COVER REVEAL                                                 RAVENOUS by L.L. COLLINS


Author: L.L. Collins

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: 20th May, 2017

Cover Design: Cassy Roop, Pink Ink Designs




Raven: To seek, plunder, or prey. To devour ravenously. To seize as spoil.I am Raven. I knew what it meant to fight my way through life.

To be the victim, the spoil, the prey.
I decided long ago I would take control of my future.
 No more bug infested couches. 
No more drug-addicted mothers or absentee fathers. 
No more welfare checks or moldy bread. 
No more settling. 
I thought I had it all figured out, a way out of the hand I’d been dealt. 
Until my life got turned upside down by two very different men who look at me with mirrored lust in their eyes.
Their want is palpable, heady. Their desire makes me reckless.
I no longer know who I am or who I want.
 The only thing I do know is, I am ravenous.

Voracious. Intensely eager for gratification or satisfaction. Despite the fact I know it is a disaster waiting to happen, I can’t stop it.

I’m afraid I will never be sated.

Author Bio

L.L. Collins loves spending her days in the Florida sun with her husband and two boys. LL has been writing since she was old enough to write. Always a story in her head, she finally decided to let the characters out made her lifelong dream of becoming an author come true in the self-publishing world. She’s the author of the Living Again Series, the Twisted Series, Back to the Drawing Board, and the Jaded Regret Series. Visit LL on her website, and on all social media. Look for more of her emotionally charged novels soon!
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Title: White Pawn

Author: Stevie J. Cole

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date: 22nd March, 2017



This could have been a love story. It could have been, but he screwed that all up. You see, he thinks it’s a game. He thinks I’m his pawn, but he couldn’t be more wrong. Every move he makes, I’ll block him. Every time he thinks he’s about to seize me, I’ll run. Some men underestimate the power of the queen because they’re too busy playing king. They forget she’s the most powerful piece on the board. And love is not a game I’m apt at losing. What will it take for him to realize I’ll never be his pawn, but I’ll happily play his queen? Love is not a game, but the chase certainly is.
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★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Reviewed by Klaire Sutherland for #KFF

I don’t even know where to start with this book, I’m not sure whether I loved or hated it in a…. weird way. I couldn’t put my kindle down; the whole thing was so monumentally screwed up that I had to keep reading. I didn’t get the characters, in fact in retrospect, I didn’t like the characters. Both Justin and Marisa seemed all over the place but the book just had something that pulled me in. There’s every single conceivable romantic cliché you can find in there but it’s done so tongue in cheek, mocking at some points and it’s brilliant. The word satirical sprang to mind a lot of the time. Yet romantic comedy it is not. Love story it most definitely is in a very convoluted kind of way.

There were many connotations to things that may or may not have happened within our lovely book world, but with an author/book themed plot I’d expect that, and I think Stevie J Cole has pegged it beautifully. Loved the co-author/self-author reference, I always find these little references humorous. I’m not sure I would have categorised it as ‘Romantic Suspense’, however I’m struggling a little to think of the niche it belongs to. The book cover is an anomaly for me, I can’t quite fit the image with the books’ theme and while striking, that’s about it for me.

The story was like bouncing on a Pogo stick, up and down, up and down, yet wasn’t too hard to keep up with the plot. The author gives all the history on Marisa you need in the first chapter, there’s no hiding and the she does this throughout, doesn’t keep you guessing, lets the reader know exactly what’s going on. I liked the frankness in all honesty. There’s certainly plenty of questions to be asked, it isn’t a case of make the reader feel dumb by telling them everything. I had some thoughts to what might come further in the book and I have to admit I was way off track with those assumptions. But I liked being proved wrong.

You see trouble with a capital in Chapter 2, almost immediately you know you’re in for one hell of a messed up ride. This cannot end well surely? You have Justin who hit big time with a book he wrote about his past, he seems to be riding off the coat tails of that success. I’m thinking he’s just looking for a good time, for the chase, bedding and treating women however he likes. Justin is extremely shallow but underneath all his cocky bravado you find a scared little boy really. I’d like to say it’s quite endearing but I didn’t catch that emotion whatsoever. He meets Marisa, who I have to say is absolutely deluded. I mean the woman is a nutcase in a very unassuming way, which is dangerous. Very dangerous. Marisa wants the story book ending and will stop at nothing to achieve it. Maybe there was something I liked about Marisa – her no nonsense, matter of fact attitude often coupled with her humour, made for some fun moments. By Chapter 8 you’re getting a feel for what the characters are about.

