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From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Leylah Attar, comes a standalone, contemporary love story set against the lush backdrop of the Serengeti, in East Africa. Inspired by true events, Mists of the Serengeti is a compelling, emotionally resonant tale of the unknown ways in which we are all connected.

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Author: Leylah Attar

Genre: Contemporary Romance / Women’s Fiction

Publisher: Pitch 73 Publishing

Number of Pages: 400+

Release date: 31st January, 2017

Cover: By Hang Le








Once in Africa, I kissed a king…

“And just like that, in an old red barn at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, I discovered the elusive magic I had only ever glimpsed between the pages of great love stories. It fluttered around me like a newly born butterfly and settled in a corner of my heart. I held my breath, afraid to exhale for fear it would slip out, never to be found again.”

When a bomb explodes in a mall in East Africa, its aftershocks send two strangers on a collision course that neither one sees coming.

Jack Warden, a divorced coffee farmer in Tanzania, loses his only daughter. An ocean away, in the English countryside, Rodel Emerson loses her only sibling.

Two ordinary people, bound by a tragic afternoon, set out to achieve the extraordinary, as they make three stops to rescue three children across the vast plains of the Serengeti—children who are worth more dead than alive.

But even if they beat the odds, another challenge looms at the end of the line. Can they survive yet another loss—this time of a love that’s bound to slip through their fingers, like the mists that dissipate in the light of the sun?

“Sometimes you come across a rainbow story—one that spans your heart. You might not be able to grasp it or hold on to it, but you can never be sorry for the color and magic it brought.” 

A blend of romance and women’s fiction, Mists of The Serengeti is inspired by true events and contains emotional triggers, including the death of a child. Not recommended for sensitive readers. Standalone, contemporary fiction.




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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse

What a huge page-turning mistake I made at the crack of dawn! The prologue whet my appetite to such an extent that I knew this book was going to be a difficult one to put down. Much to my dismay, I had to since life’s little things got in the way. Saying that, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I’d read and was itching to dive back into it. Ms Attar’s eloquent and creative writing is nothing less than breath-taking, overwhelming and simply sublime. Her character development is well above par, and the story so absorbing that I feel obliged to warn the new reader to begin this standalone at a reasonable hour. “Why?” Because the journey you’re taken on will most likely cause sleep deprivation. I would also like to mention that if you go in blind, you won’t regret it either. I was very fortunate in being able to read this book before it was published, but I hadn’t read the synopsis which I feel dampens the element of surprise in any book.

“You’re full of surprises, Rodel Emerson.”

“I’m a teacher.” “And you can call me Ro.”

“I’ve never met a Rodel I didn’t like.”

The setting is beyond visual. I was there! Quite honestly, it was like watching a movie in high definition with sound effects included. And much to my delight, in a country I would love to visit. I saw the majestic Kilimanjaro, I smelt the air, and savoured the beauty of nature’s natural surroundings. The flora and fauna wildlife came alive and even though there are pages without any banter which happens to be what I love most in a book, I really couldn’t have cared less since the author’s descriptive writing is as such that she had me completely mesmerised and in awe.

“You missed the annual migration,” “It’s an extraordinary sight.”

“I can’t imagine it getting any better than this.”

Firstly, I had absolutely no idea about the plight of certain youngsters in Tanzania. Aghast by the barbarities, Ms Attar has gone to great lengths to explain why they are in danger making it easier to understand; however, this doesn’t change the fact that their persecution is totally unacceptable.

“You don’t want to know. Trust me. Some things are better left in the dark, where they belong.”  

The two protagonists’ personal trials and tribulations are cannily woven into a story of loss, love and liberation. The word ‘loss’ shouldn’t be taken lightly because both of them are wallowing in their own sorrow after a tragic event occurs. Guilt-ridden, Jack Warden has no wish whatsoever to see the light of day regardless of his heroic act. From completely different walks of life, neither he nor Rodel Emerson realise they are going to be out of their depth regarding what is on the cards for them.

