Release Blitz : Background Noise by R.C Martin

Title: Background Noise
Series: A Tennessee Grace Short
Genre: contemporary/erotic romance
Release Date: April 14

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He’s sexy, yet charming. He’s mysterious, but kind—and that dark, southern drawl of his gets me every time.

I don’t know who he is, the gorgeous stranger hiding out in this small town, but maybe—for just one night—I don’t care.



Reviewed by Emma-Louise on behalf of KFF

Corie Flynn is a small town woman, dreaming of escape.  She’s 24, and longing to leave Dillon, Colorado, that is until tall, gorgeous and bearded Ashley walks into her coffee shop.

Ashley has been in Dillon for only 4 weeks and each and every day morning he goes to the coffee shop.  Corie never knew he was THE Ashley Hicks, the celebrity musician.

“Escaping this little mountain town in backwoods Colorado is just about I’ve wanted for as long as I can remember.  It’s a dream that seems to elude me at every turn”.

Corie is a shy quiet woman who is constantly reminding herself that she has to be brave.

Background Noise is a beautifully sweet love story, about a young woman and man that follow their hearts and are true to themselves. Background Noise is the prequel novella to Backwoods Belle, which will be released soon.

“To you, I’m just Ashley.  And I’m gonna keep bein’ just Ashley for as long as you’ll have me.”

I have always adored sweet love stories, though I find insta-love hard to swallow however, in Background Noise, it was believable.

“That, right there, is just another sign.  The storm led me to this gorgeous girl behind the coffee bar, and I’m not lettin’ her go”

I have never read R.C. Martin until today, and I have to say, that the way she writes is marvellous. I am so looking forward to seeing where the author takes this couple.  I have no doubt it’ll have me smiling from ear-to-ear and sobbing my heart out, as well.

~ 5 Stars ~  

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Title: Backwoods Belle
Series: A Tennessee Grace Novel
Genre: contemporary/erotic romance
Releasing June 2

Cover Design: Pink Ink Designs

She was meant to be mine. No other woman will do—but being engaged to the likes of me won’t be easy. The paparazzi, the media, my fans—we’re about to step into the eye of a storm.

I’ve run from it before, but I won’t run from it again. She’s my sweetheart, and no bride of mine will be cast into the background—not by me. Not by anyone.




I’m a born and bred Coloradan. While I now reside in Virginia, the land of the Rocky Mountains is where I’ve left a piece of my heart and where my characters come to life. I started writing love stories when I was seventeen, and I haven’t been able to stop! With me, you’ll find that I dabble in a few different romance genres, but my voice is one that’s all about the heart. Writing is my dream; and as a dreamer, you can rest assured that there are many more novels in my head that I can hardly wait to share.