RELEASE DAY BLITZ                                         SOLD TO MY FATHER’S FRIEND                                             by CARA CHANCE


Title: Sold To My Father’s Friend

Author: Cara Chance

Genre: Erotica

Release Date: 2nd November, 2016

Cover Design: RBA Design/Letitia Hasser


GRs label





Angelique’s father owes a debt.

Jace Landon has come to collect.

When Angelique is sold to her father’s friend, she tries anything and everything to defy her new master.

Will she be able to resist his sexiness? Will he be able to resist temptation?

What will Angelique do if her father can’t pay off the debt? Will she work off the debt for him? And what will Jace want her to do for her freedom?

HEA, Light BDSM elements. Bad Boy and inexperienced girl. With lust, passion, and very risqué sex scenes.


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Kindle Friends Forever: Four Stars

Reviewed by Donna


Cara Chance makes her debut with a short sexy read. I’ve read a lot of books and some are deep ugly cries and enough to tug at your heartstrings. Once in a while I like to read something that’s quick, light with steaminess and this is exactly what I got.

Angelique’s father owes a debt to Jase Landon, his business associate. Of course, Jace comes to collect what he’s owed. Angel as she is nicknamed, is sold to him as her father doesn’t have the funds to pay him back. There we see Angel fighting to defy Jace at every turn when she has to pack her belongings and leave with him. Angelique has lots of concerns about what she’s going to do if her father can’t pay the debt, and what exactly it is she will have to do while in the company of Jace.

“Are you hungry?”  “You will have to speak to me.”

“What do you plan on doing to me?” 

“Your mine now. I can do whatever I want.”

When I began this read, I was convinced I was going to get a moody alpha male that would make commands on Angelique as this has BDSM elements. What I actually saw was a softer side to him that I found endearing and his air of mystery imparted a unique touch to his persona. Furthermore, his sex appeal had me going weak at the knees! There was some off the charts steamy scenes that made my pulse ramp up like you wouldn’t believe! Especially in one part; but without giving anything away, was beautiful one minute and tainted with sexual innuendos the next. Put it this way . . . looking at a rose and Clitoria flowers has a whole new meaning for me and definitely caused a blush!

Angelique is only twenty-years-old and has a sense of naivety about her. But there was something that had me grinning. An air of sass and total disregard for reasons which she referred to as her imprisonment. She would think of ways to disobey only to be bowled over by the mere presence of Jase. I never once doubted Angelique’s attraction for him even though she was there under duress.

I loved the cat and mouse games they played while skirting around what they really wanted, and that was each other. At times the chemistry between the two was so powerful and intense, I could feel the depth of curiosity they had.

Ms Chance has made a very interesting debut in the indie world and I look forward to following her and seeing what comes next. The only thing I will add is I would have liked a little bit more of their story. I missed Jace’s backstory seeing as I found him such an intriguing man. Maybe the ending was a little rushed, but I can’t argue that I was drawn to these very interesting characters. That said, it is still mainly all positive from me and the above comments didn’t hinder my enjoyment of the story at all. I am absolutely sure the author will learn and grow as she continues on her writing journey after showing good starting foundations. Kudos for being brave to dip her toe in the water and to keep going.

“Tomorrow, you’ll see how much I truly own you. You’ll understand how I paid for you . . .” 



Author’s Bio:

Cara Chance loves reading sexy smut and decided to try her hand at her own stories. Always a guaranteed HEA. She loves writing the sexy taboo stories many
are afraid to read in public.

She enjoys reading, writing, and loving life.

WARNING: Read her books in the privacy of your own home. Public reading may cause blushing, overheating, and wetness from intensely HOT sex scenes.


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