“. . . You’re in way over your head. You have no idea what you’re getting into.”

Taking into consideration Rodel’s profession and age, her lack in life’s experiences surprised me a tad, nonetheless, it has little to do with her gutsy and fearless attitude. Carrying on what someone dear to her began, won me over. How she manages to control her loss made me cry. Written in italic, her heartfelt thoughts are replied to in her mind, she takes their advice given and will try her utmost to live up to them. Jack is a much more complicated person. But slowly; and ooh how slowly, will Rodel break down Jack’s standoffishness, put him in his place and make him see it’s not unmanly to suffer as he does. Yep folks, Jack is all man underlined and highlighted, so brace yourselves for some scorching hot panty-dropping scenes!  

“Once in Africa, I kissed a king. . .”

How they handle their emotions had me screaming at the top of my voice. I got so damn upset with Jack. It seemed to me their relationship was never going to lift off. While trying to unravel their reasons for holding back became this reader’s challenge and had me urging them on. When push becomes shove and they can’t deny their feelings was when I sighed a breath of relief. Yet nothing is ever cut and dry. Never take what you think will happen for granted because nothing in this heart-wrenching story is what it seems. My heartstrings were pulled to the limit. I adore; and I say this is present tense because these two people who are larger than life, broke me into little pieces. I was put back together in such a manner that not only was I left exhaustingly elated, but also overwhelmed by an epilogue which has made an everlasting impression on me.

 “It wouldn’t be fair. And I don’t have what it takes to let you in and then let you go. I can’t handle any more goodbyes, Rodel.”

This is my kind of read and I have no doubt it will be yours. Get ready for the unexpected; be prepared for some very touching moments, for secondary characters who’ll bring smiles to your face, for high-level angst that’ll have you sitting on the edge of your seat. I truly couldn’t find fault in Mists of the Serengeti. The storyline flows at a steady pace and the book’s outstanding banter helped me to connect to each and every one concerned. Such a mysteriously romantic tale of life’s acceptance and struggles inspired by true events deserves no less than SIX STARS! BRAVO!

A couple of my fave quotes:

“. . . remember how you painted my world with your colors. Remember your rainbow halo.”

“I will.” “I’ll remember. For the rest of my life.”

“You’re my rainbow-haloed girl, and you’re freaking magical. Don’t you ever forget that.”




“I’ve missed you.” She traced the lines of my face, her hair falling like a curtain around me. “You’re like the broken chapter of my favorite story.”

Something fierce trembled inside of me as I tucked one side of her hair behind her ear. How could I explain to her the hunger, the craving, the obsession? The small, sharp memories of her, always at the edge of my brain? I couldn’t. So I kissed her. With all the words I couldn’t form. My arms locked around her and she melted into me like a sigh.

It was soft, butter-smooth love. Heat rising under our skin. Clothes undone. A string of kisses on her breast. Her legs sliding against mine. The rapture of re-learning her curves. The indescribable fullness of holding her, of watching her body respond to the sensations I was making her feel.

I was hungry for her and hungry to pleasure her. With my hands and my lips and my tongue. I loved the way she came—body arched, mouth open, warm flesh quivering under my touch. Each time she reached her peak, I burned a little more, until the desire to possess raged through my blood like an inferno. There was a brief tear of a foil wrapper, and then I sank into her—deeply, completely.

God. The feel of her body opening up to me, molding around me like a warm, wet glove. Her tongue in my mouth. The way her hands clutched me. The way her leg wrapped around my hip. I bit her shoulder as the animal in me rose. And then it was all primal passion, nothing but the sound of her soft moans. My release should have been quick, but I held on, not wanting it to end. Being inside of her was like a drug. Being inside of her was pure euphoria. I captured the gasp that escaped her as her body stiffened. She was coming again.

