COVER REVEAL ~ NICKEL by Winter Travers

Title: Nickel

Series: Fallen Lords MC

Author: Winter Travers

Genre: MC Romance

Release Date: July 29, 2017 

Model: Lance Jones

Photographer: LJ Photography

Cover Designer: Melissa Gill @ MG BookCovers






Simple. Neat. Orderly.

A place for everything, and everything in its place.

Karmen Handel’s life growing up had been anything but quiet and simple. A deadbeat father, a mother who never wanted her, and a grandmother who could care less were the perfect recipe to ensure Karmen built a wall around herself and never let anyone in. When her past comes back to haunt her, Karmen has no one to help her. Until Nickel.

Complicated. Dirty. Restless.

Live to ride. Ride to live.

Nickel Cunningham lives free with the brothers he calls family and has never craved anything more until he met Karmen. The shy, quiet nurse who cares for his grandma caught his eye months ago, and he hasn’t been able to get her off his mind since. Nickel knows what he wants, but he’s never had to fight for it before. Until Karmen. 




Winter Travers is a devoted wife, mother, and aunt turned author who was born and raised in Wisconsin. After a brief stint in South Carolina following her heart to chase the man who is now her hubby, they retreated back up North to the changing seasons, and the place they now call home.

Winter spends her days writing happily ever afters, and her nights zipping around on her forklift at work. She also has an addiction to anything MC related, her dog Thunder, and Mexican food! (Tamales!)

Winter loves to stay connected with her readers. Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact her.



                                   RELEASE BLITZ                                    THE RED: An Erotic Fantasy by Tiffany Reisz

Author: Tiffany Reisz

Title: The Red

Subtitle: An Erotic Fantasy

Genre: Erotic / Paranormal Romance

Release Date: 11th July, 2017

Cover Design: Andrew Shaffer

Publisher: 8th Circle Press (eBook and Trade Paperback) • Tantor Audio (Audiobook CD and Download)



Never make a promise you don’t intend to keep…

>Mona Lisa St. James made a deathbed promise that she would do anything to save her mother’s art gallery. Unfortunately, not only is The Red painted red, but it’s in the red.

Just as she realizes she has no choice but to sell it, a mysterious man comes in after closing time and makes her an offer: He will save The Red if she agrees to submit to him for the period of one year.

The man is handsome, English, and terribly tempting…but surely her mother didn’t mean for Mona to sell herself to a stranger. Then again, she did promise to do anything to save The Red…

The Red is a standalone novel of erotic fantasy from Tiffany Reisz, international bestselling author of The Bourbon Thief and the Original Sinners series.

★ ★ ★ ★

Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse

I have never read a story quite like this one. Firstly, I went in blind which in hindsight, wasn’t such a good idea–or was it? My shock was as such that I couldn’t believe my eyes! Me, who doesn’t do fantasy or paranormal, was reading just that and had nothing to compare it with. Actually, since I don’t think this standalone is comparable with any other, I didn’t know whether to carry on or DNF. But my curiosity won hands down and once I got into it, there was no stopping me. It’s neither too long nor too short and the well-balanced chapters are distinguishable scenarios. Actually, little imagination is needed for one to get the impression that they’re watching a theatrical play, the chapters being acts.

 “It’s me darling,” “It’s only me.”

The internal monologue controls the pace of the story which covers a timespan of just over a year, although I did feel a tad more dialogue wouldn’t have gone amiss. I’m a real sucker for banter and perhaps in all my eagerness, I skim read a few pages. Despite being an intensely erotic read which at times pushed me out of my comfort zone, I have to admit that the sex scenes were probably the hottest I’ve ever read. Except for two that I found extreme in their detail and so over the top, I felt uncomfortable with them.

