Title: Drawn to Him



Release Date: 19th September, 2017


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There are some men who make you helpless.

You know the kind.  They steal the breath from your lungs and make your heart beat a little faster with a single look.  You can’t stop staring, but the moment they pin those gorgeous eyes on you, you’re done for.

The kind that’s too hard to resist.

This is a collection of men just like that.

Handsome, confident and all for you.

These are the other authors involved with this collection, M. Never, L.J. Shen, K. Webster, Jade West, Isabella Starling, A. Zavarelli and K.L Kreig.




                                 RELEASE BLITZ                                                  FOR FORESTER by J. NATHAN


Title: For Forester

Author: J. Nathan

Genre: New Adult Sports Romance

Cover Design: Letitia Hasser, RBA Designs

Photograph: Lindee Robinson

Models: Jeff Kline & Becca Schnyders

Release Date: July 19, 2017




I’m Alabama’s star wide receiver. I’ve got mad skills on and
off the field, and it’s no secret I’m heading into the draft after the upcoming
season. But I’m home for the summer to make some cash before my senior year.
Being back under my parents’ roof isn’t the ideal situation, but the moment I
see Marin, the star of my adolescent fantasies, I know it’s about to get
interesting. She may not have noticed me back then, but I’ve got a feeling it’s
just a matter of time before she lets me turn those fantasies into reality.


The last time I saw Trace Forester he was just a kid tearing
up the neighborhood on his skateboard. That was when I was foolish enough to
think I had the perfect husband and the perfect life. But now my life is in
shambles and Trace is back, all grown up, hot as hell, and exuding major
confidence. It would be so easy to fall for his good looks and undeniable
charm. So easy to let him into my life. Too bad I learned the hard way that
nothing worth having ever comes easy.



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“You sleep with him yet?” Gayle asked.
“Oh my god. What is wrong with you?”
“Me? Have you seen the guy?”
Outside, Trace tossed the football gently so CJ had a slight
chance of actually catching it. He didn’t. It bounced off the grass in front of
him, but he ran after it, laughing as he did. “Yes, I’ve seen the teenager in
my backyard.”
“He’s not a teenager.”
“Yes, he is. I looked it up. He’s nineteen.”
There was a pause on her end, like she just realized I was a
sicko who’d actually looked him up. “Who cares? You’re single and he’s hot.
Have you seen him in his uniform? The guy could be a freakin’ underwear model.”
I laughed as I turned from the window and moved into the
living room. “No. At least not in person.” I’d seen pictures on the internet.
“Girl. When are you ever gonna have a hot piece of ass under
your roof again?” Gayle asked.
I scoffed. “You’re acting like he sees me as anything other
than a soon-to-be-divorced woman with a kid who needs a guy around.”
“Marin, you’re beautiful and fun. You deserve to get some
“You do realize you’re encouraging me to jump his bones,
“I never said jump his bones. Just wear something tight.
Bend over and let him see your hot ass. You’d barely have to do anything.”
“You’re insane.” I laughed. “And I could go to jail.”
“Why could you go to jail?” Trace asked from behind me.
I spun around, my eyes bugging out of my head and my heart
drumming in my chest. Trace stood in the doorway smirking at me, like he’d
heard my conversation.
Had he?
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Author Bio


J. Nathan is the author of five new adult and sport romances with cocky heroes and sassy
heroines. When she’s not writing, she’s a total romance junkie! Add an alpha
male who’s unlikable in the beginning…even better. She loves watermelon
margaritas, guys in backward hats, country music-especially Luke Bryan, and
hanging with her family and friends in RI where she lives with her husband and
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                                 RELEASE BLITZ                                                  FIREFLY by MOLLY McADAMS


Title: Firefly

Author: Molly McAdams

Series: A Redemption Novel

Genre: Romantic Suspense


“I’m wrecked, ruined, destroyed, and in awe.” – #1 New York Times bestselling author, Rachel Van Dyken

The next captivating installment in New York Times bestselling author Molly McAdams’s Redemption series.

As the Princess of the Irish-American Mob, there’s no shortage of men ready to help guard and protect me. To slowly suffocate me to the point of seeking freedom—a place where I can breathe.

Kieran Hayes has been saving me for as long as I can remember. It’s in his blood, and one of the many reasons I fell in love with him. Until my favorite trait became his biggest flaw, making me resent the man I love. An unwavering warrior, his love for me has been shrouded by those instincts.

Save Lily. Protect Lily. Hide Lily. Cage Lily.

What I wasn’t prepared for was Dare—the man who would set my world on fire with just one touch. He saw straight through to my soul, as though he knew I was desperate for freedom, and silently demanded my heart from the beginning.

