Title: Taylor

Author: KA Sands

Series: The Razer Series #0.5

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date: 29th September, 2017

Cover Design: KA Sands



After eight long years of running, Taylor Hamilton has had enough of looking over her shoulder.

Tired and emotionally spent, she comes face to face with her past. Walking away had never been her intention. But how can she come back to the man whose heart she broke, right along with her own?

Can Taylor find the home she so desperately craves, without putting those around her at risk?

Can she come home again to the man who promised her forever?



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KFF’s 5 ★ Review

Sharp and stylish. That is exactly how I would describe Sand’s writing. And to say I was impressed with her short debut story which whetted my appetite for more, would be putting it mildly. Before talking about the book, I really have to mention the gorgeous cover of Taylor. Everything about it is perfect. Not only are the hues kind on the eye, but it also inspires freedom. So once the book was opened, I soon realised that this is exactly what Taylor’s tale is about. Freedom from what you may ask! That is for you to discover.  

This reader was drawn into the life of the Taylor in such a way that my only thought was for her wellbeing, her peace of mind. Others close to home are involved and her compassion towards them has no boundaries. Past happenings are complicated and in all its seriousness, kept me stuck to the pages. Hers is not a lovey-dovey story, it didn’t bring out an oohing-aahing effect in me, either. Its blunt narrative made me think and that is exactly what I like. I don’t want to have the plot served to me on a silver plate. I want questions to be answered, I want the element of suspense to surprise me. Whether or not, in all its glorious and titillating circumstance, the author is going to be able to carry out what she’s put in motion, remains to be seen but I really can’t wait for her next offering.  

My inclination to talk about the secondary characters who are crucial to the foundation of what I can imagine is to come, might be letting on without reason. I might even be way off since I have no idea how the story will pan out. That being said, Ryder took me by storm! Personified gorgeousness aren’t even the right words to portray the kind of person he is! I want more of him. Will the author pretty please me?

Taylor’s father. I’d sign up on the bottom line to have one like him. Her sister with pin in hand forms a beginning that one can only imagine, has an end. Then again, the whys and wherefores remain to be divulged. One small observation. I would have like more banter but in my opinion, the pros outweigh the cons since I have no idea how Taylor’s story will develop. What I can say is this: ‘Keep up the good work you’ve done thus far Sands. Bravo!’


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“Stop!” I cried, grabbing my sister’s arm and dragging her to the living room. I pushed her in front of the fireplace, pointing at the map spread across the wall, “we do it this way, always,” I reminded her.

Laura tried to twist away from me, I held my grip on her wrist firmer as she shook her head at me. “I don’t care where, Taylor, I need away from here,” she griped irately, “I want to be on my own, be me. Don’t you get it?” I blinked at her, finally processing what she was saying to me.

I pushed her closer to the map. “Pick your pin.” We stood shoulder to shoulder yet couldn’t have been further apart, she didn’t move an inch. “Pick your fucking pin,” I spat out. With shaking fingers, she plucked the pink pin from the corner of the map. Pink was my colour. I took my hand from her wrist and entwined my fingers with hers as I picked the blue pin. “Together,” I breathed. Laura gulped and nodded at the same time, squeezing my fingers. “One, two, three…” I closed my eyes, having faith she would too, then pushed my pin into the wall. It was tradition, always the way we decided our next hiding place. Some had been pleasant, most not. She was right; it was time to leave and I trusted Laura’s pin to take us home. I forced down the hurt I experienced at having to cut those proverbial apron strings. Dubious as I was, Laura needed this and I couldn’t take it from her, she’d lost so much already. It was time to live again, time for us to take our lives back.

I let go of her hand, opening my eyes to see immediately my pin was a lost cause. An expanse of nothing surrounded it, the blue pin floated in the middle of nowhere, a little like us for the last eight years. I scanned for Laura’s pin and found it on top of a town. I looked at her, smiling, but she was staring at the floor, not an ounce of emotion coming from her.

Author Bio

K A Sands is an exciting new author who has a passion for reading and more often than not, can be found with her nose stuck in a book. She loves angsty, dark reads but is not averse to the fun, light hearted side either. Typically, a romance reader, of most genres/sub genres, she loves reading a debut herself. Her passion for the written words goes back to her childhood and she has always dreamed of writing and telling the world her stories.

Not quite a stay at home mum, K A Sands has a busy life which she shares with her husband of twenty-two years and her little monkey boy. Her adult children have flown the coop already, but still manage to come home for ‘mama’s lasagne.’

Avid eater of mayonnaise and chips, anti-get-fitter, lover of cheesy music and a fierce advocate of things close to her heart. She enjoys doing photoshop manipulations and would love to be a whiz using it… maybe one day. She has a bucket list as long as her arm, which includes sky diving and visiting Cambodia. And wants to travel the world.

Great believer in second chances, insta-love (because her love is a product of that), fairy tales and monsters… K A Sands just wants to write all the words for you.

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