“If you were for sale I would pawn my soul to buy you,” “I would buy you and keep you chained to my bed…”

It always worries me when authors are overly descriptive with their characters’ actions and surroundings in a story. More often than not, scenes read heavily and I quickly lose interest. But this was not the case because what Ms Reisz created, I loved. Her writing style has a poetic touch to it; the vocabulary–picturesque and she’s given the book a ‘romanticism’ feel to it. Therefore the scenery is easy to imagine, especially if you’re a lover of fine art. Fantastical erotism is woven into a plot set in The Red, an art gallery in dire straits. I really liked the heroine, Mona Lisa St. James. Yes, her name is a tad peculiar but her deceased mother was a passionate woman who had a great love for anything arty. Mona’s inherited her mother’s open-mindedness and is often in her thoughts. Clearly, this was one of the reasons she was mentioned so much in the book. Another one caught me off balance towards the end; a twist of sorts that I never expected, leaving me grinning from ear to ear.

“You’re staring at my boots, love. Tell me why,”

“I like them.”

“I’m very glad you do…”

In love or in lust. Is it possible to confuse these emotions because I thought the female protagonist mistook the first by being blindsided by the second? Surely, there’s a limit to what one would do for another regardless of the sizzling hot chemistry between two lovers. In this story, boundaries simply don’t exist for Mona and they certainly do not for the player, the devilishly charming Earl of Godwick, Malcolm Arthur Augustus Fitzroy. He’s not only the perfect English gentleman, but will make sure their sexual games are consensual. He’s also to become her saviour in a way I would never have guessed in an extremely well-thought-out plan. What I was really taken with was how different they are. Both have art in common but that’s as far as it goes. Malcolm is secretive whereas Mona is an open book.   

“You saw what I wanted you to see,” “The oldest magician’s trick.”

“Is this a trick too?”

“Oh no, this is real. This is the only thing that’s real to me,”

Raw emotions abound. Occasionally failing to differentiate between reality and fantasy, her submission to the mysterious Malcolm steadily grows until her need for him and his sexual fantasies verge on obsession. She’s never demeaned and always respected even in the most complex moments so in this respect, it’s easier on the reader. But pleased be warned: this is a very, but very naughty read with a gorgeous twist just in the right place. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Red and for fans of this author’s flamboyantly sensual writing, I can see you all lapping up this read. By the way, I adored Tou-Tou! Bravo Ms Reisz!  

“I warned you I like to play games,” “I warned you that next time, you would hate me.”

“I do hate you.”

“It’ll pass.” “It always does.”


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Praise for The Red: An Erotic Fantasy: 

“Deliciously deviant… Akin to Anne Rice’s ‘Beauty’ series.” — Library Journal (Starred Review)

“Kinky, well-written, hot as hell.” — Little Red Reading Hood

“Tiffany Reisz at her best.” — Collector of Book Boyfriends

“Wonderfully erotic and passionate.” — Crazies R Us Book Blog

“Don’t expect lovey, dovey romance here. It’s pure filthy erotica – just the way I like it.” — Warhawke’s Vault

“This book needs to come with a fan, it’s so beyond HOT!!!” — Beauty and the Beastly Books

“You can’t quite believe what you’re reading.” — Lil Maso

“Not your average erotic fantasy story… [Leaves] you hot one moment, then raw the next.” — Texas Reader Stacy

“Filthy.” — Blogger Vivien Olvasókuckója

“I tossed sleep aside to finish it in a night… This book is worth it.”— No Pithy Phrase

“No holds barred.” — Sarah Tandy, A Woman and Her Books

“Raw, graphic, hardcore sexual fantasy that defies the realm of reality… I’ll never look at a piece of artwork the same way again…” — Cross My Heart Book Reviews

“A lovely bit of literary smut, full of art and sex and mystery.” — RITA Finalist Kira Gold

“Mysterious, scandalous, strange, and weirdly arousing.”— (un)Conventional Bookviews

“Unlike anything I’ve ever read before.” — A Reader Who Reads Blog


Tiffany Reisz is the international bestselling author of the Original Sinners series for Mira Books and Mills & Boon, including the RT Book Reviews Best Erotic Romance 2012 winner The Siren and the LAMBDA Literary Award-winning The King. Her novel The Saint won the Romance Writers of America RITA® for best Erotic Romance in 2015.

Follow Tiffany on Social Media: Facebook • Twitter • Instagram

About 8th Circle Press

8th Circle Press is a Lexington, Kentucky-based publisher of literary friction. For more information, visit our website at


                                RELEASE BLITZ                                           HELLO FOREVER by SARINA BOWEN


Title: Hello Forever

Author: Sarina Bowen

Series: Hello Goodbye #2

Release Date: 14th July, 2017 

PR: Nina Bocci


GRs label



When they were only teenagers, Axel and Caxton were caught making out in the woods at church camp. And afterward, Cax had disappeared from all the youth group activities.

