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Title: Booty Camp Dating Service

Author: Debra Anastasia

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Cover Design: Debra Anastasia

Photo: Depositphoto kantver

Release Day: 28th August, 2016


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Booty Camp Dating Service is a wildly successful matchmaking company. The twist? Well, Wolf (who inherited his gift for seeing potential love) is NEVER wrong when he matches people.

He’s sexy but stays behind the scenes, letting his buddy, Chance do all the talking while he matches the clients at parties and events. Booty Camp Dating Service travels the country, and nine months after they leave the city there’s always a flurry of weddings and an accompanying baby boom. Booty Camp claims that clients will be 110% satisfied and they deliver on that promise every single time.

Except Wolf refuses to deliver on that guarantee for himself. He doesn’t find love until Hazel’s best friend pushes her through his front door. Now all he wants to do is make sure Hazel is 110% satisfied…in his bed. Which, ironically, would break the very rules Wolf demands of his employees–no dating clients, ever. So instead, Wolf and Hazel fight. And kiss. And fight some more.

Will Wolf’s own rules make him the very first Booty Camp Happily Never After? (Book Camp Dating Service is a STAND ALONE!)




Wolf pulled her close so her chest was pressed into his and used his other hand to throw everything off his desk, including the light. It tossed interesting shadows around the room, but her magnificent face was highlighted, and that was exactly what he needed. He kissed her while laying her gently back on the desk.

“Hey.” Hazel stopped him, and he waited to see what she needed while panting a bit. “Don’t be gentle, for fuck’s sake.”

He stood up and looked at the wall for a second, running his hands down his face.

“Am I too much for you?” she asked.

He heard the hint of self-conscious seeping in. And that was criminal.

He crawled on top of the desk, caging her between his hands and knees.

“No. My problem is that I want a bed. And maybe some rope and lots of lube and good music and a few things that vibrate in a drawer close by. I want to make you come on my face so hard you think you’re dying and this”—he looked around his office—“is none of that.”

Hazel’s returning bravado made her eyes sparkle. “Surely a man that runs a dating service can be creative when he needs to be?”

His only reply to her dare was to put her nipple in his mouth while massaging between her legs with one hand. With the other he balanced above her perilously on the narrow desk. His knees were close to the edge, hemming her in.

She bucked against his hand and hissed at him. “Get to work, then.” She grabbed his face and pulled it back up to her mouth.


Line up readers, your Booty Camp Dating Service is waiting for you…



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Kindle Friends Forever: Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse

Four  Stars

I can’t ever recall reading a book with such an original plot. The author’s work held my attention from the beginning to end and is indisputably descriptive. Her humorous and at times, absurd prose had me gulping for air after laughing my head off. Her character development is also second to none. The different situations her protagonists find themselves is in all honestly, scarcely credible. However, one never knows if in the future, a dating service on this line becomes a reality. I most certainly felt like I was participating in the events and thoroughly enjoyed myself!

“Actually, those guys aren’t your match. Um… your match wasn’t able to make it tonight.”

Wolf Saber is a scrupulous man and practices what he preaches. I couldn’t help but respect him for his non-fraternizing policy between employees and clients. Although I did got a tad mad with him for bending those very rules that held him back, I eventually forgave him because someone very dear found their better half in an instant. Yes, there’s an overdose of insta-love in this story and you’ll see why his generosity and matchmaking skills abound in mysterious ways. Okay, signing up on the bottom line guarantees one hundred and ten percent satisfaction. Lol, loved the ten percent extra which will be the cause for hilarious discussion. Wolf never fails. Or does he?

“You’re a tough lady to satisfy. We might need a car battery and jackhammer, so I hear.”

This drop-dead gorgeous savvy businessman is so damn dateable it’s flipping ridiculous. I’d be his first candidate, but it was a hard case of looky-looky, no touchy-touchy! Horrendously grumpy, he doesn’t consider himself worthy of a solid relationship for various reasons to be divulged. One of them I can tell you about since it won’t spoil the story for you. It’s all work and no play making Wolf an extremely dull boy! By now, all the chips were down in by book. So why did my heart flutter, or why did I even bother to worry about his well-being? Despite him being pig-headed and a one-eyed fool when it boils down to his own personal life, I truly thought he’s destiny was just around the corner. And blind men walk in regardless of what is facing them. Deep down, he knew this. Denying the ways of the heart would be deceiving everything he’d been brought up to believe in.

“Of course this stealer, stealer, pumpkin peeler will pay the fare.”

Hazel Lavender has been cajoled by her bestie and she’s not a happy bunny. Ooh boy, her angsty vibes simmered off the pages. She puts up a front and tries to please. She goes with the flow and pays a small fortune hoping just maybe, her broken heart will be repaired. Hazel is so lovely, so cool-headed and so sceptical that I couldn’t help but to connect with her. Who wouldn’t after what she’s been through! By the way, I hated her ex so much I wanted to bash him on the head! So she’s swayed into this proposition which sounds dodgy to her ears but as she’s a nice person, she wants to give her friend the benefit of the doubt. Find the love of her life and thanks very much to yours truly wasn’t exactly how it worked out though. Ouch! Kick ass or what, isn’t in it! She demands, no… stamps her feet at what she thinks is a con and gets herself into situations you would never be able to conjure up in a million years. I loved this gal to smithereens and cheered her on no-end. But, and the huge but here is there’s a stubborn man who leads her on without even trying. His eventually throws down a gauntlet of sorts causing both of them unimaginable and conflicting thoughts.

“Well, Miss Lavender, you certainly know how to get your money’s worth.”

Aha, all is not what it seems in this story. The first kiss is indescribable! Lol, Ms Anastasia made sure I felt it though! The bedroom scenes for a better word, are off the charts. It’s a hot and sticky steaminess that’s been offered, so get your biggest fan out or put the aircon on high while reading. The secondary characters play a huge part, not all of them were to my liking which is what one expects in any read.

“Tell me why you kissed me?”
“I didn’t like the way you looked at your feet when they came into the lobby.”
“A pity kiss? How much is does the cost me?”

So where’s that missing star to make up a five star rating? I had a small problem with the usage of personal pronouns; however, sometimes this is unavoidable when stories are narrated in third person. This writing technique certainly helps the reader identify who is saying or doing whatever. That being said, I have to give a huge bravo to the author for entertaining me big time.





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Debra writes stories mostly in her pajamas with her hairy coworkers (dogs and a cat) to keep her company. Comedy, New Adult, Paranormal and Angst stories fill up her hard drive. A lot of her time is spent in the mom carpool lane. Debra has been married for 19 years to her favorite guy. She loves to laugh at her own farts in the morning and can be found on Facebook and Twitter being an idiot. She’ll hug you if she ever meets you and will most likely smell like cotton candy when she does it.




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