Release Blitz : Morrow’s Horizon by Sierra Kummings


Morrow’s Horizon, the first in an all-new series of standalones from Sierra Kummings is now LIVE!


Morrow’s Horizon by Sierra Kummings

Cover Reveal: April 7th, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Blood, and love for a special little girl, bind the five Morrow sisters in an unbreakable way. Yet the family-devoted Sara Morrow yearns for more.

And that “more” looks a lot like the irresistible Jacob Ramírez.

For years, Sara’s contented herself with toe-curling fantasies about the CFO of the bank that employs her – all the while promising herself she’d never fall for the type of passion that destroyed her parent’s marriage. But when the one and only Latin six-foot-four god accepts her offer of help and turns her fantasies into reality, she’s forced to decide if it’s worth finding out if her boss is everything she’s dreamed of, or just the manifestation of all her fears.

Jacob has his own set of fears. Right out of high school, he joined the Marines, only to come home six years later with night terrors that haunt even his days. Now, at thirty-three, rudimentary techniques keep his secret hidden.

Until a chance meeting with Sara Morrow coincides with a deception that rocks him to his core.

When Sara’s faith is tested, her sisters’ love gives her the courage to believe in someone else. When Jacob’s is tested, he has to learn how to believe in himself.


Reviewed by Klaire Sutherland on behalf of KFF 

~ 4.5 Stars ~

Debut novel that made a refreshing change from the norm. Morrow’s Horizon is a little bit of something special, touted as a debut I was in awe at the depth and thoroughness of this read. At about halfway through I wondered if perhaps this was written under a pen name and had a little nosy around to see if I could find anything. But nope…not a thing! I have to say, Morrow’s Horizon is an extremely accomplished piece of writing and utterly deserves to do very, very well. Debut’s tend to be rough around the edges and contain a lot of silly errors, have a plot hole or two and often times the depth of characters isn’t as it should be. This is so not the case in Sierra Kumming’s book.

The pace of the novel is good, the writing style flows naturally; I never found myself feeling the need to skip anything or found myself bored with over/under descriptive narrative. Dialogue felt very true and natural which for me is quite important, it can say a lot about how an author observes and takes note of their surroundings and I find that this then transfers into how they write. Some of the subject matters contained within Sierra Kumming’s book are difficult but I found that the author approached these empathetically and with a good knowledge and understanding of what she was writing. Again; another huge plus point for me. If an author can educate a reader, without making it seem like a lesson, then for me that author truly knows what they are doing. I think Sierra managed a little of that in Morrow’s Horizon.

Let’s talk story without giving too much away. I wouldn’t call Morrow’s Horizon a slow burner, it doesn’t read that way but sometimes the book felt that way. Perhaps it took a little longer than I liked to get into the story, was worth the wait because I hit a point and there was no turning back. I think what is pushed to the forefront of the book is the ‘family’ theme, the foundation of the story rests on these sisters and how they live their lives so closely intertwined. All have very different personalities and all fit their purpose as secondary characters. In hindsight, I think the worlds of these sisters revolves around the little girl I am hoping and praying that Sierra has plans for the rest of these ladies; she has a great series potential in these women. The main character of Morrow’s Horizon is Sara and boy what a character she is. Unafraid to voice her opinion and embrace her sexuality she is a breath of fresh air. Not overly in your face or brash or boisterous; just a woman wanting what she wants and being mindful of her responsibilities while doing so. I liked Sara Morrow, such an endearing character. Jacob Ramirez was a lot more complex than Sara that’s for sure and it took him a long while to come into his own but when he did his world opened for him. He definitely had his struggles, then again, the book wouldn’t be half of what it is without those. His demons are a crucial part of the plot.

The story itself was engaging, extremely so. Written in dual POV I think we got a greater insight into everything and I was really pleased Morrow’s Horizon was written this way. It’s my favourite way to read, I like being in the heads of both characters, I feel a greater understanding overall. There seems to be just enough of everything going on in this book. A little suspense, a little drama, a little angst, a bit of dreaming…and a whole lot of love. There are some heart-breaking moments too and Sierra Kumming’s really does put the reader through their paces. I was laughing, sniffling (because I don’t cry unless you’re pulling my heart to pieces and I don’t think the author wanted to do that here), cheering, scowling. Every emotion was enveloped within the pages of this book and it was such a pleasure to read. I was rooting for these characters the whole way. My only major grief with the book is a plot point, it’s quite a big one and didn’t seem to fit Sara’s character, it involved the manipulative woman that is Elise so perhaps that impacted on Sara’s actions during that scene. Who knows? It just didn’t quite fit for me, that was it. Nothing else.

Giving a 4 ½ star rating for a debut novel is almost unheard of for me. I’m extremely excited about this author. Sierra Kumming’s debut novel, Morrow’s Horizon, shines like a star. She has some awesome potential and I can’t wait to see how this author grows and goes from strength to strength. I’m really looking forward to what she gives us next. Sign me up, fan in the making.

Kindle Friends Forever reviewer Klaire gives this 4 ½ well deserved stars – with a side of the warm and fuzzies!


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About the Author:

Sierra Kummings is a writer of contemporary erotic romances. Her three loves are her family, writing, and chocolate–though not always in that order. She discovered creative writing in high school, but set her dream aside to pursue a master’s degree in professional counseling. She now puts her degree to good use strengthening characters that have been in her head since her teens. In addition to penning hot romances, she also proudly claims the title of mother to an incredible little girl who inspires her every day.

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Twitter: @SierraKummings

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