Six years later, Axel is astonished to spot his first love’s face in the crowd of a college basketball game he’s watching on TV—at a school which has just offered him a job. It’s a thousand miles away, in a tiny rural town. But suddenly, he can’t wait to get there.

Cax can’t believe his eyes when Axel appears in the same Massachusetts town where he now lives. And he’s still just as drawn to Axel as ever. But he can’t let himself go there again, because loving Axel will mean giving up everything else he holds dear.

Both men have so much to lose. But as far as their love is concerned, it’s Hello Forever.

Hello Forever is a stand-alone novel with no cliffhangers. Readers of Goodbye Paradise will get to check in on Caleb and Josh and their clan.



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★ ★ ★ ★

Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse

Hello Forever is a heart-wrenching read. Despite being low on angst, the general storyline is quite disturbing in the respect that there’s zero tolerance from one of the secondary characters. What has been brought up in the book shouldn’t be an issue in any family and  beyond comprehension. Bowen’s descriptive writing left everything to my imagine and what I read saddened me. When two young men love each other and have such an obstacle in front of them as they did, it’s easy to conjure up a mental image of the consequences. The blow was somewhat softened with the delightful appearance of Caleb and Josh from the first book in this standalone series. Seeing how they were doing and how they’d help their friends in times of need was an added plus.

If there were something I found a tad strange about the protagonists, it had to be their ages. I thought both of them awfully mature and responsible for lads in their early twenties. Yet, living as Caxton had to, made me realise his options were few and far between. If he didn’t want to rock the boat for him and his beloved brothers who were in a precarious situation, he’d have to continue carrying out a charade. I couldn’t help but have a soft spot for Caxton. He has the weight of the world on his shoulders but still manages to pull through. Sensitive, protective and totally unselfish, he tries hard to be strong; nonetheless, on those rare occasions when he does show his weaknesses, I broke down in tears.

Axel is just as gorgeous as Caxton. He’s backstory is by no means so tragic since he comes from a loving family, but years and years ago, he had a very special friend. A friend who disappeared off the face of the earth. A friend he’d never ever been able to forget. Do you believe in flukes, in destiny? Well, something happened which would change the lives forever and it was totally believable! Despite that, it’s not all plain sailing as you will discover in a book which I recommend to readers who enjoy this genre.    

The book’s pace is a very agreeable one and although I found the plot a little predictable, never once did this stop my enjoyment. After picking the book up, it wasn’t easy to put down and then without realising it, I’d come to the end. An ending which I have to say, felt a tinsy-winsy bit rushed but more than satisfactory. Ms Bowen has a knack for writing the most beautiful MM stories; also,  her narrative technique is one of my faves — from two perspectives. And apart from feeling like an intruder while Caxton and Axel shared intimate moments, what I loved more than anything was how one experienced lover shows the other boundaries don’t exist, that they’d be together through thick and thin, conquer together regardless of the hurdles they’d come across. Bravo Ms Bowen!

Goodbye Paradise, book one in the Hello Paradise series is a standalone and available now! 



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Meet the Author

Sarina Bowen writes steamy, angsty Contemporary Romance and New Adult fiction from the wilds of Vermont.

The Ivy Years is her bestselling series. Centered around the hockey team at an elite Connecticut college, The Year We Fell Down began breaking hearts in March, 2014. There are three novels and a novella in the series so far. Click here for The Ivy Years  updates.

For lovers of angsty snowboarding heroes, Sarina also writes the Gravity series! Coming in From the Cold features a downhill ski racer and one of the most unique plot conflicts in contemporary romance today. Falling From the Sky is book #2, about a freestyle snowboarder who nearly loses his life in the halfpipe.

Sarina enjoys skiing, coffee products and a nice glass of wine. She lives with her family, eight chickens and more ski gear and hockey equipment than seems necessary.

Sarina’s Stalk Links:

 Webpage | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Author Amazon Page | Author Goodreads Page