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Title: Deviate

Author: Marley Valentine

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: October 12, 2017

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Hard. Painful. Tragic.
This is what my life has become – purgatory. Floating in the middle of what could’ve been and what’s never going to happen.
My past dictates my future. Every step forward, guarantees ten steps back. Regret entwined with an addiction to bad decisions, living in the moment and neglecting the consequences has become a way of life.
Ignoring all the warning signs, I didn’t see him coming. He was supposed to be a distraction, a bit of fun amidst all my chaos. But Elliot Ramzy turned out to be all that, andso much more.
*Deviate is a spin off novel and can be read as a complete standalone. The characters in this book are originally featured in Devastate* 


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Five Deviating Stars ~ Reviewed by Donna Elsegood

Wow, this is the second offering from Marley Valentine and again, right from the first page I was drawn in. My heart began to pound knowing that Valentine can shake out every emotion with her written word.

This story is about Courtney or Court as we know her from the previous story, Devastate. And of course, how could I possibly forget the handsome Elliot! Theirs was a very palpable attraction or so I thought, but feelings begin to run deeper than that. Courtney’s built a stone wall around her which she’s masked with her quirky personality and her need to have physical attention from Elliot.

Elliot is honest and hard working with feelings that run deep. He has a tough exterior, but his sensitive side shows through; especially where Courtney is concerned. However, he realises he needs to chip away to get closer than just the physicality of their relationship if he wants more.

Courtney hides a tragic past so well and it is only a matter of time before it starts crumbling around her. She has been so strong and dependable for such a long time, she forgets about her own feelings. Court dives into everyday life and not giving a clue to anyone there is a problem. Her friendship with Evie is still as strong as ever, and to think that she helped Evie come out of her shell is ironic considering she behaves like a closed book. Joking and confidence being her armour.

The story does have humour as well as the hard-hitting element and I loved the interactions with Elliot, Court, Lior and Evie. There are a few other side characters that add a touch of lightness to something so hard hitting. Deviate has everything, heartache and steamy passion to keep the reader entertained.

Valentine draws you in and cuts you deep with Deviate. She certainly makes you sit up and realise there is probably an element of her characters within us if you have suffered personal tragedy. Always so relatable. Especially Courtney’s plight of keeping the secret of her pain in order to be strong for others. This book gives the realisation that it’s ok to feel your own pain and share your grief and that you’re never alone.

I enjoyed this book from the first page right until the last. It had my heart beating with the overwhelming anticipation of Courtney and Elliott getting to where they needed to be. I was rooting for them all the way. There’s also a very enjoyable playlist to accompany Deviate which I can’t stop listening to over again. It makes me think about the book to the point I know I’ll have to do a reread. Marley Valentine is certainly a talented storyteller and I look forward to future works. I’m hoping Valentine will revisit these characters as I would love to know how life is for them after the rollercoaster surrounding their tragedies are concerned. I’m sure it will show that even in their adversities of life, time with the right kind of support can help them move forward, not just get over anything…simply learn to breathe.

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Author Bio


Marley Valentine comes from the future. Living in Sydney, Australia with her family, when she’s not busy writing her own stories, she spends most of her time immersed in the words of her favourite authors.
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