“I miss you.”

For a dual POV I found a fair bit of Justin’s story missing, you don’t ever really get the details about his ex-girlfriend and his past as blatantly as you do Marisa’s.  His signature line; “I miss you,” loses all meaning by the time you get half way through the book. I fear every time I hear those word, Justin Wild will enter my head. Thank you very much dear author!

I found little finesse within any of the intimate scenes, actually there’s no finesse in any of Justin and Marisa’s relationship. There’s an odd moment here and there, never coming across as truly romantic however. That’s fine, the style absolutely suits the book. The author has such a rudimentary way of describing the little things;

“…the heat radiates up from the asphalt in squiggly waves…”

What’s not to love about the simplistic nature of that type of descriptive narrative? The book doesn’t read like a tangled mess of analogies; doesn’t sound like it’s trying to be clever despite the fact that it most certainly is. Don’t get me wrong, the writing is top notch; easy to read and didn’t confuse my head too much with over complicated sentences or words. It works, works beautifully.

For those readers that are a little worried that perhaps this is going to be a dark read, I’d like to put your mind at ease. There are some questionable parts to it but in my opinion I’d say you were looking at a grey in terms of the dark factor. Most definitely suitable for those who like to keep their breakfast or dinner down.

A huge hat’s off to the author. If you can make me dislike your characters but absolutely love your book, then you have me! I do believe that this lives up to my favourite book from this author. I can’t award this anything other than the five stars it utterly deserves.

Kindle Friends Forever reviewer Klaire recommends this read – with a side of snark.



Author Bio


Stevie J. Cole lives deep in the woods of Alabama with her husband
and two precious daughters. She studied Epidemiology concentrating on cancer
research but has always had a passion for writing. Some of her stories will
strip you bare, some will give you nightmares, but the one thing she can
promise is that she will always give you stories that make you feel.
Raw. Gritty. Love.
Because sometimes characters need to be flawed.
P.S. Stevie’s greatest fear is the impending zombie apocalypse.
Think about it: swarming armies of decaying, oozing corpses stumbling around with clicking teeth, trying to eat your face. Nothing about that is good. NOTHING!




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                                  RELEASE BLITZ                                         UNPROFESSIONAL by J. D. HAWKINS


Unprofessional by J.D. Hawkins

Release Date: March 22nd

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Designer: Letitia Hasser from RBA Designs

Model: Christian Hogue




What happens when the internet’s favorite playboy falls in love?

I have the best job in the world. Date beautiful women and write about it.

But I want to take it to the next level: instead of writing about my experiences make it into an online reality show.

But here is the catch. My boss wants me to share the show with a woman co-host. And he wants that woman to be my best friend and co-worker, Margo.

I’ll date beautiful women and she’ll date hot men. Sounds fair enough.

So now I have to watch her fake date hot men. I used to love going home with a different woman every night, but suddenly this isn’t as fun. Seeing Margo with anyone else is driving me crazy.

And the more time I spend with her working on the show, the less I want to keep our relationship in the friends’ zone. And the harder it is to stop myself from imagining her bent over the copier.

Things are about to get unprofessional.


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“Thank god you live on the ground floor,” I say, as I rummage for her keys in her bag with one hand while keeping her from falling with the other. It’s not that I haven’t been to Margo’s place before, but when we hang out it’s usually at work functions or the occasional bar, and at the moment I can’t shake the feeling that I’m intruding a little.

“You know, you’re really fucking hot,” she slurs, giggling. My cock stirs at the brush of her lips so close to my neck, her warm breath against my skin. I have to shake it off.

“And you’re really fucking drunk,” I reply with a forced laugh, as the key finally catches and I kick the door open.

“No…I mean it,” she says as I step into her apartment, still holding her in my arms. “You’re like…the most beautiful man.”

“That’s very sweet of you,” I say, as I open a few wrong doors (closet, bathroom) until I find her bedroom. I walk in and lay her down on the bed, then pull away, setting her bag on the night table. “You should probably just rest a bit, let it pass.” I unlace her boots and ease them off gently, setting them on the floor before straightening up to go. This feels familiar, although I haven’t carried a too-drunk Margo home from a party and put her to bed since our undergrad years. “You need anything? Water, or—”

“Yeah.” Margo smiles.


Instead of answering, she mischievously beckons me closer. I look at her, dress rolling up around her thighs, twisting her body up in the sheets, my imagination starting to whirl a little.

“Come here!” she yelps impatiently.

This could mean trouble—the problem is, I like trouble. I groan and go nearer to the bed.

