical details of the sport, that special feeling of sharing the experience that sets this book apart from the rest of the stories I’ve read of the same genre. I have never been a big sports fan, although when push comes to shove I’d rather watch a rugby match than a football match. I am totally gob-smacked that not once did I skim through some pages of this book, I savoured all the words and thoroughly enjoyed all pages of this story! 




AP new -about the author.jpg


Stuart Reardon


Stuart is a retired England International Rugby League player who’s career spanned 16 years as a professional playing for several top League clubs.  He has had several major injuries that nearly ended his career just as in Undefeated, the amazing collaboration with Jane.
Currently he is a Personal trainer living in Cheshire, and has an online fitness program: Fear Nothing Fitness.



Jane Harvey-Berrick


I enjoy watching surfers at my local beach, and weaving stories of romance in the modern world, with all its trials and tribulations.
It’s been the best fun working with Stu on this story. And yes, he did think about joining the Marines once.