Are you ready for a forbidden romance between a Bratva hitman and a Mafia princess?

Melissa Silvey brings us her first book in the Bratva and Mafia Chronicles, WAR!

Release Date: 21st November

Series: Bratva and Mafia Chronicles Book One

Genre: Erotic Romance

Subgenre: Crime

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What happens when the assassin for the bratva in Brooklyn falls for the fiancee of the next in line to the area’s mob boss?


Mikhail Ivanovich is the youngest of the Ivanovich clan, and the family screw up. But he does one thing very well. He’s a killer, but not by choice. He plays the role his family created for him.

Mikhail Ivanovich is the youngest of the Ivanovich clan, and the family screw up. But he does one thing very well. He’s a killer, but not by choice. He plays the role his family created for him.

Chiara Rossi ran away to live outside the Family, but she’s pulled back in by her feelings of responsibility to her loved ones. When her father tells her who she will marry, she’s reminded of why she wanted to run in the first place.

The stakes are even higher when they discover their families’ true motives, and realize they are pawns in a much bigger game than they imagined.

Can these two find some way to be together? Who can they turn to for help, when their lovers are the enemies of their families?

This book is intended for an adult audience, 18+ due to language and sexual situations. This novel is intended for MATURE audiences 18 and over. Sexually explicit scenes and strong language are included.

★ ★ ★ ★

Reviewed by Tracey Lou on behalf of KFF

This was a new author for me, but the blurb for this book had caught my attention. Bratva and Mafia being one of my favourite genres, I couldn’t wait to delve in.

Chiara Rossi is the daughter of a Mafia boss. Beautiful and delicate with a wilful mind. Returning home from college was something she didn’t want to do, but family responsibilities had taken its toll on her family and she was asked to help. Not only to help her family, but also accept the marriage that had been arranged for her to a Mafia member who she didn’t love.

Mikhail Ivanovich, otherwise known as Misha, is tall, handsome and cocky and a member of the Russian Bratva as are his entire family. Misha came with quite a reputation as an assassin. Everyone knew his name and were scared of it; however, no-one knew what he looked like and that was the way he liked it. 

Misha’s given the job of keeping an eye on Chiara from a safe distance. Unfortunately, after taking one look at her and being instantly attracted, keeping a safe distance was not an option he was willing to take.

The chemistry between these two was instantaneous, but there was so much standing in their way. Chiara was torn between Misha and her family, especially the vulnerable members of whom needed her help and protection. Being forced into this arranged marriage was not something she wanted, and neither did Misha.

Now was the time to take action and find a way for them both to be together. It was not going to be easy but they were determined. Will Chiara and Misha get their happy ever after or will their lives be ruined by their families and responsibilities? It’s well-worth reading this book to find out and I highly recommend that you do.

I really enjoyed this book. The storyline was well-thought-out and the characters lovable. I will definitely be reading this author again and look forward to reading Dimitri’s story.

Here’s just a tease of what’s inside!

As badly as she says she wants to leave, she’s not making any moves to do so.

I step toward her, and brush my fingers through the strands of hair escaping her bun.  My fingertips stroke her neck right under her ear, and she shivers so hard I see her shoulders shake.

“Say you want me baby, and we can go upstairs right now.”

“I…”  She turns toward me, and her eyes are full of lust as she stares at my lips.  Whatever she was going to say is lost as she bites her bottom lip.  My cock twitches and grows, just at the sight of her.  I lean down to kiss her, and she steps away.  “It’s time for me to go.  Thank you for last night.”

She moves to walk away from me.  She’s going to leave me.  She thinks it’s the last time we’ll see each other, and she doesn’t even kiss me.  Why?  Doesn’t she know how I feel about her?  Doesn’t she care?

I grab her shoulders, and hold on to her as I kiss her.  I don’t let her get away.  Her mouth is hard, unyielding.  I pull her closer into my body so she can feel just how much I want her.  Her lips soften and finally part.  I need to taste her.

I need her.  Doesn’t she know?

No, she probably doesn’t, I realize.  She’s only known me for one night.  She doesn’t understand that I’ve wanted her for months.  I want her to know that I desire her, only her.  I want to build my world around her, not bring her into mine.  I want to have the normal life that neither of us were born into, and I want to share it all with her.

Meet Melissa

Melissa Silvey

Like one of her characters, Melissa doesn’t reveal much about herself at first glance. She’s shy and reserved, she’s socially awkward, and she constantly says the wrong thing at the wrong time. But if you take the time to get to know her, you’ll see she knows how to have fun! Give her a few drinks, and she’ll have you laughing and dancing in no time. In her mind, she’s the greatest dj ever, and she especially loves upbeat 80’s music. She started writing short stories and poems in elementary school, basically as soon as she picked up a pencil. When she’s not writing, and studying (the end IS near!) she enjoys watching football, hockey, and she really loves live music (live, not recorded), and she will sing off key constantly (as long as no one else is around). She’s also a huge moviephile, preferring big budget action movies. Also, she has several television shows she MUST watch, and if you interfere with her shows she will get angry! Get to know Melissa Silvey, and her characters. You might just find an awesome new friend! Contact her at or on facebook at She hopes you enjoy her books and if you do, don’t hesitate to let her know! She’d appreciate any and all feedback!

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