“Closer,” she giggles, and I’m taken with the smile, the way she grinds into the bed…


Her hand pulls on my shirt, her smile goes and instead her mouth is open now, weakened like she’s preparing to kiss me. I could so easily fall into her here, so easily bring my mouth onto hers, put my own hands under her clothes. I can almost taste her, appetite stirring…

Except being a real man doesn’t just mean knowing when to make a move, it also means knowing when you shouldn’t.

“Nice try,” I say, pulling back.

Margo laughs and pounds her fists onto the bed with disappointment.

“But I need to see what’s under your shirt. You still got those Grand Canyon abs, I bet.”

“Ok. That’s my cue to go,” I say, half-out the door. “See you tomorrow.”

“No! Come on! Please! I remember the view was fucking amazing. Just a little peek. A tiny little peek for old time’s sake. Come on, Owen! Don’t be an asshole. You know you want to show it off.”

I look back at her, hand on the doorknob, and find myself laughing.

“Happy now?” I say, pulling up my shirt a little way.

Margo screams and falls back onto her pillows laughing.

“I knew it! Just as perfect as that night you got locked out of the girl’s dorm,” she says, as I close the door and leave.

When I get back to my car, I’m still smiling.



 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Klaire Sutherland for #KFF

Readers have waited a while for a new offering from Mr. Hawkins, not a massive amount of time in comparison with other authors, but there’s definitely been a wait. Was it worth it? Oh yes, very much so! Unprofessional was such a joy to read, so much so that I was a little annoyed with myself that I had picked it up for review. I just wanted to read, get lost in the story and the characters, not cast a critical eye over the content while I was doing it. I honestly think this is JD’s best work to date. His previous offerings have always been very good, but this felt like a cut above the rest.

Unprofessional is a very solid read. Written with maturity and a certain amount of class, the book was very difficult to put down once the story got going. Really, the book’s not anything new in terms of plot lines; office romance, friends to lovers, yet lacked the usual cheese and cliché many other books in this trope offer. There was a good pace to the story; flowing extremely well with JD knowing how to open and close his scenes in such a way the reader wants more. The dialogue throughout was realistic and relatable – again, no over exaggerations which romance novels can sometimes be renowned for. The intimate scenes, while extremely hot, were classy and didn’t have me reaching for the gag bucket. Then again I’m not all that surprised, it’s not how this author writes. When I had finished this book I felt like every bit of care and attention had went into every single word written on the pages. There were some very good lines scattered throughout the book that manages to pull the emotion to the forefront. A difficult thing to do. JD’s writing, in this instance, is refreshing.

Owen and Margo, the main characters, are captivating right from the off. It’s so good to read about a loveable rogue who values a friendship yet has that little touch of alpha male about him. Owen wasn’t all in your face, over bearing with the profanity etc. but he certainly had just enough of an edge to be extremely likeable. If you struggled to love him in the beginning (and I promise you won’t struggle at all) – well, let’s just say all the little things he did soon get under your skin, you can’t help but have one hell of a soft spot for him. And Margo was the friend we’d all love to have, the slightly crazy party girl with a fierce loyalty. She seemed to be struggling a little more than Owen with some very real fears. Both characters were very down to earth I found, showing vulnerabilities that the reader gets on board with and understands. They cultivated a very special friendship that both were nervous and conscious about ruining. From very early on it’s very difficult not to root for that happy ending they both so very much deserve. Their relationship before and after is engaging.

My only frustration with Unprofessional was perhaps towards the end. I shan’t spoil here but I felt there was a little ‘missing’, that perhaps the last few chapters wrapped up a bit too quickly. I think showing the impact of them being apart more effective in the later stages would have pulled a rather different emotion from the reader and made a great book just that little better. I have to award this the 4 ½ to 5-star rating for that reason, was almost a 5 for me.

Kindle Friends Forever reviewer Klaire, would happily recommend this book.



About the Author:

JD Hawkins writes erotic romance with modern-classic alpha males and strong, independant women. He currently lives with his wife in Los Angeles, CA. He loves to travel and has lived in many places, including New York City, India and Thailand. When he isn’t writing, JD enjoys surfing, training in Mixed Martial Arts, reading and taking naps. He’s always loved making up stories, especially ones inspired by real life.



