RELEASE BLITZ                                               PRINCE BROCK by XAVIER NEAL


 Title: Prince Brock

Series: A Prince of Tease Novel #3

Author: Xavier Neal

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: 17th July, 2017





Meet the next Prince of Tease.

Members only.

A simple rule but a valuable one.

The Castle is the most exclusive and illusive male strip club in the country. As dancers we’re treasured like royalty and as clients, you’re treated like it.

I’m the hot tempered, blue eyed beast whose bark is is just as vicious as his bite.

Every man that walks out onto the stage is loved like a prince.

I’m Brock and this is my story.

-This is the THIRD book is a series of STANDALONES-


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3.5 Stars

Reviewed by Anna Green on behalf of KFF

This is my first book by the author. Prince Brock is book 3 of Prince of Tease series but can be read as a standalone.

Now where do I start with this book? At first I wasn’t that keen on the author’s writing style. Written in dual points of view the inner dialogue of each main character that “talks” to the reader was a bit strange at first but I got used to it after a quarter of the way.

Brock is a male strip tease and the star of the show in the Castle an exclusive club owned by French Adams. He was “rescued” by French ten years ago and gave him a job. Even though they are attracted to each other they haven’t really acted on it for fear of complicating their working relationship. I love Brock’s character. He has some issues in the past although that’s not been offered in detail in this book. He’s got a big personality, can be arrogant but also protective of his friends and especially his boss, French.

French Adams was raised by her sociopath mother and only recently reconnected with her rich father. She is a successful businesswoman with dodgy connections but is very loyal to her friends and associates.

I am many things. Cold, callous, and calculated are just the ones that help people maintain their distance. Protective is the one that put my ass in this chair. Loyal is the one that made me stay. And love is the reason I’m risking my sanity.”

French’s relationship with her father was tenuous and non-existent at first but when she relented and spent the weekend with him in France to get to know each other in exchange for a favour, the wall she built to protect herself from bitter memories crumbled.  

“You know French, it is no mystery why you are the way you are. Your walls are thick. Your attitude callous. Your stride impenetrable. All the things that make you, you, are nothing more than results from who we were once upon a time. But your humanity, your need to help others as you were never helped yourself is truly what makes you the most beautiful person I have ever met.”

If you are into books with lots of steamy sex scenes, minimum angst and a dollop or two of romantic moments featuring a strong, badass businesswoman as the heroine and a hero who is into R&B music and loves to read books, then this one is for you! I give this book 3.5 stars.  

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Xavier Neal lives in Texas where she spends her time getting lost in writing, reading, or fandoms she recently discovered. Whether she is enjoying books or movies, she continues finding inspiration at every turn to bring more exciting stories to life. 


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