RELEASE BLITZ                                             REVEALED by AMELIA J HUNTER

Title: Revealed

Uncovered Series #2

Amelia J Hunter

Contemporary Romance

Release Date: 17th October 2017


Samuel Delaney thought he had uncovered everything from his past until the builders arrived to renovate the cottage left to him.

Exposed behind the old crumbling plaster, the slot between the stone used to construct the fireplace had a piece of faded pink cloth, torn and bloodstained.

Too small for an adult, perfect for a baby. 

More hidden secrets are to be revealed.

More lives will be changed forever.

A continuation of HIDDEN, and Samuel Delaney’s battle for closure.

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Author Bio

Amelia J Hunter is an indie writer who likes to take her reader on a journey through her contemporary novels. Her characters feel real, their story always a shade of grey, their lives never perfect and yet, easy to fall in love with.

Leaving the bright lights of London behind in the early 90’s, she now lives in the Irish countryside with her family, a good coffee maker and plenty of talk.

Amelia is a sociable writer who loves to hear from readers; writers and anyone that makes her smile and enjoys her ramblings.

Amelia has a blog with updates on book releases and events. The blog can be found at

To read is to dream

To read erotic is to fantasise

To read romance is to breathe life into your heart

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