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                                  RELEASE BLITZ                                      RANSOM by Logan Chance & Jacob Chance

Ransom Now Live with tag.jpg


Title: Ransom

Author: Logan Chance & Jacob Chance

Series: Aces & Eights Motorcycle Club #1

Release Date: 23rd March, 2016

Genre: Erotica / MC Romance

Hosted by Chance Promotions



Ransom Ecover AMAZON.JPG


Blood by birth – Brothers by choice

Aces & Eights Motorcycle Club is all they’ve known for the past twelve
years. They live hard, bound by the code of brotherhood.

Liam Fox: Vice President of Aces & Eights

Height: six foot one inch

Hair color: dark brown

Eye color: brown

Alias: Lo

Rory Fox: Sergeant at Arms of Aces & Eights

Height: six foot one inch

Hair color: dark brown

Eye color: hazel

Alias: Knuckles

The ladies know them as: Dominant males to submissive females, erotic,
dirty talking, alpha male, bad boy, lumberjacks of all trades with no known
accidental pregnancies or babies with the last name Fox.

Just kidding…

What they’re really known for is riding, fighting, whiskey and women. With
the brotherhood, they never have to standalone.

Aces & Eights is about to face their toughest enemy and play out the
Dead Man’s hand.


Ransom Teaser 2.jpg

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Reviewed by Donna on behalf of #KFF

This is the first instalment of the MC story centred around six brothers, Liam, Rory, Colin, Finn, Patrick, and Keegan who found themselves with the club after a set of circumstances lead them there. It mainly follows two of the brothers, Liam and Rory Fox and is told in dual point of view. Liam goes by Lo and Rory is known as Knuckles. The brotherhood is a big part of their lives. Crime, riding ,drinking and women are  their main focus.

Liam is the vice president and Rory the sergeant at the Aces and Eights motorcycle club. They are extremely loyal and look up to their club president, Mick. He took all six brothers in years ago when they’d been hit by a personal tragedy. Fallon, his daughter, is his pride and joy; she’s young, pretty and at university. Mick has done his best to protect his little girl from the perils of the motorcycle club. Rory heads up the club security and is in deep with his feelings for Fallon. However, he is also aware Mick wouldn’t like anything to develop between his daughter and to top the lot, one of his men! Rory is mindful, tries to keep his feelings in check where she is concerned and ooh boy, could I see his dilemma.

Liam at first comes across as a hard drinking womaniser, but there’s so much more to him than that. It becomes evident he’s a rebel to the cause and has feelings for a lady called Audrey. He had a thing for her years ago, unfortunately he doesn’t want to go there as she’s a member of a rival motorcycle club, The Devils Way.

This first instalment is full of twists and turns; action packed with violence, hot and steamy moments, exactly what you would expect from an MC book. Apart from the grit, there are enough bittersweet moments to make you swoon completely over the Fox brothers. It was a rollercoaster of a ride and full of every emotion you can think of. Although it’s a novella, it contains a lot of content to the story and had me on the edge of my seat. I couldn’t put this book down. In fact I’m doing a reread.

“Boys you know what to do about our friend here.”

 “Oh, one more thing hombre,”  “If any of us see you in our territory again, we’re  going to cut you into little pieces and ship you back to the Devil’s Way in a box. Is that clear enough for you?”

I find MC books quite a thrilling read and this did not disappoint. It’s the first collaboration by the two authors and while I have read their works individually, I was completely excited to read something they worked on together. They both compliment each other’s writing immensely and am thrilled by this series and totally look forward to more about the Fox brothers. There is a burning question to the reasons why they ended up in the club. Saying that,  I’m pretty sure all will be revealed. I am positive this is going to be a fantastic series. I award five stars for everything this story has and more. I haven’t stopped thinking about it.

“What are you thinking in that big brain of yours?”      

“It’s not the only thing that’s big.”  


Ransom Teaser 1.jpg   Ransom Teaser 3a.jpg

One-Click on Amazon now! Only 99c / 99p!


  Ransom Teaser 4.jpg


About Author Logan Chance

Logan Chance enjoys the simple things in life. Star Wars, music, and pretty girls. Always in trouble at school, he was made to copy the dictionary while
the others played. This began his word fascination.

With a love of words he then realized he loved stringing those same words together to create stories to inspire all.

From Boston, and relocated to Florida, he lives out his days writing, reading, and avoiding the beach.

Not afraid to tell it how it is, Logan is definitely a man of his own.



About Author Jacob Chance

Jacob Chance grew up in New England and still lives there today. He’s a martial artist, a football fan, a practical joker and junk food lover.

A writer of erotic romance, QUIVER is his second release and is the follow up to QUAKE.

Jacob plans on writing many more sexy, suspenseful stories and to branch out to other genres.


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