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Title: The Taste of Her Words

Author: Candace Knoebel

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About The Taste of Her Words:

Andrea was my first taste of love.

She was there throughout my childhood and into adulthood. Her words were a secret I wasn’t supposed to know. Truths and pain bled onto papers that shredded my innocence and carved a hole in my heart only she could fill.

Her words were my first kiss. They were the uneven breaths I took when I saw her, and my hands between her thighs inside the dreams she haunted. She was my best friend’s older sister and, even though she didn’t know it yet, she was the pen that would ink our destiny into the stars.

 Dean tempted me to cross a line I never thought I would.

It had been so long since someone looked at me the way he did. Five years since his starry gaze caressed my words and I ran from a kiss I couldn’t shake. He was everything I should stay away from, but how could I resist the beautifully broken man whose touch stoked a fire within my soul?

Dean was the missing words to my fairy tale. The parchment I could safely put my most intimate thoughts to. But when secrets from the past catch up with us, how could our perfectly plotted ending survive?

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 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Reviewed by Emma-Louise on behalf of KFF

Books are full of words, but The Taste of Her Words made them take on a life of their own. Each chapter started with a poem, a promise of what the chapter would mean for the characters.

“Break me in half and mold me back together.
Slit me and watch me bleed love.
I’m aching to feel.”

The Taste of Her Words is a second chance romance about Andrea ‘Andy’ and Dean.
They grew up together; Dean is Andy’s brother’s best friend. A chance encounter one night leads them back onto the slippery slope of having to deal with their feelings for one another.

“The way he moved his hips sent shivers up my spine. I hadn’t known he could dance. Didn’t know I was walking myself into a trap I wasn’t sure I wanted to escape.”

“…Say you don’t see me like that. Admit you don’t want me to kiss you again. Tell me you aren’t curious.”

Andy and Dean share a passion, a hunger for words nothing or no one can abate.

“I could love you, if I let me.
I could love you, if I don’t forget me.
You’re handing your heart,
While I hide in the dark.
I could love you, if you let me.
I could love you, if you can accept me.”

Their love was a journey pot marked with secrets and bad choices. Their histories nipping at their heels like hell-hounds out for blood.

“…How could I have walked away from someone who knew me to my marrow? I thought I was doing what was best for both of us. In the end, I was only hurting us more.”

Words in this book were used to their fullest potential. Two characters so in tune with their own sense of self. Secondary characters with more flaws than an old chipped tea cup but like the teacup, those flaws gave them substance and made them believable. Made them people I found myself wanting to hold a conversation with. People who were just doing the best they could, even if their best was the wrong way of doing things.

The Taste of Her Words was a thrilling and intoxicating read. My heart broke for Andy and Dean more than once. The author threw everything but the kitchen sink at them, and yet, they still found ways to be true to them and each other.

“I found you in between heart beats,
Inside a caught breath,
Hiding behind a cage of bone.
Dance with me, you said.
Find our rhythm home.”

The Taste of Her Words isn’t always an easy read, but nothing worth doing is ever easy. If you love angst and drama and a love truer than true, this book is for you, I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Exclusive Excerpt:

I thought he was going to kiss me again when he leaned in. I wanted him to so badly. Maybe even wanted him to lay me down and take me here, in this tree where it all began, but he kept leaning and reached into the hole of the tree, pulling out the plastic box that held the words from my past. I watched him as my pulse pounded in my wrists. As he lifted the lid off and then shuffled through the folded shapes of papers.

“Here,” he said when he found what he was looking for. “This was my first taste of you.”

I took the unfolded piece of paper from him.

“Read it out loud. I want to hear your voice paint the words,” he said, seducing me with his lips and his eyes. His scent I swore I’d never forget. Heat and need flowed from every pore.

Spill into me, until all my holes are filled,” I recited, nerves flitting around in my body.

I looked over at him, at the danger in his eyes, and felt myself falling further and deeper than I ever fell. I’d never shared my words with anyone but him, and this was so much more than a touch or a kiss. This was his mind peeking into mine. His lips caressing my thoughts.

“Keep going.”

Intimacy stained his voice, the simple words taking on the shape of his body hovering over mine.

He took the lidded box from my lap and set it beside him. I watched. Not moving. Not breathing as his hand skimmed up my leg, following the curve of my inner thigh.

I couldn’t think straight.

Numb and spinning, make me feel.” I blinked fast, trying to catch my breath as his hand made its way between my legs, pressing firmly against me.

“Take your shirt off,” he commanded as a light drizzle started overhead, our breaths heavy and eager. It pattered against the tin roof, dulling the thudding sound of my heart beating in my ears.

Eyes locked on his, I took my shirt off, the cool from the rain a stark contrast from the heat brewing inside me. If he touched me, that would be it. I’d lose it.

“Keep reading.”

This was a new layer of Dean I’d never experienced. The predatory look in his eyes immobilized me as I waited impatiently for his next move. For his perfect command.

I made mistakes. Too many to tell.”

He traced the outline of my breasts, making my skin tingle. Moved closer until I was on my back, the paper gone somewhere beside me.

Spill into me, until I love myself,” I finished, desire coating my voice.

He sealed the words with his lips, running his tongue over mine, tasting them. Loving them as his thumb traced the contour of my jaw. His breath was warm and filling as he took his time kissing me. Filling me and all my holes one kiss at a time.



About Candace Knoebel:


Candace Knoebel is a hopeless romantic with an affinity for whiskey and good music. Her love of words began when she met the boy who lived in the cupboard under the stairs, and has found an outlet in over twelve novels.

With two completed series, her work ranges from paranormal to contemporary, all centered heavily around romance. Currently she lives in Florida with her husband and two children, and has just completed her thirteenth novel, The Taste of Her Words.

Author Links:

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