“Yes,” I growled as she writhed under me. “Fuck, yes.” And then I gave in to the explosion of fiery sensations that overtook me, rocking me to the core.

In the aftermath, she slipped her leg between mine and put her head on my chest. I could feel her eyelashes against my skin every time she blinked. It was the tiniest flutter—the softest sensation—but it soothed the hot, brimming ache her absence had left. A wave of completeness washed over me as slowly, gradually, she closed her eyes and fell asleep in my arms.



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Leylah Attar writes stories about love – shaken, stirred, and served with a twist. She lives in Ontario, Canada, with her husband, son, and all the voices in her head. Sometimes she disappears into the black hole of the internet, but can usually be enticed out with chocolate. Leylah is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, represented by Amy Tannenbaum of the Jane Rotrosen Agency.


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 An all-new emotional and sexy STANDALONE by Julie A. Richman is now LIVE!!


Publication Date: January 26th, 2017

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Photographer: Wander Aguiar

Cover Model: Forrest Harrison

Cover Designer: Jena Brignola ~ Bibliophile Productions


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~ Sometimes, one degree is all that separates you from the one you were meant to be with ~

Wes Bergman was sex on a stick.

We’d been circling one another our entire lives, mingling at the same clubs… attending the same events…sharing mutual acquaintances…yet we’d never actually met.

Until . . . we both boarded a Windjammer Cruise in the Caribbean. And it was like meeting my long, lost best friend for the first time. I hadn’t ever connected with a guy that way before.
But Wes had a girlfriend. So, when the week was over, he walked off the ship, unknowingly taking a piece of my heart with him.

Now, over a decade later, newly divorced, I’m the proverbial fish out of water. Dating has totally changed. Apps. Swipe left. Swipe right. Catfishing. Men my age want two things: twenty-five-year-olds—like my ex’s new child bride of a wife—or just a quick hook-up.

After a string of bad dates, I finally did something I never thought I’d do. I had a hot one-night stand with a really handsome guy I met online who didn’t even know my real name.

Turned out Mr. Fling is a big shot for my company’s newest client. And just my
luck, that client’s CEO is none other than . . . Wes Bergman.
Now I’m separated by one degree again from the man who stole my heart.
And Mr. Fling could destroy my chance of what I want most –

A Do-Over with Wes.






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His hand slowly stroking up and down the outside of my thigh is what roused me from my dream state. It was so soft and tender that I was getting more and more turned on with every movement. With my eyes still closed, I enjoyed the sensation.  It wasn’t until his lips started brushing my shoulder, that I was unable to stifle a moan, revealing that I was awake.

“Good morning,” his whisper was hoarse.

“Mmm, good morning.” I stretched my body against his and turned my head to see his face hovering over mine, before our lips met.

“Sleep good?”

“Surprisingly, I did. I was so exhausted. Sorry for passing out on you last night,” I apologized.

“I think we both passed out the moment our heads hit the pillows.” Wes’ hand had migrated from my thigh to my stomach, where he softly drew circles with his fingertips.

Rolling over to face him, I pushed my hair out of the way, silently praying my humidity enhanced curls didn’t make me look like a deranged housewife, scaring the erection right out of the man. Slinging a leg over his thigh, I instantly got my answer. The crazy morning coif was not a cock killer. Thank God!

“You’re a morning person, I see.” Hiding my smile was not a possibility.

“Yeah, I am,” Wes laughed, moving closer to me, his eyes filled with the unmistakable desire to become lovers, something I’d dreamed about on the deck of a windjammer long ago.

“You can wake me up like this anytime.” I needed to let him know it was okay. He’d said he’d take it as slow as I wanted it and what I wanted right now was a slow rhythm of him plowing into me. Hard.

“Are you hard to wake up?” He was pressed up against me.

“I think you’ll figure out the secrets to rousing me.”

“You’ve already figured out the secrets to arousing me.” His voice still had that sexy edge of morning roughness to it, making me want to skip all foreplay and have him inside me.