And I didn’t expect Dare to be Demitri Borello—the reason for so many deaths in my family. A man who will take my life the moment he finds out who I am.

Despite it all, I’ll love him until that moment comes.

A fire will die if there is no oxygen for it to consume. Ours is rapidly stealing every last breath we can sacrifice to it.

***The Redemption series is a series of romantic suspense standalones***


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A powerhouse romantic suspense that will have you questioning your morals and second guessing your view on love.

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Signed Paperback


Molly grew up in California but now lives in the oh-so-amazing state of Texas with her husband, daughter, and fur babies. When she’s not diving into the world of her characters, some of her hobbies include hiking, snowboarding, traveling, and long walks on the beach … which roughly translates to being a homebody with her hubby and dishing out movie quotes. She has a weakness for crude-humored movies and fried pickles, and loves curling up in a fluffy comforter during a thunderstorm … or under one in a bathtub if there are tornados. That way she can pretend they aren’t really happening.

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                                 RELEASE BLITZ                                                       CLIPPED by REMY BLAKE

We’re so excited to be able to share Remy Blake’s hot new release with you, Clipped!!!

Genre: Erotic Romance Novella

Cover Design: PopKitty Design

Release Date: July 18, 2017





When I left my hometown, I had no plans to return. New city – new me.

But when a family emergency brings me back home, I’m forced to pack up my life and take the only available job.

Wesley Steele is the owner of Good Wood Tree Removal Inc. and the boss from hell. A typical lumberjack, he’s bearded, arrogant and offensive. He’s everything I despise in a man. I want nothing to do with him or his flannel clad chest.

But, he’s on a mission, intent to change my mind. How far is he willing to go to prove there’s more depth to him than meets the eye?


No automatic alt text available.

CLIPPED is Live! One-click today of only 99c / 99p!


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Reviewed by Donna on behalf of KFF

The dynamic writing duo is known for offering hot taboo reads, and Clipped did not disappoint in the slightest. The story captured me from the very first page making me want to learn more about the protagonists, Avery and Wes. It has a fluidity with an abundance of banter between the two along with off the charts chemistry. Male and female authors make up this partnership and I don’t know how they do it but they’ve managed to pull off another captivating story.

Avery left her home town Piney View eight years previous due to her being teased terribly in high school and wanting to make something of herself; however, a family tragedy brings her back to the town she fought so hard to leave. Avery is sassy, strong and can hold her own when it comes to her arch nemesis Wes Steele. She can give as good as she gets and boy, does she stand up to him.

Wes is a lumberjack whose business is called Good Wood Tree Removal Inc. He is a cocky, arrogant alpha who gets a real kick out of winding Avery up. He always did at school and seeing her for the first time since she left town, he can’t resist getting under her skin calling her the nickname he gave her all those years ago.  

“Why are you being so nice? Should I be worried?”

“I’m always nice. In fact you haven’t even begun to realise how,” nice I can be.”

I instantly warmed to the supporting character, Lucy who is Avery’s sister and happens to be best friends with Wes. Lucy’s son, Jeremiah, completely looks up to Wes. Poor Avery, has no chance of getting away from Wes as he sees her sister and nephew regularly. Much to her annoyance, more so when she sees a sweet side to him with his interaction with Jeremiah.  There is also a tinge of jealousy which made me question if her feelings ran deeper than just having a strong dislike to Wes.

“But you and I, we should definitely be more than just friends. Friends with benefits?”

“Ugh. And we’ve come full circle. A civil conversation did nothing to change how annoying you are.”

“You’ll fall in love with me soon enough.”

“Love? Please, I barely like you.”

With so much going on in this story  it was difficult to put down. I was constantly wanting to know where this frenemies storyline was leading to. Lucy unwittingly pushes Avery into helping Wes at the office as he is snowed under with work and in need of a secretary.

I was constantly either smiling or laughing at the two culminating in a lot of hilarious sequence of events that I won’t give away as you will have to read it to find out. There is no predictability with the flow of the story at all. I must keep touching on the hilarity of Clipped because that was predominant throughout the story and what I loved is we get a lot of story and depth with the characters that doesn’t go straight into sex scenes. The chemistry and build-up made it more about what they are portrayed as people, and how they interact as opposed to just raunchy scenes. Don’t be put off though, some of the steamy scenes are very impressive and engaging. Clipped is a must read which deserves five stars. When a story can make me smile and leave me thinking about it long after finishing, it’s worth it.

About the Authors

Remy Blake is a bestselling male and female author duo, who paired up to have some fun writing steamy, short reads, with insta love/lust and a guaranteed HEA.

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