RELEASE BLITZ                                          DRUNK ON YOU by HARPER SLOAN



It was supposed to be fun.

A mutual use of each other’s bodies.

To be a ruse to the world around us.

I wanted to be free from my ex, and he wanted to escape his.

One drunken night turned a joke into a life-changing moment.

He warned me not to fall for him, and I should’ve listened.

He intoxicated me.

He made me crave him.

He ruined me.

In the end, I’ll never be the same.



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★ ★ ★ ★

Reviewed by Anna Green on behalf of KFF

I have read previous books by this author including the Corps Security series and Hope Town series. Most of the main characters in Hope Town are the sons and daughters of the Corp Security guys. This book can be read as a standalone but it helps if you have read the author’s previous books from the same series.

There is something about the way Ms. Sloan writes her characters that makes you fall in love with them. Shane and Nikki are no exception. Nikki’s best friend is Ember who is married to Nate co-owner of Dirty Dog. Shane is Nate’s best friend and when Nate decided to open the Dirty Dog bar he asked Shane to be his business partner. I must say the idea of an Ugly Coyote style bar for the women of Hope Town is brilliant and offered a lot of interesting and fun scenes in this book.  Both Nikki and Shane have problems with their exes and after a year of trying to get rid of them they decided to have a pretend relationship to show their stalker exes that they have moved on. And this is where the fun begins.

I love Nikki’s strong character, her wit and chutzpah. She is independent, funny and can kick ass if needed. Shane is one wicked, sexy, hunk of a man but his previous relationships don’t last long because of his business. When these two met they were still involved with previous partners although they secretly were attracted to each other.  When they paired up it was all about lust but soon they realised it’s more than that. When lust turns to love will they finally get their happy ending? Will Shane fully give his trust to Nikki?

What I notice about this author’s style of writing is her way of building strong characters and the sex scenes are always sizzling hot. Reading about the other characters from previous books is like catching up with old friends, the banter made me laugh out loud. Nikki and Shane, Ember and Nate. This book is not only about the first two but their best friends are very much involved in their story it made it so much fun to read. Written in dual points of view, this light-hearted romance will warm your heart and set your knickers on fire.  I can’t wait for Shane’s younger sister, Libby’s story next. Bring it on, Ms. Sloan! 



harper1Harper is a NEW YORK TIMES, WALL STREET JOURNAL and USA TODAY bestselling author residing in Georgia with her husband and three daughters. She has a borderline unhealthy obsession with books, hibachi, tattoos and Game of Thrones. When she isn’t writing you can almost always find her with a book in hand.

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