“I’ll bet you have a few more secrets I can discover,” I said against his lips, as I shifted the leg I had slung over him, pressing my heat and wetness against his already throbbing cock.

Wes groaned and I could feel his smile against my lips. “You know you’re going to make it impossible to make slow, sweet love to you.”

“Good, because I don’t want it slow and sweet.”

Wes flipped me onto my back, “I can easily accommodate your wishes. Are you on anything or do I need to…”

“We’re good,” I assured him.

“Yes, we are.” He kissed my neck, then swiftly pulled my tank top over my head tossing it to the floor. “We’re going to be really good together. Of that, I have no doubt.”

And I knew he was right. Being with this man had been so perfect from the night we met. We meshed with ease and the result was pure joy.

The warmth in his eyes and smile made my breath catch, and in that moment, I was flooded with overwhelming emotion at how much I wanted him. How much I’d always wanted him. It was more than lust, beyond the heat of the moment. Wes Bergman was the man I had always wanted, from the night we met. That was clear to me now.

“I vote we skip the foreplay.” I wriggled out of my underwear.

“You’re on.” His smile told me he was taking on the challenge.

“You’re in,” I gasped, my breath catching in my throat, surprised at the swiftness with which he filled my request.


Five Romantic Stars

Reviewed by Donna Elsegood on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever

I was very pleased to learn Julie had written a new offering as I am quite the fan of her past works. I’ve always loved the style of this author with her ability to draw you into the story and make you feel every emotion the character goes through. I’m a great believer in things happen for a reason and am sure our pathways are mapped out for us. This is a second chance romance and as I read through, I kept thinking about why things didn’t go down a certain route the first-time round. Learning about the characters and the experiences of their lives made a lot of sense.

Tara and Wes meet on a cruise ship and there is an instant attraction. They share a deep connection that is so intense, I could feel it. It was like they had been living in a parallel universe, with all the similarities of their likes and dislikes. Like many holidays, they part ways but due to some of the events on the cruise, Tara says to herself she wants a do-over since Wes was the one who got away.

Years later, Tara is an independent, hardworking single mum having gone through a divorce. Tara decides to try and get into the dating game and again with some very hilarious results. I did laugh pretty hard at one of her encounters with a guy that was a dentist. They say you have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince and ooh boy, did she find a few of them! It’s by chance or coincidence that Wes walks back into Tara’s life. The attraction and connection is still pretty palpable even after all this time.

” I want a do-over.”

“I’m not going to respond to you with the mean thing you said to me when I told you that.”

This is told completely from Tara’s point of view and it is mixed with love, laughter and tears. There are some aspects of the story that are hard hitting and all too real. Scarlett is Tara’s 14-year-old daughter and she was quite the character. I loved her instant friendship with Wes. The characters were a great compliment to the story.

Wes is a successful, sexy man and you can see as a reader that Tara and him were a great combination, but life had a habit of getting in the way. Although their lives are on par, it always seemed to be that some force was working against them. There are some steamy moments; however, the main emphasis is the romantic feel to the story. I couldn’t put this book down and found myself desperate to continue to find out will they or won’t they get their act together. Wes and Tara just needed a gentle shove in the right direction as all the way through you could feel the connection and the attraction between the pair.

I gave this second chance romance a five because it had everything that I like in a good story. Just the right mix of love, angst, laughter and heartbreak and steamy moments.




About the Author:

USA Today Bestselling author Julie A. Richman is a native New Yorker living deep in the heart of Texas. A creative writing major in college, reading and writing fiction has always been a passion. Julie began her corporate career in publishing in NYC and writing played a major role throughout her career as she created and wrote marketing, advertising, direct mail and fundraising materials for Fortune 500 corporations, advertising agencies and non-profit organizations. She is an award winning nature photographer plagued with insatiable wanderlust. Julie and her husband have one son and a white German Shepherd named Juneau.

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